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i just started reading sbr and so far……i’m mcloving it

Boxing Lessons
Tom is giving you boxing lessons for the first time and ends up being more into your physique than your techniques.

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Includes: Smut, DaddyKink!Tom, Rough!Tom

I stood behind Tom with my arms crossed over my chest as I watched him swiftly punch at the speed bag. Well, I had my eyes more on his bare back, watching his muscles tensing and relaxing over and over again, something to bite my lip over. He dropped his arms to his sides as he threw his head back, catching his breath.

He turned to me once he did. “Your turn.”

“You don’t expect me to be that fast the first time, now do you?” I asked with a single raised brow.

He chuckled, taking his water from my hands, “no, but I want you to try.” I fixed the wrap on my hands as I walked over to it. “Can you reach it, Y/N?” He teased.

I looked back, shooting him a nasty look as his eyes scanned up and down my body. “Yes.” I turned back and quickly began imitating his movement, just not punching it as fast.

“There you go. You’re doing great, darling!” He encouraged me as my arms quickly grew tired.

“Can I stop? My arms aren’t gonna hold up much longer.”

He laughed, stepping close behind me. “Keep going.” His hands hovered under my arms, making sure they wouldn’t fall.


“Thirty more seconds, I know you can.”

“Honestly, you suck. You really, really, really suck.”

“You wanted to learn how to box.” I rolled my eyes knowing he’s right and pushed myself to get through the last of it. “Alright, that’s it.” I dropped my arms by my sides and leaned into him. He draped his arm around my neck, “you’re great. A few more times on that and you’ll begin to get used to it.”

“What’s next?”

“The punching bag. I can show you some techniques.”

“Mmm… okay.” I nod my head as got off of him. We walked over to the punching bag he managed to install when he first moved in. I stood in front of it, “show me the technique.” I told him as he put water bottle down on to the nearby bench press.

He walked back to me, standing behind me with a hand on my waist. “So, you’re gonna want to put this foot forward.” He grabbed my bare thigh, pushing it outward, “and your legs gotta be spread apart a bit past shoulder width.” He muttered, pressing himself a bit into my backside.

I moved my leg out, “like this?”

“Good. Now, bring your hands up just above your shoulders.” I did as he told me. “Now, stand as straight as you can.” He pressed his hand against my stomach.

“I’m not standing straight already?”

“Almost.” I straightened out, ‘accidentally’ pressing myself into him. “Perfect,” he muttered to me before sighing. He cleared his throat, “this is a, uh… basic stance.”


“It’s the best stance for punching. Give it a try.” I jabbed a few times at the punching bag. He grinned, “you’re a natural.”

“So, what’s next?”

“If you put your hands up by your temples with enough room to see your opponent past your hands,” I followed along, moving in to the position he said, “this is a high stance, so that once you’ve closed the space between the two of you, you can use this to block their hits that’ll be coming towards your face. You want them to hit the lower parts of your arms. But you’ve gotta be careful now because all of this,” he ran his hand over my torso, “is exposed to be hit.”

I looked back at him, “so, what’s the stance called where you’re up against me and copping a feel?”

He laughed, “the you-look-great-in-this-sports-bra-and-shorts-and-I-can’t-help-myself stance.”

I turned around around to him leaving little space between us as I unraveled the wrap from my hand. “Maybe I could show you some of my techniques since you can’t help yourself so much.”

I let the wraps fall to the floor as he smirked at me. “Yeah, I wanna see what you’ve got, baby girl.”

I fold my arm around his neck, my hand snaking it’s way to the back of his hair. I pulled him down into a deep kiss. He held onto either of my hips, pulling me into his hardening member. My free hand untied the string on his gym short and looped my fingers into the band making his kisses a bit more aggressive. I took my hand from the band, slowly wandering over his lower stomach.

He bit down on my lip and tugged on it gently, turning me on. He brought his lips back to mine, bringing his hand over my ass to squeeze it. In one swift movement, his big hand smacked my ass causing me to moan against his lips. I could feel a slight smile on his as we kissed. His hand moved from my butt to between my legs, rubbing me over the thin cloth of my shorts.

I brought my lips to his neck, kissing his most sensitive spots and swiping my tongue over the skin, listening to the soft groans escape his lips as his fingers worked a little faster.

I kissed down his toned chest and torso, slowly bringing myself down to my knees. His hand moving up my body as I moved before resting on the side of my neck. I kissed his hip bones as I slipped off his shorts, agonizingly slow and let them fall to the floor. I dragged my hands against his hard length being held down by the band of his boxers. I plant gentle kisses to his cock over the cloth, keeping my eyes up on him.

Tom bit down on his bottom lip, watching me tease him. I hooked my hands in to the band on his boxers, allowing his long cock to spring free. I bit my lip, attempting to hold back the grin, but failing miserably.

“You like what you see, baby?” He questioned a bit of laughter in his voice.

“Absolutely, daddy.” He grinned, hearing that name.

I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock. I placed my tongue on the base, licking my way to the tip before slowly taking him in my mouth as much as I could and pumping the rest in my hand. He wrapped my ponytail around his hand, pushing farther down onto his cock. His control turning me on immensely.

“That’s it, baby.”

I placed my hands on his hips as he pushed down nearly his entire length. I moaned over him and brought one of my hand to his balls, cupping and gently squeezing them. He threw his head back, his breathing heavier as he still held me down on him, quickly thrusting into my mouth making my eyes water. I pushed myself off of him, catching my breath.

“Oh, fuck.” He groaned, “you always do that so well, darling.” He pushed the free strands of hair off my face with his free hand and wiped away the tears down my cheeks.

I wrapped my hand around his length, pumping him up and down quickly. I slid my other hand down into my own pants, gently rubbing my clit. He watched me touch myself and him as he muttered, “fuck.”

I licked the precum from his tip and lips fell apart as he ran his fingers through his lose curls. I bit down on my bottom lips, innocently looking up at him. He cupped his hand beneath my chin and I stood. He pulled my hand from my shorts and yanked them down to my thighs, his fingers sliding over my slit before pushing past my lips and thrusting his middle finger into my core as his thumb rubbed over my clit. His lips kissed my neck as he pushed me back, stepping out the shorts pooled at his feet until my back hit the cold mirror wall.

Tom pushed the shorts all the way off my legs and kicked them aside. He slipped in a second finger, thrusting his fingers quicker.

“Like that, baby.” I moaned out, throwing my arms around his neck, pulling him closer to me.

He smirked, pulling his fingers out from my core, bringing them to my lip, “taste yourself for me.” Without hesitating, I took his long fingers into my mouth and slowly gliding my tongue along them. “You are so sexy, Y/N.” He muttered, pulling out of my mouth and replacing it with his lips.

Tom grabbed at my thighs, lifting me off my feet and wrapping my legs around his waist. His grabbed his cock, placing self at the entrance of my core.

“How badly do you want me, darling?” He questioned against my lips.

“So bad.”

“Beg for it.”

“I want you to fuck me so badly, daddy, please…” I kissed him, “please.” With that, he thrust into me with all the force he could. I let out a loud moan.

“Like that?” He pressed his forehead to mine.

“Yes, daddy.”

He continued thrusting into me with all the power, his hand snaked to pussy and he began quickly rubbing my clit. I could tell he already wanted to cum the way he touched me, leaving me a moaning mess as he groaned.

“Tom, baby-”

He stopped thrusting and looked at me with raised brows. “Who?” He teased, pulling himself out of my pussy.

“Daddy, I’m sorry.” I moaned as he rubbed his cock between my lips and against my nub.

“That’s what I thought.” He muttered, taking my hand off the back of his head and holding it over my head.

He slipped inside of me with ease, thrusting a bit slower than before. His hand held my arm tightly above head as my walls clenched around him, he growled a deep, “fuck.”

I could feel the heat, building up inside of me as my breathing turned into panting as he brought me closer to the edge. He brought his thumb back to my clit, noticing how needy I had become. My free hand grabbed at his bicep, digging my nails into it and feeling it flex repeatedly as he rubbed my sensitive nub. I began bucking my hips into his and pulling him closer to me with my legs.

“Look at me when you cum, baby girl.” He whispered to me.

Those words did it for me. I looked up at him like he wanted as my nerves unraveled and slew of curse words slipped from my lips. My toes curled and my eyes fell shut from the immense pleasure. I let go of his waist, sliding down against the mirror to my knees. Tom let go of my wrist and I wrapped my hand around his cock as he leaned forward, resting his forehead against the glass as his hand rest on my cheek, rubbing the bottom of my lip of my mouth that I left open for him.

