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Exo Fanfiction

Pairing: Park Chanyeol x Reader

This is a short little drabble for my lovely best friend @pikayeollie who’s being a soft sappy marshmallow so here some soft sappy yeol!! Love you binch

Today was the Friday from hell. The coffee machine broke before you had a chance to wake up. You were positive you were coming down with something and your idiot colleague with the bad breath spent all morning breathing in your direction. You almost snapped on the spot but made a lame excuse and moved to a desk further downwind.

You contemplated booking out a meeting room for a nap but then your head of service announced you had to join him in meetings after lunch for the remainder of the day. You were also reminded you forgot your lunch and the hanger was building. You just wanted to go home, cuddle your loving boyfriend, stuff your face and forget about this week. Just before your break ended you typed him a quick text.

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Regrets [Jungkook x Reader]

Part of me is crying because of the ridiculousness in this chapter lol 

Chapter 5. 

Chapter 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Next Morning

After Jin kicked the other two out, you could hear him scolding them for their actions and you felt bad. You giggled a bit though. You were glad that you were all staying the same house, but at the same time you also had some worries. They were all men of course. It was kind of odd to see one female in an all males’ house. You brushed the thought aside for now. You got ready for work and packed your bag. Jin gave you a bento for lunch. You and Jimin were walking quietly to the car and you got in. Jimin drove you to work since Jin’s house was a bit farther than your’s and Jimin’s old apartments. He parked, got out and opened the door for you. You smiled and thanked him.

You began to walk upstairs into the building, you saw a slender girl at the entrance. She was pretty. She was slim, V-shaped face, long black hair, dewy skin. She looked at you. “Are YOU Y/N?” She pointed her thin finger at you. You looked at her. She had the look of a killer. How did she know who you were? Jimin subtly walked in front of you. .

“And who are you?” Jimin had a dark look in his eyes.

“I’m Ji Yun.”

“That girl”, she pointed to you. “Needs to stay away from my boyfriend and stick to her own man”

Jimin spoke up, “Uh. She is with her man.”

Ji Yun raised an eyebrow. “Whatever, but you need to stay away from my boyfriend” and with that she walked towards you and started to pull your hair and attempted to push you down the stairs while Jimin was in the middle of you two trying to keep you safe but, you lost your balance and felt yourself falling backwards. You closed your eyes scared to face the consequences. You landed in a pair of strong arms. You slowly opened your eyes and it was Jungkook. Your eyes widened. And you didn’t know what to feel. You were scared and thankful at the same time. You weren’t sure to say something. He carried you up the stairs and let you down. You scurried back to Jimin. He turned to Ji Yun.

“Oppa, you’re here! I finally found you.”


She stepped closer to him

He didn’t bat an eye. “Stay away from her. Before I call the cops.”

Her innocent eyes turned to dangerous ones. “Oppa, you know you’ll regret saying that. If she gets hurt, it’s your fault.”

“Well, she was already hurt before, now leave. I won’t hesitate to call my father to send you abroad.” Her eyes started to shift. She quickly turned and left the building. Jungkook turned as well and left towards his office. You and Jimin looked at each other with confusion. Jimin quickly turned to you and cupped your face and started to feel your arms and squeezed your hands tightly “Y/N, are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere? If you are just tell me. I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you.”

“No, it’s okay Jimin. At least she didn’t get past you. You never know what could ever happen if you weren’t here. And Jungkook too. I don’t want to admit this, but if he wasn’t here I would’ve possible fell to my death.” Your eyes a bit watery.

Jimin comforted you, “let’s go into the office, yeah?”

You nodded and followed his lead. You both went to your respective places and worked for a couple of hours. It was then you had a phone call from Jin. You walked outside to take it.


“Y/N-ah, go eat lunch, it’s already 1. I’m pretty sure you were working the whole time. And jimin’s probably doing the same and forgot to remind you.”

“Ah- thanks Oppa. That means a lot. Also… I have to tell you something when I get home.”

He heard the strain in your voice trying to keep yourself together. “I’ll come by and pick you up from work early. I’ll be there around 2 and we can chat about it. Your boss will be okay with it if I talk to her. Jimin will stay and work, okay? I need his share of the rent anyways so I’m sure he’ll be fine on his own.”

“I’ll see you in a bit Oppa. I’m hanging up now.”

“I’ll be there soon. Bye”

You hung up and walked to the restroom. You kept thinking about who that Ji Yun girl was and you were terrified of how she acted to someone she’s never met before and why you were being the one that’s targeted. What did she mean “Stay away from her boyfriend?” You talked to yourself while walking through the hallway. You thought about it. Jimin wasn’t her boyfriend? What did she mean? And even if that was the case, you and Jimin weren’t technically official either, so you didn’t really have a say in that.

While you were outside, Jimin and Jungkook were actually talking.

Jimin started the conversation. “Uh, hey kid, thanks for saving Y/N earlier.”

“No problem. You would save anyone who was pushed down the stairs right?”

“I guess. But who was that girl?”

“Someone dangerous. Jimin-Hyung, I know you don’t like me and probably know of Y/N’s past with me, but I’m telling you this because I care and I want to protect Y/N. Ji Yun is dangerous. Keep her with you at all times.”

He looked at the kid. He was being serious about it and he wanted Y/N safe. He wasn’t sure if this was a ruse to lure you out or not. But he went along with it for now.

Right before Jimin was going to ask more questions you walked back into the office and you sat at your desk, looked at Jimin  and rolled over to his cubicle.

“Chim, share lunch with me, Oppa packed way too much for me.” He looked at you, “Haha sure. It’s time for a lunch break anyways.”

You turned to Jungkook, “Jungkook, do you want to join us for lunch?”

Jungkook didn’t know what to feel right now. Just yesterday you were scared to even look at him in the eye and now you made full eye contact with him without even a blink. He felt himself getting flustered. He felt heat rise up throughout his body. The fact that he felt like this just a by a question from you, had him questioning his actions from five years ago. How did he let such a sweet person go so far away?

“U-uh y-yeah. I’ll join you” he looked down at his feet.

You smiled, “Great! Hold on, let me get the food. I’ll be back.” You left to go get the bento out of the fridge. You walked into your workroom and you saw other co-workers there and you waved and said hi to those that you knew. You found your bento and chatted with some other peers there. It was nice to know that not everyone in the world was evil.


Jimin turned to Jungkook. “You know you don’t have to act so flustered around her.”

“Hyung, she makes me nervous.”

“Oh really, but you were an ass to her”

“Honest, I didn’t do those things on purpose. OKAY. I did, BUT… it was out of vain and I later realized when it was too late and she left. I finally found her again. I was stupid. TOO STUPID” He face-palmed himself and let his head hit his desk.

Jimin looked at him. If he didn’t know Jungkook, Jimin felt like he and Jungkook would be able to get along just fine. He looks like an adorable kid with bunny teeth and he was seeing a different attitude than what you said. If you were okay to talk to him then he should be able to talk to this brat without any trouble.

“Do you like Y/N?” Jimin was curious and he had to know.

“…” Jungkook felt his face turn beet red. He was so embarrassed. He confessed his feelings to his hyung after a day of knowing him. This was ridiculous.

“You should just be her friend. I already claimed her.” 

Jungkook understood. He nodded and said, “It’s up to Y/N who she finds happiness with.” Jimin looked at the brat. Maybe he isn’t so bad after all.

You came back and you saw the two boys looking at each other and on speaking terms. It was a sight you were relieved to see. Jimin was more humble about these things. If it were Jin, Jungkook would have died the second he stepped into the building and that girl.. She kept plaguing your mind. Why did she want to hurt you?

You sat down at Jimin and Jungkook’s cubicle. “OKAY, LET’S SEE.” You opened the bento and you were right, Jin packed as if there were seven people were working at a sitting job. This made you feel tired. “Waaaah, Oppa packed way too much for me! Does he want to make me fat or something?”

Jimin snickered, “You’re squishy from what Yoongi Hyung said”

You pointed your chopsticks at him, “ Yah, Park Jimin, I’ll leave you for Yoongi Oppa.”

“Wait wait what, You’ll leave me for that marshmallow? What the heck Y/N?” He gave you the puppy eyes. Jungkook couldn’t believe what he was seeing or even hearing. You didn’t have one, but multiple men that were chasing after you? Why did he let you go in the first place? This was getting too mushy. He needed to find a way to be with you again. Even if you guys were friends again. As long as you saw him as someone of worth.

“Hyung, you should be happy she works with you right?”

You and Jimin turned to Jungkook forgetting he was there. You looked at Jungkook, “ Hey Jungkook..” He looked at you with anticipation. You were talking to him again. More than once today.

“Thanks for earlier..I would have probably died if you weren’t there to catch me.” Jungkook felt his ears heat up. “Ah-n-no problem Y/N! I mean, I was lucky to be there right? Hahah…” He put his hand behind his head scratching it. He felt so nervous.

“Yeah, lucky haha. You should eat Jungkook! You barely brought anything for your lunch. Jin Oppa made a mountain of food, so take as much as you want!!”

He was shy and he felt nervous around you again. How were you so nice? He spaced out then realized that you had a spoon with food in front of him. “Jungkookie! Eat up!” He moved forward and ate the food from the spoon. Jimin felt a pang of jealousy. Jungkookie? What was that. Feeding him? What is this? 

He looked at you. “Y/N-ah, you call him Jungkookie?”

You were dumbfounded and honestly dense. “Yeah? I add the -ie to everyone’s name? Like Jinnie Oppa? Jiminie Oppa? Joonie Oppa? Taehyungie?”

He exhaled slowly and he was relieved. He thought you were trying to flirt with him or something. He felt jealousy burn seeing that. “Y/N-ahh wanna hang out after work?”

You forgot to tell him, “I can’t Jinnie-Oppa said he was picking me up early to talk.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah, he called me to remind me to eat with you and that he’s coming by at 2.”

“Wait, does that mean I’m going home too?”

“He said you would have to stay”

“What the fu-”

“Park Jimin, we’re working don’t curse!” He blushed, “I’ll call Hyung”. After a couple of rings, Jin picked up. “Jimin?”

“Hyung, you’re coming by to pick up Y/N?”

“Yeah, about that, I’m caught up at my restaurant so Yoongi is coming by to pick her up.”

Jimin felt worried for a second. He loves his Hyung and all but, Yoongi had feelings for Y/N as well. And that was a risk.”


All of a sudden you heard Yoongi’s voice, “Yah- Pabo, If you insult me one more time, I’ll full on make-out with Y/N-ah right in front of you. You’re not taller than me either so I don’t know who the hell you’re calling small.”

You felt your face burn up, Jungkook felt heat rising to his face imagining another man’s lips on yours and full of lust coming out of both of you. He shook his head. dirty dirty dirty. 

“Hyung. You do realize Y/N heard that right?” Jimin deadpanned…-____-

“Good, she’ll knows that she’ll be in for a surprise when I pick her up, Y/N I love youuuuuuuuuuuuu. Saranghaeyooooooooo”

“I swear this crazy Hyung is drunk or something.” You giggled.

Jimin sighed. “Jin Hyung, what about me?

“You can stay at work and pay me your part of the rent, I still don’t have it.”

He shook his head, he totally forgot about it. “Ah-Hyung, I have to tell you something when I get home.”

Y/N said the same thing. Did something happen?”

“A couple of things, but luckily Jungkook was there.”

“Jungkook?” Jin looked at Yoongi when he heard this. They both got heated really fast and they felt anger rise. 

“Did he do something?”

Jimin looked at you, “Well, he did something positive?”

Jungkook sat in fear since hearing the other hyungs made him insecure with his current relationship with Y/N.

“Fine, as long as Y/N wasn’t hurt. Yoongi’s coming by right now.”

“Okay, bye Hyung” The phone clicked and the three of you looked down to see that there wasn’t even a dent made in your lunch. Jimin started to pack up the lunch while leaving you and Jungkook to talk. He witnessed the beautiful person that you are.


Jungkook turned to you, “ Yeah, Y/n?”

“Who was that girl?”

“Someone dangerous…” He guiltily looked away.

“It’s okay if you’re not ready to talk about it” You pat his back and smiled. “She probably brought back bad memories.”

Jungkook wanted to hold you. To embrace your beautiful self. He wanted to take it all in. He appreciated you now. How come he was so selfish? Why was he an idiot?

Jimin felt sorry for the kid. Honestly, at first he wanted to kill him, but seeing how you were so empathetic with him made him melt inside. You were so sweet and understanding. Why couldn’t he be like that? Why couldn’t he man up and forgive people that easily? You were hit and abused by this kid. Once he put the food away, he turned back and all of a sudden his face made contact with the ground.

You and Jungkook turned towards the sound where the crash came from. You saw Yoongi on top of Jimin? “Yah- you brat, call me a gnome one more time! I’ll destroy you with my bare hands and do what I told you what I was going to do with Y/N in front of you!!!”

You started laughing.

Jungkook stared and listened to your sweet laugh. You were so mesmerising.

“Oppa, don’t kill Jimin. He’s my best friend! I need him for cuddles, hugs and kisses!”

Jimin’s eyes widened when he heard kisses and he knew he was going to die. “What the hell do you mean kisses? YOU ALREADY KISSED Y/N? YOU SNEAKY BRAT”

Jimin felt the weight shift on his back and Yoongi was pinning him down. Jungkook was surprised by how strong this Yoongi guy was and stayed still. He was shook.

“Y/N-ah, if you want kisses, just ask Oppa, I’ll come right over and lick your lips right away”

You giggled at this, “This is how Yoongi Oppa is. Always a jokester ..a perverted one..but I appreciate and love you Oppa!”

Honestly, Yoongi played around and said things, but never did any of it. He respected you and what you wanted. He didn’t push and he knew you liked Jimin. He just liked messing with Jimin and beating him up. Plus, you were his first real crush, and so it wouldn’t be smart if he just left you two be. He had to fight Jimin for liking you. He was like that one older brother that fought everyone for you. If Jin was like your older brother that took care and fed you, he was the one that dealt with these rascals for liking his precious Y/N.

He would be lying if he said he didn’t have a crush on you either. 

Both Yoongi and Jimin got up, “Y/N pack your things, I’m taking you home to Hyung. And Jimin, stay for the rest of the day. You still have food that Hyung made so you won’t starve.”

You quietly got up and got your things. You pat Jungkook’s head and bid him goodbye and gave a big bearhug to Jimin. “Y/–N-ah, I’ll see you at home..why are you bearhugging me???”

“Because Yoongi Oppa hurt you!!” You giggled and took Yoongi’s hand and left. “Bye Oppa, Love you!”

After you were out of sight, Jimin stared up into the ceiling. “She said love you oh my…”

Jungkook waved his hand over Jimin’s face. “Hyung. I need to talk to you.”

Jimin sat up.

“Ji Yun is trying to kill Y/N.”

Alla Prima: Chapter 9

No, you aren’t hallucinating! This is a real Alla Prima update! I know, I know. It’s been forever! I hope you’re excited because I am!

Prologue   Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4   Chapter 5   Chapter 6    Chapter 7   Chapter 8

Jamie stared at the blank canvas, trying to concentrate. He couldn’t gather his thoughts, his emotions. They scattered like autumn leaves in the wind: gone before he could wrap his hands around them.

He ran a finger across his lips, hoping to catch remnants of her kiss. Sadly, Claire’s lips were unreachable now, but he could still feel their soft warmth. How was that possible?

Dipping a thick brush in brown– Claire’s brown, he called it, the perfect mixture of the chocolate and gold in her hair– he swept it across the canvas, mimicking the waves atop her head. But this couldn’t–wouldn’t– be an ordinary portrait, for she wasn’t an ordinary woman. But what could he do to express those thoughts, that love he felt so strongly?

Heart blooming, he switched to a vibrant red, the color of his heart’s blood.


Claire dreamt of him, again. But it was more visceral, realer than any other dream she had experienced. Perhaps it was the imprint of his lips still on hers that caused her to sweat and pant cocooned in her bed.

She didn’t quite remember the contents of the dream; it disappeared as soon as she opened her eyes. She could feel it, though, in the way her body throbbed. And only he could make her body sing in such a way, with merely a thought.

God, he hadn’t even touched her yet! What would happen if–when– he did?


“What are you doing… two weekends from now?” Claire asked around her straw.

They sat outside a small bistro near her work–the university–eating sandwiches on her lunch hour.

“Umm… I dinna ken. Nothing, I suppose. Why?”

