they made the car bounce too hard

destiny pt.1 (angel!jungkook)

summary: you’re just about ready to give up on life altogether; your love life is in ruins, you’ve lost your job, and your family couldn’t care less about you… and then you meet your blushing guardian angel, and maybe life isn’t so bad after all.

relationship: angel!jungkook x reader x demon!yoongi

words: 4,312

warnings: depressing thoughts, contemplating suicide 

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Rule I: Each angel is granted three warnings. If an angel sins, a warning is given. If an angel uses up all three warnings, that angel is stripped of their wings and cursed to live out their days as a human, with no guardian angel of their own to protect them from harm. When this fallen angel dies, they are headed for hell. No exceptions.

Hanging from above Han River, you couldn’t help thinking about how inviting the water looked below. You could already feel the icy water enveloping you, biting your skin until you felt nothing, as the same water filled your lungs and your eyes shut for the last time. That’s what you would have liked to have happened, at least. 

You were just seconds from letting go of the railing, thoughts of nothing but emptiness and calmness overtaking your mind, when a strong arm wrapped around your middle and you felt yourself being jerked backward roughly, right back onto the gravelly ground, nowhere near as peaceful as the water you had almost plunged into. Your eyes were shut tight still, the anticipation for death so mercilessly ripped from your fingertips that you all but screamed out of frustration. You shot open your eyes, ready to yell obscenities at whomever had dared play hero this time. This wasn’t your first brush with death, yet somehow, somehow, every time you got close to the edge, something ended up pulling you back. A phone call, a last, sudden thought of someone or something that you loved, and now this asshole.

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Backseat Rewards (Newt AU)

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Rated: M (Mature)

Warning: Oral (Boy on Girl)

*Thanks for the Request! I hope you enjoy*

 It was the big day, the day that would determine if I got into college on my athletic scholarship or not. So to say I was stressed was an understatement. It was the final soccer match of the season and our high school just had to be up against the school that won the finals last year. I was on my way home from practice so I could shower and clear my head before the game when my boyfriend Newt pulls up to me.

“Hey Baby, Jump in I’ll drop you off” He stretched over the console and opened my door for me. I smiled and got in. “Thanks babe” He smiled over at me “Are you ready for your big day?” He asked while pulling off. “Not really, I’m so nervous and I can’t focus. I can’t fuck up Newt. This is the one thing standing between us being able to go to the same college” He reached over and gripped my hand in his. “You’re going to do great baby. I believe in you” He brought my hands up to his lips and placed a gentle kiss to my knuckles. I smiled and he pulled into my driveway. “Are you staying or…?” I trailed off and he shook his head “I can’t but I promise I’ll be at your game on time. I’ll be right there in the bleachers cheering you on with Teresa” I smiled and nodded kissing him on his lips quickly. Or what I thought would be quick but when I went to pull away he placed his hand at the back of my neck and deepened the kiss. I giggled against his lips and pulled back. “Plenty of time for that after the game” He chuckled and nodded “I’ll hold you to that”. I knew he would say that. I closed his door and he waited until I got into my house to leave.

As soon as I was inside I threw my bag down and ran to the shower. I know I was going to get sweaty again later but showers help me clear my thoughts and make me less stressed so it was needed. I had an hour until the game so I made sure I had everything in order. Nothing can go wrong today. Nothing.

—– Time Skip ——

       There were only a few minutes left in the game and we were tied with the opposing team. I looked up to the bleachers where all you could see was a sign held by Teresa and Newt. They were both whooping and hollering for me. Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky to have a boyfriend and a best friend as amazing as the two of them. Teresa held her thumb up and Newt shot me a wink. I giggled before turning my attention back to the game. The referee blew the whistle and let’s just say the opposing team had the ball. We had three minutes. Three fucking minutes to win this game. I’ve worked way to hard this year to lose this game. We haven’t been to the finals in years and I wasn’t about to lose. I somehow managed to get the ball away from the guy who had it and started running towards the other goal. “WOOOOOOO! GO (Y/N)!!!! YOU GOT THIS BABY!!!!” and “(Y/N) YOU BETTER MAKE THIS OR ELSE IM DISOWNING YOU AS MY BESTFRIEND!!!!!” Were the only two things that I could heard coming from the stands. I chuckled mentally in my head at Teresa’s comment and continued to dribble the ball between my feet. I could’ve made it closer before two guys showed up next to me. Fuck. Okay (Y/N) this is it. I was so far away from the goal; I doubt I could make it. I groaned loudly. We’re fucked, I’m fucked, my future is fucked. Even though it didn’t seem possible, I closed my eyes and kicked the ball hard. Everything went quiet and I refused to open my eyes. Even when I heard cheering I didn’t open them. I didn’t want to face the fact that the other team might have won. That was until I felt multiple hands pick me. “THE GLADERS WIN THIS MATCH!!!!” The announcer said. Was he serious? I did it? Oh shit.