I pumped his cock as his breathing became heavier and grunts and moans left his lips. His hand moved to the back of my ponytail, tightly gripping my hair before he came. His warm cum made it’s way into and around my mouth. He caught his breath, his chest heaving up and down as he watched me swallow his cum.

“Fuck,” he chuckled, “you’re such a good girl.” I stood up on my slightly trembling legs and leaned into him. He rest his forehead on mine instead of the mirror. “We’ll have to finish sessions like this from here on out.” He suggested as he grabbed my ass.

I laughed, “we didn’t even get to finish the lesson, Tom.”

“There’s always next time to pick up where we left off. Now, how about we head upstairs for a shower?” I smirked and nod my head, knowing he’d be up for a round two.

Concept: Alien’s don’t laugh. Not the way we do at least. Their version of laughing is like making a noise in their native language that literally means “I find this amusing’ 

So when they meet a human for the first time and the human finds it hilarious that the alien cant fit through the door, but the alien is even more confused because the translator doesn’t know what the human is saying. They are making noise, the alien can tell that much but the don’t know what they are saying. 

and the human finally straighten back up, wiping at its eyes, “Sorry for laughing man but that was funny” the human makes the same noise as before just a little softer and a little less loud and the alien is so confused. 

So they ask the human what they were doing and the humans like “laughing? wait… you guys don’t know what laughing is???” 

and the aliens like nooooo….

so the human has to explain what laughing is “it’s when we find something funny. That’s how we let people know we think the thing is amusing” 

“like this???” and the alien does a series of clicks and hisses that sound more scary than humorous but when the human looks at the translator in their hands it flashing the text “this is amusing. I am amused by you.” 

Humans are space orcs

I don’t know if this one has been done, but I love the humans are space orcs tags. Humans are super influenced by things around us. Colors, smells, sounds and designs can make us go from happy and productive to agitated and morale sucking with the wrong combination of any of these.


Xa’thyn: Human Kara why will you not go to the infirmary if you are sick?

Kara wipes her nose on the edge of her uniform: It’s just a cold, and the infirmary makes it worse!

Xa’thyn: Receiving medicine will worsen your sickness!?!

Kara walking away: Well no, but like, the lights give me a headache and whatever you guys use to serialize the Infirmary makes my eyes water and I want to rip my nose off

Xa’thyn quickly catalogs this new info with the captain and applies for a human habitat specialist to come in and fix this oversight.


Xa’thyn nervously clicking behind the comm desk: Human Ben… You have not yet taken your usual *Bathroom break*

Ben leaning back in his new office chair: Haha, ‘Thyn my man, I was taking double the bathroom breaks because the old chair was slowly killing me

Xa’thyn waving his 6 arms in the air and clicking wildly rushes to his favorite human: Human Ben! How could you have not told me!?!?! 

Ben: No! Chill dude, it was just not built for prolonged human sitting. So, sitting there hurt my back and sh*t, so I had to get up and walk around. This new one is perfect! Plus I got my music device approved so I can just plug in and just FOCUS. You know?

Xa’thyn was unaware humans could plug into anything, still he rolled his whole body in the Genri version of a nod.


Kara, Ben and Xa’thyn discussing which deck cafeteria to eat at

Kara: Anywhere except deck 5! The faces on the wall kinda kill my appetite!

Xa’thyn: Are you feeling quite well Human Kara?

Kara exchanging glances with Ben: uh… yeah?

Xa’thyn: Do you need to go to the newly renovated infirmary? You are seeing things! There are no faces on the wall on deck 5…

Ben: No, Dude, it’s a human thing, we tend to project images that we know onto other things. We know that there aren’t really faces on the walls, but the weird texture on there kinda looks like faces if you focus.

Ben turns to Kara: I say we go with deck 8. I know it’s mostly Quasiri food, but it smells just like my abuelita’s kitchen, makes me the nice kinda home sick.

Xa’thyn falls slightly behind his human friends. One talon scratched his left pincher in confusion. Maybe he will never understand humans!


I’m gay as fuck for these two and I needed to cleanse my depressed soul with pure content, so have this. I’m still unsure what my personal headcanons for them are, but I heavily enjoy Dib being super duper lovey dovey and shit cause he’s so passionate in general so … yes… but also i like his canon snark and rub-it-in-your-face attitude. Zim also appearing apathetic to his advances but secretly enjoying the service lifts me up. 


My screen came back on but I’m gonna return this laptop for an Asus (From HP to Asus yeh yeh). 

|Late Night Conversations| R.MANTLE /PART ONE\

It was hard day for me. My arm is bandaged, it hurt like shit but I have this thing for you and I hope you’ll like it. 

Funny story: I came up with this idea when my doctor pulled the glass out of my skin. I’m good fam. I’m a survivor ;)) 

IMAGINE ABOUT: Reggie and reader kinda had ‘a thing’ with eachother but when Jason Blossom death comes out. Reggie immediately leaves the city leaving her with nothing but her feelings. 

I’m not supposed to be like this. 

I’m not supposed to be the sad girl who doesn’t know where the hell she’s going and what the fuck she’s doing. I’m not supposed to care too much about what anyone thinks and I’m not supposed to let words affect my choices. 

I’m supposed to be that bitchy, funny maybe a little nice girl that hungs out with her friends on weekends and goes to an average school to pursue average career. 

So far. I’ve menaged to let one person change up my life like a span of a few months. What’s killing me? I think some part of me thinks I’m supposed to be the girl who cares too much for her own good. 

My parents don’t understand me. I don’t blame them. I fucking love my parents but sometimes, I just need a break. I need a break from a lot of people and I need a break to recycle my old self to keep anyone from getting in and ripping my heart to shreds. 

Sort of like how I’m feeling right now. 

There’s no way to better describe this feelng other than the fact that I’ve tried to drown my feelings multiple times, only to find out those fuckers can swim and do  water tricks as well. 

Exams have been like hell, although I did imagine this week to consist of Reggie kissing up my neck as I study. I shouldn’t even be thinking about this, he’s gone, whatever, he didn’t choose me so fuck him right?

It’s been a few days since Reggie left, and a few days since Archie and I last spoke . Archie and I have been making eye contact at most, and I can tell by the look in his eyes that he has so much to say but can’t. 
I’ve ignored his glances and ignored his silent plea’s to confess to him my true feelings and opinion, so far it’s been good. 

In other news speaking, Reggie’s been leaving me numerous messages, in all shapes and sizes, and every single on of them made my feeling stronger than a rock.

iMessage from Reggie:

i feel sad i dont like this 

(read: 11:34pm 12/04/2017) 

iMessage from: Reggie

i let you down and i know that, but im gonna need u to not give up on me okay?

(read: 9:10am: 13/04/2017) 

iMessage from: Reggie

i dont know what is it or what we are but all i know is that im here in the middle of nowhere hungover as fuck by myself thinking of you and only you

(read: 2:47pm 14/14/2017) 

iMessage from: Reggie

i dont know what to do

(read: 9;15pm  14/14/2017) 

iMessage from Reggie: 

youre mine 

(read: 1:42am 15/04/2017) 

iMessage from Reggie: 

baby girl 

please let me know ur okay

(read: 1:45am 15/04/2017) 

iMessage from Reggie: 

i miss you like crazy 

(read: 1:50am 15/04/2017) 

iMessage from Reggie: 

im not to blame i swear to you

im so scared 

(read: 3:05am 16/05/2017) 

I sat there re-reading every message he sent, analyzing over the words and thinking about what he meand by all of them. This alien feeling in my stomach makes my eyes water whenever and my lips quiver as I read. I don’t know this feeling, and I don’t like this. Reggie’s that kind of persons, he’s the kind I think I’d never be fully mad at. 

I lay in my bed in the late at night. Thinking of nothing but Reggie’s body an my last fucking exam tommorow morning. I like this quietness, althought it would be better with Reggie. Fuck. I should stop thinking like that. I like the moonlight at this time and I like the feeling on my skin against the bed. I like it, all that it is

Just as I was about to exit my messages app, it scrolls back down to Reggie’s chat, notifying me of a new message. 

iMessage from Reggie

i wanna go home 

you read that in 2 second, u were waiting for me? please tell me u were waiting for me 

i miss your lips 

so damn much i could almost taste them 

(read: 3:27am) 

I feel so tempted to reply back. To tell him that thoughs of him have taken over my brain and I can’t help but feel like shit although he’s the one doing all the demage. He’s the one who walked out when I asked him to come clean with me, and he’s the one running away now for a reason he won’t bother telling me. 