“Well…” She took a small sip from her lemonade. “You remember Fergus, right?”

How could he forget? He made an arse of himself in front of Fergus. “Aye.”

“Well, he’s getting married.”

“Oh! I didna ken that. My congratulations to him!”

“Well, that’s not it, entirely. I wanted to know…” She chewed on the end of her straw, thinking. “Would you like to come to the wedding with me?”

When he didn’t respond immediately, she nervously continued. “I mean, I’m in the wedding party. Bridesmaid. But the reception will be much more enjoyable with you there! I mean, I know weddings aren’t super fun, but there will be an open bar. And that’s always fun! Plus–”

“Hush, Sassenach.” She grinned at his nickname for her. “Is your cousin okay with that?”

“Oh, yes. He actually brought it up.”

“Well, that’s settled, then. I’d be happy to come with you.”

She lit up, her whole face lifting. “Great!”

Jamie reached for her, placing his hand on top of hers. “Aye, great!”


Jamie didn’t want to leave, but work beckoned him back to the office. Kissing her thoroughly, they said their goodbyes with promises to text each other.

Entering Fraser Designs, he saw Willie at the front desk, pencil scratching.

“Hey. How was lunch? How’s Claire?” Though he had yet to meet Jamie’s lady friend, he always asked after her.

“Good. And good. What’s up?”

“Oh, nothing. Just jotting down ideas.”

“Okay, weel, I’ll be upstairs.”

“Wait, Jamie.” Willie had stopped writing. “When do we get to meet this girlfriend yours?”

“She’s no my girlfriend. Officially. Why?”

“I just want to meet the woman that’s captured yer heart so.” He clutched his chest dramatically. “Besides, I’d like to meet her before Jenny finds out and scares her away.”

“Ye havena told her yet, have ye?”

“Of course not. I’m no stupid. Plus, I’m an excellent secret keeper.”

“Fine. I’ll talk to her, let her know ye want to meet.”

“Good.” He nodded his head, and bent back to his work.

Jamie turned before leaving. “Willie?”

Willie didn’t look up. “Aye?”

“What do ye wear to a wedding?”

That caught his attention. “You two getting marrit already?”

Jamie ignore his teasing. “She invited me to her cousin’s wedding.”

“A family wedding? My, my. It’s getting fairly serious, then.”

“Is it?”

“Oh, aye. Ye don’t invite someone to a wedding with all of their family if they dinna mean much to ye.”

“Christ… I didna think about that.”

“Just, dinna be an idiot, and they should like ye fine.”

Jamie rolled his eyes. “Thanks, Willie.”

Either Willie didn’t hear the sarcasm, or chose to ignore it. “Yer welcome.”

Back to making lunch boxes to take to my internship 🍴
To be honest I’m the only one bringing my food here while everyone else orders or gets take outs and while at first I felt out of place, they actually compliment me now on how healthy and colorful my lunches are which made me want to share it on insta again ☺️
Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy eating out but every day of the week is too much for me and unsustainable at this point. Often restaurants and food chains add up on oil, sodium, preservatives and a bunch of other things I don’t feel like I need as part of my nutrition.
Today for example I had a huge tomato with capers, salad drenched in lime juice, chickpeas with chili powder, alfalfa sprouts, lentils and quinoa followed by a banana and without forgetting to hit my 3L of water target

Black Eye

I yawned loudly when I entered the school. Mostly, I would already feel hate boiling inside me, but today…I don’t know. I just felt like it was going to be a good day for me. I woke up before Itachi-nii even got into my room. My hair actually looked good today and I found a new pair of jeans in my closet that I didn’t even know I had; turns out my ass looks great in it.

I couldn’t even remember the last time I actually felt a little pretty. I walked towards my locker and grabbed my books. When I turned my head, I could see Naruto talking to Sakura. I felt this light tickling feeling inside my stomach. Normally, I would stay by my locker until the bell rings, but I figured today couldn’t possibly get bad for me. I put my books in my bag and fixed my blouse before heading towards him. I could hear him talking excitedly about something. I was wondering what he was talking about that made him this happy. I stood behind him and my hand reached for his shoulder to tap it to get his attention. Before my fingers even reached his shoulder, he moved his arms back and his elbow punched me in my right eye.

I fell on the ground and I could hear some gasps and other people laugh in the hallway. I wasn’t even aware of what was happening. I knew I was sort of punched to the ground and that somebody helped me sit up.

“Are you alright?!”

“I am going to get some ice!”

I heard all this shouting around me. I moved my right hand towards my right eye and that is when I noticed I couldn’t see jack shit with my right eye.

“Oh wow, wow, wow” I jerked myself away from Naruto’s hold and I got on one knee before I got up from the ground. A little too fast even. I saw everything move around me.

“I am so sorry! I didn’t see you!” Naruto said, he grabbed my shoulder to keep me from moving hazardly.

“I am turning into Suké” I joked, but Naruto’s expression didn’t lighten up. He looked at me with those guilt-tripping, big, blue eyes. His hands moved to hold my face. His thumb was moving over my cheekbone.

“I am so so sorry” he apologized again.

“I got…a frozen chicken nugget” Sakura said as she ran towards us.

“What?! They gave you a chicken nugget?!” Naruto frowned and I noticed his thumb was a little wet. I was confused until I moved my fingers under my injured eye. It was wet. Of course…I got punched with an elbow. It was only natural that my eye started to produce tears…but even while knowing this…why did I feel so bad about it?

“Hey…hey…” I woke up from my thoughts, seeing Naruto look at me with concern. I looked up to meet his eyes.

“I should probably wash it” I said, covering my eye with my hand. I didn’t want them to see the tears running.

“Should we…should we go to a doctor?” Naruto asked. I grabbed the chicken nugget from him.

“Nah, it is fine, I will just ice it” I said.

“Are you sure? Should we call Itachi-san? make sure?” Sakura asked, exchanging a look with Naruto.

“I told you I was fine, I hardly feel any of it” I said and headed for the restroom.

“I can come with you” Naruto offered.

“I am fine, go to class” I said as the bell rung during my sentence.

I had washed my eye and used what cold was left from the chicken nugget to cool it down, but looking at it from the mirror, I figured me acting like it was nothing was probably not a good idea. It had red from under my eyebrow to my cheek bone. At least my vision started to return, but I still saw a lot of grey spots. Well, I already said I was fine. I couldn’t back down now. I threw the chicken nugget in the trash and brushed my bangs to the right, so it covered most of my injured eye.

I rushed to class and naturally I had to explain myself as to why I was late. I figured it would sound pretty harsh if I said some blond idiot punched my eye with his elbow. So I said I got into a ‘little accident’ before I sat down next to Suigetsu.

“What accident? Did you piss yourself?” He asked and I frowned.

“No, Naruto punched me in the eye” I said, moving my bangs to show him.

“Damn Naruto, angry issues or nah?” Suigetsu turned his head to look at Naruto.

“It was an accident!” Naruto stood up from his seat and he seemed a little pissed.

“We know, calm down, nobody is going to sue you” I said.

“Have I mentioned the amount of tomatoes you can buy with the money?” Suigetsu laughed when he turned his head to me.

“I am going to sue you, Naruto, I can drop out of school, live in a box and eat tomatoes for the rest of my life while being surrounded by street kittens, you could say that I am living the dream” I said it sarcastically when I looked at Naruto, who sat back down.

“Why are you doing that?” I asked, turning my chair so I could look at him with my good eye.

“Breathing is needed-”

“That sad look” I said.

“My elbow blinded your right eye, am I supposed to do my happy dance?” Naruto asked.

“Yeah…make me laugh, I don’t know, man, shit happens” Sasuke shrugged, “You think this is the worst thing that has ever happened to my face?”

“His entire face is a pain to look at” Suigetsu commented.

“I can’t even deny that” I said as I pointed at Suigetsu.

“My point being, it is alright, no need to beat yourself up about it, I am not going to take revenge on you, my brothers are not going to knock on your door and beat the shit out of you, my parents won’t haunt you for this, it’s an accident…it happens”

“What about the army boyfriend?” I narrowed my eyes as I looked at Neji. I know I was talking across the classroom…but it still did not give him the right to contribute to this conversation.

“He won’t fly his ass from the land of Iron to kick Naruto’s ass, he’ll probably kick mine for not dodging Naruto’s elbow” I squinted my eyes thinking about Utakata, “He is weird…” I muttered and turned my head back to the desk.

The bell had rung and I put my books back in my bag before getting up. I walked out of the classroom and I was one of the last ones to leave. My next class was only two stairs up. The pros of being one of the last people out of the classroom is that the stairs were less busy. I saw Naruto talk to Lee as they were climbing the stairs. I walked behind Naruto.

“Shit, forgot my phone” Naruto suddenly realized. He suddenly turned around. The movement came out of nowhere and I jerked back as to not bump against him, but of course I was on the stairs and my foot landed on air. I fell backwards and for a moment everything went in slow motion. I saw Naruto’s eyes widened and his hand trying to grab me, but he missed by centimeters. I fell backwards and rolled off the stairs until my body hit the wall.

“Sasukeeh!” Naruto shouted.

“I am alright” I said without even thinking about it. The pain was kicking in fast. My back, my leg…my head…everything hurt so badly.

“I am so sorry! I didn’t know you were…I…owh god…”

“I am alright, nothing to worry about!” I said as I lifted up my torso. That is when I noticed my head felt very heavy.

“No, no, you can’t be fine, dattebayo!”

“Should I get a teacher?” Lee asked, he seemed to panic.

“No…noooo~” I got myself up from the ground. I supported myself on the wall. Yes, my ankle hurt pretty bad. I probably should put some ice on it, but then…I didn’t feel like holding a chicken nugget against my ankle. “I just…need a second” I said while looking around me.

“First his eyes and now his entire body, Naruto, do you really hold some sort of grudge?” Lee whispered, thinking I wouldn’t hear him.

“Sasuke, should I bring you to a hospital?” Naruto asked, “Or home? I really don’t think you should…” He stopped his sentence mid way, causing me to frown.

“Finish the sentence” I demanded.

“I don’t think you should be acting tough, you seem to be in a lot of pain-”

“This is nothing!” I raised my voice, mostly because I was annoyed by both the pain and by the fact that Naruto thought I was weak and needed to ‘go home’ or some shit. I was not made out of sugar! My dad broke his arm once and he didn’t even notice it for two weeks! I am not going to let some sorry ass ankle and some heavy ass head stand in my way of finishing my fucking school day! “I don’t even feel it” I lied, letting go of the wall.

“Sasuke…” Naruto’s eyes looked worried. I wasn’t sure if he just felt bad for himself for being responsible for two accidents in one day, or if he felt bad for me. Like I was some injured deer.

“We have chemistry…we…better get going” I said. I bit down on my lip when I put some weight on my ankle. I grabbed the handrail and I was pretty sure I would have never made it up the stairs if my pride didn’t depend on it.

“Your blouse is dirty” Sakura noted as I sat down next to her. I was never more relieved to just sit down, but even then…my body hurt.

“Fell off the stairs” I muttered. “Not a big deal”


I was relieved when it was finally lunch break. I was leaning most of my weight on my good leg, eating my cherry tomatoes that at least made me forget the pain my body was in for a moment. Only four more lessons and I was done for today. I could go home and just take a hot bath.

Suigetsu was saying something, but I wasn’t paying much attention to it. I put a cherry tomato in my mouth, about to bite it down. A hand suddenly slapped my back. I gasped from the pain, but I sucked the entire cherry tomato in my throat. It was stuck.I couldn’t breath. I wrapped my hand around my throat. I was dying, I was fucking dying by the thing I loved the most…BY THE PERSON I LOVED THE MOST. I looked up with teary eyes at Naruto who was just saying something…I couldn’t focus on what he was saying. He suddenly opened his eyes and looked at me. His eyes widened in shock…like the third time this day.

“HE IS CHOKING!” Naruto shouted.



“NARUTO! GIVE HIM THE HEIMLICH!” Sakura exclaimed and I suddenly felt Naruto wrap his arms around me, randomly pushing my stomach.

“I AM NOT PREPARED FOR STRESSFUL SITUATIONS!” Naruto shouted and let go. “SAKURA! GRAB HIS OTHER LEG!” I suddenly felt both of them grab me from my legs and hold me upside down.

“IS THIS WORKING?!” I heard Naruto scream.

“SHAKE HIM AROUND!” Sakura shouted and that was the moment the tomato let loose and I was able to spit it out. I gasped for air and I heard both Sakura and Naruto exhale relieved.

“Thank god!” Sakura looked at Naruto and they both smiled. Suddenly, they let go of my legs, unaware that I was still at their mercy. My head hit the ground directly and I heard both of them shout my name at the exact same time. I hope their high five was worth knocking me out.

I heard my name being called out. I slowly moved my head before opening my eyes. The light hurt my eyes, I figured I should probably close them.

“Naruto…” I whispered. I leaned my head against his chest. I felt slightly happy, waking up in his arms. He was holding me, he was holding me close to him. A smile appeared across my face. “Naruto…” I opened my eyes and blinked a couple of times to get them to adjust to the light. I felt immediate disgust when I saw no one other than Hatake Kakashi. My expression changed immediately.

“Thank god, he is awake!” I turned my head, seeing Naruto. I still remain on the ground, seated on the spot I got knocked out. I think only a few minutes passed.

“This day can’t get worst…” I whispered before turning my head back at Kakashi, “Can I go home?”


I could hear the door open from the living room and I didn’t even need to turn around to know who exactly were entering the house.

“You are home early” Itachi said. I could hear the judgement from his voice, but my body did not have the energy to argue with him.

“Ah, back to napping on the couch, princess, you can be so lazy” I could hear them put some bags on the dining table. They probably did some shopping.

“Yeah…” I muttered. The room was suddenly quiet.

“Did something happen?” Shisui asked.

“I had a bad day” I sighed.

“Sasuke…Sasuke turn around” Itachi demanded. I was not mentally prepared for what was coming.

“Don’t make me” I whined. My body hurt too much, every little movement just made me suffer even more. I felt Itachi’s hand grab my shoulder and he jerked me around and I moaned in pain, I was glad it wasn’t audible with Itachi’s shocked gasp.

“Otouto, what happened?” Itachi asked examining my face. He told me to sit up, but I shook my head. “I am tired” I didn’t get much of a chance to say a lot. Itachi’s hand reached for my shirt and I tried to stop him. “No…stop it!” I hissed, but naturally Itachi always got what he wanted. He lifted my shirt and he gave me that look that was rather familiar.

“What happened?…Sasuke, you have to answer to us” Shisui said. I hated when he did that strict voice.

“I was in school…school did this to me” I chuckled at my own joke, but neither one of them could laugh about it. Shisui helped me to sit up while Itachi grabbed a small light from his pocket and shined it on my eye. He moved his finger, so my eyes would follow. “It was just…I stood behind someone and he moved his arm and his elbow hit my eye…I fell on the ground”

“And that is when you went home? Why didn’t you come to me? Why didn’t you call me? “ Itachi asked rather angry.

“Actually…the story gets worse…” I muttered, “Somebody bumped against me on the stairs. I fell…from the top..rolled to the bottom…hit a wall”

I saw Itachi turn his head to Shisui who just looked at me with an expression that just asked what the fuck was wrong with me?

“Still not done…” I sighed. “Then I was eating cherry tomatoes during the break…and somebody suddenly surprised me from behind…I choked on a tomato…I couldn’t breath…people had to hold me upside down and wiggle me before it finally fell out of my mouth, then…the same people dropped me on my head and I was knocked out…” I said and sighed, “And that is when I decided I should probably go home”

“That person that punched you in the eye…that made you trip from the stairs and caused you to choke and then knocked you out…is this perhaps…the same person?” Shisui asked and I nodded.

“They were accidents, he felt very bad”

“It was the idiot, wasn’t it?” Itachi squinted his eyes.

“No…no…nooooo~ It was this new guy…his name is…” I looked around me.


“Pho…to?” Both Itachi and Shisui looked at one another.

“Definitely Naruto” Itachi whispered.

“Point being! It was just stupid accidents and…I could really use a doctor…I think my twisted my ankle…my back hurts a lot, so does my side…my shoulder…my head still feels very heavy, I think I lost permanent version in my right eye”

“Come here, aniki will take care of you” Itachi said, wrapping his arms carefully around me.

“And I will make you some soup…hopefully, you won’t choke on that” Shisui joked, but I found it too soon to joke about.


