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Things that sound cooler than 'veterinarian'

Let’s be honest, getting to say “I’m a veterinarian,” is pretty cool as is, but there are a couple of phrases that we could use to make our profession sound even cooler. Here are a handful.

“I remove testicles from unwilling carnivores for a living.”

“I’m perpetually in training for a zombie apocalypse survival scenario. My bite percentage this week is 0%.”

“I uninstall kitten factories.”

“I’m supposed to make sure your meat wont infect you. It’s a tough job.”

“My job is to not kill people, with the challenges gradually increasing through the week.”

“I treat patients who aren’t ashamed of their body hair.”

“I do everything except human. Unless it’s an emergency.”

“I save lives… And then clip their toenails.”

And my personal favourite…

“I’m a physician for non-human lifeforms. No, the company I work for is not nearly as well known as NASA or the FBI.”

Tis the season of gift giving, and here’s an easy one! The cool cats @abramsbooks made this rad calendar for 2017 of some of their favorite poems from my Typewriter Series. Considering they make products for folks like Wes Anderson, I knew I was in safe hands. Head to to snag one up, and I know they are available in local bookstores as well.
What’s even cooler is, they want to have a giveaway contest in which they give away 1 calendar and 1 copy of my Love Notes Postcards, to two people who comment on this post. So leave a groovy comment and you could win!!

A Twitter Storm for #AAW!

Hey everyone!

So Asexuality Awareness Week starts tomorrow! I’m not doing anything specific here on tumblr, but I am doing something on my Twitter @ AsexualPride.

On Monday 10/24, I’m encouraging aces to tweet about their experiences as an asexual using the hashtag #AceLife. Basically, that can mean anything you want it to mean. They can be coming out experiences, funny stories, if you ever went to Pride or some kind of meetup, negative experiences, basically any way that you can think of that asexuality has impacted your life that you wanna talk about.

The goal is basically to fill Twitter with tons of stories of asexual people. I want people to know what it’s like to be us, what makes us different, what makes us awesome, what makes us worth paying attention to. It would be really cool if you went over on Twitter and contributed to the action on Monday, and even cooler if you could help spread the word! I’m excited about it!

Can we talk about making friends?

I’m having an emotional night that pretty much stems back to being a kid (and an adult really) who really never has friends. Like I have people I know, people I hang out with, people I call friends, but none of them ever really really stick around. I dont have a best friend, and I’m no one else’s best friend. And it is like, all I ever wanted. But no matter what my best friend always had a different best friend. My friends always ditched me for “cooler people” and they all leave for literally no reason. That is so hard for me. Even my mom always chose my brother over me constantly (plenty of people will tell you the same) and it really really fucked me up. To spend that much of your life never being anyone’s first or best.

It’s made me really shy when it comes to making friends because I just automatically feel like I’m not going to be good enough or cool enough compared to the other friends anyway because I never have been. So it’s just so hard for me to make friends as an adult. As an adult, not counting my wife. I can honestly say I have two friends I know I could message if I was upset. And they are both currently in different countries.

Does anyone else deal with this?? Why do I just not have friends??? I’m honestly not weird at all, I’m nice af, I cook well, I’m a little shy at first but I open up later.

Like?????? Where is my best friend??? Why does everyone else get to have so many amazing friends and the ones I have don’t even stick around??????

Anyone else???????

When I look at yg artists, the first thing I notice is how friggen cool they are. They just carry this cool aura everywhere, sometimes they would come across as ‘cold’ to some people but that makes them even cooler. Like, it’s mysterious. I much prefer mysterious cool than a typical robot flower boy.