I need to stop reminding myself that we’re not together. He can do whatever the hell he wants and i have nothing to say in it whatsoever. I can’t even allow myself to be mad at him. 

I debate in my head wheter I sould reply to ease this misery, knowing he’d been messaging me desperately for the past few days. I miss him like hell. If this is what it felt like not having his arms curled up around my body and his hair tickling my neck. I can only imagine what it would feel like withouth him at all. I decide to message him, a reply something he said says ago. My fingers type the words, staring at them for a few seconds before I press send. 

iMessage to: Reggie

I’m yours 

iMessage from: Reggie 

really?? u decide to text me back when i go to pee? now im happy and the pee wont come out properly 

iMessage to: Reggie

where r u? 

iMessage from Reggie 

im scared and im tired and i just want you 

i fucked up so bad princess, like i always do, but i want you so fucking bad 

iMessage to Reggie

you already have me 

iMessage from Reggie 


i want you now 

iMessage to Reggie

my heart hurts Reggie 

and the only person i can tell is the person who hurt me 


so fuck you 

iMessage from: Reggie

you dont understand 

iMessage to Reggie 

then explain, cause i cant go through this, im not someone you can play with and throw away, talk to me, im beggining you to talk to me 

iMessage from Reggie: 

park on 5th, right fucking now! 


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Oblivious || Part 4

being oblivious had its perks… but not so much this time. 

(part one)

(part two)

(part three) 


“I am not in the mood to deal with you right now.” By the time you finally convinced yourself to go and open the door, the next thing you wanted to do was slam it shut once again. Because, lo and behold, Harry frickin’ Styles was standing at your front door. “I- you gotta get out of here, Harry. I’m seriously not- I don’t wanna talk to you.” 

To say that you were upset was an understatement. You were fuming, you were heartbroken, you were all the negative emotions mixed into one! Just seeing Harry standing in front of you with his perfect face made you want to give him a good, hard punch across his stupid face. (But you knew that if you did that, you’d probably end up hurting yourself.) 

“Y/N, yeh have to let me expla-” Harry jumped when you moved to shut the door on him, making him stick his foot out to stop it from closing. You huffed and whipped around, storming your way over to the couch and plopping yourself down. “Y/N, please.” 

“You’re a shitty fucking person, Harry. You know that?” You cursed inwardly when you felt your eyes watering almost immediately with angry tears. “God, you piss me off.” 

“Y/N, if you’d jus’ give me a chance to-”

“No, you’re going to listen to me, you prick.” You snapped, Harry’s eyes widening at how aggressive you were being. “You’re going to sit down and shut up, and you’re going to listen to what I have to say.” Harry immediately complied, sitting himself down before sliding his sunglasses on top of his head. You didn’t like being so mean to Harry, but… Well, he kind of deserved it. 

“I do everything- and I mean everything for you!” You got up from your place on the couch, beginning to pace back and forth. “I-I buy all your things for you, I manage your accounts, I set up interviews, I run your errands, I- I put my life on hold for you! I’m supposed to be studying literature, a-and psychology, and I’m supposed to be living this fantastic, stereotypical college student life, but instead, I follow you around 24/7 like a pathetic, lost puppy and what do I get in return? Nothing! Harry, I told you from the start I’m not in this job for the money. I took this job because I’m your friend, and I want to support you in every way possible, but it’s so bloody hard to do that when you treat me as if I was nothing!” Your voice wavered slightly, and you tried your hardest not to burst into tears. You never thought you’d be in a situation where you’d be yelling at Harry like this, but there was just so much pent-up frustration inside of you and all of it was just flooding out in this moment. 

“The sad part is that you know I’d drop everything for you at the call of my name. You know I’ll come running because I am just so whipped for you. You know I’m 100% in love with you and it breaks my heart that you’ll never feel the same way about me, but it kills me every single time you talk to me about someone you’re crushing on because, in the back of my mind, I know you’ll never talk that way about me. I’m going to have to get over it, and I will over time, but the least you can do is be a better friend. Because friends don’t abandon their friends outside of a club to go off with a Victoria’s Secret model and then not even have the decency to call me or text me the next morning to tell me where you were or even to check on me! I was the one who stayed out in the cold all night long, but the only thing I could think about when I woke up was where you were and if you were okay or not.”

“I’m tired, Harry. I’m so tired.” There was a moment of silence in which you tried you control your emotions once again, but the next thing you knew, you had burst into tears and crumpled to the floor. 

“Y/N, no…” Harry’s eyes softened as he quickly joined you on the floor, immediately pulling you into a tight squeeze and letting you cry into his chest. 

“Why can’t you take care of me for once? Why can’t I be the one who gets wasted and can barely walk in a straight line? Why can’t you be the one who takes me home and tucks me in instead of it being me all the time? We’re supposed to be friends but you treat me like a stranger now. I…I don’t even know who you are anymore and I-I just want my Harry back.” You sobbed, your words muffled by Harry’s chest. “I want him back, I want us to be like the way we used to be…” 

“It’s a’right, I’m here, I promise.” Harry whispered, stroking your hair lightly and placing a kiss atop of your head. “I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry… I’ve been a proper dick and I- God, Y/N, I don’t deserve yeh. I really don’t. You’ve always been there for me and sometimes I jus’… I jus’ forget about how much you mean to me and how terrible my life would be without yeh.” You pulled away from his chest and wiped at your puffy eyes, Harry reaching up to cup your face gently. “Don’ cry, angel. Makes my eyes water when you’re sad.” He murmured softly, his thumb wiping away a tear as it rolled down your cheek. “I hate to bring this up, but… I can’t date you. I can’t date you because you’re my Y/N, and I’m your Harry, and we’ve always been jus’ that. I love you so bloody much that it hurts sometimes, and it kills me knowing that I broke your heart… But I really do think it’d be for the best if we, y’know, maybe didn’t take the romantic approach with our relationship.” 

“As long as I get the old Harry back, I think I can survive.” You sniffled, dabbing underneath your eyes and letting Harry’s words really sink into you. Not everything could have a happy ending, and you couldn’t always get what you wanted. And that was okay. That was just a part of life, and you had to accept it and move on. The world would continue spinning, regardless of Harry liking you or not, and sure, it would take a little time for your wounds to heal, but you knew you’d be alright. 

“For the record, you’re a much better cuddler, and chef, and everything else than those other girls. No one could ever replace you. Camille’s pancakes weren’t even tha’ good.”

Take that, Camille. 


gif isn’t mine! 

More Fairy Tail Positivity

The response I got from the last positive fairy tail stuff was incredible, so here’s part two!

  • The exceeds are all still alive!
  • Asuka is alive and every bit as adorable as she’s always been
  • Did you guys see that part where Lucy hecking rewrote the book of END and healed Natsu? I did! When did our ball of sunshine become so cool?
  • Gray and Lucy hanging out and being best buds while they worry about Natsu. Brot3
  • Jellal is fighting hecking Acnologia! And he’s not dead!
  • Did you guys see little baby August? That was adorable!
  • The artists and the writers of the fandom as well as those that color other’s art (they count as artists imo I could never figure out how to color things as good as they do) they are all making beautiful pieces of work that just bring tears to my eyes and water to my memes.
  • Can we talk about Irene (Eileen?)’s outfit? Okay because it’s hecking gorgeous. Also her hair.
  • Natsu talking about Makarov and being all good with his words and stuff
  • Bisca and Alzack have a beautiful marriage and they love each other!
  • Erza getting worried about Jellal
  • Wendy being all cute and stuff
  • Anna Heartfilia is like mom number 2 for the dragon slayers
  • Mavis not wanting Zeref to reset the world because she wants to know him
  • Fanservice for both guys and girls
  • Hey guess what? Sting and Rogue and Yukino and Minerva are all still alive!
  • The soundtrack for Fairy Tail is the most beautiful thing in the world
  • Cosplayers are doing so hecking good and looking so hecking good and just every single cosplayer is perfect and should keep doing it
  • Elfman is still alive!
  • Natsu and Zeref are gonna fight round 2!
  • The Strauss siblings all actually care about one another
  • Natsu stopped Gray from using iced-shell! (Again) Yay for Gray not being dead!