“Are you alright?” Itachi asked, his hand stroking my side. I didn’t answer him when I was hiding my face in the throw pillow. “Sasuke?”

“I am fine” I said. I had my arms wrapped around my torso while the blankets were still on me. I had gotten some pain killers, so I wasn’t in such a bad shape as I was in the previous afternoon. Yet, I did feel somehow…vulnerable. I just felt like that fourteen years old boy again that was getting thrown against the cupboards by his mentally insane mother. The pain felt right about the same, but it was the visible scars that made me feel like I relived through it all again. I didn’t want my brothers to know…but at the same time I didn’t want to be alone. So, I remained on the couch in the living room that was filled with life again. Izuna was sketching on the dining table, Madara was watching the news, Itachi was on the Ipad and Shisui was doing some paperwork. I could hear the doorbell ring and I looked up. Who could that be at this time?

“I will answer the door.” Izuna said as he skipped towards the door. How could he be so energetic?

“Are you sure you are alright?” Itachi asked. I sighed and moved so I was leaning against him instead of the arm rest.

“How many times should I repeat myself?”

“If it isn’t the blond that hurt my little brother and almost killed him” I heard Izuna say from the hallway. My eyes widened. What was Naruto doing here? I pulled the blankets off me and got up.

“Be right back” I said as I walked towards the door and pushed Izuna away.

“Sasssuu~” He wrapped his arms around me. “Don’t you hurt him even more!” I rolled my eyes and told Izuna to grab himself some ice cream. I sighed and leaned against the doorframe, looking at Naruto.

“I feel…really…reaallly bad about what happened at school”

“It almost felt like a curse” I said. He smiled before revealing the hand he was holding behind his back. “I got you these” he said. I looked at the sunflowers before looking at Naruto.

“Sunflowers, the symbol of human mortality?” I asked, accepting the bouquet.

“Of course, only you would interpret it like that, dattebayo, it is to…cheer you up, y’know…”

“That is very thoughtful, thank you.” I said, “Would you like to come in?” I asked him. He did come all this way…

“No! No!” He said and I wondered why he seemed so scared. I turned my head and caught Itachi and Madara peeking inside the hallway. I shook my head.

“They won’t hurt you” I guaranteed him.

“A car almost hit me…It seemed an awfully lot like the car that Itachi drives”

“Nonsense, Itachi was home since the afternoon” I frowned…I remembered taking a nap…could he have gone somewhere during my nap? I shook the thought away.

“I will just go home…I guess I brought you enough pain as it is” He said.

“I am fine, Naruto…don’t worry about it” I said. His hand reached for my right cheek, his thumb stroking my cheekbone. I couldn’t help but smile. He really felt incredibly sorry. It was actually very sweet. He was such a good guy. I looked up into his eyes.

“Say, if I allowed you to hit me in the face, would we be equal? I mean…I know my elbow hit your eye, I made you fall from the stairs and almost choked you…but you have the strength of four army men…so…It would be kinda equal, right?”

“Idiot” I shook my head, “I have the strength of five army men, don’t underestimate me” I joked.

“I probably should go home” He said and stopped stroking my cheek. I wished he could stay. I kinda liked the attention I was getting from him.

“Alright” I sighed. He suddenly moved closer to me, my cheeks turned red upon feeling his lips place a kiss on my forehead. “I will see ya, dattebayo” He said as he gave me a quick wave before walking off. I closed the door and I had to hold back as to not fangirl in the hallway.

“Next time…I am going to hit him, pavement or not” My eyes widened in shock hearing what Itachi just said.


Special thanks to @failureoftheyear

Too Late {Part 2}

“I don’t like you anymore. I don’t see a point in dating someone I got bored of. Let’s just break up.”

Part 1

Pairing: Monsta X Minhyuk x Reader
Genre: Angst
Word Count: 4.7k
A/N: It took me way too long to post this ^^’ But finally, here is the sequel to part 1 of Too Late. Hopefully I’ll be able to wrap up the story in part 3, but who knows where this is taking me~

That night when Minhyuk’s mother found me, I could not get even a wink of sleep. I was tossing and turning in my bed so many times that I lost count. A few hours earlier, she had asked me to break up with her son because I was not a good match for him. She knew about my family’s terrible financial situation and my mother’s deteriorating health, so she had offered me enough money to pay for a heart surgery which my mother needed to live. Truth be told, although I loved Minhyuk with all my heart and felt like I could not go on without him, my family played an equally important part in my life. Knowing that I could potentially save my mom from the jaws of death by leaving Minhyuk made the decision so much harder.

My body was hurting as if I had fallen out of the window of my apartment on the fourth floor, the inside of my head felt as if tiny men were tearing down my skull with hammers and chisels and so many tears had fallen that I could turn the desert into a fertile place, but yet I was unable to drift into the comforting arms of sleep.

That night, I was not only thinking about Minyuk’s mother’s request. Innumerable moments I had spent with Minhyuk played in my head like random scenes in a movie. Could I really give up everything we had been through? The secrets we shared, the promises we made? The thought that I would see him tomorrow at school made me feel sick, and I was contemplating whether I should skip classes. But I knew that I would receive worried text messages and numerous calls from him if I did not show up, and hearing his concerned voice would only make the situation so much worse. Since it was only a waste of time to lie awake in bed, I got up extra early to avoid running into Minhyuk at the school gate. I felt relieved and miserable at the same time when I was not greeted by his familiar smile in the morning.

I regretted my decision to come to school as soon as I entered my class room. Jangmi, my best friend who I had known since elementary school, always arrived early to review class material, and of course she was more than surprised that I had shown up so early. I was sure she had already spotted the dark circles under my eyes and knew that something wasn’t right.

“Hey, Y/N! How come you are so early today?” The questioning look in her eyes was hard to resist, and I had to pull myself together not to break into tears right there and then and tell her all about last night. But I knew that she could not help me and that only I could solve the difficult and confusing situation I was in.

“Nothing,” I lied, a crooked smile on my face. Please, don’t ask more questions, Jangmi. Just leave me alone.

To my surprise, Jangmi really only raised her eyebrows in suspicion but left it there. I sank down onto my chair, grabbed a notebook from my backpack and tried to distract myself by reading the notes from yesterday’s class. Of course, it didn’t work that well. It was hard to concentrate, especially once class started and I had to pretend to follow the teacher’s words. My thoughts constantly strayed away, going back and forth between Minhyuk, his mother and my parents.

I had been so lost in thoughts that the sound of the school bell made me wince. A wave of dread washed over my head when I realized that it was time for lunch break - I certainly wouldn’t be able to avoid Minhyuk in the school cafeteria. Nevertheless, I wanted to try.

“Hey, Jangmi, can we grab lunch together today? There is this Math question I don’t understand, and I wanted to ask if you could maybe explain it to me one more time?”

“Sure, but don’t you usually eat together with Minhyuk? I am sure he can explain it to you too.”

“No!” I hastily replied. “Um… he told me to ask you next time. He doesn’t like to talk about Math during lunch, but I really need to know the answer.” Jangmi gave me an even more puzzled look, not sure whether or not she should trust my words.

“…Fine. I’ll take my notes with me. Let’s go.”


“…and after you plug in the value of x here, you simply use this formula to solve the equation and you’ll get the result. Quite easy, isn’t it?”

I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry at Jangmi’s words because I had only understood about half of what she was saying. I definitely had to study harder if I wanted to get a good grade on my next exam. Just when I wanted to ask her to explain part of the exercise again, someone very familiar plopped down onto the seat opposite me and my best friend. Of course, it was no other than Minhyuk. He had never been good at hiding his emotions, and I could immediately tell that he was confused and… upset.

“Y/N, I was looking for you all morning. Why weren’t you at the school gate like usually?”

“Ah, d-did I forget to tell you? I wanted to come early to study. You know, now that midterms are coming up, I need to work harder.” The look on his face transformed into one of disappointment. Of course he understood how important school work was (although he did not know that school work was not the reason why I came to school early today), but it was definitely not okay to stand him up because I forgot to tell him.

“It’s alright. …Just don’t forget next time.” There was no smile or warm expression on his face, and I could tell that he was hurt by the fact that I had forgotten about him so easily. Although Jangmi pretended to study her notes, I could tell that she was following our conversation with interest. I knew I had a lot of explaining to do afterwards. Minhyuk also was not satisfied with my excuse.

“By the way, what about lunch? Can I eat with you two, or should I look for other friends?”

“I asked Jangmi to explain this Math question to me. I really need to catch up on the class material. Do you mind looking for a different table?”

I almost squirmed under Minhyuk’s gaze: his eyes were boring right into mine, and I felt terrible for being the person who hurt him. I am sure he would forget about it quickly and give me his signature smile that made every worry fly away if I just apologized. But I couldn’t, not this time. He had never liked being rejected, but hearing me tell him to go away probably left him even more worried.

“What was that?” This time, it was Jangmi’s eyes scanning me. She knew me well enough to figure out that I had been lying to her, and I couldn’t keep her in the dark forever. But right now was not the time to pour out my worries to Jangmi, not when even I did not know how to deal with my dilemma.

“Nothing. Don’t worry about it. Can we continue where we left off?”

“Come on, Y/N, I am not stupid. Everyone knows you and Minhyuk are the picture-book couple. You barely fight, you always hang out together, you support each other, and, most importantly, you are honest to each other. What has gotten into you? Did something happen yesterday after karaoke?” Her voice was not angry; instead, it was full of concern. All she wanted to do was to help me, but it only made me feel worse. I did not want to drag her into my relationship problems as well. And what I needed least right now was an argument with my best friend.

“I appreciate your concern, I really do, but I don’t want to talk about it right now. Can we… can we just focus on Math?” The pleading tone in my voice was probably what convinced her to comply and drop the topic. I felt how tears started to collect in the corners of my eyes, but I tried my best to contain them and not show weakness in front of Jangmi.

“…alright. But if you ever change your mind and want to talk about it, you know that I am here for you. I always will be.” And in that moment, when I saw Jangmi’s honest, encouraging smile, I felt that no matter what my decision was going to be, I was not completely alone in this world.


I successfully managed to avoid Minhyuk for the rest of the day. I actually did not have to do much; Minhyuk was still sulky from our conversation during lunch break, and although I felt like the most terrible and selfish human being on Earth, it was probably the best for us to not see each other. And since it was going to be the weekend tomorrow, I did not need to worry about facing him the next two days either.

That same evening, I received a text message from Minhyuk. 

[ Minhyuk ♥, 6:27pm: Hello most beautiful human being~ Wanna do something fun this weekend? Plz don’t say no again, I really want to see you! :( ]

Since he asked if we could do something together this weekend, I knew he had already decided to forget about the instance at school. Given that he still texted me, I concluded that his mother had not threatened him to break up with me yet. Or if she did, he did not seem to care. But could I allow myself not to care either?

When I came home from school, there was nobody greeting me at the front door. I took off my shoes, dropped my backpack and went straight to the kitchen to get two cups of water. I opened the small cupboard, took out two transparent cups and poured the refreshing liquid into the containers. I opened another drawer and took out some medicine, two round pills to be exact, which I put into one of the cups. Then, I went to my parents’ bedroom.

Although my mother was strong enough to walk and do some chores here and there, she usually took a nap in the late afternoon to have more energy when my dad and I came back from work and school in the evening. Since she was nowhere to be seen when I had entered our apartment, I knew that she must still be sleeping. I carried the two cups of water to her bedroom, quietly opened the door with my elbow and tiptoed inside. Great, I did not wake her up. I carefully made my way over to her side of the bed and put down the water with medicine on her night stand.

Despite her disease, my mother was a beautiful woman. Although she had lost hair, the remaining strands were long and silky. She had lost a lot of weight too, but I had to admit that even with sunken cheeks und harder features, she looked confident and pretty. I always jokingly complained to her that I was not as beautiful as she was and that she could have given me more of her genes when I was still a fetus in her belly. My mom always laughed these comments off and said that there was no human being prettier than me. I could not imagine a world without her positive, bright existence.

I must have stared at her for a little too long, because she opened her eyes and looked at me from under her lush blanket of eyelashes. As soon as she noticed me, a faint smile appeared on her face.

“My dear Y/N, welcome home. I am sorry that I did not hear you when you came in. I must have been very tired.” Her voice was weak and heavy from sleep. I didn’t understand why she was apologetic when there was no reason to be. After all, she needed to rest if she wanted to get better, or at least if she did not want her condition to worsen.

“Don’t say that, mom. You know I don’t mind. Here, I brought you water. I put your medicine in it too.”

“Thank you, my love. Why don’t you sit down next to me, and we can talk for a little while. I know you are probably busy with homework or want to go out, but let me have you for just a few minutes, okay?”

I gave her her drink and did as she said. I hated when she felt like she was a drag to me. She never was. It was true that there were things I needed to do, but her presence always calmed me and reminded me that there were more important things in life than school, work, success and money. However, this time, talking to her reminded me that all these things probably mattered more than I had wanted to admit before. Without money, my time with her was limited.

That evening, I stayed by her side longer than I usually did. We talked for a very long time, and when it got late, I helped her prepare dinner. My dad usually did not come home before 10pm. He worked as an electrician for a tiny business, and because he could not afford to lose the job or work less hours, my dad did not have a choice but stay until there were no more orders for him. The hard work and lack of money had turned him into a quiet man, but although he did not talk much, he always showed us how much he enjoyed being with my mom and me. He had the habit of nodding his head whenever he was happy about something, and usually it was at the dinner table when he nodded the most often. He always asked how our days had been, and although our responses were often routine, we could tell that he was genuinely interested in our wellbeing.

My mother must have sensed that I was in a contemplative mood all day, because when I helped her wash the dishes after dinner, the tone in her voice was serious. “There is something I wanted to tell you, Y/N. Your father and I see how hard you work every day to help us out as much as you can. On top of that, you have school work every day and even on weekends you barely go out, just to assist your father at work or me at home. We both really appreciate it, but you should also think about yourself sometimes. Go out and have fun, meet friends, date boys if you want, and do what young girls usually do. I know we don’t have a lot of money, but that doesn’t mean you have to deny everything that is refreshing. I want you to be happy, too. Promise me that you will follow your heart, and not just act on what reason tells you. Sure, that is important, but following your heart will always guide you in the right direction. Okay?”

My mother was always right. All day and night I had racked my brain over what choice to make, and in this moment I knew my decision. Like my mother said, I would follow my heart and protect the human I loved so much. With a smile on my face, I replied: “Thanks, mom.”

When I went back to my room, I plopped down onto my bed, a sudden wave of exhaustion washing over me. Finally the sleepless night and continuous worrying made themselves felt. I pulled my phone out of my backpack and finally took the time to answer Minhyuk’s text message from earlier. 

[Y/N, 11:54pm: Sure, I also want to see you this weekend. Let’s meet at our usual spot on Sunday night. OK?]

I didn’t even wait for his reply; I knew he would agree. I managed to put on my pajamas, and immediately fell back onto my bed. Before I fell into the comforting arms of sleep, I captured a last glimpse of the teardrop-shaped earrings Minhyuk had given me the day before as a present for our half year anniversary, and which I had put behind the lamp next to my bed, hidden from the view of my parents. A smile appeared on my face, and only seconds later I drifted into the land of dreams.


Why am I so nervous? I had gone over the words which I was about to say countless times; they were burnt into my memory like a mantra. I knew exactly what was about to come and what I was here for. I had prepared myself for this moment many times over the last two days. But although I had memorized my part, I could not fight the emotions deep inside me, and I feared that they would take over like an unleashed beast anytime.

I let my gaze wander over the beautiful spring night scenery. To my right, the Han River was shining in the last glow of dusk while a soft breeze was painting small waves on the water’s surface. On the other side of the river, the capital’s skyline was presenting itself in its most magnificent form: thousands of tiny dots of light brightened the darkening sky, substituting the stars which could not be spotted on the firmament.

I was waiting for Minhyuk at our usual spot near a street food stand in one of Seoul’s many parks. We had had our first meal as a couple here, and ever since, this place had held something special for the both of us. When we went on dates, Minhyuk and I would usually meet up here and head to wherever we had planned to go.

I had been waiting for Minhyuk for a few minutes now. It was not that he was late, he never was. But my nerves had gotten the better of me, and I had arrived early. But after a few more moments of waiting, I could spot the person I had been anticipating to see all weekend. When I waved at him, Minhyuk quickly made his way over to me. Instead of greeting me, he just put his arms around me and pulled me into a tight hug. His grip around my waist was strong and determined, and I knew that I would always be protected and safe in his embrace. He finally let go of me and looked into my eyes, giving me one of his angelic smiles.

