they make me feel dumb

writing papers for elementary foreign language classes makes me feel so dumb because in english i’m fairly articulate but i literally just wrote in german: “I have a door. the door is big. the door is brown. i have a room.” i’m handing this in for a grade. 

You Make Me Feel...

Aries: Inspired! You’re so goal orientated and you’re perseverance inspires me to work harder and pursue my own dreams.

Taurus: Open. I can literally say anything and tell you everything. You have an open heart that I’m grateful for. Your trust in me is refreshing ily

Gemini: Safe. My Guardian Angel. I know I can trust you and confide in you without judgement. You’ll be there for me through anything and for that I’m forever thankful (:(:

Cancer: Stunned. You’re so unpredictable. One moment you could be happy and the next you’re roasting your ass off it’s hilarious. You’re anything but dull

Leo: Excited. Every moment with you is a memorable one. You make me want to be the best person I can be. I love you (;

Virgo: Timid. You’re so smart and outspoken. Around you I don’t really speak, I just listen to whatever you have to say 

Libra: Good. I feel competitive around you. I constantly want to be better because of you. Thank you.

Scorpio: Sweet. You’re appreciation for life inspires me. Your kindness towards others is beautiful

Sagittarius: Alive. There’s never a moment where i’m not laughing with you. With you, we took life by the hand and showed it love and fun

Capricorn: Competitive. You are so. damn. hardworking. You constantly want to be the best, inspiring me to be the best

Aquarius: Safe. You’re wise. Intelligent. I can always depend on you to be rational. You make me feel safe and empowered

Pisces: Happy. Your jokes, no matter how dumb they are, make me laugh. You have a happy soul that rubs off on me

dear unnamed,
fuck you. I should have known. You make me feel so dumb. I’m done.
Sincerely “your baby girl”
Dear daddies with/without littles,
Make your little feel amazing. Don’t talk/flirt with others. Let them be your #1 besides family and yourself
Sincerely a hurt little


Just two dumb boys ™

Interviewer : how do you guys stay so humble ?

Josh : I think we just make fun of each other a lot. We just like knock each other down. If I do something dumb and I know it’s dumb, than he makes me feel really dumb.Then I can’t think I’m sweet later on, cause I’m like .. “I’m dumb”

Tyler: it’s like my goal to make you just feel dumb

Josh : And than we get into a room with celebrities and we’re both just two dumb boys


Seriously, if I ever have children...

I vow to show some fucking interest in what they love no matter what it is. If my kid is into comics, I’ll buy them all of them. If they’re into Dungeons and Dragons or some other roleplay stuff like that, i’ll fucking learn the rules to that thing. If my kid is into sports, then I’ll be at all the damn games. If they’re into fashion, then I’ll read some fucking magazines. Whatever they like, I’ll show them I fucking care
My parents continuously make me feel like my interests are dumb and they’ve always given me crap for it. I swear to god I’ll never make my children go through what I did.

Moment I felt old:
  • Student: Miss! I need to go to the office and call my mom! I have her bank card and I don't want her to think it's lost or stolen.
  • Me: Oh, you can just use my phone and save a trip. Just dial 9 and then the whole number. *I point to the corded, desktop office phone*
  • Student: *dials* Oh wait, I messed up. How I backspace?
  • Me: ***I WILL NOT MAKE THIS GIRL FEEL DUMB*** You just click this button to hang up, and then start over.
  • Student: *clicks and redials* Okay, how do I hit send?
  • Me: ***!!!SHE IS 14 AND HAS PROBABLY NEVER HAD A LANDLINE PHONE IN HER HOUSE!!!*** Put the phone up to your ear. (she does) Is it ringing?
  • Student: Cool! It is!

Maybe this sounds weird for a lot of people and maybe I regret writing it because it’s embarrasing. But something I really, really love about this clip is the lighting, the vibe, the non-serious conversation, the banter: the vibe of the whole clip. Most of the times times I find it really hard to relax myself completely in front of people, even with the ones I really care about, but when I do everything feels more beautiful. That’s the feeling I got with this clip, how the scene feels like a dream, like a bliss. I can have a serious conversation with lots of people, but I’m always scared to joke, to even do dumb things that don’t really have a meaning, to let myself go and be 100% true to who I really am because it feels like they’re not going to get me. Sana can be really harsh and cold sometimes, and that’s something I’ve always identified with; but when she lets herself go… Everything feels right and posible. And that’s the side of Sana I see in this clip, with Yousef. And it’s stupid to say this, but that makes me feel happy. 

She was killing before killing was cool. She’s so cool so cool. So. Cool.