It’s looking like Fairy Tail is going to have a happy ending, and even though there’s plenty of stuff on tumblr about people being upset that it’s not going exactly as they wanted it, it’s still Hiro’s story to tell. If you don’t want Fairy Tail to get a happy ending, that’s fine, it’s your opinion. If you hate the Alvarez arc, that’s fine, it’s your opinion. If you love the Alvarez arc, that’s fine, it’s your opinion. But please don’t be mean to each other because of what everyone thinks! It really takes away from all the positive stuff going on, and some people want to have pleasant memories of this show for when it ends!



When you had first told Minseok about your feelings for him, he would tell you that it wasn’t the right time for him to be getting into a relationship. EXO were at their peak he couldn’t afford a second away from practice to make sure that he was on point.

You hadn’t spoken to him for weeks after this. You felt humiliated, and he felt empty with you by his side. Tonight would be the first night you’d see him since you’d confessed. You’d promised months ago you’d go support him at a signing. Even after the mess you’d made, you couldn’t go back on a promise.
You were stood with the staff at the side of the room, watching the members answer the fan questions. A fan had asked one about their love life when he finally saw you. His blank face changed to a loving smile.
“I have a feeling that love will come to me very soon.”


Junmyeon was your rock. He was by your side through every event. Even during the worse times, he stuck by you. Right now, he was comforting you after your wisdom tooth removal. And by comforting, I mean trying to explain to you that he didn’t actually possess superpowers.

“But I saw you with my own eyes make that water ball!” you whined, mimicking the motions loosely with your hands. “And then when you were running through the hospital you make water with Minie!” once again you motioned, making him laugh harder. “It’s not real, Y/N,” he stroked your arm gently.
“But I already told people my boyfriend was a superhero…” you frowned, slumping into the bed. “You tell people I’m your boyfriend?” his brow rose as he watched your sulking face. “No… but I will one day when you I tell you how I feel.”
“I think you just did. But I’ll let sober you tell me,” he’d shift closer to the bed and pressed his lips to your head. “Try sleeping.”


People thought you and Yixing were already a couple. You did everything you could together. You were always by his side supporting him.

Here you were, sitting in his sitting room, giddy to see him perform. “You look so handsome!” you grinned, taking his hand to squeeze. “They’re going to love it!” your grin was mirrored by him as his hand locked your fingers together.

“I hope I can perform well.” his tone was filled with uncertainty. “You’re amazing, and you have never given a bad performance.” You gave his hand another squeeze. “You’re my best friend, of course you’re going to praise me.”

You shuffled your chair closer to him to wrap him in a hug. “It’s my job to protect the love of my life from negativity.” you mumbled into him. “You love me?” He questioned quietly, his own arms wrapping around around you. When you nodded, he let out a giggle, squeezing you against him.
“Wah, really?” he’d beam, pulling you to him. “Does that mean I finally get to kiss you?”


You and Baekhyun fed off each other’s energy. When together, the two of your were (normally) two balls of energy that caused hell for the other members. But today, you were both calm as you sat playing games in the dorm.
He kept stealing glances at your face, worried as to what caused you to be so down.

“Y/N…” he set his controller down and shuffled closer to you. “Talk to me,” he rested a hand on your shoulder. “Why are you so sad today?”
Your own controller was discarded to the side and now your attention was focused on your hands. “I’m in a mess…” you shrugged. “I think I love you…” At these words, he jumped up and began to dance. “Y/N loves me~ and I love her. We’re going to get married and have the most beautiful babies in the world!” he sang, making you laugh.


The other members always teased you and Jongdae on how you were just like a married couple. The two of you never gave any thought to your actions. Eating together, falling asleep on eachother and spending as much time as possible together had been something you’d done ever since you met.

It was movie night at the dorms. You and Jongdae had curled up in your normal place on the sofa, eyes on the screen. “You two should just wed already!” Beakhyun exclaimed as he watched ‘Dae cuddle closer to you in his sleeping state. “Maybe one day we will. Have to get the 'I’m in love with you’ part over with first,” you laughed, looking to the man sleeping against you.

“I love you too Y/N,” he grumbled, nuzzling into you, which caused an uproar from the members.


Once again, Chanyeol’s mind would come up with the worse case scenario. You didn’t want to be his best friend anymore. That’s what you were going to tell him when you both met up.
When he approached you, his eyes never met yours. How could he look at you when you were about to tell him that you never wanted to see him again.
“Why do you look so worried?” you’d laugh as you examined his crinkled nose. “I’m the one making a big confession. And I’d like for you to look at me while I did so.” His brown eyes finally connected with yours, making you smile wide.
“I had this big speech planned out, but I’m just going to say it, okay?” He nods for you to go on, hands moving into the pockets of his jeans. “I’m crazy in love with you.”

“Ah, Y/N!” he let out a nervous laugh before he shook his head. “I thought it was something bad! I’m crazy in love with you too.”


The second Saturday of each month, you and Kyungsoo would go out for a meal, and then to a bar. It was your way of making sure that you wouldn’t drift apart with how busy you both are.

More than usual was drunk, and the two of you were on a blurry buzz, trying your best to get back to your apartment before one of you fell and hurt got injured. You’d thankfully made it to your home, and now continuing creating chit chat about nothing.
“If you were my boyfriend, we could do this more often,” you mumbled as you slouched on the sofa. “But you’d never accept my love.” you let a pout sit on your face for a few seconds. “You want me to be your boyfriend?” he asked, leaning close to you. When you nodded, he jumped up from his place.
“The gods have listened!”


Being best friends with one of the hottest idols in the industry tested you. He was always away from you, always busy, always tired when you were together. Today you were frustrated with his fame for another reason. A news article of featuring him was spreading around the internet. 'EXO’s Kai dating SM Rookie.’ They looked cozy in the picture, walking out of the SM building, his coat over her shoulders.

Jongin was going to take you out to a pet adoption center to help you pick the perfect pooch for you. The atmosphere when he entered your flat wasn’t good. You felt awkward around him, knowing he was in close relations with a female trainee. “What’s the matter?” he asked at the sight of your slumped over state. “You’re dating, and you didn’t tell me.” you grumbled into the pillow.

“It’s not true, Y/N. I just wanted to make sure she wouldn’t get sick,” he frowned taking a step closer and resting his hand on your arm. “Good. Because I want you to be only mine.” To this, he laughed, thumb rubbing over your skin. “You have to stop being jealous even if it’s adorable. I can’t have a partner that will bite my head off for being a gentleman.”


You and Sehun were on a plaid blanket enjoying your last minute picnic. “I want to tell you something,” you set your sandwich down and wiped your hands on your jeans. “We’ve been best friends for years… and recently, all of these feelings for you came rushing down onto me. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m in love with you…”
Your mood dropped completely when he stood and began to walk away from your cozy set up.
When you stayed silent, he turned and offered you a smirk. “You always talk about how you want your first kiss to be under that blossom tree by the fountain. So let’s go.”

Breaking All The Rules For You - Professor O’Brien AU (Part Two) [Smut]

Author: @writing-obrien

Character(s): Dylan O’Brien/Reader, Tyler Posey/Reader

Word Count: 3179

Notes: Public Fingering, Oral (female receiving), Dry Humping, Illicit Student/Teacher Relationship. Thanks to @dumbass-stilinski​ for proofreading for me! Love ya’ Steff! As much as Britt quite frankly gets on every single one of my nerves while simultaneously pushing all my buttons, this gif was needed.

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I didn’t figure out that Elsewhere University was anything other than a place filled with shivery-but-ultimately-harmless traditions until I’d already started my second year.

It wasn’t anything too exciting - I stumbled into the wrong part of the library, came out and realized I hadn’t missed my afternoon classes after all. I went to class, came back to my dorm room, had a panic attack, and went on with my life. Oh, and I changed my safename. I think I ended up going through half a dozen in the next few weeks, trying to find one that didn’t actually mean anything to me. (I remember Toucan was one of them, though I think I got anxious over what if it somehow offended the crows.) Sunny was the one I stuck with that year, mostly because my TA for Intro to Statistics sat me down and told me to just pick one so he’d know who to give the assignments back to.

I already knew most of the lore by then. I’d thought it was just fun bits of knowledge, traditions and legend-building, but I’ve always collected that kind of thing. After that initial panic (having made sure the horseshoe was securely over my doorway, and stuffed salt packets in all my pockets, and turned my underwear inside-out, and written and deleted several emails to my parents) I remembered that according to everything I heard, Bio majors didn’t usually interact much with the Fae. I’d actually been disappointed by that, back when it was just a story not quite close enough to touch, but it was a comfort now. So once I’d settled on my new safename (and stopped side-eying my poor roommate), I caught up with my assignments and moved on, just a little bit more careful than before.