“I thought I would be early tonight, but it seems like you got here even earlier. I hope I did not make you wait too long.” I shook my head and he continued, “Where do you want to go tonight? I found this nice spot not too far from here, they play music there and let in people under 19 too. I heard they have a special program tonight, so I thought we should check it out. Or do you have something else in mind?” I smiled at his excitement; of course, anything related to music would catch his interest.

“Actually, there is something I’d like to talk to you about. Do you mind just… walking with me?”

“Anything for my princess,” Minhyuk said with a playful wink. When he tried to take my hand, I instantly hid my hands in the pockets of my jacket, pretending to be too cold to leave them outside. He did not question my action, and so we started to make our way along the river, with no specific destination in mind. Minhyuk, noticing my quiet attitude, started to talk about this and that, trying to find a topic that would catch my interest and make me more talkative. I only listened with one ear, nodding my head every now and then, and forcing a smile whenever he made a joke. At some point, I couldn’t take his attempts at making conversation anymore; of course he would not succeed even if he tried hard. Today, there was only one thing I wanted to talk about.

“Hey, Minhyuk, listen… There is a reason why I wanted to meet you here today.” I was surprised at how calm my voice sounded. Inside of me, I could feel an inferno of emotions burn my guts like a wolf that hadn’t eaten meat in days. Looking at the man in front of me did not help: his puppy eyes made my heart grow softer, and the way he looked at me so lovingly made me reconsider what I was about to do for a second. But I had to do this like I had planned, or Minhyuk would be even more hurt in the future. I took a deep breath before speaking the words I had practiced in my head so many times.

“Minhyuk… Maybe… Maybe it would be better if we ended our relationship.” Minhyuk stared at me with wide eyes. He had expected to hear anything, anything but this. “With all the college entrance exams coming up, I need to study harder to perform well. I don’t think I have time for… us anymore.” Lies. All lies.

A worried frown appeared on Minhyuk’s face. He could tell from the tone of my voice that I was not joking, but he did not want to believe that this was the reason to end everything we had together. “Listen, Y/N, I understand that academic performance is important to you, but don’t you want to reconsider what you just said? You did well the last few months, and if you really think our relationship is going to become a problem, we can find a solution together. We could meet up less often, or study whenever we are together. College entrance exams will be hard, but we can get through it together. Please, Y/N, don’t do this.”

From the way he clenched his fingers and bit his lower lip I could tell that Minhyuk was very tense. All I wanted to do was to say, Yes, you are right, we can overcome anything together, but I knew we couldn’t. He didn’t know about his mother’s offer, and he didn’t know that I was completely in her clutches. My heart started to beat faster in my chest, and it took all of my self-control to say the words that would break Minhyuk’s heart.

“You did not let me finish. Exams are not the only reason why I think our relationship shouldn’t continue. I don’t like you anymore. I don’t see a point in dating someone I got bored of. Let’s just break up.”

I was about to turn around and walk away so that Minhyuk would not see the tears that started to collect in the corners of my eyes, but I was stopped by Minhyuk who reached for my wrist and held it in his strong grip. When I turned around to face him, I was met with a hurt but fierce look on his face.

“Then did our relationship mean nothing to you? All the laughs, all the promises, and our kiss… were they all show? Tell me, I need to know. Were you lying to me the entire time?”

No, I love you more than you could ever imagine, I am lying right now, don’t believe any word that I just said. I love you, Minhyuk

“Yes, Lee Minhyuk. It was just pretense.” I would never forget the painful look in his eyes when he let go off my wrist and stared at me in silence.

“Ah, before I forget,” I mumbled, more to distract myself from the desperation washing over me. I took out the small pink box with the golden ribbon Minhyuk had given me only days ago. Inside were the two teardrop-shaped earrings Minhyuk had given me as a present for our six months anniversary. With a last look at the tiny box, I shoved it into Minhyuk’s hands.

“I won’t need this anymore. Sorry that you had to go through the trouble of getting this, I hope you can still return them.”

I was not able to hold back the sadness threatening to devour me anymore, and without another look at him I walked away from the man who I loved so much. Tears were streaming down my face, like so many times in the last few days, and all I could hear was the blood roaring in my ears. When I thought that I was far away enough from Minhyuk, I broke into a run and let out the loud sobs I had held back for such a long time. I hated myself for feeling so weak, I hated Somin, my jealous classmate who had told Minhyuk’s mother about our relationship, for revealing my secret, and I hated the world for being so unfair. I ignored the stares of people stopping on the street to watch me curiously, and only when the stitch in my side became too unbearable and I was gasping for breath did I stop running.

I realized that I had run out of the park and away from the river, but I had not been able to outrun the miserable feeling of lying to and breaking up with the most important man in my life. I slumped into the next best bench I found and closed my eyes, trying to calm my breath and thoughts. When I came to my senses again, if that was even possible right now, I pulled out my phone and the business card Minhyuk’s mother had entrusted me with a few days ago. My hands were shaking when I entered her phone number, and only after three attempts did I get it right. I dreaded to hear the voice on the other end, but I was determined to get what she had promised me.

“Miss Lee, this is Y/N. I fulfilled my part of the deal.”

Content to hear these words, Minhyuk’s mother’s response was gleeful. “Very good. You are such an obedient girl, I like that. I shall keep my promise and let someone deliver the money to your apartment tomorrow. But first, I will confirm the truth of your statement tonight when my son comes home. Good night, Y/N.”

Now that my part was complete and nothing remained that could distract me from the pain in my chest, I let myself fall into the dark hole of sadness and hopelessness. I pulled my legs up to my chest and buried my face in my knees, trying to mute the broken sobs that escaped my lips. My entire body was shaking, and I clenched my hands in the hope that I could squash the feeling of absolute helplessness which consumed me more with every second. What had I done wrong to deserve such a punishment? Was it wrong to love someone with all my heart?

To passers-by, I simply looked like a heartbroken little girl, nothing they had never seen before. Although I was in one of the busiest and liveliest cities in the world, I could not have felt lonelier right now. 

Suddenly, after what felt like an eternity of crying, I felt a warm, comforting hand on my cold shoulder. When I looked up to the person who had stopped to check on me, it took my eyes a while to see clearly through all the tears in my eyes and notice an elderly woman with a perm and sympathetic smile on her face . I wiped the tears from my eyes, and I could only imagine how much of a mess I must look like right now. But I couldn’t care less. The woman’s voice was calm and sympathetic when she spoke to me.

“I don’t know what happened to you, but don’t despair yet. I know it does not make sense now, but you will heal eventually. Pain passes, and it will only make you stronger. Remember that after ever storm, no matter how severe, there will be sun and warmth again. Take care of yourself.”

Those words were all she left me with, and although I felt that despair had already gripped me like a tenacious vortex, I truly wished that what she said would prove right.


 My Love For You*Rafinha Alcantara imagine * 


“Rafinha!” I called out as I walked into the house

“Living room” He shouted back

I smiled, walking into the living room to see him, Neymar, and Pique playing a game on the TV. I chuckled as I took a seat next to him, “How long have  you two been getting beat by Rafinha?” I asked looking at the score

Pique groaned, “It’s only because Neymar can’t play keeper” He said

I chuckled, “So he’s been playing keeper for 4 goals?” I asked

Neymar flicked me off causing me to chuckle, after a little while Rafinha scored once more and Pique and Neymar began to get frustrated and ended up calling the game. “Awe come on, are you guys that bad of losers?” Rafinha asked chuckling

“I’ve got to get home and help Shakira” Pique said

I smiled, “How are the kids?”I asked

He smiled, “They’re smart” 

I chuckled, “And I’ve got a very hot date waiting for me” Neymar said

The two of them both gave Rafinha hugs and waved goodbye as they walked out of the house. Once they were gone, Rafinha turned towards me and smiled slinging his arm around my shoulder. “How was the hospital today?”He asked

I shrugged, “It was the same old same old, a lot of patients, 10 minute break you know the usual” I told him

Rafinha chuckled placing a kiss on my forehead, “Are you excited for your first day off in a while tomorrow?” He asked

I nodded wrapping my arms around his waist, “I am but I’m bummed that I won’t get to spend it all with you” I told him

Rafinha sighed, “Well, I’m only gone for 30 minutes in the morning. I’ll be sure to be back when you wake up” He said

I smiled, “I love you Rafinha”

“I love you too” 


When I woke up the next morning, Rafinha was indeed there and sitting by the dining table. “You’re awake finally”He said chuckling

I smiled, “Well I needed the sleep” I told him

“Now that you’ve got all the sleep that you needed, get ready” He said

I looked at him, “Get ready for what?”I asked

Rafinha smiled and pulled me down and onto his lap, “I’ve got something’s to show you” He said placing a kiss on my lips

I chuckled, “Are you going to tell me what it is?” I asked

He shook his head, “Nope, it’s a surprise” 

I groaned, and got off of his lap. “Alright, I guess I’ll go and get ready”I said

Rafinha nodded, “Go on” He said 

Going back into the bedroom, I got dressed in some skinny jeans and a really cute top before stepping out of the room and looking at Rafinha. “Ready” I said

Rafinha smiled, and extended his hand out to me taking it we walked out of the house and to the car. When we were inside, Rafinha got in the drivers side and drove to the destination. As soon as he stopped the car, we had stopped in front of a diner. I turned towards him, “You wanted to take me out to eat?”I asked

He nodded, “This is one of the surprises”He said

I smiled, and he got out coming around and opening my door for me. We walked into the diner and the hostess smiled at Rafinha before showing us to a table, “Can you please bring out the order?” He asked her

I looked between the two confused, “The order, will be coming right up” She said 

Turning towards Rafinha he just smiled. “What was that?”I asked

“I just ordered” He said

I chuckled, “I saw that but I mean the big order?” 

Rafinha nodded, “Yep the big order” 

“Are you going to tell me what it is?”

Rafinha shook his head, I chuckled and shook my head. It didn’t take long for the ‘order’ to come out, and when it did I smiled at Rafinha. Sitting on the table was the exact same food that we ate on our first date. “How did you still remember this?” I asked

Rafina shrugged giving a smug smile, “I couldn’t forget the day you finally agreed to go on a date with me” He said 

I smiled, and he motioned for me to go on and eat. Throughout the lunch Rafinha and I talked a little bit, and by the time we had finished eating Rafinha was smiling once again. Don’t get me wrong I loved seeing my baby boy smile but there was something about him today that just made me wonder what he had planned. 

Rafinha payed, and we headed back out to the car and onto the road once again. When we pulled back into the driveway of the house Rafinha turned towards me before he unlocked the car door, “I need you to do me a favor” He said

I raised an eyebrow, “Sure?” I said skeptical

He chuckled, and reached into the backseat grabbing the blindfold. “Put this on” He said

“You want me to put the blindfold on?” I repeated 

Rafinha nodded his head, “For me can you put the blindfold on?” He asked

I sighed before nodding and putting on the blindfold, “Okay what now?”I asked

“I’m going to come around and open the door” He said

I heard the car door open, and then close and then the same thing on my side. When I was out of the car, Rafinha held my hand and lead me inside and into the house. “Rafinha can’t you tell me what you’re doing?” I asked

He chuckled, “I’m doing something, look here’s a chair to sit down on” He said

I sighed sitting down with his help, “Are you going to pop a balloon in my face?” I asked into the open

Rafinha laughed, “Y/N why would I do?” 

I shrugged, “I don’t know you do a lot of things Rafinha” 

Rafinha chuckled, I heard a little bit of shuffling for a while before he spoke once again. “Alright you can take it off now” He said

As I removed the blindfold, I didn’t see Rafinha anywhere but I heard him. “Don’t get up,just watch the screen” He said

“The screen?” I questioned before looking in front of me to the screen. 

There were pictures on the screen going through like a powerpoint, I smiled as I realized that it was pictures of Rafinha and I from the first time we started dating and it went all the way till now. During the photos there was also some videos, and when it came to a black screen a smile was stuck on my face. “It’s done Rafinha” I said

“There’s one more thing” He said

I scrunched my eyebrows, and looked back at the screen to see a picture of a ring. “I’m confused” I said

“Turn around” He said 

Slowly I turned around to see Rafinha behind me, on one knee and a smile on his face. “Rafinha” 

He chuckled, “Before you say anything else, I just want to let you know that. I’ve loved you since I first met you, I knew you were the one that I wanted to have my first child with and that I wanted to meet me at the end of the aisle in her dream dress. I knew you were the one who would be the girl to do that with me, we’ve been together now for 4 years and I would like to know Y/N if you’d take me up on being together with me for the rest of our lives by being my wife” He finished

Listening to Rafinha say all those things I had started crying, and by the end if I would’ve said something it would’ve been inaudible. I nodded my head, and Rafinha smiled kissing my forehead and pulling me close to him hugging me. “My emotional wife” He said chuckling

I chuckled, “Shut up” 

anonymous asked:

Hey I'm not sure you got my previous ask since tumblr has a tendency to eat them... but would you write keith having to get braces and being really pissed about it and how shiro deals with him for your single dad shiro AU? Thank you!

Hi there! I don’t know if this went the way that you wanted, because I also included Hunk, Pidge and Lance because they are Keith’s BFFs forever. I’m sorry this was a bit late, and tumblr did eat your first ask!! Ugh. But I do hope you still enjoy this, because it was super fun to write. BTW, what Shiro did after Keith got braces happened to me with my lunch when I had to first have braces…Thanks so much for the ask!


              “Keith, what do you want for lunch?”


              “Keith? Oh come on now, you can’t ignore me forever.”


              “Seriously, the silent treatment?”



              Shiro sighed heavily and eventually turned around so that he could take a look at his son, who would no doubt be pouting. Sure enough, Keith was pouting with his arms folded over his chest and bottom lip jutting out. It was quite adorable really, on the twelve-year-old. Though, the situation was very serious and Shiro knew better than to laugh at Keith. Keith was fragile in moments like this and laughter would only make matters worse.

              Still, Keith was adorable.

              “Come on now Keith, they aren’t even that bad.” Shiro tried to comfort Keith who could only glare at Shiro. He pressed his lips together in attempts to close his mouth even more than possible. Shiro sighed.

              “You look good in them; better than the kids in all those teeny-bobby movies.” Shiro tried again as he continued to absently pack Keith’s lunch. Keith’s glare sharped and Shiro could almost feel the tension slice through him. He was slightly impressed by Keith’s looks – apparently, he was improving every day. He still needed some work in making them look more intimidating, but he was surely improving.

              “Come on Keith. Braces aren’t that bad.” Shiro said and Keith scowled in his seat.

              “Then why don’t you get them?” Keith finally grumbled and Shiro almost cheered in victory. Point one for Dad Shiro. He saw a sliver of the red braces on Keith’s teeth, before the pre-teen tried to hide them again.

              “That’s because your grandmother had perfect teeth and so did I.” Shiro said and flashed Keith his million dollar smile that made all the boys and girls swoon. Keith sank lower in his seat, pouting again and mumbled to himself.

              “Grandpa cursed me.”

              “Unfortunately.” Shiro nodded in agreement while Keith actually tried to hiss at him. Ignoring the gesture, Shiro packed Keith’s lunchbox into his backpack before handing it to the young boy. “Alright, it’s time for school. Up you go. I already let you go home early yesterday so you’re not missing another day.”

              “Dad no. There’s no way I can go to school like this.” For a brief second, Shiro watched as a flash of hesitation and panic flew across Keith’s face before being replaced with anger. However, he stood up and followed Shiro out the door, all while continuing to argue. “Lance is going to make fun of me and Hunk is gonna laugh and Pidge too!”

              “They will not. Friends don’t laugh.” Shiro murmured quietly while locking the front door. “Your friends will be very supportive, trust me. Lots of kids get braces these days anyway, so it’s not like you’re going to stand out.” Shiro pointed out, causing Keith to sigh dramatically.


              Kids did in fact notice Keith’s braces.

              Pretty much every kid in the school.

              After all, it wasn’t every day that the “weird” kid who talked to himself sometimes and chewed on everything, came to school in braces. Bright red braces. Plus, Lance totally made fun of him, the second he caught of glimpse of those shiny red braces on little Keith’s teeth. Which of course, made Hunk laugh at Lance’s stupid jokes and Pidge laughed because why wouldn’t they? Hunk tried to apologize when Keith walked away but he couldn’t stop giggling.

