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I see a lot of really pretty Annabeth aesthetic posts on here, and characterization is to each their own ya know, but none of those posts really like capture Annabeth to me?

The colors are just so…dull and turned down usually? When I think of Annabeth I think golds and browns and tans and oranges like her hair, skin, and CHB t-shirt. Bronze like her knife. Red like the strawberry fields in CHB. Jean shorts, long legs, old t-shirts, faded baseball caps, ripped tank tops, messy hair that isn’t paid much attention. Someone who just like embodies summertime, bright and active and bold and deeply sunkissed all over. Someone spirited and strong, bossy and confident. Yes Annabeth has gray eyes and a gray laptop and likes architecture, but she’s not all gray to me. Not bland or light or snowy. Not wrapped up in soft sweaters sipping from a coffee mug quietly reading a book with perfect hair and makeup (Annabeth doesn’t even canonically care about beauty stuff like that). No, she’s bright and burning. She’s fierce and fiery. She’s fresh-faced and flushed and sweaty in clothes that don’t matter. She’s up and moving in the summer sun, brave, quick, impulsive, and brilliant. Both incredibly passionate and intelligent. She’s so vibrant. I love her.

also a very quick scribble to celebrate how much I love the companions’ ability to injure themselves without any reason. xD

I’ve seen Deacon do it quite a bit in Nuka World (falling from elevators and stuff), but the most recent case was when I was heading to the exit of Nuka-Galaxy (feeling quite sick because yay simulation sickness) when suddenly I heard from behind a clang that was very definitely a garbage can, and then Deacon yelling ‘Ow ow OOOWWW’. I couldn’t help but laugh haha. I’m glad I didn’t see what he actually did to manage to hurt himself with the garbage can because it opens up lots of possibilities. ^u^

I don’t enjoy the idea of the companions getting hurt but the game mechanics just sometimes make it very hilarious. How. How did you hurt yourself walking through an empty room I don’t understand.


Reid x Reader

“Shoes… Oh my god! I love them, I need them!”

Penelope Garcia was squealing at you.


The team had just broken up from the morning meeting to discuss the agenda for the next few days. For once, there was no case so the team would mainly be on admin duties.

Your office buddy Penelope had caught sight of the new heels you were sporting and had fallen quite literally, head over heels in love with them.

“They are pretty nice, Y/N,” JJ eyed them appreciatively.

They were, and they’d cost you enough. You’d been admiring them in the store window for a few weeks now and had decided to treat yourself with your second pay check. You’d joined the team eights weeks ago as the secondary technical analyst, being made to feel perfectly at home in the already close knit team within a matter of hours.

“I wanna try them on… Pretty please! I know you’re the same size as me,” Penelope begged you.

“How the hell do you know that?” you asked her, watching her slip her own kitten heels off, wriggling her pink painted toes on the ground.

“It’s in your file.”

“My shoe size is in my file? Christ, is my bra size there too?”

“Actually it will be,” Dr Reid glanced up at you from his seat. “The bureau has all of our measurements on file for if we need to be kitted out in specialist clothing.”

“But I’m a technical analyst?” you perched on the table next to where he was sat.

“You might still need to be kitted out in Kevla. Garcia has had to join us in the field a few times,” he told you.

“Yes and each time was a horrific experience that I’d choose never to repeat if I had the choice. Enough talking….. Can I please try them on? I want your shoes but I don’t wanna buy them if I can’t walk in them,“ Penelope interrupted you both and you laughed, inching back on the table so you were actually sitting on it and removing your shoes one by one, holding them out so Penny could come and get them.

She slipped her feet into them, holding onto Derek and wobbling as she tried to stand.

“Oh my…. Oh my…. How on earth do you walk in these things. What are they, four…. five inch heels?” she grimaced, her feet obviously protesting to the angle they were forced into.

“Six actually,” you told her.