I fell in love with lab work that year, and on the advice of a professor shifted into the tiny Molecular Biology concentration. Elsewhere University doesn’t do much research, but there’s lab space available for fourth years doing a thesis, and you can use it earlier if you have a Prof willing to supervise and sign off for you. The Molecular Genetics professor was full of ideas for what I could do with the reagents left behind in the fridge and one big freezer, and between us we managed to get me an internship the next summer, to stay and start on my own project.

I spent those months sharing a tiny apartment in the next town over with an English major going into her fourth year. (I don’t know why she was staying for the summer. I asked, but she gave me a different answer every time - she needed to hang teardrops on the rainbow, or count crow’s teeth, or find the door out of the laundry room. After a while, I stopped asking). In the mornings she’d drive us both into the university, and in the evenings I’d either wait for her in the library (always near the front) or I’d take the single late-night bus that ran from the university to the middle of town.

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Humans are allergic

I am currently laying down, slowly dying from an unknown allergy of Riscotta. who knew? Anyways, I have to wonder how an alien would react to this. So I came up with this:

Cri'leon had no clue what was wrong with human Hope. Nobody knew what was wrong with human Hope, but Cri'leon knew one thing: everybody was panicking. Human Hope was not their only human, but she was the ships mechanic, so she was important. That, and Human Hope is mated with a very pregnant Human Tricia, who is one of the ship’s many medics. Cri'leon’s ship mates all have hopes to keep Human Tricia’s baby with them, for they could use another human who knows both the mechanics of their ship, but also the many ‘records of shots’ Cri'leon’s human crewmates kept talking about. None of the medics knew what was happening or what triggered it.

Human Hope was sitting with Human Tricia, rubbing Human Tricia’s bulging stomach, which holds their…offspring? Cri'leon was never able to wrap it’s head around this, but as long as they did not lose a medic or mechanic, it did not care where their offspring resides. Off topic! Human Hope was eating, when she suddenly started to clutch her throat and heavily breathing. Human Tricia and a couple of other Humans carried her off to sickbay, while everyone watched in concern and fear.

If Human Hope, who has never been sick before has gone down because of the cafeteria food, who else will go down?

It has been many hics, or as our Human crewmates call hours, before Human Tricia came back, looking relived. “She was allergic.”

“Allergic?” One of the Cr'olas asked in the mist of the crowd that had formed around Human Tricia. Even Cri'leon's human crewmates were in the crowd “What’s allergic?”

“Uh-” Human Tricia said, before Human Nathaniel piped up.

“It’s a sensitivity to things that come in contact with us. I am allergic to pollen and it makes my eyes water, my nose runny, and makes me cough. Mine is very simple compared to Hope, who’s suddenly allergic to?”

“Uh, Shellfish.” Human Tricia answered.

“Shellfish. For Hope, is she ingests Shellfish, her throat, most likely, closed up. If we had not reacted so quickly, she would have passed out due to lack of oxygen and died.”

“That can happen for eating a certain thing?” Cri'leon asked in horror.

“Well, what happens is our brain tricks our body to believe that a certain thing is not good for us, so they create a certain anti-body to attack it, creating the symptoms of an allergic reaction. Most people grow out of theirs, but, I guess, Hope did not.”

“Will she be ok?”

“Oh yeah, she’ll be fine.”

That seemed to be all the humans needed before they went back to their stations or back to their food, leaving the aliens to stare at the humans in horrified awe.

William Nylander - Part Two

So glad you guys seemed to enjoy the first part! Now we start getting into the good stuff… 

The slap of a clearing attempt after a frenzy of Flame chances at the opposite end of the ice. Everything seems to be going in slow motion though I don’t see what’s going on, having been staring at center ice the last several seconds. I sure feel it though. A blinding pain erupts right above my right cheek and my eyes instantly water. I don’t make a noise. I just lean forward in my seat as the crowd goes ‘OH’, clutching at the side of my face. Rian touches my back and I can feel her lean down with me.

“Y/N? Are you okay?” She asks, worry lacing her tone.

I can’t answer her, my cheek feels like it’s on fire and I’m scared to move my jaw. My hand feels hot and wet and when I pull it away from my face it’s covered in blood. I lift my head up and again the crowd gasps as one. My face is hot and sticky, and blood has already spilled down my face and into my shirt. Thank God I’m wearing black.

“Oh my god, Y/N!” Rian gasps beside me, taking her scarf off and pressing it to my face. Feeling the stares of thousands of people, I turn my head into my sister. Nathan is at my side as well, kneeling before me and gently pushing my hair out of my face. I whimper quietly and press my sister’s scarf tighter to my face, convinced that it looks just as bad as it feels.

There’s a voice I don’t recognize to my right and Nathan turns to say something back. I then feel the scarf being pried from my face, quickly replaced by a towel from the bench. Blinking several times I look up at the jumbrotron to see myself, despite the pain I give a thumbs up and receive a roar from the crowd.

               The game starts back up and the crowd quickly turns its attention back to the action much to my happiness. Not matter how long I press the towel to my face I can’t seem to get the bleeding to stop and soon there is no longer a spot of white on the towel. I eventually turn to Rian and Nathan and ask them to look. With the way their faces pale, I don’t take that as a good sign.

               “Who even hit me?” I ask after another couple minutes, the pain is still incredible and I have to grit my teeth to get the words out.

               “Nylander,” Nathan says, still kneeling before me, worry in his eyes. “You should have stopped bleeding by now.” He murmurs, the future doctor in him coming out. But I guess two years into medical school will do that to you.

               “I bleed easy,” I say and he rolls his eyes at me.

               “I think you need to go to a hospital,” he says and I give him a filthy look.

               “If you think for two seconds that I’m leaving this game to go to a stupid doctor you’re ev-“ I’m cut off by a tap on the shoulder. When I look over to see who must be the athletic trainer for the Leafs.

               “Come on,” he says, gesturing to the railing between us.

               “What?” I ask dumbly.

               “We’ll fix you up,” he says and again gestures for me to get up.

               Nathan helps me stand, I’m a little wobbly with the pain still throbbing on one side of my face. I step onto the first rung of the railing and throw my leg over, Nathan’s hands on my waist as he steadies me. Pulling my other leg over as well, I reach for the athletic trainer whose hands replace Nathan’s as he helps me down. I keep one hand pressed to my face as he wraps an arm around me, helping me down the tunnel.

               I can’t seem to gather my bearings as he pulls me down a long hallway and into a side room that I realize must be the medical room. I’m ushered to a cot and told to sit down. Obeying, I dangle my feet off one end, looking around the room in confusion, the throbbing in my head growing by the moment.

               I hiss when the trainer returns to my side and takes my towel, pressing my cheek gently with his now gloved fingers.

               “Doesn’t feel like anything is broken,” he says calmly, ignoring my glare as he continues to poke and prod my face. “Tough kid.”

               I sigh in relief when he finally releases my face. “Thanks.” I mumble and glance down at my now completely ruined shirt. “Dammit.”

               The guy hears me and laughs. “You could have lost your eye and you’re upset about the shirt?” He asks, returning to my side with a small kit of medical supplies.

               “What can I say, priorities,” I say back, a smile pulling at my mouth. I eye the kit warily and give him a questioning look.

               “This might take a little while, you’re still bleeding and the cut is pretty deep. Might have seen the last of the hockey game tonight, kid,” he says and I sigh.

               “I was afraid you’d say that. You gonna fix my headache too?” I ask, not bothering to argue.

               “Probably a concussion, we can do some testing after I get you stitched up. Until then, keep your eyes open. No falling asleep,” he says sternly.

               “Yes, dad,” I mutter under my breath as he turns to his kit. If he hears me he doesn’t show it. “Why are you even doing this?” I ask louder this time. “I didn’t think this kind of thing was allowed. Aren’t the medical people on the concourse supposed to take care of crowd injuries?”

               “Usually, yes,” he says slowly, focused on the kit in front of him.

               “What was different about this time then?” I ask frowning.

               He doesn’t answer me for several seconds and I begin to think I won’t get an answer when he turns to me, wipes in hand as he gets set on cleaning the wet and dry blood from my face.

               “Someone seemed to feel a little guilty and asked if we would clean you up,” he says, stepping back to the kit and taking out a small needle that I don’t even know what it’s supposed to do.

               “Someone?” I press, eyeing the needle as he steps back to me.

               “The someone who hit you.”

               “So Nylander?”

               “He the one that hit you?”

               “That’s what I was told.”

               “Well then there you go,” he says simply and I can’t decide whether I like this guy or not.