              Unfortunately, thanks to Lance’s big mouth, everyone had heard about Keith’s braces. Which meant more amo for picking on Keith. Keith was no stranger to bullying at school. He knew a lot of other kids didn’t understand why he did the things he did or was the way he was. Keith always felt blessed that despite growing up, Lance, Hunk and Pidge never once treated him any different despite being autistic. Normally, Keith didn’t care but it was hard to ignore when kids were laughing at him behind his back and tapping pictures of buck-tooth horses to his locker.

              Keith sighed when another kid asked if Keith’s mouth was bleeding – oh wait, those are just your bright red nerd braces. He sat hunched in the back of the cafeteria, hoping that he could simply ignore everyone and that he could eat his lunch in peace.

              Lance, Hunk and Pidge hadn’t been able to spot Keith from where he was hiding in the cafeteria. Slowly, Keith unzipped his lunchbox and hoped for a good time. That is until he opened up his lunchbox all the way.

              Was this a joke? Was dad trying to make a joke?

              Keith stared in dismay at his packed lunch, staring at a hard apple, a bag of crunchy chips, some pretzels and a sandwich on toasted bread. The pain in Keith’s mouth from his braces intensified while his stomach grumbled pathetically. Can I even try to eat this? Keith stared mournfully at his lunch before opening his water. At least I won’t be thirsty.

              He winced at he tried to bit into the sandwich before spitting it out when a sore spot on his teeth became too much. The same result happened when he tried to eat a few meager chips and pretzels. Keith didn’t even bother with the apple before throwing away his lunch. He ignored the laughter that followed after him before scurrying out of the cafeteria, willing back the tears in his eyes.


              “Was that a joke today?!” Shiro blinked in surprise when Keith shouted at him before he had closed the door to the car. When he looked over, Shiro could see that Keith was actually furious and not being dramatic. Shiro could barely speak before Keith had tapped both sides of his heads and nearly screamed in frustration. “It’s bad enough that I have to wear these stupid things for a year, but you couldn’t even think about how much it hurts when you packed my lunch?! Are you freakin’ kidding me?!” Keith tapped his head again and Shiro put the car in drive, catching on to Keith’s signal.

              “I mean, did you seriously have to pack an apple?! And pretzels? You know how much my mouth hurts!” Keith fumed and Shiro felt his eyes widened. A sickly feeling of guilt clawed at his stomach and his grip on the steering wheel tightened.

              “Oh, my god, Keith I forgot. I’m so sorry.” Shiro groaned and almost banged his forehead onto his steering wheel. He couldn’t believe that he had actually forgotten to think about how much Keith’s mouth hurt – would hurt for the next few days, when he had packed Keith’s lunch this morning. He’d just packed what he would have normally packed, without thinking, and Shiro felt awful.

              “I know! I can’t forget these.” Keith hissed, pointing to the braces along his teeth. “I have to wear them every day. I can’t just forget about them like that!” Keith crossed his arms over his chest furiously and glared out the window. Shiro swallowed heavily and sighed, feeling far guiltier that he probably should have. But it was hard for Keith to adjust to sudden and noticeable changes such as having to get braces, and Shiro hadn’t made it any easier for him.

              “You’re right. You can’t just forget about them or pretend they don’t exist.” Shiro sighed when the car came to a stop at a red light. “Keith, I’m so sorry. It’s no excuse, but I’m so sorry that I packed you a lunch that you couldn’t even eat. It was rude of me to not consider how much pain you must be in.”

              Keith felt his stomach churn with guilt at his dad’s apology. He’d been so angry after the atrocious day he’d had a work. At first, Keith wanted nothing more than for his father to apologize for his actions to make Keith feel better, but Keith realized that his dad hadn’t really done anything wrong. Sure, he’d forgotten to pack a soft lunch, but his dad didn’t make him get braces out of spite and to humiliate Keith. Keith’s dad never did anything to hurt Keith, ever.

              “It’s okay. School just sucks.” Keith finally sighed, rubbing his hands along his pants. Shiro glanced over at Keith for a second before returning to the road. “Kids think my braces are a joke. I’m just in a stupid mood.”

              “Are kids making fun of you?” Shiro demanded, and his tone was entirely protective and serious now. Keith snickered at the image of his dad marching to the school. “Do I need to go to your school?” Suddenly, Keith felt guilty. His dad had fought many of the schools in Keith’s past for their treatment of Keith’s diagnosis and each time was a hardship on his dad and him. Keith didn’t want his dad to be under any more stress than necessary.

              “Um, some kids are just making jokes. Like Lance. You know me, I get real hotheaded and annoyed.” Keith rubbed at his jeans nervously and bit his lip. Since he was watching the road, Shiro didn’t notice Keith’s posture and nodded before relaxing.

              “Well, hopefully they’ll stop after today. Jokes get boring after a while.” Shiro smiled and Keith forced himself to smile despite the sick feeling in his stomach.

              “Yeah. Knowing Lance, he’ll probably be joking about some made-up girl he saved this week.”


              I’m sorry about the other day. I’m hoping some extra pudding will make up for it 😊. Dad        

              Keith couldn’t fight the smile even if he wanted to when he opened up his lunch the next day. Instead of the awful lunch yesterday, today’s lunch had two cups of Keith’s favorite Jell-o, two cups of chocolate pudding. Some watermelon and a cup of his dad’s homemade soup. Lance caught sight of the grin on Keith’s face and peeked over into his lunch box before his jaw dropped.

              “That’s adorable, but your dad packed a seriously awesome lunch!” Lance exclaimed and Pidge and Hunk both looked in to investigate.

              “Whoa. Can I trade you a pudding cup?” Hunk asked and Pidge nodded eagerly before scavenging their own lunch to look for something to trade.

              “Nuh-uh.” Keith stuck his tongue out, red braces poking out. “This is my lunch because my mouth hurts.”

              “Dude, maybe I need to get someone to punch me in the mouth so my mama can pack me a goodie pack.” Lance grumbled bitterly and bit into what was supposed to be pizza, but really it could be anything. After all, the cafeteria served sketchy stuff sometimes. Hunk and Pidge grumbled playfully but backed off, allowing Keith to eat his lunch in peace.

              However, just as Keith was about to dive into his second pudding cup, his jaw exploded with pain when he felt something hard and rubber slam into his face. Instantly, Keith dropped his food and grabbed his jaw. His nerves were tingling with pain, since his mouth was still sore from the braces. Keith felt tears due to pain begin to burn in his eyes, just as several kids started laughing. Keith barely noticed when Hunk, Pidge and Lance shot out of their seats.

              “Hey! Why did you just do that?!” Pidge snarled, hands clenched at their sides in fists as the three of them stared down the group of guys who had shot a rubber band at their friend.

              “Wanted to see how much it would hurt.” One kid laughed causing his whole table to join him.

              “Well, let’s see how much this will hurt!” Lance threatened darkly and rolled up his sleeves. However, Hunk snatched his fist at the last second and pulled it back, while simultaneously checking to see if Keith was okay. “I’ll knock two cents into your stupid, tiny brain, you assholes.”

              “Lance!” Hunk whispered hotly and Pidge beamed.

              “Whatever. Don’t know why you defend that loser.” The other kid snorted and his goonies laughed again.

              “Hey! That’s our friend you’re talking about!” Pidge hissed. “Our best friend, whose face is much more appealing than yours will ever be without braces.” The kid frowned at Pidge and his goonies all “ooooohed.”

              “Lemme at him, Hunk.” Lance growled darkly but Hunk easily held him back as he looked at Keith’s cheek.

              “Are you okay?” Hunk asked when Keith wiped his eyes before anyone could see. Just as Keith was about to speak, he flinched back when another rubber band hit his mouth. Hunk recoiled sharply and let go of Lance, who stormed towards the table of laughing kids with Pidge hot on his tail. A dark look settled over Hunk and he turned his full attention to the laughing kids. There was a look in his eyes, almost like that of a soldier, who was on his way to war and it made the lunch room’s atmosphere feel like ice.

              “You jerk.” Hunk said calmly before making his way towards the kid who had shot the rubber bands at Keith. By now, the entire lunch room was deadly silent. Hunk had never intervened before.

              Lance and Pidge each held back a kid as Hunk made his way towards his target. By now, the kid was beginning to sweat and he scrambled to try and get out of his seat. However, Hunk easily caught him by the collar of his shirt before lifting him up into the air, so that his feet didn’t touch the ground. Hunk’s eyes narrowed and he brought the bully’s face right up to his own.

              “You think you can hurt Keith and get away with it?” He said, still in the calm voice he always had. “Well, think again. Nobody hurts our friend.” With that, Hunk grabbed the kid’s shirt with two hands before dunking the kid into a nearby trashcan. Only when the kid was fully submerged in the trash and staring at Hunk with wide eyes did Hunk back away and grab a hold of Keith’s hand. He led the other boy out of the cafeteria with the rest of his lunch in hand.

              “I expect a new chocolate pudding for Keith tomorrow.” Hunk said over his shoulder and exited the lunchroom. Lance and Pidge followed, each pointing to their eyes and back at the bullies with two fingers and then back at their eyes, before they too left the lunchroom.

              No one noticed the small smile on Keith’s lips.


              Shiro had been livid when he heard about what had happened. You can bet on it that he had stormed into the school, furious and raging about the safety of children and zero tolerance for bullying. Needless to say, the next day Keith had several cups of pudding by his locker, his bully was suspended and his mouth didn’t hurt as much anymore.

              Unfortunately, Hunk had gotten detention for throwing a kid in the trash can but Shiro had slid the boy a ten for his work and thanked Hunk for what he did for Keith. Hunk’s smile was enough of thanks for Shiro.

              Keith smiled, braces and all and thought: Maybe this won’t be too awful.

Business and Pleasure: Jaehyun (M)

Description: Jaehyun au where he’s a CEO of a company and his girlfriend brings him lunch on his break.

Originally posted by trainingpanda

Request: So I noticed that Jaehyun is your nct bias too. So could you pleaseeeeeeeee write a jaehyun smut? Like any smut, I literally don’t care. I just feel like there is a lack of jaehyun scenarios on this website


***Jaehyun POV***

“Yes sir…I understand. Thank you. Have a good d-.” Click.

‘The bastard hung up on me.’ I sighed and put my phone back on my desk. The boss just chewed my ass because I didn’t have the employees’ portfolios on his desk. Seriously, how did he expect one man to interview all 2,500 workers in the building in one week? ‘I’m not a goddamn superhuman.’

A knock on my office door pulled me from my thoughts, “Come in.” I typed away at my laptop and I looked up at my secretary who poked her head in.

“Mr. Jung, there’s a woman by the name of Y/N on the phone and she’s waiting in the lobby, what should I do?”

“Send her up.” She nods and closes my door softly. A small grin spread to my face, was it lunch time already?

Moments later, the door opened and in stepped Y/N. “Hey babe. How’s work going for you?” She sets the food down on my desk and her ass follows.

“Who gave you permission to sit on my desk?” She rolls her eyes and smirks.

“I believe you did when you fucked me right here last week.”

“That was a one time thing. I think my secretary heard us.”

“Let her hear, she needs to know who’s name you call when I’m sucking you off.” She turns around and crosses her legs in front of me, “I know she has a thing for you.”

“Oh I love it when you get possessive.” I drag my nails down her smooth legs, giving her goosebumps. I grabbed her foot and slowly kissed my way up to the inside of her thigh.

“You said it was a one time thing.”

“I can make an exception.” Massaging her thighs I sigh, “But I want something else for lunch baby.” She sexily bites her finger and sets her leg on my shoulder while I hold the other open.

“Enjoy because it’s an all you can eat buffet.” I chuckle and pull off her shorts.

She mewls as I press my thumb against her sensitive nub, rubbing circles on it. I grab the panties she’s wearing and she lifts her hips so that I could take them off of her. They stopped at her ankle and I smirked at how wet she was. She was already glistening and the sight looked mighty delicious.

“I wouldn’t mind having you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.” Before she can respond, my tongue is already tickling her clit. The soft calls of my name filled the room and I could feel myself getting hard. I gripped her ass cheeks and kneaded them in my hands while giving her slow licks up and down her slit.

“Oh Jaehyun~” I look up and she’s squeezing her breasts with closed eyes. Normally I’d tell her that I was the only one who could please her but her taste made my mind hazy. But not hazy enough to hear the familiar tip-tap of gators on the tile floor.

I immediately stopped and pulled her off my desk. She was half naked and there’s no way she’d be clothed by the time the person came in. “Get under my desk.” Was the only logical thing I could think of saying in the short amount of time.

“Are you crazy? I’m not ab-”

“NOW!” She instantly shuts her mouth and gets underneath it. I gathered her clothing and gave them to her just before the door opened. I idly typed away at my laptop, pretending to write a report.  

“Jung Jaehyun.” Shit, it was my boss. “I told you I’d be here. You look unprepared. Did you forget?” His haughty voice made me slightly angry but I kept it at bay.

“Of course not,” ‘Of course I did.’ “Welcome Mr. Lee.”

“How many times have I told you, you can’t eat in your office.” He briefly glanced at the lunch that was untouched because I ate at a buffet instead. “ Anyways, I’m here to give you your six month evaluation.” I nodded. How could I have forgot about that? I slyly checked my calendar and today was definitely circled with a red marker. “You worked very diligently for the past five months but you did not complete the portfolio assignment that was given to you.”

When I opened my mouth to say something, I choked on my words. My zipper was pulled down and in the quiet office, I’m pretty sure he heard it. Y/N. Sneaky little…

She gripped my shaft in the palm of her hands and stroked me softly. I gulped as my boss stared at me.

“Cat got your tongue?” I really wanted to reach across and punch him in the face but I didn’t want to lose my job. “Is something the matter, boy? Where has your voice gone?” I finally gather my words to form a coherent sentence but her lips wrap around my member and they leave my brain.

“I-I…got really sick. I only have 75 employees left, sir.” My voice cracked as my tip hit the back of her throat. I sucked my bottom lip in my mouth and gripped the edge of the mahogany desk.

“Seems like you haven’t gotten over your cold. I’ll give you a three day extension but I want the rest of the interviews emailed to me by Thursday. Clear?”

“Crystal.” He got up to leave and when my door closes, I let out a tiny groan and thrusted my hips up to meet her eager mouth. My head lolls back and I can feel her smirk against my dick. “You’re in so much trouble.” Her hand is squeezing and stroking my shaft in a spherical motion and I don’t think I can hold myself back, so I don’t.

My cum shoots into her mouth and it fills her cheeks. I open my eyes and my vision is blurred. Her giggle rings through my ears and I quickly pull her up to bend her over my desk. “I bet this is what you wanted all along.” I roughly bite at her neck and slide two fingers into her wet heat.

My fingers moved expertly inside of her, knowing everything she liked and disliked. I pull her shirt off and remove her bra. She’s fully naked and I’m still in my suit. Her moans are loud while I move my digits inside of her at a torturous pace. She begged me to go faster but I didn’t. How would she learn her lesson if she always got what she wanted? She threw herself back on my fingers and I smacked her ass harshly.

“Be good. I promise to reward you if you’re a good girl.” She nods and keeps still. After a few minutes, she’s a moaning mess and her liquids flow out of her pussy freely, soaking my fingers. “That wasn’t supposed to happen, darling.”

I align my cock with her entrance and I easily slip inside of her. My movements cease as she tightens around me. Her chest is pressed against the surface of my desk, eyes shut tight. I move inside of her, not as fast as I would have liked since she was restricting me from doing what I really wanted.

I grip her shoulders and pound into her, my girth spreading her nether lips even more. Our moans and groans mix together in perfect harmony and it makes me increase my speed. Skin slapping against skin is music to my ears and I can feel that familiar sensation building up in the base of my cock. No words were spoken between us as I brought my hand up to cover her mouth that let out loud whimpers, muffling them. My hips sped up on their own and my desk began to move from the place it had been in for a while.

My sturdy thrusts were met with her ass, my movements so powerful it caused ripples to form every time I came in contact with them. I was so close and I knew she was too when she bit my hand. I let my hand fall from her mouth and wrap around her neck.

She produced silent moans and she instantly came, squirting her wetness all over the floor. I gave my all in the last three thrusts and came inside of her, filling her womb with my sperm. I pull out and her body jerks before she falls limp on my desk, breathing heavily.

I lean over to kiss her back softly and I smile as I see my hand prints on her hips. With me being so focused on Y/N, I didn’t hear when my secretary make her way down the hall.