“Six inch heels…..How…. Why…. Six inches…. Oh god.” Penelope tried to walk, her ankles bending awkwardly as she grasped Derek.

“Nope. No matter how adorable they are, I can’t force myself to endure that amount of pain. Why do you do it? You wear these sorts of shoes everyday, Y/N.”

Garcia stepped out of them, a relieved look on her face as she sank back down to her normal height.

“Because I like them… They make me feel tall,” you told her. “No doubt my actual height is in my file too.”

“It is… But I can’t recall it, I don’t have the eidetic memory of Spencer, here. So stand up,” she demanded.

You went to slip the heels back on but she touched your arm.

“Without the heels, silly!”

You looked around at your colleagues, them eyeing you expectantly and slid off the table, preparing yourself for their comments.

They started to chuckle immediately.

“Oh baby girl, you really are a baby girl. You’re tiny.” Derek looked you up and down, taking in your tiny stature.

“Oh that’s adorable. You’re so cute and tiny!! I’m just wanna pick you up and put you in my pocket!” Penny gushed.

“I’m gonna start calling you Ma Petite….. I didn’t think the bureau employed any dwarves… ” Derek joked.

“Hey. Technically I’m not classed as a little person. I’m five foot.” Barely, and you had to make sure you stood very, very straight. But still.

“Five foot! Reid… Stand up next to her.” Penny clapped her hands.

“Yeah kid, you’re the tallest here, stand up next to her. This’ll be a laugh.”

Both Spencer and you rolled your eyes, but he obliged none the less. Unfolding his long body from his chair, he stood next you, Penny and Derek laughing hysterically at the height difference between you two.

“Oh that’s funny. Can you imagine if those two were together…. The neck ache they’d get from trying to kiss each other,” Penny commented and you glanced at Spencer, seeing his cheeks redden.

Yours did too, only slightly. The thought of kissing your handsome colleague making you feel warm and tingly.

“Little and large,” Derek guffawed.

“Lanky pants and short stack,” Penny joined in.

“Guys stop… Please. I hate comments about my height. That’s why I wear the heels,” you begged them to shut up, there wasn’t a name they could come up with that you hadn’t heard before.

“We’re sorry, Munchkin. We’re just teasing ya. You two look hella cute next to each other though,” Penelope gestured between you and Reid, and you felt your cheeks burning.

“Alright team, enough. Let’s get to work please,“ Hotch decided to break up the gathering, looking up from his seat.

The team split going their separate ways and you bent down to slip your shoes on, feeling relieved when you were back to the height you’d become accustomed to over the years. When you straightened up, you could see that Spencer had remained behind.

“I’m sorry about their teasing.”

You grinned at him, “Nah, it’s fine. I’m used to it. I just hate how sometime, people treat me like a little kid cos I’m so tiny.”

“I promise never to do that, Y/N. It is…. Erm… It is kinda cute though.”

“Oh….?” you raised an eyebrow at him, seeing him fidget awkwardly.

“Well… I mean…. Erm… I think you’re actually kinda cute….Actually no….not cute…. Erm…Ithinkyou'rebeautifulactually.”

The last part came out in a rush, all one word and you blushed deeper when you realised what he’d said.

“You do?”

Oh god…

“Erm…. Yeah….” he stood, shuffling his feet, his hands twitching slightly.

“I think you’re kinda beautiful too, Dr Reid.”

His eyes shot to yours and you smiled at him, a slow grin forming on his lips.

“Do you…. Would you…. Could we maybe go for coffee one night after work?” he asked quietly, fully aware that Agent Hotchner was still within ear shot.

“That would be great. And And don’t worry….I live in heels so you won’t have to worry about getting neck ache!”

His grin grew wider and you matched his facial expressions.

“I’d live with neck ache if it meant I got to kiss you,” he whispered softly.

“Same Spencer, same.”

