they make it bearable

a letter to my friends (possibilities)

I don’t remember how I got here or why
but I found a home and then so much more

you never know what tomorrow will bring and sometimes that’s the only thing that keeps me going

it might be an empty hope because most days only bring more of the same
the same frustration, the same feeling of wanting to get out of your body, be someone else, somewhere else
the same frustrating feeling of knowing all your issues to the exact detail and realising that all that self-awareness doesn’t actually seem to help at all

you remind me of possibilities
more than that, you are proof
that the sun might bring actually bring a new day someday
and if we can’t exactly be happy, then at least we can be less alone

those keep me alive
but you are the ones that make that life bearable


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aliakai  asked:

Reading through the misaphonia tag, for the person whose professor's voice is hell on them, have they tried recording the lectures? The auditory recording will probably warp the voice, and if you get recording software to mess with it, you could conceivably make it more bearable. Another idea is voice-to-text software that you could pass the recording through so that you can read instead of listening. I am PI and deal with misaphonia also, and that helped me with a high-pitched professor's voice

This is an excellent suggestion, and it makes me think, another option might be to take an audio recording of the lecture and then alter the pitch of the recording to make it more bearable. Audacity is a free audio editing program that is capable of doing this, and it’s pretty straight forward too.

- Prue

So tomorrow I am leaving for our vacation to the west coast and will be gone for a little over a week. And maybe more if I fall into the Grand Canyon and die like I believe

I’m going to be staying in places with little to no internet so I am not going to be able to post anything on either of my blogs or answer any asks or conversations while I’m away. Basically the blogs are going to be dead for awhile.

And I thought since I am going to be spending over twelve hours in a plane for the whole vacation, I will need some new music to listen to? Send me any suggestions you have to make the trip more bearable! Please.

30 Days Universal FE Meme Day 12: Favorite Infantry Character

A Generic! This is Haitaka, a capturable boss in Chapter 9 of Conquest. What makes him worth capturing especially on Lunatic is he comes with Seal Defense, Rally Defense, and Strong Riposte. Making Chapter 10 much more bearable, he’s also not a bad unit to use he has solid growths and he comes with the ability to learn neat skills like Seal Speed, Lancefaire, and Rend Heaven. 

Praise be to Haitaka.

Pass the happy along! When you get this answer with 5 things that make you happy, then send it to 10 people in your activity <3

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1) Music that can make me feel things deeply 

2) Writing something I’m personally proud of

3) Exercising, ranging from just walking to lifting weights and being outside in nature

4) Answering asks about people interested in my ideas, I always have fun with that 

5) Cooking/creating new ideas for food and food combinations, one of the few things that still makes work bearable 

I tag: @purge-that-urge-rhackathon, @das-uberchicken , @bigevilshine , @leenhiddles , @handsomefuckingjack , @pheebadohdoh….uh….anyone who wants to…

hey everyone! So since school is starting up soon, it’s time to stock up on some new stationery to use in the upcoming school year! I’m sure this will make back to school more bearable for those of you who are dreading it.. If you’re looking for some good quality stationery or some new fun things to try out, here’s my list of my favourite stationery items + links to buy them!


Muji Gel Ink Pens ~ 9-color pack , black 10 pack , muji stores
Writing with gel ink makes my notes look super polished and neat, and the muji ones are so smooth - they also come in lots of colors

Papermate Inkjoy ~ 8 color pack, black pack, blue pack. office supply shops
I don’t use ballpoint pens for most notes, but I usually keep a few of these around because they’re always really smooth, there’s a nice triangular grip and they’re also hella cheap!!! also come in many pretty colors :)

Mildliners ~ 3-pack set, Cool colors, warm colors, pastels
The color range is big and very unique -They look so pretty on paper and last a long time. The cool colors set is my favourite!

Staedler Triplus Fineliners ~ 42-set36-set, 20-set, 10-set, office supply shops
Staedler stuff is all amazing quality and these pens actually last for years no joke (i’ve had mine for over 8 years and they’re not dry yet lol) plus easy grip triangular barel and the porous tip is so smooth.

Papermate Clear Tip mechanical pencils ~ single, 2-pack, target
They’re pretty and colorful and have a really cool twist up eraser on the back so you can actually use it! The barrel is quite thick and has a good grip so it’s really effortless to write with.

Pentel leads ~ 0.5, 0.7, staples
I feel like people don’t talk about lead refills a lot but I hate hate hate scratchy and flimsy leads. This brand has the most amazing lead that so so strong and smooth and lasts a long time too!

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I feel like gathering each and every single Bleach follower of mine into a giant bear hug. 

Scratch that, I feel like hugging EVERY SINGLE GODDAMN BLEACH FAN OUT THERE 


Im gonna have a liveblog out l8er tonight but for now I’M HUGGING YOU ALL AND JUMPING AROUND FOR JOY

Confession:  I firmly believe that Orsino is one of the unsung heroes of Dragon Age 2. He did everything he could to stand up to the templars, to save and protect the Gallows mages and make their lives bearable. He selflessly took on the burden of being First Enchanter despite being a foreigner mage elf, resulting in incredible prejudice against him. Yes, he has made mistakes with grave consequences, but never out of malice. Orsino did the most to directly help vulnerable and innocent mages, more so than anyone else in the game. Even David Gaider willingly admitted that Orsino’s boss fight ending was a mistake, and that it was for gameplay only (and, thanks to the mod to fix it, is no longer necessary). I’m grateful Orsino is in the story, and I wish he would get the respect and love that he deserves.

mod note: the mod in question can be found here.