“Excuse me-” Her pale cheeks are redder than roses as she gazes at Y/N’s motionless body on my desk. I adjusted my pants and buckled my belt after zipping them.

“Go ahead and take the rest of the day off.” I fix my tie and she goes running out of my office.

“At least she knows who you belong to.” Her tired voices says,

“I think the whole building knows who was the one making you moan like that.” I help clean her up and get her dressed. “By the way, you should bring me lunch every day.”


[SF9] Thanks for Lunch
  • Member: Chani / Kang Chan Hee
  • Genre: Fluff
  • Words: 1.7k
  • Author: Jessie
  • Notes x2: This was actually a request that I had gotten on my other blog.. // Hello! I’m a little shy when it comes to requesting something, but I would love to have one. I was wondering if you could do a Chani from SF9 where he has been busy with live shows and practicing so you surprise him at one of his lives (M-Countdown, The Show, Inkigayo, etc.)? I hope you are having a fantastic day and please stay healthy and happy in the years to come! //

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vampire series • chapter two

it’s real long and there’s blood mentions throughout the entire thing, obviously.

part one

Mornings at the apartment were downright mad when everyone gathered together under the roof of what seemed to be the smallest kitchen to ever be constructed. Seven people; three vampires, three half vampires and one human all bustling around in the compact space got crowded and started arguments when someone’s elbow jammed here or another person’s knee bumped into there. It wasn’t a true Kim family morning without unnecessarily loud quarrels.

The blame always fell on the humans; the twins, Hoseok and Seokjin. The four who obtained energy by consuming food found it necessary to fight over what would be for breakfast every single morning. Seokjin wanted pancakes, Hoseok wanted French toast, the twins wanted rice and fish, and there were never agreements met between them. Seokjin nearly always won, partly because he was the goddamn cook and he was going to whip up what he damn well wanted, thank you. Namjoon, Jungkook and Yoongi would already be patiently seated at the dining table, they were all forced to eat together (blame the human for his strange family traditions), and would watch the others bicker back and forth while slowly sipping on their thick refreshments of blood.

Today was barely different. The usual four were acting out their predictable scene of bellowing over each other, Namjoon, Jungkook and Yoongi perched in the hard wooden chairs a few feet away, two elders slurping red liquid into their mouths with the assistance of the thinly attached tubes. Jungkook decided he wasn’t particularly hungry and skipped out on his portion of blood, went for frowning at his lap for most of meal time, even when the twins began throwing their food back and forth and Seokjin knowingly squeezed at his knee beneath the table’s surface.

He was awake last night; felt Namjoon’s chest rumble the spot between his shoulder blades as he groaned, scrunched his face immediately at the lack of security, vanishing sense of protection as the vampire’s arm reluctantly slid from the dip of his waist when the barely audible blubbers of the youngest seeped through the thick walls of their bedroom, realized Namjoon probably heard them like Jungkook was right beside him crying directly into his ear. He repeatedly contemplated on if he should go in to help but then he’d remember how Jungkook felt small and childish and too babied if he or Namjoon got even the slightest bit parent-like towards him, knew Namjoon had it under control if the careful murmurs that replaced the weeping were anything to go by. He heard the faint bicker of the twins too, figured he could help there instead but the bed was significantly warmer with his frosty Demon gone and he found it difficult to slip away when it seemed so much easier to fall back to sleep instead. Jungkook was being eased and the twins fighting wasn’t anything new, so he was able to peacefully close his eyes and drift off to a land where he didn’t have five immortal children and a few millennium old roommate.

Seokjin leaves for work at the coffee shop just a bit after breakfast is finished; once his lavender-smelling sweater and crisply ironed pants are thrown on, once he makes sure Namjoon swears to take the twins for lunch because we don’t need our building catching fire because you tried to cook again Demon, once he’s satisfied with the annoyed expressions of Jungkook, Taehyung and Jimin as he leaves sloppy smooches at the crown of all three of their foreheads while they’re squished together in a line on the couch, too concentrated on their video games to put up much of a fuss.

Namjoon pitched him a coat before he, along with Yoongi and Hoseok who were on their way to the gym, disappeared behind the elevator doors. Paranoia surged through him and he waited out in the smelly, dimly lit hallway and listened until the familiar sounds of glass mugs clinking against each other rang back into his ears as the cafe was set up.

When Namjoon spun to enter the apartment, his son was leaned against the threshold of the door, bundled up in a black pull over jacket and matching beanie, leader’s shoulders jerking in slight shock since his hearing was channeled to one place and left him unaware of his surroundings, therefore startled by Jungkook’s sneak up.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

Jungkook steps out to stand with his father when his brothers kick up another argument behind him, hand quietly shutting the door with a twisted arm.

“She’s leaving,”

Namjoon takes a step forward, brings himself into Jungkook’s personal space and manages to make them both feel slightly uncomfortable when he tilts his head back and their faces are close enough to be considered inappropriate between a father and son.


Namjoon could see into Jungkook’s mind, which was in shambles, chaotic jumbled thoughts unconfined and loose from their places because the simple thought of you had everything crumbling down in Jungkook’s world.


He says your name quietly, so delicately like he wasn’t worthy of speaking it out loud and if you heard him, you’d unleash the wrath from hell itself down upon him. Namjoon observes his body language, grows confused at the distressed, needy, helpless expression on his son’s face.

“Bunny,” Namjoon sighs and Jungkook glances to where he was weaving his fingers together; his tone didn’t sound promising. “Just… Remember to eat something. Don’t skip lunch too or your- Seokjin, he’ll kill me. Try to anyway.”

Namjoon himself could skip a feeding for a day or two, sometimes weeks then sometimes there’s months where he forgets to eat while trying to keep his household from falling apart, but he’d be damned if any of his kids missed even one of their three daily doses of enriched blood. Jungkook wasn’t feeling decent this morning and blood only would’ve made him feel worse, so Namjoon allowed for him to ditch his bag. But now, Jungkook was happier, sunrise depression long forgotten and he could feed without feeling like he could die, again.

Jungkook’s dull eyes flash a brilliant cerulean blue in excitement when he lifts his head at his father’s response. He easily nods, finding it hard to keep his happiness masked.

“Okay, I will-”

“You better. I mean it,”

Namjoon didn’t mean to be so stern all the time but it was the only way to get through to teenagers effectively, he learned that very quickly.


He reaches for the golden handle and Jungkook’s face at the same time, palm affectionately patting the younger’s cheek twice before the door is swung open and the leader enters the apartment.

Outside, Jungkook huddles beneath the safe shade of the building’s arch over the doors, away from the blazing sun that would have his skin bubbling after a few minutes of contact. He feels his chest explode when his eyes land upon your figure across the busy street, glimpses of you descending the stairs of your own apartment building flickering at him between the spaces of the passing cars. He couldn’t help but think about how adorable you were, dressed similarly casual like him in a hoodie and pair of sweats with unruly hair carelessly done, black rimmed pair of glasses perched on your nose. Jungkook could smell your sweet perfume from where he was stood, the supple scent riding the waves of the breeze that swirled into his nose and forced him to face the brick wall when his eyes went blue again with lust. He wanted nothing more than to nuzzle into the crook of your neck and smell you up close instead of from across the street, really hold you to his body with his hands instead of just dream about it.

On the other side of the road, you were stomping your heels and huffing the loose strands of your messy hair out of your face while you frustratingly dug into the dark confines of your bag. You had to push your glasses back up from where they slid down the bridge of your nose multiple times, only furthering your irritation. A forever long trip back up to the sixth floor of your apartment building, courtesy of the broken elevator, didn’t sound like a cup of tea and only sent your mood spiraling downwards until-

“Fucking finally,”

Your hand grips around your cellphone and you yank it out from the bottom of your pencils and notebooks and cases and scarf and everything else it decided to bury itself beneath to make your morning harder. You throw the strap back over your shoulder and continue on your journey to the coffee shop, your body easily fleeting between the traffic of passengers on the walkway while you dialed a familiar number.

“Hello, love,”


You were seething angrily through your teeth, quietly under your breath as to not attract the attention of the others around you.

“Yes, baby. That is me,”

“Where the-“

You cut yourself off when your voice unintentionally gets louder, taking a glance around to double check no one could hear you before safely lowering your voice more.

“Where the fuck is my car,”

“Oh, did you need it?”

“Mark Tuan!”

Your frustration was becoming apparent and your boyfriend was laughing on the other end of the call.

“You have god damn super speed, I do not!”

“Baby, calm down,”

“I have so much shit to do today, it’s unbelievable,”

The scratch in your voice is whiny and makes you seem like you’re on the verge of tears as you pull on the handle of the shop, and your boyfriend sighs into your ear.

“Do you need the car back y/n? I can bring it to you,”

It was your turn to slowly breathe out, exhaustion weighing down your shoulders while you walk up to the counter and comb some fingers through the front of your hair to clear your vision of curled strays. You order something hot, large and strong to help with the bags beneath your eyes, smiling at the cute barista with defined muscles and a pretty face.


You finally reply to Mark, swiveling on your heels to lean against the marbled edge of the flat top.

“I can just walk; it’s really not that big of a deal. You just have to tell me when you’re going to use my car next time Mark so I can get a head start on all the errands.”

“I will not take the car without your permission anymore love; I apologize for doing so,”

A frown adorns your face and the small flame of hope you had left diminishes with his distant tone.

“You’re not even paying attention,”


You flip around and mouth a thank you at the boy, taking your warm cup and sliding him a few bills.

“Keep the change,”

His face brightens up and his thankful wave is the last thing you catch before you’re shuffling away with hands full, purse tucked under your arm, coffee in one hand and phone in the other.

“Mark, what the hell are you doing that you can’t talk to your girlfriend for five fucking minutes? Hello? Who are you with?”

“Love, I’ve got to call you back,”

“You better think twice before you hang up on me Mark Tuan,”

It was the second time you’ve said his full name and he knew that meant you were seriously upset and just wanted him to reassure you and calm you down before your day got any worse, but he had a situation on his hands. You are turning around to open the coffee house door with your lower back when he speaks.

“I’m sorry, I love you,”


The dial tone reaches your ears and you gape in astonishment, not believing that he had actually ended the call with you. You grumble silent profanities at him, mapping out ways to kill him in your mind as you stomp your way out into the busy morning. One more step brings you in contact with the firm chest of an innocent man, a very tall innocent man. There’s sharp pain in your nose and there’s scalding liquid splashing through your hoodie and soaking your torso in burns. Your bag disappears, your phone flies and the awkward position of your feet has you falling to the sidewalk with each of your belongings.

“Fuck, are you alright?”

The man you glance up at has dark eyebrows that are turned down, soft looking pink lips pressed tight, eyes the color of your spilled drink drowning in concern flicking back and forth between your own.

“I um,”

His hand is outstretched for you and when you wrap your own around his, the yank away is inevitable with his palm the temperature of snow, icicles finding home in your veins. Your wide, knowing eyes go to his and suddenly you’re okay to help yourself up, heart skipping a few beats when you see his jacket, looking similar to your own.

“I-I’m sorry, holy shit, I’m so sorry. You’re all,”

You go to gesture to the mess you’ve made but his face distracts you, still scrunched up in mixed emotions.


“I asked if you were alright,”

He repeats himself and you can’t tell if the blush on your cheeks and neck is because of appreciation or fear.

“I’m fine I’m,”

Your eyes grow larger and you look down to search the sidewalk, knees quickly collapsing under you to bring you close enough to grab your phone. You flip it over and your face falls at the artistic cracks that tree branched over your screen, your finger delicately smoothing them over. Sadly enough, that wasn’t your biggest problem. You stuff your totaled phone into your bag and throw it over your shoulder when you stand up, facing the boy again after you grab your still thankfully intact glasses and slip them on.

“I’m really sorry again I,”

You bite your lip and his eyes are immediately on your mouth, hungrily taking in the sight of you rolling flesh between your teeth until it’s released and he’s forced to look away in embarrassment, hands scrambling to fix the beanie that was fine without adjustments.

“Can I take you to a laundry mat to clean your clothes? Maybe buy you a drink; I know I’m going to need a refill,”

You sensed the rejection even before he tried waving you off and shaking his head.

“Please. It will make me feel a lot better if I know I’m the one who cleaned them; the building is just around the corner. It’s the least I can do after running into you so roughly,”

“Really, it’s-“

“Great, let’s go,”

He’s shocked when you reach for his wrist, freezing under your tight grip but you ignore the familiar feeling to it and begin dragging him towards the closest cleaners you could remember off the top of your head. But then a thought enters your mind and you abruptly stop and turn to him, yelping when you’re met with the firm wall of his chest for the second time.


You take a step back and look up, dropping his arm and letting it fall to his side.


“My name,”

He confirms and your suspicious only grow about him but you slowly nod and recite yours back. After the uncomfortable exchange and listening to him quietly murmur your name a few times, you’re back to walking beside each other in silence. You learn quickly that he isn’t much of a talker, though neither are you, especially to people with intimidatingly handsome faces.

The heat wasn’t helping the strong stench of coffee weighing down your clothing as you made your way passed people and their judgmental stares. The uneasiness doesn’t lift from the air until you’ve both rounded the corner and the cleaning department comes into your view. Unconsciously, the both of you began to quicken your pace.

Jungkook’s arm stretches around you and beats your hand to the door, effortlessly pulling it open and gesturing you first. You thank him under your breath and duck inside the empty building quickly to avoid his notice of your pink cheeks, body weaving through the maze of washing machines and dryers with him trailing behind you. As you walk to the back, your nose catches onto the sharp stench of stinky bleach and the overwhelming perfume of mixed laundry detergents, from lavender to ocean breeze. You could’ve chosen any of the machines, given the place was vacant of anyone besides you, Jungkook and an elderly worker and all were available, but you pick the appliances closest to the vending machines and waiting tables.

You slowly lift up the lid and peek into the shiny tumbler before you fingered the hem of your coat and glanced at Jungkook.

“Is this one okay?”

He distractedly nods, eyes boring into the small sliver of skin you were revealing to him. Suddenly, you felt embarrassed to get undressed in front of a stranger, but you needed your jacket washed and you weren’t going to be the only one feeling exposed you hoped.

Upon realizing that you were a bit shy and hesitant, Jungkook steps forward and bends his arms over his shoulders to take fistfuls of the back of his hoodie. When he yanks on the material, dragging it up and over his head, his shirt gets caught on the inside but before you were able to catch a glimpse of the blindingly pale skin of his lower back, his hand is positioning his shirt back into place as he tosses his coat into the machine. Noticing his bed-infused mess of hair, you squat to pick up the beanie that had fallen off and drape it over the ledge of the machine in front of him.

“Thanks, your turn,”

He shoots you a sly smile and you puff air into your cheeks, sliding your purse off of your shoulder and prying it open to find some cash. Jungkook’s confused at the bills you shove into his hand, but you just hand him your purse and point behind you.

“Get us drinks and pick a seat? Uh, please,”

He stares down at you in amusement, completely sensing the insecurity washing over you and he nods, slides your purse on and maneuvers his way around towards the tables. You let out a breath and quickly rip off your soaking coat to toss into the washer. You scoop up the grains of laundry soap and dump them in, turn the dial until water is gushing out and you watch, mesmerized for a few seconds before you drop the lid and go to join Jungkook.

“Does this usually take a while?”

You smile sympathetically at him leaned up against the vending machine, arms crossed over his chest, and hope he doesn’t have to be anywhere anytime soon, pulling yourself out a chair to sit on.

“It’s not a necessarily fast process, the washing is about ten and then drying maybe another fifteen. Could be less since it’s not a full load you know? It’s only our jackets,”

Jungkook shrugs and you watch him push off of the drink dispenser and slowly drag his finger over the many buttons of choices, eyes locked on yours. It almost makes you choke, almost.

“What would you like?”

“Anything hot,”

You fold your arms over each other and lay your head down, a deep sigh escaping your lips. You keep your eyes closed and enjoy the darkness, basking in the loud heavy shake of your washing clothes and lemony smell of the clean table surface beneath you. You only look up when you feel warmth radiating next to your hand, groaning thankfully at the sight of a steaming drink placed in front of you. Your fingers close around the small cup, palms warming quickly while you raise the rim to your mouth and take a careful sip. Humming in satisfaction, your eyes peek over the edge at Jungkook leaning all of his weight onto his hands, curled around the sides of the vending machine while he scanned the soda options.