The Facts

Request: “Could you please do a supernatural Castiel x reader. Where castiel is acting strangely and after a awkward conversation with the angel, Sam works out he is in love with reader. Dean and Sam encourage Cas to tell her. She is shocked but overjoyed. Thanks love your writing”

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1682

Warnings: None

Originally posted by teamfreewill-imagine

The sun rays flickered through the line of trees, the Impala’s roaring engine becoming more comforting as you became accustomed to it. The wind blew your hair in every direction, twisting it into tendrils that flew in the air, flicking your face with tiny stings that made you giggle. Castiel watched you smile to yourself, your hand hanging out of the window, your fingers stretching through the fast airstream that passed over the car going about 100 miles per hour.

Cas started going over the little facts he knew, trying to distract him from the blissful scene that took place right beside him. Again, the car was going about 100 miles per hour. 103 to be exact. It was 3:52pm, and your moving bodies were travelling along the Mayfair highway in Arkansas, at this second to be at a latitude of 35.2010 degrees North, and a longitude of 91.8318 degrees West. In about 4 minutes and 23 seconds it would start to rain, but would only spit down for 54 seconds before the small cloud evaporated and the sun reined the skies once more.

He recalled these facts with ease, his angel capabilities aiding him with a limitless supply of useless knowledge. But there was one fact he couldn’t push from his mind, no matter how many others he tried to pull over the top of it.

It was the fact that he was in love with you.

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Birthday Surprises- Ethan Dolan

Author: raeswritings

Pairing: Ethan x reader

Requested: Yes

Request: Can you do an Ethan imagine where it’s your birthday and he does all these really cute surprises for you and maybe some gifts or something as well. Basically just him being the cutest and best boyfriend ever 

Warnings: Fluff c;

Originally posted by dailydolantwins

You woke up to the sound of birds chirping near the bedroom window. The sun shinning through the blinds casting a warm glow into the room. You rub the sleep out of your eyes, stretching your arms as you sit up.

You look to the side of the bed where Ethan would be only to see a tray with breakfast on it with a cute little note besides the juice. You take the note delicately in your hand reading the hand writing you recognized as Ethan’s. You open and read the note.

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Paul x Reader

I loved writing this! Thank you for requesting<3 I think Paul would be someone that doesn’t believe in ‘imperfections’, he believed everyone was uniquely perfect. Whenever he found out that someone was self-conscious he’d feel so upset for them and he’d want to shake them until they realised how wrong they were. So if any of you guys are struggling with body image and all that, then just remember Paul would love what you deemed as ‘imperfections’ <3

Request:Hi I was wondering if you can make an imagine with Paul about the reader being chubby and tall but she’s really insecure about it so he cheers her up. Please!! Also I love your blog 😍😍😍💓💓

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anonymous asked:

I'm tired of seeing Harry and all his models :((( if makes me feel bad about myself cause they all look so good tall and skinny and I'm the complete opposite. It just makes me sad and I'm always reminded that harry would never like a girl like me :(( and I know it shouldn't affect me but it does and I can't help it. I wish I wasn't so deep into harry and this fandom and tumblr. It sometimes has a bad influence:((( soz I just need to let it out :(







i think my heart stopped beating !!!!

Lost In You

A/N: this is the first work of my own that I’ve ever posted on here. It’s quite short and not very good in my own opinion, but I hope you think differently. I’m tagging some people that inspired me to post. First, @literallylin because steph is a beautiful writer and our friendship is just starting to become very awesome. Also tagging @linslovelylocks and @strongenoughfoundation because they’re bot h beautiful writers and they wanted me to tag then if I ever posted something. So here you go, enjoy reading and please please please inbox/message me with feedback!! 


He doesn’t know when or even how it happened. But the one thing he did know was that he fell in love with her. She was his muse, the one thing that kept him going when he felt like stopping. Even if she didn’t know it.

Lin was always working. It was no surprise, he has a way with words that no one else can even fathom. Sometimes he would come out of his office for days, sitting hunched over in the same chair for hours typing and writing, typing and writing. (Y/N) knew this. Which is why she came over to make sure he made an effort to eat and take a break once and awhile.