Dear Richonne Fanfic Writers

Your stories fill in the blanks, expand scenes, give us what we didn’t see on our screens and inform us, delight us and surprise us.

Your words make us smile, laugh, gasp and, yes, tear up.

Whether it’s an AU one shot or a canon multi-chapter, you make the hours, days, weeks and months between episodes bearable and I thank you.

You are some of our best and brightest and, whether you’re a brand new writer or one of our pros, I am so very grateful for the hours you put in to craft a story about our ship.

So, on Fanfiction Appreciation Day and EVERY day, please know that you are loved! 

Another summer coming to a close and I have to reflect, that I am grateful for: this pup, lots of family time, running, the amount of falafel I consumed these last 3 months, the smell of garlic and olive oil sautéing because of mom’s cooking, @cassidyweimer @sylvieevarts @megodowd8 @briannahaspel for making “feels like 109 degrees” runs bearable (& enjoyable), the golden hour evenings, the messy watermelon moments, seeing life through the eyes of the children I babysat, and watching how much life can change in the span of a year. This picture represents also that 99% of the summer was spent in running shorts and pajama shirts laying on the floor with my pets attempting to do crunches but turned into doggy kisses. 💛

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i count how many steps it would take to reach you

34, 589, 000, 102

1, 000, 000







or maybe just turning to see if you’re still beside me and you haven’t decided to leave


this is the thing with distance, it separates two people who have their hearts synced to each other’s breaths, no matter how far they truly are


there is a thing called love, when i try to call you late at night, to hold you close, to stop you from crying, to ask how you are doing


love is not the only thing we need to make it work but it makes the distance a bit more bearable and that’s what I need to get through the day, knowing we still have each other even if the brick wall called distance is in between us. we are Pyramus and Thisbe, the lovers who whisper in the cracks of the wall to greet each other i love you.

I love you

Star Wars / Angels AU | Kylo Ren & Rey [Reylo]

When the Devil learns about a prophecy foretelling his demise at the hands of a soldier of Heaven, he sends Kylo Ren to find and eliminate the threat.

He is the devil’s right hand, his first warrior - and a Fallen, an angel who has gone dark, who betrayed Heaven and joined Hell. Aided by demons and White Reapers, Kylo tears through the galaxy, dark wings spread wide, leaving nothing but burned and broken worlds behind as he hunts for the angel.

Rey doesn’t remember where she comes from, doesn’t remember her life before Jakku. All she knows is the planet and its Sand Caves she has called home her entire life, spending her days repairing and befriending droids while dreaming of a beautiful forest at night. She has now idea why she dreams of it but these dreams make the harsh life on the desert planet somewhat bearable.

Then, one night it all changes, she’s no longer alone in her dream, someone else is there, a dark figure Rey doesn’t recognize but that seems to see right into her soul. “You know something,” it insists, and terror washes over her as it reaches for her and she jerks awake with a scream lodged in her throat. When Kylo wakes, his arms are on fire, literally, the marks of the Fallen burning with an intensity he hasn’t felt since his fall, and he knows he is close. Whoever the girl from his dream is, she is the key to finding the angel he’s looking for.

The feeling grows stronger as his ship closes in on a desert planet named Jakku and he lays waste to the outposts there, one after another falls as he searches for the girl but comes up with nothing until he reaches Niima Outpost. When Rey hears the terrible news about the fate of the other outposts, she doesn’t hesitate and picks up the weapon BB-8 brought with it. It might not work, the ancient lightsaber of the Archfallen and her non-existent fighting skills are most likely no match for the nightmare coming towards them, but she has to try.

No one is more surprised than Kylo to see his dead brother’s weapon in the girl’s hands but it’s nothing in comparison to the sight of white wings slowly unfolding behind her as she activates the lightsaber. “It is you,” he says, as stunned by the revelation as Rey is, and for the first time, he falters. He should kill her but he doesn’t, he can’t, something is holding him back, and as he lets his hand drop to his side, a pulse of light surges through the galaxy like a supernova.


The prophecy never stated the soldier would have white wings.

tranquil-troublemaker  asked:

Hej, why did you name your blog 'delta' breezes? Does it have anything to do with Delta quadra in socionics?

I live in Northern California. During the summer we often get cool breezes in the evening coming off the Delta of the Sacramento River known as Delta Breezes. They make long hot days so much more bearable. These breezes are a gift to our very hot summers. 

I certainly enjoy my evenings outside with a tall glass of ice tea (or wine) and a good book…or just having a cool and quiet evening to end my busy day. Delta-Breezes...I have grown up in Nor Cal and heard these words for as long as I can remember. ~Miranda