Under his form-fitting black shirt, you could see his shoulder blades bulging with his defined surrounding muscles, the arm holes looking about to rip at the seams at the abnormal yet beautiful size of his biceps. You tilt your head and wonder if he knows about the tear he had in his back pocket that was revealing the smallest patch of navy blue underwear.

One of his large hands swiftly blocks your view as if he had been listening in on your thoughts and it causes you to jump in surprise, eyes widening and fingers quickly tightening around your cup when it almost slips from your grip. You clear your throat and avert your eyes to the chipping paint on the wall instead, waiting for him to pick something and sit down across from you.


You try to hide the fact that you were shamelessly staring at his ass less than thirty seconds before, knew it was written all over your face in permanent marker and knowing Jungkook could read you better than your own boyfriend was able didn’t make you fidget any less under his intense gaze.

“How old are you?”


His answer is fast; so fast it takes you a few extra seconds to comprehend that he had already replied.

“Right, okay,”

Your nails pick and pull at the ledge around your cup, peeling at the paper and uncurling it as a distraction.

“Do you live around here?”

When he doesn’t respond as quick, your eyes flick up to meet his heavy glare, the way his eyebrows were frowning giving off the impression of conflict inside his head. You could tell by his shiny eyes he was hiding something from you when he spoke simply.


You decide not to pry and go with nodding, gulping down another drink. You’re scoping out the bright white of every small and big item in the space, skipping over the worker who was busying herself with a magazine straight into the old, dusty gaming area, scrunching your face up in disgust at the lack of wipe downs when Jungkook says something.

“Sorry, what?”

Your eyes are back on his and you couldn’t understand why it felt so familiar, why it felt like you stared into those same eyes every night.

“Do you?”

He repeats himself and he must notice that you’re confused because the cutest laugh you’ve ever heard come from a man tumbles from his plush lips and floats over the table into your ears.

“Live around here y/n, do you?”

Once he clarifies what he meant, you contemplate slapping yourself for forgetting about the conversation.

“Up the street, a few buildings down from the coffee shop,”

His tongue prods at the corner of his faint smile, his dark corneas glued onto yours as if he were in awe of you, unable to tear away or blink.

“Are you okay?”

You swipe your hand through his sight line but he doesn’t flinch, retracts his tongue and raises his eyebrows in questioning.


“Are you okay? You like, dozed off,”

“Yes.. yes!”

You get startled when he raises his voice and there’s an unpleasant screeching as he abruptly shoves himself backward in his chair to stand up.

“Sorry um, I’ll switch our clothes to the dryer,”

“I don’t think..”

He’s gone before you could tell him they weren’t finished washing yet, your eyes landing upon his untouched can of Mt. Dew. You wait for him to return, watching his every move as he purposely avoids your gaze.

“Do you have family?”


You could tell by the tone of his voice he wasn’t surprised by what you had asked, was expecting it to come sooner or later.

“Family, you said you were eighteen,”

“Right, uh,”

His arm is back to flexing when his fingers comb through black curls, stretching above his head to scratch the back of his neck.

“You don’t need to answer,”

You rub at the surface of the table, hoping he wouldn’t notice the way you were looking at him. He did, and you knew because he cleared his throat and had to look away, jaw clenched and hands curled into fists.

“It’s fine,”

He replies but doesn’t look back.

“My… family is pretty scattered,”

“Why did they leave?”

He finally looks at you and your cheeks flush of heat and color.


“No it’s, okay. They,”

He swallowed, carefully searching for the right words.

“My dad’s got quite a few kids, and we don’t all get along I guess? So a lot of my brothers and sisters took off when us youngers came,”

You push your empty cup away from you and fold your arms in a comfortable resting place for your head, blinking at him in interest.

“At the house now, there’s just me and a couple of my other brothers. My dad of course and his, I don’t even know what Seokjin is. He acts like such a mother sometimes, I suppose that’s what he can be,”

“You don’t have a mom?”

Your eyes widen with your rude question and you lift up, quickly shaking your head.

“I’m so sorry, that’s not what I,”

“It’s okay,”

He chuckles and waves you off and you slowly lower yourself back down to rest, embarrassed. Jungkook sucks on his bottom lip when he can’t find anything to say.

“None of us have a mom, I know that much. None of us ever knew her, about her, if she even existed in the first place. It’s always just been my dad and us, raising us all up by himself. Seokjin helps with that though, a lot. He cooks for us every day, he goes to work and spends every penny earned on us kids, he protects us, he treats us like we’re his own and I’m very grateful for him, immensely,”

“You’re the youngest?”

He nods.

“There’s me, then the twins, then Hoseok, then Yoongi. He’s the oldest and he’s the most grumpy but also the most protective. Hoseok is, he’s.. um,”

You giggle and Jungkook smiles at his lap.

“He’s happy, all the time. Very energetic and jumpy and just, loves everyone and everything. Really values life I guess. The twins, huh,”


His eyes meet yours for the briefest moment and it sends shivers down your spine.

“Actually, no,”

You nod as best you could with your chin tucked between your elbow.

“They’re completely different when it comes to looks. Tae has blonde hair, Jimin has black. Jimin’s eyes are a different shape, Tae’s nose is more defined. Jimin’s short, Tae’s taller. Their appearance plays a huge part in their differences but they’re brothers you know, they don’t care about that, only the similarities matter. They’re also something, always arguing but it’s mostly just playful bickering back and forth between siblings,”

“Then there’s me, the baby,”

“And what are you like?”

Your eyes were closed, ears greedily capturing the smooth sound of his voice, the skillfully hidden affection wrapped around the words he spoke.

“I’m… quiet. Shy, anxious about everything, constantly worried about the small things, protective. I- sad?”

When you open your eyes at the sudden drop in playful joking, Jungkook’s frowning at you in shock. Before you can say anything, you’re startled by the loud buzzer of the dryer behind you, signaling the end of the cycle. Jungkook crosses his eyes and imitates the sound in a deep voice, bringing a smile to your face while he stands up to check your clothes.

Jungkook painfully itches at the irritation blooming along his body as he walks into the apartment, skin red and flaky from the blazing sun and poisoning lights at the laundry mat. He strips his coat at the door, kicks his shoes off and makes his way into the living room.


His father offers a nod in greeting from his comfortable position in the loveseat, not tearing his eyes away from the screen of his laptop, perched on his lap as he typed away at the keyboard.

“You didn’t feed,”

It wasn’t a question but Jungkook took it that way, slumped down onto the couch and lets out a huge breath of relief.

“I couldn’t just drink a bag of blood in front of her, she thinks I’m human,”

“No, she doesn’t,”

Jungkook sighs and pouts.

“You read her mind far too many times, answered her questions too quickly. She suspected you weren’t like her. She’s been with someone of your kind, your brother, for how long? She knows the tells but she wasn’t scared of you,”

“I know Father,”

“Doesn’t change the fact that you still haven’t fed. You promised me,”

“I know, Father,”

Jungkook repeats himself gruffly, huffing his long bangs out of his eyes much like you had that morning. His ears tune into the fight happening in the kitchen, his face twisting and eyes flaring up blue when he hears his brother speak.

“I’ll eat now,”

He pushes himself up, shuffles out of the room and into the kitchen with no sure intention of feeding. He fumes with anger as he stealthily approaches the arguing twins who were stood in front of the ice box.

“At least my tummy isn’t so big that it has stretch marks on it, even your thighs have them-”

Before Taehyung could insult Jimin even further, Jungkook swipes his arm from his sides and twists it out of socket like it was an everyday task, the scream of agony that left his brother music to his ears.

“You were saying?”

Taehyung groans in response to the voice in his ear and Jungkook pulls at his arm further, feels it crack and thinks he would’ve torn it clean off if it wasn’t for the frightened look on Jimin’s face. He rolls his fading eyes and throws the injured boy to the tiled floor, carelessly steps over him and wraps his arm around Jimin’s waist in order to gently move him out of the way. When he’s pulling away to reach for the fridge’s handle, he makes sure his hand affectionately slides over the precious bump of a stomach his brother was so insecure about, gives his pudgy hip a brief, loving pinch before he’s gone with a blood bag in hand.

“And the point of breaking Taehyung’s arm was?”

Jungkook falls back into his previous position on the couch, teeth easily sinking into the corner of his plastic bag and tearing a hole for him to gulp down thick blood.

“Why do you let them argue like that,”

“They’re twins Jungkook, there isn’t a lot I can do,”

“He unnecessarily used Jimin’s insecurities against him-”

“Jimin taunted him about his darker skin-”

“I don’t care,”

Jungkook rises, wiping the slimy red from the corner of his lip as he circles around the couch, the annoyance radiating off of him so strong it catches the attention of his Father.

“Where are you going?”


Namjoon watches the teenager disappear down the hall, not questioning when Jimin appears in the doorway, longing after his younger brother with a frown. He spares Namjoon a short look before he’s trotting down the hallway and leaving the destination of his padding feet to his father’s imagination.

The sound of keys jingling outside of your front door has your eyes enlarging and your feet loudly slapping along the hard wood floor as they carry you to your bedroom. You hear the locks click and your boyfriend call out your name just as you spin your body behind the bathroom door and out of sight.


You nibble on your bottom lip and hold your breath but not even a full second after you heard the front door firmly close, Mark’s smug face is in front of yours, smirk ripping a startled scream out of your throat.

“Found you, sweetheart,”

He shoves the door out of the way so he can slip his cold hands beneath your shirt, grip your waist and slide your back up the tiled wall. He dismisses the way you smack his shoulder and buries his face into your neck, groans deeply as he inhales the feminine scent of your body wash he loves so god damn much.

“Why were you hiding, love? Hmm? Didn’t think I would find you?”

Your nails are curling into the muscles of his back as his hovering lips raise a trail of goose bumps on a path to your ear.

“I could smell your blood in the elevator, hear your heart thumping as if I was laid upon your chest,”

He talks quietly, mentioning your heart and moving to sink his teeth into the exposed swell of your breast right above to feel your pulse on his lips. His moan when your fingers tangle themselves into his grimy hair trembles through your body and straight to your core.


The sharp breath you suck in when his wet tongue swipes beneath the cup of your bra has him growling impatiently and tightening his hold on you. He spins you around, your head just missing the edge of the door, and carries you into the bedroom while kissing at your neck. You bite your lip when he tosses you onto your mattress and tauntingly crawls up your body, his red eyes glowing bright in the dark room. His teeth replace yours and you whine at the sudden sting of your flesh splitting beneath his razor fangs. You wiggle under him, causing him to pull back.

“Mmm, are you frightened of me human,”

A second whine grabs his attention, his vivid iris’ deeply boring into yours while he slithers closer, heavy body dropping onto your own when his hands switch from holding his weight to holding your cheeks. Cold thumbs trace beneath your eyes, your chest falling and rising to push against his shirt, your heart thumping loudly as he leans to the side and licks along the shell of your ear.

“You should be,”

“Mark, please,”

The breathy chuckle he releases fans across your neck as he pulls back, lovingly glares at you before capturing your bloody lips in a gentle kiss. He smirks against you when you painfully hiss into his mouth, his tongue swiping over the small punctures and effectively healing them while evading your mouth with wet warmth.

Finally growing impatient with his teasing, you desperately pull at the back of his shirt, rolling it up until he pulls away and throws it off. His hands easily rip the material of your top down the front, careful and gentle when it comes to helping you shrug the torn fabric from your shoulders.

Your thighs are spread over his cool hips while he worked at the drawstring of your pants. He silently slides from the bed once they’re untied, knees roughly hitting the floor and pinches the bottoms of your sweats to pull them off in one swift motion. In a second, he’s spreading your legs painfully wide and pressing them as far up as he can, the top of his hair all you see when he disappears between your thighs and swiftly licks over your soaked panties.

“Fuck, your scent,”

He turns to bury his face into your thigh, nose pushing into your skin as he inhales deeply.

“So good,”

He murmurs, dragging his bottom lip over you before carefully biting down, as gentle as he could manage.

“Mark, now, please now,”

He peeks at you from behind your tummy, arrogant smirk hidden but evident in his cheeks.

“You got it, sweetheart,”

One last kiss is placed to your leg then his fingers are hooking into your panties and pulling them down. Once discarded, he stands himself up, looking sinful while he removes his belt and shucks his pants off. His boxers are next and he’s on top of you after, hard cock resting against your lower stomach, leaking precome onto your pudge.

He hovers over you and gathers your wrists into one hand, pins them above your head in a tight grip to ensure you can’t escape. His lips brush over yours as he aligns himself up with your entrance.

“Don’t let me hurt you,”

You only nod once before he’s pressing inside, the heat of your core squeezing around his freezing dick and forcing him to push in faster than intended, a gasp breaking through the silence as you’re suddenly jabbed into by a seven inch stiff cock. His forehead drops to your shoulder as his grip tenses with his self restraint, hips grinding into you slowly.

“Fuck, fuck,”

Mark growls almost angrily into your neck, his free hand slamming down next to your bodies and curling into the sheets. You nose at his ear for a few seconds, patiently waiting for him to catch his breath.


He slowly releases a sigh before nodding, pulling up to look at you with red eyes and a strained smile.

“Let me kiss you,”

His whisper is quiet yet dangerous and you nod anyway, accepting the plush pressure of his mouth against yours with a soft moan. His hips pull back and jerk forward in the first thrust and in turn the sheets shift beneath you both as he struggles to hold back from just pounding into you endlessly. He whimpers into your mouth, body shivering above you in torture.

“Mark, just go,”


He grunts in warning, testing for a second thrust before setting a steady pace for you. You throw your head back at the feeling of him pressing inside so deep and pulling back so slow, eventually losing his control and grinding up into you faster. His breathing becomes shallow by your head, fingers impossibly tight around your wrists but hips circling in such a way that has your back arching.

You call out your boyfriends name, encouraging a snarl out of him that has him moving quicker. Before he turned to bite your neck and cause a mess, you break free of his grasp and hook your nails into his shoulders, the pain dull but grounding him slightly enough to moan and switch back to careful grinding. You go to pull away and he chokes.

“Scratch me, make me bleed, sweetheart,”

He pulls back and you notice the vein straining on his forehead.

“Own me, own me,”

He starts chanting in whispers, dropping quick kisses to your chin and jaw, hand pinning your hip to the mattress so he can pound into you faster. You both ignore the squeaking and creaking of the bed, the sounds quiet compared to your moaning while he stretched your tightness around him. You’re scratching at his flexed biceps, gripping so tightly he’s hissing into your ear, when he’s suddenly laid on his back and holding onto your waist as you sat on his lap. You’re shocked, looking around with wide eyes but him whining impatiently and pushing up into you brings you back.

You smack your hands onto his chest and lift yourself up, dragging your tight rim over the entire length of him and dropping back down in circles. His hands on your hips assist you in bouncing in his lap faster, his fangs sunk into the flesh of his own bottom lip as he watched you ride him into the mattress. His fingers curl around your body, easily leaving dark bruises in their wake as he comes closer.



You sit up and bend your back, slipping him in deeper and ripping loud groans from the both of you. He scrambles to capture your wrists and clasp them together behind you, keeping you restrained as he begins to push up and meet your falls.

“Baby, I have to, I can’t,”


Your warning isn’t enough to hold him off, his hips slapping up into you in one last powerful thrust, the stretch almost painful as he discards your human sensitivity.

“You can’t-!”

Mark’s head tosses back and everything tenses beneath you, his stomach muscles, his chest, his arms as his grip tightens impossibly on your waist and hair, your shout too late as he empties himself inside of you with a demonic-sounding groan that scarily echoed off the walls of the room.

Your neck was sore and pain throbbed through it and down your spine when he gently pushed you from on top of him, rolling himself over and burying his face into the blankets. Frowning, you scramble to grab for the sheet and cover yourself up, body heated and slick steadily leaking out of you, wide eyes drilling into the back of his head.

His shoulders rose and fell with his controlled panting, a scream slicing through the silence when he appears an inch in front of your face. Eyes returned to natural color, he cradles your cheeks with shaking hands and scans over your bruises with concern.

“Fuck, baby I-I’m,”

You try leaning away from him but he surges forward.

“I’m so sorry. I never meant to, sweetheart, I’m sorry,”

He kisses over every purple fingerprint, every sore spot, the pain disappearing with the careful pressures of his soft, healing lips on your skin. It ends with him pressing a hesitant kiss to the corner of your mouth, worried eyes flicking to yours in search of any left fear. None found, he captures your lips in the sweetest kiss he could manage, tongue gentle as it soothes over the tip of your own in desperate apology.