               “Do you always give straight answers?” I ask, raising my eyebrows as he numbs my cheek enough for the pain to be bearable.

               “Do you always ask so many obvious questions?”

               “In case you forgot, I was a little distracted by the little rubber disc denting my face to pay attention to who it came from,” I retort.

               “They replayed it on the big screen,” he says, focused on threading his needle.

               “I had a towel pressed to my face!”

               “Only half of it.”

               I sigh in frustration and a smile tugs on his lips.

               “I’m starting to think that I would rather be bleeding out there,” I mumble and at that he laughs.

               “I highly doubt that. I’m sure by the end of the game your jeans would have been ruined too.”

               I open my mouth to retort but the buzzer sounds for the end of the period and echoes down the hallway and into the room. Almost immediately I can hear the voices and skates on the walkway. I shift slightly when Mr. Athletic Trainer turns back to me, this time with what I know are stitches and a needle, so that I’m blocked from view of those passing by the doorway.

               He works in silence and I sit in silence, except for the occasional gasp as he touches a part of my face that hasn’t been affected by the numbing. When he finishes up the last stitch I sigh in relief which he finds hilarious.

               “You acted like I was ripping your face apart that whole time,” he chuckles and I scowl.

               “I can see why you decided against being a surgeon.” I snap back. “How many cups of coffee did you have before the game?” It only makes him laugh harder.  

               “That was a good one. I’ll have to tell my assistant that,” he says through a grin, covering the fresh stitches with a couple butterfly strips. “Looks like you already have a raccoon eye,” he adds.

               I immediately bring my hand to my eye, ignoring the sting. “Do I really?” I ask, looking desperately around for a mirror. “Oh my God!” I exclaim when I spot one almost directly in front of me on the opposite wall. The swelling is slowly showing up and I know by morning I won’t be able to open my eye. Apparently the guy takes a pity on me because he returns with an ice pack and small towel.

               “It doesn’t look that bad,” he says, obviously uncomfortable with the tears in my eyes.

               “My face!” I exclaim again, looking over his shoulder into the mirror.

               “It will be okay!” He says, looking like he would rather be anywhere else right now.

               I snatch the ice pack from his hand and press it to my face, turning so I’m facing the door frame instead of the mirror. “Thank you,” I mutter, still silently freaking out. The dark shadow of a bruise has already formed from my cheek bone up, making me look like I have a seriously fucked up cat eye.

               “Ice it for a little while, hopefully the swelling will go down a bit. I know you would rather go back out to watch the game but I need you to not blush for a little while if you want to get your face back to regular size and being in front of thousands of people staring at you probably won’t help.” He says, putting all his supplies back in order on the other side of the room.

               My cheeks heat at the mention of the crowd and he notices.

               “My point exactly.” He says and turns on a TV that I hadn’t noticed at first and I see that the period has started back up and the Leafs are still in the lead 3-0. “I have to get back to my regular job, but I’ll be right down the hall if you need something.” He taps my foot once on his way out the door and just like that I’m alone.

               I scoot down the cot so my back is against the wall, keeping the ice pack firmly to my face. More time had passed than I had thought, the clock in the corner of the screen says there is less than ten minutes left in the third period. Out of habit I reach for my phone and realize that I must have left it in my coat which is still in my seat out by the ice. Sighing, I return my attention to the television, keeping in mind what the guy said about falling asleep.

               The ice seems to help, combined with the numbing injection he gave me. Soon enough the throbbing becomes dull and I’m able to focus on the names and numbers flying across the screen. I don’t cheer or clap when Toronto scores again and I also don’t clap when Calgary scores two goals late in the third. Again I remain silent as the game comes to an end.

               I tense when I hear the sounds of players coming down the hall and wish the guy had closed the door when he left. Keeping my eyes on my shoes, I avoid the glances that I can feel by the doorway. Only looking up when someone enters the room and I smile.

               “Y/N!” Rian cries, rushing to my side. “I was so worried when the athletic guy came back but you didn’t.” She gently puts her hand on my wrist and I lower the ice pack. Rian’s face doesn’t pale this time and I take it as a good sign. “Looks much better,” she smiles. “How do you feel?”

               “Just a headache right now, but I’m sure when the numbing meds wear off I’ll be crying.” I say, bringing the ice pack back to my face, refusing to look in the mirror again. “Where’s Nathan and Jake?”

               “Only family could come, they are waiting for me to tell them where to go.” Rian says, leaning against the cot. “If it makes you feel better, Nathan barely realized you were gone after Jake got another couple beers in him. He was pretty miserable for the rest of the second period after you left.”

               I roll my eyes. “Of course he was.” I feel a little guilty for my tone, but as of late nearly everything Nathan’s done has annoyed me in some way.

               “He was just worried, Y/N.” Rian says exasperated. “Just like I was.”

               I soften and reach out for her hand. “I know, I’m sorry. I’m really okay, just a little sore.” I give her a smile and her face lifts.

               “Then you ready to go? Can you leave yet?” She asks and a voice answers from the door.

               “Just a few more minutes.” My little nurse had returned. “There’s actually someone who would like to see you if that’s okay.” He says and I frown at the smirk playing on his face.

               “Who?” Rian asks for me and before he can answer another person appears at his elbow.


               I gulp as I meet those blue eyes again. Rian freezes beside me, obviously caught up in his so called ‘godliness’.

               “If I may?” He asks and I’m taken back at how polite he is. I nod and he glances at my sister a little awkwardly and she jumps to attention.

               “I’ll uh, be out there. Waiting.” Rian stammers, looking between Will and I like a tennis match. Mr. Athletic Trainer winks at me before closing the door gently behind him and Rian.

               I look back to Nylander, unsure what to do. His eyes are on my cheek and a frown tugs down the corners of his mouth.

               “I guess I just wanted to apologize,” he says after a moment, his eyes coming back to mine.

               “Nothing to be sorry about, you didn’t mean to,” I smile slightly which causes me to wince. He notices and guilt flashes across his face.

               “I didn’t, but it happened,” he replies and cautiously moves closer. I eye him warily.

               “Did you just come in here to say sorry and give me stick or jersey or something?” I ask, annoyed with the way everyone has been staring at me the last hour.

               Will pauses and blinks at me. “Uh did you want a stick?” He asks slowly, and the awkwardness grows.


               “Then why did you ask that?”

               “Because you look like you’re about to burst with a question and I don’t like waiting.” I say right back and he smiles.

               “I didn’t have a question.” He says and I roll my eyes.

               “Yes you did. I can tell. My friend gets the same expression on his face when he wants to ask me something but isn’t sure how to.”

               Will pauses for a moment. “You mean blondie out there?” He jerks his head in what must be the direction on the ice.

               I have to laugh at both his frown and tone, my eyes fleeting over his own blonde locks. “Must be a blonde thing.” I quirk an eyebrow at him and his cheeks turn a faint pink.

               “I didn’t know what else to call him.” He says defensively and I laugh, ignoring the tingle in my cheek that it causes. Will watches me silently, his lips pulling up slightly when I laugh.

               “Nathan, you can call him Nathan. Speaking of who is celebrating his birthday today, so I should get back to him.” I say and swing my legs over the edge of the co+t and make to stand only to be greeted by a spinning room.

               “Whoa!” Will says and reaches out to me, pressing on my shoulders to get me to sit again. “Probably a good idea to go a little slower standing up.” He adds, releasing my shoulders as quickly as he grabbed them.

               I don’t reply, a wave of nausea rolling over me though I keep it together. I just take several deep breaths. He watches me in silence, hovering just a feet away while I stare at his bare feet, waiting for the nausea to pass.

               “I’ll take this time to ask my question.” He says and my eyes snap to his, a knowing smile on his face. “What’s your name?”

               I have to fight the urge to roll my eyes so hard that my eyes twitch. “Y/N Y/L/N.” I reply and he holds his hand out. I eye it a moment before reaching out a shaky hand and taking his. It’s a lot warmer than I had expected, callouses from years of hockey tickle my palms and I ignore the upside down feeling in my stomach, this time not from the nausea.

               “Nice to meet you.” He says warmly and I can’t help but smile.

               “If you just wanted to introduce yourself to me I’m positive there are about a thousand different ways to do it rather than hit me with a puck.” I tease and he laughs.

               “True. But I think this was a pretty unique way.” He grins at me and I roll my eyes.

               “I’ll say.” I get my feet under me again and without letting go of his hand, I steady myself on my feet. His other hand hovers slightly just in front of him like I’m about to fall over. Which I might.