Unlocking the door with bags in hand, (Y/N) stumbled into his apartment. She heard little footsteps running towards her and look down to see a small dog wagging its tail and smiling up at her. “Oh Tobi,” She sighed. “What are we going to do with him?” She finished, glancing around the apartment. It was messy, she wouldn’t lie. Lin was a messy person even if he didn’t seem like it. (Y/N) began to walk down the hallway, dog in tow and a bag of takeout in her hands. “Knock knock, I’m coming in whether you like it or not.” She exclaimed in a sing-song tone. She couldn’t see it, but Lin smiled. He loved the sound of her voice.

“I knew you’d show up sooner or later.” He answered, turning around in his chair. “Well, I have to make sure you keep yourself alive, don’t I?” (Y/N) giggled. She looked as beautiful as she always did, her sweater falling off her shoulders and her ripped jeans hugging her legs in just the right way. Two long french braids fell just past her shoulders. Her tan flats scraped gently across the floor. She didn’t like to wear heels. “They make me feel like a skyscraper Lin, I’m too damn tall for them.” She always says. Lin didn’t realize he was staring until she finally said something.

“Earth to Lin. Hello?” She called to him, waving her hands in front of his face. “I’m sorry what, I keep getting lost in you.” Did I just say that out loud? Shit. He thought to himself.

“What?” (Y/N) replied, blushing, “Nothing. Just forget I said anything.” Lin said, rushing out of the room into the kitchen. “Wait! Don’t lie to me Lin, what did you mean when you said that?” she said, following him.

She wasn’t sure of what she heard when he said it. It gave her a sense of false hope when he said it. Sometimes she wanted to scream out how much she loved him, but was afraid he didn’t feel the way she did. This was one of those times where she thought it to be true that maybe, just maybe, he loved her back.

“Can we please just forget that I said anything, (Y/N), please?” LIn said, turning around to look at her. He began to walk away when she grabbed his hand and pulled him towards her. Looking up at him, she said softly, “I see the way you look at me when you think I’m not looking. You look at me like I’m the only other person on this earth. Don’t you realize that I look at you the same way too?” Lin was processing what she just said to him, his heart beating a mile a minute. He glanced at their hands intertwined at the side. Neither of them let go. Finally he gained the courage to say something back.

Looking into her eyes, he confessed to her. “I think I’m in love with you and that scares me half to death. No, scratch that, I know I’m in love with you. I’ve been in love with you ever since the day I met you.” She didn’t say anything back. She wrapped her free hand around his neck and pulled his face down to her height and kissed him. It was exactly the way they both pictured it would be like. The kissed lasted for what seemed like an eternity, until they finally broke apart.

Their heads were pressed against each other, just looking into each other’s eyes. (Y/N) was the first one to speak. “I’m yours.” That was all she needed to say for Lin to know that she loved him too.

Early Warnings of Domestic Abuse

I’m watching this new HBO show called Big Little Lies on HBO and a scene in the second episode really seemed to hit home for me. Alexander Scarsgard (I’m so sad that he’s playing an asshole character. I loved him as Erik Northman ;_;) is fighting with Nicole Kidman’s character, his wife and he becomes violent and abusive towards her. But as soon as he had hit and pushed her he immediately apologized profusely, trying to act sympathetic and sweet.

What bothered me was it all seemed so much like what my ex would do and that really scares me. He never physically abused me. But he was manipulative and emotionally abusive. He would do something wrong or would treat me badly and then would immediately beg for forgiveness and pretend he was very sorry even though clearly he wasn’t because actions repeated themselves. I was lucky enough to notice a pattern forming and to become fed up with his behavior roughly 6 months in and I broke things off. It really scares me though because things could have taken a turn for the worst.

