they make it so hard to edit

Lost Time

Group: SHINee

Pairing: Jongkey

Type: Romance

Description:  “Jong,” a whine leaves Key’s lips as he turns his body to face Jonghyun, “it’s the modern day. We’ll text, call, and all that. We’ll keep in touch.” Jonghyun holds up a finger, slowly looking up at Kibum. “Time zones. That’ll make it hard.” “We’re best friends, we’ll make it work.”

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Sometimes I spend so much time interacting with quality writers on Twitter/Tumblr that I forget there are people who look at tropes like Love Triangle and Girl Who Is Not Like Other Girls and think, “Yes! This is a fresh and wonderful idea! I should use it unironically in my next story and not attempt to subvert it in any way!”

And then I get a manuscript to copy edit like the one I got today.

And now I want to die.

I love you all, but you are also making my life very difficult due to having such high standards now.

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I LOVE YOU ❤️ you're story is wonderful and even if you feel like you haven't found an "aesthetic" or feel in a rut, no worries. I understand we find ways to be hard on ourselves but remember we all love you and your feed so much. I'm obsessed w your legacy any way you decide to edit it hon. Just keep being your beautiful fun self and we'll all be here to support you

you’re a lil ray of sunshine and you’re goONNNA MAKE ME CRY OK rip my heart right now 

Filters: Yay or nay?

I looove this new trend in pastels especially with the color play on rose gold shades. But I’m having second thoughts on changing my style or color theme for both my IG and blog an even on FB.

It is rare that a travel or art blogger use this kinds of filters for their photos. Normally, we want to share the natural colors as the are and not to set different kins of vibes to the viewers.

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mood board challenge! tagged by @not-that-boring ; thank u and welcome back!!

rules; use only photos from your device and make a mood board for yourself (this description doesn’t even make sense I hate tumblr mobile)

tagging: @ex-chell-see-yor @de-la-folie @52hz 💓💓

edit- frickfrack it’s not even called a mood board challenge it’s literally collage challenge fml

“So stop making that face at me…”


bucky’s trigger words + the thirteen letters, by dropdead-dream and whatarefears


♡ Yohane wallpapers for anon! ♡ [720x1280]