they made me open photoshop again :')


to: hoya

thank you for becoming a part of infinite, allowing me the privilege of having once known a group of seven boys who shared such a strong bong it was touching to witness.

thank you for giving your all to infinite, for putting in so much effort and working ceaselessly to deliver your best at all times despite the various obstacles in your path.

thank you for your existence, for playing such an instrumental role in contributing to the best years of my teens along with the rest of infinite.

even though you are no longer a part of infinite, i’m deeply grateful for all the beautiful memories you have left me. i only wish for the best with whatever you have decided to do in the future and hope that maybe one day in the future, our paths may cross again, one way or another. 

thank you, lee howon.

You spin me right round Fatal right round-

Still working on getting ready for Chapter Three, but I’ve been dying to practice animating because I’ve been getting some ideas so I snuck in some practice. I’m slowlyyyyy getting used to Flash again (the last time I used it was…psshhh 4 years ago?) but I keep using my Photoshop hotkeys and it’s frustrating, haha XD

I made this while on my work computer which has CC 2015 on it, but if I can open this file on my laptop (which has CS5) and I don’t fall asleep immediately after arriving home I might just stream me coloring it and adding glitches and such.


Hey! I’ve decided to open commissions again since I’m pretty tight on money and I like living.

Examples of GIFS:  x / x / x
Examples of COMICS:  x / x / x

  • All payments should be made through Paypal.
  • WILL DRAW: OC’s, fanart, non-humans, monsters and animals, supernatural beings, NSFW, pairings & romantic scenes of any gender, color-limited scenes, blood, drugs.
  • WON’T DRAW: rape, vore and other kinds of Nopes (contact me for a full list). 

Contact me through tumblr chat message or via Skype @ Karasawr

Also check out Aiden’s commissions for photoshop graphics and tumblr themes!! 

huntard08  asked:

Hey I was wondering how you make your gifs. I apologize if you already made a tutorial on how to do it but if you did could you link it? Thanks!

Hey there.  :)  I’ve made a tutorial on how I make my in-game gifs here, but as for my class edits (which I’m assuming is what you’re wanting to learn because it was the most recent gifset I posted - sorry if I’m wrong!) I haven’t made a tutorial yet.

For those types of gifs I use free stock footage/after effects from Youtube and just adjust the layer settings. I like stock footage with either white or black backgrounds because it’s easier to work with, but sometimes I’ll take green screen footage if the quality is nice.

So yeah, the stock footage I’m gonna use is this guy right here  (I use File2HD to download stock video/youtube videos)  and I’m using this TCG art by Brandon Kitkouski.  I like to call him Brandon GitGudski because his art makes me want to git gud.  He does so much Warlock Art for the TCG so I made sure the Warlock class edit was like a mini homage to him

ANYWAYS, lets pretend you’ve already edited the image the way you wanted by resizing and coloring and stuff.  Open the stock up in Photoshop (for the stock you open it up like you would any video with File –> Import –> Video Frames to Layers)  Then you click your Animation/Timeline menu at the far right of your animation/timeline window and select ‘Select All Frames’.  After that just hit the menu again and select ‘Copy Frames’, then paste it into the other image

just set the animated layers to whatever layer setting you find fitting.  Since most stock footage has black backgrounds, I use Lighten or Screen to show the animation, but it’s all situational and based on personal preference.  Since I’m feeling particularly obnoxious today I chose Color Dodge.  And yeah that’s pretty much it for that

before adding stock layers/frames

after killing it with color dodge

it’s ridiculously easy to do and something that people who have just started making gifs would enjoy but finding stock footage is the pits