I really wanted to post this on here as a PSA so that anyone in a relationship like this gets out. Yes, it is abusive! And behavior like this is textbook, many relationships that start like this end in physical abuse. Take note of the signs and educate yourself on what abusive partners do. It may not look like abuse or even seem like a warning sign but it very well might be.

Some early warning signs of abuse:

  • Not every charming, romantic date will have bad intentions but just keep this in mind. Abusive partners tend to start out by trying to be very romantic, sweet and charming. They will do anything to woo you and to capture your heart. If it seems too good to be true, it may well be. They do this to distract you from anything they do that is negative. When I first started dating my ex he was ridiculously charming - on our first date he opened doors for me and would give me gifts. And he continued to try to do such things to cover up the way he would become overbearing and manipulative.
  • They will want the relationship to progress quickly. They tend to move too quickly. After just dating for 2 weeks, my ex began mentioning marriage and wanting to spend the rest of his life with me. Within a month he was talking about plans of where to spend Christmas. Everything with him was far too quickly, like he needed to lay some sort of claim on me.
  • They will start to become controlling and jealous. I never experienced the jealousy from my ex - unless I went out with friends instead of spending my day on the phone with him but he gradually became really controlling. It got to the point where he constantly needed to be on the phone with me when we weren’t together. Every little bit of my free time was consumed by him. He tried to isolate me and keep me from seeing my friends and only spend time with him. I couldn’t even take a shower without bringing the phone with me. If I didn’t call him back or if I was angry and ignoring his phone calls he would continuously call me, then my house phone and sometimes my mother.
  • They will flip flop between being sweet and being a nightmare. My ex definitely did this, which I guess is why I stayed enamored by him for so long. He would do things that bothered me even when I continually would tell him not to. He would ignore me when I was talking. He would do disrespectful things around my friends, he would only think of himself and make me feel an inch tall. And then he could be sweet and caring when I became really upset. He would make me feel guilty for yelling at him or being upset with him.
  • The biggest warning sign and the one that caused me to wake up was that they will play the victim. My ex constantly did this. It didn’t matter if he was at fault, he was so good at manipulating others that he would make it seem like he never did anything wrong. Our entire relationship he portrayed his parents as cruel people and his mother abusive. This was not the case at all, they were very sweet people, he just treated them very badly and acted like the victim when they yelled at him for doing something bad. He was fired from his job? Not his fault, they screwed him over.  He spent all of his money on something for himself and now his plans to take me out for my birthday are ruined? Oh no, he was working very hard and I was the asshole for getting upset. Things like these are gigantic red flags! Abusers never truly own up to doing anything wrong. I know, some claim to and say “I will change.” but that is just an illusion to get you to see past them doing the same old shit as before.   

I broke up with him after an incident where he degraded me, disrespected me and showed no care for anyone but himself. I was tired of being emotionally drained and constantly upset and having to try so hard to make the relationship work. Post breakup he of course played the victim. I was the bad guy for breaking his heart. I was terrible for breaking up with him and ignoring him when he begged for me back.

Texbook abuser behavior. I later found out after a few of his other ex girlfriends came forward that he physically and sexually abused a few ladies. So please, consider these signs if your significant other does these things. You deserve much better than that. If anyone in a similar situation needs to talk you can feel free to message me.

Upstairs, Downstairs Part 1

Summary: A painfully shy dental assistant at the tower gets an unexpected group of friends, and with them comes a whole new world that she never bargained for.

EVENTUAL Bucky x Reader. Reader becoming close friends with the team, especially Steve.

Written in 1st Person, POV of the reader, unless otherwise stated.

TW: Swearing, extreme shyness, that’s really it for this chapter?