               “Okay.” I say after a moment and don’t see or feel any spinning. “Much better.”

               “Good.” Will nods and when I take a step he puts his other hand to the small of my back. I stiffen slightly but don’t say anything, mostly because I’m still not positive I won’t fall over.

               Will opens the door for me and ushers me out to my waiting sister. Rian’s eyes widen slightly when she sees my hand in his and I’m quick to drop it and step out of his arm.

               “Ready?” I ask her, moving to her arm instead. It’s not as warm as Wills.

               “Sure.” Rian says, looking a little unsurely between Will and I. “Come on.” She gently takes my hand and helps me towards an elevator I hadn’t noticed before. “Someone told me how to get outside the quickest.” Rian adds when she sees my confused expression.

               I glance over my shoulder at Will who is still standing there, watching me. “Bye.” I say softly and he smiles.

               “See you around.” He says and I tilt my head slightly in confusion but I don’t get a chance to ask what he means as the elevator dings as it opens in front of me and Rian ushers me in.

               “Can we get Bitondo’s tomorrow?” I ask her as the doors slowly close and I lean my head on her shoulder.

               “Of course we can.” She laughs and pats my arm, playing the part of my seventeen year old mom.

               “Awesome.” I whisper and want nothing more than to crawl into my bed and sleep for twenty nine years.

@ladywaterfall has picked the probably least drawn G2 pony ever, so here I am, on my way to fix this, starting with a reference so people can join in on the G2 drawing fun.

‘I’ve missed the hell out of you.’ K.L

Originally posted by kiansexting

Requested: Yes

Summary: You and Kian broke up, thinking you’d never get back together but one day, you both end up at the same party and decide to hang out again, and possibly date.

Warnings: Language

Word Count: 2,242

Kian Lawley x Reader

A/N: Sorry this long and sorry to the anon who requested this cause I kinda switched it up. 

“You’re fucking ridiculous, Kian!” You screamed. 

The boy you once loved was glaring down at you, his nostrils flared from breathing in and out to quickly, his temper higher than ever and it was all because of you, but hell, it was his fault as well. 

“How am I being fucking ridiculous?! You’re the one going around, whoring with all my fucking friends leaving me here to drink myself to death!”

“You didn’t have to drink you dumb cunt! Drinking was your fucking decision!” 

You rubbed your temples, a headache was already forming.

“You drove me to drinking, you know that right?! Because of you I started this fucking habit! I wish I never fucking dated you!” He yelled, causing you to flinch.

“Then get the fuck out of my life!” You screamed.

“We need to fucking talk!” He screamed back way louder than you.

Jc, Corey, and Bobby all jogged downstairs, surrounding you two. 

“We don’t need to fucking talk, Kian! You’re a fucking dickhead!” You screamed, Bobby wrapping his arm around your waist, pulling you back.

“Don’t touch her Bobby, she might have an std from where she went around to much.”

“Dude…” Corey whispered.

You squirmed out of Bobby’s arms, reaching out to hit Kian until Jc pulled you back, turning you away from him.

“That was too fucking far, Kian!” He yelled, rubbing your back. 

“Don’t fucking baby her, Jc! You know how much of a whore she is.” 

Bobby walked away, “yo, how much did you have to drink?” He asked. 

“In my opinion, not enough.” He slurred. 

You quietly sobbed into Jc’s arms, him rocking you back and forth slowly. 

“She needs to get the fuck out of this house!” He yelled.

You squirmed out of Jc’s grip, pushing on Kian, every time he stumbles backwords.

“Don’t fucking touch me.” he yelled.

“Fuck you Kian Lawley! I never want to fucking see you again!” 

Corey pulled you away, earning an eyeroll from Kian. 

“I think it’s time for you to go.” Corey whispered. 

“I hope I never see you again, Kian.” You cried.

“Me too.” He whispered. 

You squirmed out of Corey’s grip, walking away, hearing roaring profanities from Kian, then the smashing of a bottle, making tears fall down your face. 

“I’ll miss you…” you whispered, leaving the house you once called home.

You smoothed out your dress, taking a deep breath in before heading into this party. You were accompanied by your friend who basically forced you to come here, she wasn’t going to let you say no. 

“How long are we staying?” You mumbled, pushing hair behind your ear.

She sighed, “Y/n, you haven’t been out in a long time, just trust me.” 

She opened the door, the smell of weed and alcohol filling your nose, a smell you once tried to forget but now, it was back again, bringing back memories. Tears were daring to fall but your friend nudged you, giving you a hard stare.

“I’m sorry.” You croaked, dabbing underneath your eye.

She grabbed your hand and led you to the alcohol, mixing you both a drink.

“Here’s to a new you.” She smiled, tapping your glass.

“New me…” you whispered, throwing your head back, the strong mixture burning your throat. 

“Let’s go dance!” She yelled, lacing her fingers with yours, leading you through the crowd. 


I threw my head back, the shot burning my throat, making my eyes water. Jc, Dom, Corey, Bobby, and Harrison all begged me to come to this party. It’s been three fucking months since me and y/n had our big fight and i’ve regretted everything since then, I really fucking miss her. Just the memory of her crying all because of me just pisses me off, I lost my babygirl because of my dumb actions.

“Dude, let’s go get laid.” Corey yelled, patting Jc on the back.

“You guys go ahead.” I mumbled.

Jc rolled his eyes, “Look man, she’s not coming back. Just forget her.” He patted my back and followed Corey to the dance floor. 

“I don’t think you should give up on her man.” I glanced up at Bobby, a smile glistening across his face.


“Yeah, really. I heard she’s at this party actually, maybe you should try looking for her. Maybe apologize?” 

I rubbed my face, leaning against the counter. 

“I don’t know, man. What if she doesn’t even wanna fuck with me like that?” 

“You’ll never know if you don’t go find out.”

Bobby walked away with Harrison, leaving me there to ponder my thoughts. What if she really doesn’t want me back? I wouldn’t want me back either if I fucked around and yelled at her like that. 

I slowly walked to the dancefloor, leaning against the wall, watching as everyone was having the time of their life besides me. I scanned the room, my eyes landing on a familiar body. I cocked my head to the side, walking towards the person, shoving past people, until I noticed; her. My mouth dropped, my mind going in all different sorts of directions, the girl I loved and missed dearly is standing right in front of me. 


You leaned against the wall, your friend ditching you for some guy, probably hooking up with him as of right now. You watched as everyone grinded on each other, beers being dropped, hook up’s being made right before your eyes. Oh, how you wish you were happy. 

You scanned through the crowd, your heart skipping a beat every time you spot Jc, or Corey, or even Harrison and Bobby, but you haven’t seen Kian, at all actually. 

You looked down at your red solo cup, swirling the mixture inside, letting out a big sigh. You looked up, taking a quick swig of your drink, your eyes scanning once more before they landed on the one person you hoped wouldn’t be here; Kian.

You watched as he slowly made his way to you, his eyes never leaving yours. You bit your lip, looking down at the ground, your heart racing when you seen the too familiar pair of vans standing right in front of your heels. You felt the familiar touch under your chin, lifting your head up, coming face to face with him, his glassy eyes staring into yours. 

“What do you want?” You cried out, avoiding his gaze.


You looked up, a tear was slowly falling down Kian’s face, instantly breaking your heart.

“That’s not true.” You whispered. 

You tried blinking away the tears but that was no use, there were too many. Kian cupped your face, making you instantly cuddle into his hand, something that you loved to do. You looked up, a small smile was plastered across Kian’s face, making you smile. You soon remembered what happened, Kian blaming you for his alcohol problems, you two fighting, Jc and Corey having to pull you away, Kian yelling about how much of a whore you were, just complete, utter bullshit.

You jerked away, pushing his hand away from you, a frown forming on his face. He stepped back, rubbing his face, biting down on his bottom lip. You watched as tears started falling down his face, something that you wish you never did have to see, but what he did was wrong. 

“Can we please talk?” He whispered loud enough for you to hear. 

“What is there to talk about, Kian?” 

“I need to get shit off my chest, and I think letting this all out in the middle of a fucking dance floor isn’t going to help either of us.” He sniffled.

You sighed, “Fine.” Kian laced his hand with yours, sending shock all throughout your body, the shock you once loved to feel but now it just feels, foreign. 

Kian weaved you both through the crowd, not bumping into one person. You quickly grabbed your phone from your bra, texting your friend that you left even though she’d probably be hungover by the time she seen it. Kian took you to his car, opening the passenger door for you, you quietly thanking him. He walked around, getting inside and let out the hugest sigh, causing you to laugh.