After my teammates finished applauding me and everyone went to the showers Newt made his way over. “I told you.” Was all he managed to get out before my lips were on his. “Mmmm-Baby.” He mumbled in between kisses. I pulled back smiling widely at him causing him to chuckle. “You did so good (Y/N). I’m so proud of you” I answered him with another kiss. He chuckled against my lips and gripped my hips pulling me to him. We were making out for about ten minutes before he pulled back. “Let’s go back to my car.” I nodded and followed him over. In a matter of seconds, he had me pressed against the rear car door. His lips attacked my neck and I moaned lowly. Hopefully no one was still here. “Remember what you promised me earlier?” He mumbled sucking on my sweet spot. Newt was so good with his mouth and I was so happy to call him mine. I moaned a little louder than I did last time. His lips traveled back up to my ear and whispered “You played so good today. Let me reward you baby” If it wasn’t for Newt holding me up, I would’ve fainted right then and there. Curse him and his British accent.

My hand fumbled with the door handle. I finally got it open and Newt practically shoved me in the back seat. A giggle escaped my lips because of how eager he was and he smiled at me before locking the door and hovering over me. “God (Y/N), You’re so beautiful” His lips attached to mine again and I wrapped my hands around his neck. One of his hands trailed down to my thigh and hitched it up onto his waist. That familiar feeling started rising in the pit of my stomach again, reminding me just how badly I needed him. He slowly grinded his hips into mine and I could definitely feel just how bad he wanted me. I moaned and pulled away from the kiss attaching my lips to his neck this time. He moaned lowly and rolled his hips into me again. “Fuck Newt…” I panted. A smirk made its way onto his face and he slowly started rubbing me over my shorts. A loud moan ripped through my throat and my hips shot up. “Eager are we?” I couldn’t answer because without warning he ripped off my shorts. Literally. That’s what the school gets for being cheap. “You’re so wet already. I haven’t even started yet baby” He smirked down at me. He pulled off his shirt then mine and slowly left kisses all over. Not one piece of skin was untouched. He made his way down kissing just above where I needed him most. I bucked my hips “Newt” I mewled. I needed this. I wanted this. “Patience baby” I groaned and went to relieve some of this frustration but he gripped my hands making me whimper. I used my other hand to grab onto his hair and push his face in between my legs. He looked up at me and winked before going to town. Loud moans left my lips as he kissed and sucked on my folds first.  

If there was one thing Newt knew how to do it was using his mouth. He licked up my slit and my hips raised again. He used his forearm to hold me down while he continued sucking on my clit. With his other hand he pushed two fingers into me. “Oh Fuck Newt!” My back arched and I could feel him smirking against me. His tongue kept lapping against me, while his fingers moved in and out rapidly. He started slowing down and only paid attention to my bundle of nerves. I was a whimpering mess. I’m pretty sure I was being so loud that any one in a five-mile radius would be able to hear me. Just when I felt my orgasm coming he stopped and sat up. My eyes went wide and I huffed “What the actual fuck are you doing?” He smirked and pulled down his jeans “Come here” I crawled over to him a little too eager and he positioned me over himself before I slid myself onto him. Both of our moans filled the car. I made sure to swivel my hips every time I went down. “Oh fuck (Y/N), just like that baby”. Soon I started bouncing up and down and He thrusted his hips up to meet me. He was reaching places I didn’t know could be reached but I wasn’t complaining. “Fuck Newt.” He brought his hand down rubbing over my clit while he sucked hard on my neck and that sent me over the edge. My eyes rolled back and all I could see was white, a loud moan ripped through my throat and I rode out my high.

“Fuck.” Newt muttered his thrusts were getting sloppy meaning he was close too. I kept grinding down onto him until he came inside of me. I felt like Jell-O so I just sat there until I gained some energy. “You know (Y/N). I remember when we first started dating and you were so innocent and shy.” I giggled against his neck “And now here we are sitting in the backseat of my car, which by the way smells like sex, in a school parking lot” He laughed and tilted my head up to look at him.

“I love you so much” He whispered, looking into my eyes

“I love you so much more.” I smiled before kissing him softly

40. - I Love the way you Romance me, my Mr Romantic.


Despite not being in any type of mood to go ahead with this event of mine, I decided to put on a brave face and get it over with. Pushing back any traces of hurt from Mali, I turned my attention into getting ready for the opening. Just because I was feeling like shit, didnt mean I was going to go out there looking like it too.

So as always, getting my hair, makeup and dressing up like a doll always seemed to improve my mood. Stepping into the tight fitting, red bodycon dress I chose for this evening, I held still as Knoelle zipped me up. 

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