Word Count: 1455

A/N: Hi Dolls! So this is a request I received from the lovely Sascha (@loveyourselfcreateyourself). It started out as a one shot that is now going to be in a couple of parts, because as soon as I started writing it, I got carried away, my mind took over! Anyway, enough from me, I love all your support and feedback! Thank you so much <3

P.S – I have a Steve x Reader one shot that will be coming soon, and a Sebastian Stan x Reader piece ready to go, so keep your peepers open for those if you’re interested. Also, please let me know if you want to be permanently tagged in my stuff, as I’d be happy to oblige. Again, I love y’all –Rae xo


1.       What the fuck have I got myself into?!

“Ugh.” The alarm, the stupidly loud, annoying alarm. Look, whoever told me that setting your favourite song as your alarm tone is a good idea, was a damn liar. “Time to get this show on the road Y/L/N”

I dragged my ass out of bed and started the routine. Brush my teeth, hop in the shower, dry myself, get dressed…well, you know the drill. The same old shit day in and day out. Not that I’m complaining, I have a good life. A good job, a steady wage, there’s really nothing I should complain about. But, and it’s a small but, I’m lonely. I know right, pass me the violin. I’m so shy that I can’t make friends easily, and when people talk to me, I freeze like a deer in the headlights. I’m so painfully shy, that I physically cannot talk to someone without looking like I’m in pain, and people mistake this for me being a stuck up bitch. I’m not, honestly I’m not, believe me, if I could talk to people without choking on the words, trust me, I would. It would make my job a million percent easier, and I might have even become a dentist by now, but such is life, things could be worse.

So, with that bombshell roaming around my head, and let’s face it, when is it not roaming around my head, I headed to work. I open the door and the crisp morning air slaps me in the face, as if to say, ‘wake up.’ I start my usual walk to the tower, overthinking the social interaction with the Chinese delivery boy last night, when I mindlessly check the time. 8;57?! Shit. I start at 9.

I sprint the entire way to the tower. I could give Usain Bolt a run for his money if I carry on the way I’m going. I was so focused on getting to the tower, that I wasn’t even thinking about the glass door. And yep, you guessed it, I run straight into it. At full speed. This sends me and my glasses flying to the ground. I pick myself up, dust off my uniform and reach around for my glasses. Like Velma, from Scooby Doo. When I finally find them, they’re broken.

‘Shit, great, this is perfect, fan-dabby-fucking-dozy’ I mutter to myself, ‘And now I’m five minutes late, for fucks sake.” Time to face the music, and probably get fired.

“You’re late.” Dr Green never even looked up from his paper. This Professor Snape looking asshole was the bane of my very existence. The only thing I hate about work is this cretin.

“I know I am Sir, I am so very sorry, it won’t happen again, I had some trouble on the way here, and then I fell down, and broke my glasses and-“ I trailed off, explaining myself as quickly as I could to avoid being given the heave-ho.

“Not bothered, don’t care. So, you’re late to work, and show up blind. Brilliant. Fat lot of good you’re going to be today. Go and fetch in the next patient Y/L/N, IF you can see him,” Fuck this guy. He’s such an asshole. He manages to make me feel unqualified AND about two inches tall within 10 seconds. He insists on me calling him Sir or Dr, which automatically makes me hate him. I mean come on, you’re a fucking dentist dude. You don’t go saving people’s lives and shit on the regular. No, that’s what the Avengers are for. Asshole.

“Yes Sir.” I slam the door. God he pisses me off. “Thank god I did break my glasses, means I won’t have to look at your ugly mug all fuckin’ day” I mumble under my breath.

“Ooh shit, who pissed you off sweetie?”  Sam Wilson. Of course he heard you, and he was the patient today, brilliant. If your lateness didn’t give you the boot, cursing in front of an Avenger was certainly going to seal the deal.

“Oh, um, I’m sorry for the profanity, sir. No one was meant to hear that. Dr Green is ready for you“ And he laughs. No actually, he doesn’t laugh. He howls. This dude is screaming his ass off at me.

“What’s your name?” We could use someone who is a good laugh like that upstairs. Ease the tension” Upstairs. UPSTAIRS?! Upstairs is where they all live, upstairs is a no-go for people like me.