“What?” He asked, starting the car up.

“Nothing. Where’re you taking me?” You quizzed, watching the house go by as Kian drove off. 

“Well, the only place open by now is McDonald’s, so we’re going there and then we’re going to chill at my place so we can talk.” He glanced at you, turning his attention back towards the road. 

The car ride was silent, the only thing that overcome the silence was the radio, which hardly covered it anyways. You didn’t know what to say, who would? All you could think about was the night you fought, how he called you a whore even though you never snuck around behind his back, that just wasn’t how you rolled. You watched the city past by, the city never sleeps, which is why you loved L.A. Everyone here understood one another, even people who you mistakenly thought loved you.

Kian pulled into McDonald’s, rolling his window down. 

“You want a ten piece chicken nugget with barbeque sauce with a medium fry and sweet tea right?” Kian asked making you smile. 

“Yeah.” You whispered. 

Kian ordered the food but quickly denied your request on paying for yourself. Kian handed you the bag, giving you a quick smile. This boy still gave you butterflies, but the fear of getting hurt again was still crossing your mind. What if you both get into another fight and he lashes out but even worse, god these thoughts were going to kill you.

“What’re you thinking about?” He mumbled. 

you looked over, his jaw was clenched, his right hand gripping onto the steering wheel, and the other hand underneath his chin.

“About us.” You whispered, your legs and shoes becoming more interesting. 

He sighed, placing his right hand on your thigh, sending goosebumps up your body. You breathed out and leaned back, placing your hand on top of his, rubbing the back with your thumb. Kian turned down a familiar street, the house you once stayed at everyday coming into view making your heart beat faster. 

Kian pulled in, putting the car in park, turning it off, running his fingers through his hair he got out, walking over to your door, opening it for you. 

“Thank you.” You whispered, handing Kian the food and grabbing your drinks. 

You followed him inside, a feeling of warmth entered your body, making you feel at home. You ended up staying with your friend after the whole incident went down but it just didn’t feel like home. She was always gone, living you there with the quiet which was something you were never used to living here. 

You peered around and smiled, “Hey kih.” you squatted down, petting their pet cat. 

Kian motioned you to follow him, which you obeyed since he had your food and you were really craving your chicken nuggets. You smiled when you saw Kih following you guys upstairs, you loved cuddling with her. 

Kian unlocked his door, closing it shut behind you. You sat the drinks down, unbuckling your heels, comfort falling over your body. Kian tossed a shirt down on the bed, and a pair of your underwear.

“I’ve been looking for those.” You mumbled, stripping out of your dress, feeling Kian’s eyes burning into your body.

You quickly changed your panties and slid his shirt on, the fabric falling just above your knees. You laid your dress on one of Kian’s chairs, crawling onto the bed soon after. Kian tossed the bag on the bed, stripping out of his clothes, you glancing back and forth between him and your chicken nuggets. 

Kian laid down beside you, pulling out his two cheeseburgers. 

“Can I have a chicken nugget?” He asked, taking a bite of his burger.

“Sure.” You mumbled, dipping it in your sauce handing it to him. 

“Lemme take a picture of you.” Kian mumbled. 

You smiled, your eyes closed, holding your sweet tea in your hand, flinching when the flash went off. 

“So, what did we need to talk about?” You quizzed, taking another bite of your nugget.


“Yeah, I know that.” You retorted, earning a scoff from him. 

“I want you back, y/n. I miss you so much. You can literally ask the guys, I haven’t done anything but stay in my room and watch Jim Carrey movies all day. I hardly have the energy to film anymore, I’m just depressed without.” He whispered, silence falling over the both of you again. 

“I’ve missed you too but i’m afraid that everything will go downhill again like last time.” You mumbled. 

“That was completely my fault, and I know i’m going to have to control my anger, i’m so terribly sorry that I did that.” He murmured. 

“I love you.” you whispered.

“I love you.”

Kian leaned over, tilting your face towards his. He leaned in, pressing his lips against yours, both syncing in rhythm. He pulled back, leaving soft kisses all over your face, making you smile. 

You two finished your food and turned on Ace Ventura. You snuggled into Kian, his hand laying on your ass. You pulled up snapchat, smiling at Kian’s caption.

I’ve missed the hell out of you, I promise i’ll treat you better.

You smiled, looking up at Kian who passed out, light snores were escaping his mouth. You smirked, leaning up and kissing his cheek, taking a quick picture. 

I’ve missed the hell out of you too, Kian.’

You tossed your phone on the bed, falling asleep in Kian’s arms, finally after three long fucking months. 

The Melody In My Head (A Jonah Marais Imagine)

Part One

*As Requested*

Disclaimer: Because this request contained more in-depth plot-lines and story segments, it will be divided into three parts, posted at different times

Have a lovely day!

Word Count: 2329

Description: In which your boyfriend, Jonah, hears you singing to yourself and, on a whim, records it. Funny, how one simple recording, posted to the internet, can change someone’s life forever.

    I’d never been a very outgoing person. Even as a kid, I’d always preferred the company of my own imagination and thoughts to those of other children. I never tried out for any extra-curriculars, never managed to make more than a handful of friends, never really became anything. I was always just Y/N, the girl at the back of the class, with my head in a book, keeping to myself, not rocking the boat. I was a freshman in university at Stanford now, my dream school, because being smart had always been the only thing that I really excelled at. That may come across as sounding insecure to some people, but I don’t think of it that way. I never really valued anything over my education, not even my social life. Which made it particularly shocking to the few who know me well when the word broke that I’d started dating a rising international pop star. I remember the first day after the word hit the internet, a few articles had hit the tabloids, and a few photographs of us on a date at the park had surfaced; my mom called me up on the phone to make sure I hadn’t had a social breakdown. My few closest friends had called to see if I was being held against my will. Of course, neither of those things were true, but to this day I’ll get comments on how different we are- and truthfully I don’t know if I could explain how we fell in love if it would save my life. Some things are inexplicable, and when they happen it takes most everyone by surprise, even though it suddenly becomes the most natural and comfortable thing in the world for you. I’d been with Jonah for about a year now, and while most everyone is supportive, I’d be lying if I didn’t notice a blog post here or tabloid story there, talking about how odd it is that such an outgoing and self-assured guy like Jonah would be dating such an introverted, anti-social Brainiac like myself. I’d seen more than a few fans comment how it reminded them of Troy and Gabriella from High School Musical, but I’d never seen much of Gabriella in myself. Maybe Kelsey, but without the piano skills, or Ryan Evans. Nevertheless, we somehow fit together, and somewhere along the road, he’d become my favorite person, which is a massive step up from my previous favorite person- no one.

“Hey babe, the boys and I are heading out for pizza, you sure you don’t wanna come?” Jonah shouted from down the hall. I nibbled absentmindedly on the edge of my ballpoint pen as I continued copying down the notes from last weeks lecture into more legible handwriting. Smiling softly, I shook my head, before realizing he couldn’t see me.

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Seth Rollins - Mouths Shut.

Part 1 Part 2

Summary - Part 3; Seth and Reader have been together for just over a year and it seemed they knew all about each other to every little detail. Seth had proven over time that he is true to his character portrayed on screen, ‘The Man’ however when he finds out some life-altering news, will he allow his old cowardly ways to take over.

Warnings - None (this is a big building block for the next part)

Word Count - 2,050 words.

“Thanks again for letting me stay here for a while Brie, I really just didn’t want to go back to the apartment right now,” I mumbled lightly against the soft cotton couch I previously sprawled my body across; watching eagerly as my brunette friend traipsed into the room, her arms wrapped tightly around her newborn’s body.

“It’s honestly fine, Bryan doesn’t mind so stay as long as you want, or as long as you can put up with little Birdie keeping you up at night.” She giggled, slumping her body into the cushions beside me. “So being your best friend I do think I’m entitled to know what actually happened between you and Seth, like what did you actually argue about?”

And already the questions begin… My mind couldn’t process the constant confusion that was pulsing through it and therefore it was inevitable the words that would come out of my mouth would be nothing short of a complete lie. I couldn’t tell her the real reason; not yet… Of course, I trusted her but it just wasn’t that simple anymore, the whole situation was so blown out of proportion that I couldn’t even just think about the baby without it leading to the single man that tore my world apart a mere two days ago. The seconds spared for excuse thinking time was soon transformed into a matter of minutes which was clearly evident as a firm slap was placed on my thigh ultimately dragging me from my thoughts.

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