Oh, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I work for the ‘Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ themselves. Well, not for them specifically, but we are the in-house, on call 24/7 dental practice for them. Which is basically the same thing, right? I mean in makes total sense, with the amount of fighting they do, they’re gonna be losing some teeth, or chipping them at least. And they need someone here all the time, to fix them back up again, and that’s where we come in. And hey, at least it means I’ll always have a job. Unless I’m ever late again.

“I’m-um-my name-is-Y/N. Y/N, Y/M/N, Y/L/N, sir. It’s an honour to be working for you.” There he goes again, bent over in the waiting room, cackling.

“I could get used to that treatment.” He manages to breathe out between laughs.

“Sir, Dr Green is waiting?” I stumble over my words, as bloody usual.

“Oh shit yeah, sorry.”

I walk into the dental theatre and take my chair next to Green.

“Ok, Falcon, what seems to be the problem here?” he starts, as if it wasn’t obvious. The guy is missing a front tooth. Even I can see that and I’m half blind!

“Erm, well. My tooth got knocked out during a mission again.” He lifted his top lip to show the gap where it had been taken. After a little examination, Green turned around to me.

“Prepare Mr. Wilson’s moulds. He needs this doing as soon as possible. If you can see the file.” He makes my skin crawl and my palms itch.

“Certainly Sir, right away.” I smiled sickly sweet at him. Kill ‘em with kindness, it’s the only way to stop myself from killing him for real.

I know my job inside and out, I could do it in my sleep. I just lack the social confidence to take it a step further, and with Green putting me down all the damn time, I second guess myself. Anyway, the procedure went without a hitch and I was soon escorting Sam back to the reception area. I fumble around the desk to finish some last bits of paperwork for Sam before he leaves.

“Hey, Y/N. When are you on your lunch break?” Huh? What? Why is he asking?

“Oh, um, it’s at 1.30, sir.” There I go again, tripping over my words. The feeling I get in my chest when speaking to someone is what I’d akin to being stabbed feels like.

“Ok, well, why don’t you come upstairs for your lunch? Floor 47. I want you to meet the team. Without them having weapons of torture hanging out of their mouths. Unless Barnes gets snappy, then you have my full permission to poke him with a pointy metal object.” He laughs once again, he was being really kind, but if I’m like this with just him, what will I be like with the whole team all at once. Nuh-huh, no way, no how, I’d rather die.

“Er, Mr Wilson, I don’t think that-”

“Sam. Please, call me Sam. Or Falcon. Or Hot Stuff. Whatever works.”

“Ok then, Sam, I’m not sure that this is appropriate.” But it sure would piss off ole’ Greeny.

“1) It’s your lunch, you can do whatever you damn well please. 2) You don’t like Dr Green, and I imagine some time away from his ‘ugly mug’ will do you some good, and 3) I’m asking you to. You’re funny. You don’t need to be nervous, they’ll love you. Trust me, please Y/N? What have you got to lose?” Upstairs. I’ve been officially invited UPSTAIRS to have lunch with THE AVENGERS, THE FUCKING AVENGERS! This stuff never happens, ever. It’s like Downton Abbey, you have the high class upstairs, and the scullery maids and servants downstairs. It’s not like I can really see them anyway because of my glasses, it’s not as if I’m going to become friends with them. They’ll not even remember me until they come in with a cavity, and probably not even then. Fuck it, you only live once right?

“Ok Sam. I’ll be there. Floor 47. 1.30” a burst of energy runs through me, giving me a little pep in my step.

“Really?! That’s great! They’re gonna fuckin’ love you, I swear” That’s it, nothing more said. He’s gone. And I’m having lunch with the avengers.

What the fuck have I got myself into?

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Pentagon reaction to (you) their girlfriend being shorter.

[RequestCan u make a pentagon reaction to their girlfriend being shorter??? Thank u!!]

Jinho: (This would be so cute because he’s also pretty short and the thought of two short lil beans next to the tall members would so cute) 

The other members would be the teasing type as they tower over you both, leaving Jinho to laugh and telling them to stop. Regardless of him being the shortest in Pentagon, I feel like he’d still be over protective and find you beyond adorable. Although, when it becomes a struggle to reach something on the shelf, since you’re both short its a least likely chance that you both cannot reach the object you’re grabbing, which would lead a tall member of the group to grab it while laughing, exclaiming how cute that situation was.

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E’Dwan: Let’s admit, he isn’t quite the tallest either compared to the other members. Similiar to Jinho he’d also be protective yet he’d be more manly about it. When it comes to reaching things, I feel like he’d be cool about the situation and do it himself. Though, sometimes he may fail at it which leads to him feeling slightly embarrassed yet he’d laugh it off. He’d be such a dork with you and instead of members teasing you two, I can see you two teasing them instead. 

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Yeo one: Sweet! He’d be beyond sweet to you (I feel like regardless of height, tall or short he’d be sweet no matter what) I can see him aweing how cute you were. I feel like he’d be the type to tease you in a cute way, such as putting his arm on your head to relax it while giggling or random back hugs and him holding you, you’re like a little teddy bear to him when it comes to cuddling which he finds super comforting and cute. 

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Wooseok: I can see him being similar to how he is with Jinho, constant picking you up, spinning you around, etc. Yet when in a playful mood, you already know, he’d constantly tease you. He’s the type of person to either be gentle and give you the object you wanted, or completely mess with you by holding it up higher when asking him to get you something lol. It depends on his mood, other than that he’s just a gentle giant who loves you. 

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Hongseok: Would be similiar to Yeo one yet I don’t see him much as a teasing type but I can see him teasing you in a way where it’s simple, cute but in a shy way though. He’s definitely the sweet type (I don’t think he’d mind if you were short or tall, he’d be the same regardless of your height and either way he’d find you cute) So him dating a short girl would really be no different than him dating someone taller. He’d love you no matter what and would show you that he loved you in every single little way. 

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Shinwon: This boy would likely be clingy with you and would joke around about your height often. I can see him hugging you, cuddling you, etc. whenever he got the chance. He’d likely be the type to joke as in saying, “Where’s Y/N?” Even though you’re right infront of him, lol. He’d also want you around a lot, I feel like even if he’s taller, you’d be the one to protective him since he’s a sweet lil bean lol. 

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Hui: Oh man, this boy would be clingy, loud, and constantly holding you. He’d tease you like no other. He’d find you being smaller than him beyond cute. I can see him being protective but in a cute, playful way. He’d make sure that you’re always okay and always have a smile on your face. Being around him you definitely would feel his sweet yet funny aura. (I feel like he’d be the same in a relationship with a tall or short girl. But you being smaller would probably have benifits lol)

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Yuto:  He’s seems like the type to not mind if you’re tall or short, honestly, if you are tall, he’d treat you the same as if you were short. He seems like the sweet yet chilled boyfriend. He’d take you out on dates and have fun. In my opinion I feel like he wouldn’t care much if you were short or not. 

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Kino: I can see him joking with you, constantly reminding you how cute you are and how lucky he is to have you. He seems like the type to have his clingy moments while saying sweet things like, “You’re so adorable. So small,” while giving you a bear hug. But then would turn into a lil turd and tease you, I can see him pinching your cheeks and saying, “You make me feel tall.” While giggling. 

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Yan An: I feel like in a relationship (whether you’re tall or short) he’d be shy at first. But in a relashionship with a short person I can see him feeling manly and protective. After him getting over his shyness, I feel like he’d completely turn into a dork who loves messing with you and deep down secretly awes over your height. 

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All in all, whether you’re tall or short, I feel like they all would remotely act the same in a relationship. But with certain members, I feel like you have your benifits if you were short to them but honestly, height is just height ^^