“It’s okay,”

You murmur but he whines and grasps at your sides, pulls you and the sheet into his lap, wraps it around you so you aren’t exposed.

“It’s not,”

He disagrees, kiss growing deeper, tongue reaches further back, lips sliding faster.

“I told you not to let me hurt you, I,”

“You didn’t,”

He pulls away and looks for the lie in your face, frown weighing the corners of his lips down when he finds that you actually believe it.

“I did-”

“You didn’t,”

You repeat yourself, comb your fingers through his messy hair for reassurance and pull his head to your chest. His arms circle around your waist, squeezing you close and he relishes in the silence and your warm touches. You know he hears the way your heart skips beats and drops when he mumbles quietly under his breath.

“I can’t stay,”

Harry-- Surprise Date After A Bad Day

Hey, so I’ve decided to do some shorter writing as well as my chapters.  I know some people don’t like the chapter fan fics, and that I write chapters that are 16 pages long. Let me know what you think, and if you have any idea what to call this, tell me. I’m horrible with tags.– Meghan

The second I stepped through the door, I instantly relaxed.  Home.  After the day I had at school, I was ready to plop on the couch, order takeout, and cuddle with Harry until it was time to go to bed.  That thought was the only thing that got me through the day.

I had been texting Harry all day, keeping him filled in on all of the shitty things that made my day go from bad to worse.  I had woken up late and had to rush to get dressed, eat breakfast, and get to the university before my first class started.  I hate being rushed, and it tends to set the tone for my entire day.  Sure enough, I got to class with just enough time to sit down before my professor took attendance.  I completely bombed my presentation– talking too fast, losing my place, forgetting to mention things.  I left class completely humiliated.

Things hadn’t gotten better as the day wore on.  My statistics professor asked me a question during class I didn’t know the answer to, and chastised me in front of the entire class for not reading the chapter before I came in.  When it was time for me to eat lunch, I realized I had not only forgotten to pack a lunch, but had also managed to leave the house without my wallet in my hurry to get out the door.

Hungry and with my day already in the shitter, I made it to my English class only to realize that I had read the wrong chapter in my book.  Naturally, this professor had called on me to answer a question and I tried to fake it until I made it, only for him to stare at me, loudly say, “No, that’s not even close” and move on to the next student as everyone snickered at me.

Now I was home and just ready for my boyfriend to take care of me.

I was kicking my shoes off when I realized it was oddly quiet.  Normally when I came home and Harry was here, he would call a greeting out to me at the least, or come greet me with a kiss.  Today I was expecting the kiss and a glass of wine, since he was fully aware of how awful my day was.

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Can you do a solangelo fic on a high school!AU with closeted Nico? Love you!

i love you too friend

ah yes the infamous school life au that always manages to fuck me up even though (normally) no one dies

now it’s my turn to fuck people up

it’s payback time



“When are you going to get a girlfriend, Nico?” Percy asked casually. He probably wasn’t trying to be condescending (considering his very beautiful girlfriend was sitting beside him), more like he was just concerned about me. Annabeth, Percy’s girlfriend and also my best friend, slapped Percy on the shoulder, giving me an apologetic look.

“I don’t know,” I said, shrugging a bit and giving Percy a small smile to let him know I didn’t mind, “I guess when I find the right person.”

He nodded. “Makes sense.” Right. Because I’m a heterosexual. With heterosexual thoughts. Who likes girls. One hundred percent. That’s me. Heterosexual Nico. “Oh, my gosh, you would not believe the thing that Leo did during track practice yesterday…” And just like that, the subject was dropped.


Annabeth walked next to me, on hand on her bag strap, and the other carrying a thick textbook with ease. “I’m sorry about earlier. Sometimes Percy doesn’t know the questions he’s really asking.”

“It’s cool. It’s not his fault that I never told him.” The truth: I am very truly gay with very truly gay thoughts that can always catch me one hundred percent. Also the truth: only about four people know. Those people are as follows: Annabeth (she figured it out on her own when I was crushing on Percy), Jason (he over heard me and Annabeth talking about it), Reyna (I told her myself because she’s like a sister), and my half-sister, Hazel (of course I told her).

“Still. He’s pretty stupid sometimes.” I shrugged because I had since gotten used to the hetero-normative society I had the unfortunate luck of living in and was fairly good at pretending to be straight. Which was why many of my guy friends were constantly asking me what my type of girl was so they could hook me up when they had no clue that they were closer to my type than any girl ever. Not that any of them were my type.

I looked over at Annabeth, who was chewing on her lip and looking down at the tiles of the hallway as we walked. “…What?”

“Well, I know I promised I wouldn’t get in your business about this, but I was kind of wondering if you… had a crush on anyone?” Without really meaning to, I felt my face flush, which was ridiculous because ever since I’d gotten over Percy, no other guy had really caught my attention, except… well, he doesn’t count because it would never in a billion years happen ever, and it’s just- “So you do!” Annabeth exclaimed, pulling me over to the side of the hallway where no one was so that no one would listen in. “Tell me!”

“No, Annabeth, I don’t really…” I trailed off, realizing my red face was an obvious cue that I was blatantly lying to her. “Okay, so maybe I do -” she grinned, squeezing my arm “- but not right now! We have class, remember?”

“Fine, fine, but you’re telling me and everyone else who knows about this, okay? There’s no way I’m letting this drop.” And I totally believed her, but that did not in any way make me happy.


“Hey, Will,” I said as I slid into the seat next to him, taking out my homework from last night and a pencil. He looked over at me, lifting his pencil from the doodle he’d been shading, and instant grin lighting up his face.

“Hi, Nico,” he said, flipping the notebook to another page, and placing his elbow on top of it as if to hide the drawing (even though I couldn’t see it anymore). Will was strange that way; he never let me see any of his doodles. “What’s up? You’re face is kind of red.”

I felt my face heat up even more. “Oh, well, Annabeth was bugging me about something.” That something being about a guy that I liked that just so happened to be you. Not that that’s important.

“Judging by the way your face is even more red…” He trailed off, his happy expression dropping, but quickly reappearing. “A girl? Ooh, you’ve got the hots for someone, don’t you?”

“That’s none of your business,” I said, rolling my pencil around on my desk and looking away.

“Of course it is! I’m your best friend, right?” Friends, right. I totally don’t want to, like, date you and kiss you and stuff. Because I’m one hundred percent straight. No gay thoughts in this brain.

“That doesn’t mean I have to tell you anything,” I muttered to him as class began, trying to cool off my red face.


At lunch, Annabeth, Jason, Reyna, Hazel, and I went off-campus so that no one else would hear about my crush. Because Annabeth did not forget, and she managed to tell three other people she had no classes with. Of course, Percy was pretty pissed that we said he couldn’t come, and of course, we had to remind him that there was still several people for him to eat lunch with.

As we sat at a table with our food in front of us, I immediately took a very huge bite of my burger (which kind of made me want to hurl because, while I love food very much, I also love small bites), and took a while chewing it. They stared at me, and I could feel Annabeth’s glare.

“You’re not escaping, Nico,” Reyna said, crossing her arms and leaning back in her chair. “We all want to know.” Reyna was in her terrifying serious-mode, which only made my stomach curl even more, and I was seriously regretting taking a huge bite.

“Take your time,” Hazel said sweetly, taking a small sip of her drink. “But, don’t take too much time,” she added, still using her sweet voice. I swallowed thickly, taking a quick swig of my drink. Saying I’m crushing on someone is almost as nerve-wracking as saying ‘I’m gay.’ But really, I had to tell them.

“Okay, so I know you guys want to know really bad, and I know you will all promise not to make a big deal about it, but…” I trailed off, imagining what they’d think of me liking Will. “You guys are all probably going to freak out because you’ll think it’s so cute, and I really don’t-”

“Get on with it,” Jason groaned.

“I think I like Will Solace.” There was a moment of complete silence, and I braced myself for impact. And then it hit. Hazel and Jason actually squealed, and Reyna and Annabeth kept saying they knew it and that they thought it was freaking adorable. I winced, covering my face. “Guys, please…”

“Sorry, Nico,” Jason said, putting a hand on my shoulder, “it’s just that, it’s really cute, you know? Since there’s a height difference, and the fact that you guys are so different.”

Annabeth nodded, leaning forward. “That’s right. Height differences are the best because of the whole hugging thing, and him having to bend down a little while you get on your tip-toes when you kiss-”

“Annabeth!” I screeched, my voice reaching two octaves above normal as my face heated up. “It’s not like Will actually likes me back, or anything, okay? There’s, like, zero chance we’ll end up dating.”

“Such a downer,” Reyna muttered, rolling her eyes. “If you really like him, you should try and hope that you’ll date and that he likes you back.”

“He’s straight.”

“There’s no proof,” Hazel pointed out, giving a small shrug.

“But he gives off the vibe.”

“No offense, Nico,” Jason said, stuffing a fry in his mouth before continuing, “but you gave off the vibe that you were straight, too, before I knew the truth. Some people are really good at pretending, including you.”

I snorted, looking away from the table, my eyes catching on a guy who had a very fine face, and since he was wearing skinny jeans… “You should hear my inner monologue,” I said, tearing my eyes away, “there’s no way that I’m straight.” I looked at the guy again, who, now that I really payed attention, was not nearly as hot as Will. An image of Will flashed into me mind, giving me a lazy and tired smile during first period when our eyes meet as he leans his chin on the palm of his hand, and I blushed. “Yeah. Definitely not straight.”


It was first period again, and the teacher had stepped out, giving the class a break for at least five minutes. I looked over at Will, who was lazily shading a doodle, and this time, he didn’t cover it as I leaned over to inspect it. It was a doodle of a face-less guy with his head turned away, and Will was shading his collar bones. “Is this what you doodle all the time?” I asked, a small smile pulling at my lips.

Will looked over at me, that tired smile on his face that always made my heart stutter (the stutter was amplified because I had leaned in closer than I thought, and neither of us ended up backing away). “Sometimes I doodle other things, but since this one doesn’t have a face, I figured it’s okay.”

“What, do you doodle some girl you have a crush on?” I questioned, wiggling my eyebrows and giving him a mischievous grin. He smiled, putting his pencil down and focusing directly on me.

“And if I do?”

“As your best friend, it’s my obligation to know who this girl is,” I said, really just wondering what kind of person Will likes, and kind of wondering if I could bend his tastes a bit.

“Would if it’s not a girl?” I opened my mouth to say something, but I found that my brain had finally caught up with the events and was refusing to say a word now that it realized that Will and I were very close. My face heated up, and I leaned back, closing my mouth. Will’s eyes widened, and he returned to his sketch, his face kind of red. “But, of course she’s a girl.”

“Right,” I said, nodding more vigorously than I probably should have, “because we’re both straight.” How the hell did anyone believe I’m straight?

“Of course.” Will’s face was red, and I really hoped that was an obvious cue that he was blatantly lying to me.


After a race during P.E. that same day, I was sweaty and hot, but triumphant. I had won the race, and I was kind of dying, but that didn’t matter. I jogged over to Will, who had bet I couldn’t win, breathing very heavily, but grinning like a mad man.

“Ha!” I wheezed, intending to shout, but failing miserably. “I won, you asshole!”

Will snorted as I grabbed his shoulder to catch my breath. “Yeah, yeah. I was wrong, I get it. But next time, try not to almost die, okay?”

“Are you kidding?” I wheezed, placing my hands on my hips as I stood back up. “I’m not dying, I feel totally alive!” Which was a total lie, but that hardly mattered. “Now, if you wouldn’t mind helping me inside so I can get water…?” I asked, still wheezing.

He laughed, wrapping his arm around my waist as I did the same. “Congratulations,” he said, giving my waist a squeeze that made my knees weaker than they already were, “I’m proud of you.”

“That’s so stupid,” I said, still kind of out of breath, “I didn’t ask for your praise.”

“I know.”

“Condescending ass,” I muttered, walking a little closer to him as he gave my waist another squeeze. You know, because that’s what friends do. Because I know I was definitely straight, and Will obviously was, too. It’s not like my face was red because he kept on squeezing my waist; it was definitely because I was still hot from the race.

I am a one hundred percent straight person who had straight thoughts about girls, definitely not a gay guy that thinks constantly about the lazy smile Will gives me during first period and the fact that his hand in on my waist even though I’m sweaty and kind of gross. It’s not like I was in love with my best friend and let the gay thoughts catch me always.

Yeah. Right.


This is probably the most sarcastic thing I’ve ever written while simultaneously being one of the gayest things I’ve ever written tbh

and it’s great i love it

btw will’s doodle notebook is filled with doodles of nico with tiny lil hearts and that’s why he never let’s nico see

and btw this is where all the sexual tension begins it only gets worse from here and hazel and jason are like constantly fangirling any time nico tells a story with will in it while annabeth and reyna are like. secretly fangirling on the inside

Thanks for the prompt!!!

Bad Boy - Jaebum pt 4

part one, part two, part three

Originally posted by gotpmgifs

Why was he here, of all people. Why him? It all made sense why the motorcycle was familiar but why did it have to be his. And if it was his and these were his parents that meant he was you neighbor.

You wanted to scream but you held yourself together for the sake of you parents.

“Hello I’m Y/N” you announce before bowing and taking a seat across from JB and his parents.

“Oh Y/N, we heard so much about you. This is our son Jaebum” JB’s mother announced.

You wanted to jump over the table and smack the grin off his face but knowing that wouldn’t end your night  off too well, you decided to at least try to remain calm.


You began growing more aggravated with being stuck in the same room as JB let alone across from him, and before it would grow noticeable for both your parent to become aware, you decided to volunteer for dish duty. Your parents looked at you surprised. the fact that you never did dishes unless you were told to made it very suspicious but neither one of of them rejected your offer.

“I’ll help you” JB said, grabbing the plates from you hands swiftly,already heading toward your kitchen.

Once you were in the kitchen, you began scrubbing the plates clean, ignoring his presence although it would be much easier if he were to leave. Instead he leant against your refrigerator, observing you as you took your time purposely washing what was left in the sink to kill time.

“So where were you really”

“What do you mean”

“I think you know what I mean very well” JB said raising his eyebrow as he fold his arms.

“Why do you even care? It’s none of your business anyways” you shot back coldly before turning around glaring at him.

“You know what-” he grew closer to you as you now stood face to face. His face was serious for the first time and it took you off guard. You were used to him wearing a smirk on his face but now as you looked at him all you saw was worry. It made you curious as you waited for him to finish his sentence. Why would he care?  It was true that it was none of his business but the way his face was full of warnings as if trying to tell you something, but what ?

“Forget it. Let’s just go back to our parents. You don’t have to worry about me bothering you anymore.”

As school began Monday, you couldn’t shake JB out of your head. Just thinking about the intensity in his eyes made you shiver. You were confused. One minute he went from being the jerk in school that kept hitting on you and now he was your neighbor who warning you of something.

The bell rung for lunch and you were in no mood to eat. You grabbed your things, deciding to go for a walk to clear your mind as well as get some fresh air.

You couldn’t shake the guilty feeling you had off. Maybe you were a little too cold toward him you thought.

As you walked you noticed someone sitting on the school bench listening to music. As you grew closer you realized it was JB.  One part of you wanted to go over and apologies but another just said to ignore him. He said he’ll leave you alone so maybe you should do the same.  

Walked passed him feeling more guilty than before. Maybe you should turn back ? You thought. Before you could you began hearing familiar voices ahead of you.

“I really had fun with you today”

“I had fun with you too”

You eyes grew big as you heart dropped. You should have known it was too good to be true.

Standing in front of you was mark with a girl from your physics class who was ‘absent’ for class today. Now you knew why.

“ I really hope I can see you again” Mark said.

You left out a laugh as a tear fell down your face. Maybe from the autumn wind or from the sight in front of you but did it matter at this point ? You were pissed off that was clear as day.  You were more mad at yourself then anything. You blinded by his face and didn’t realize him for the player he was.

Mark turned to see you standing there.

“Y/N..” He whispered as his eyes grew big, knowing that you saw and heard everything.  

You were disgusted, refused to stand there any longer. Walking back towards the school you heard the noise of footsteps behind you but refused to turn back.  The footsteps grew closer and before you knew it, Mark yanked at you risk making you turn around to look at him.

“ Y/N I can-”

“Let go of me”

“I will once you let me explain”

you scoff under your breath growing more enraged by being his presents. what was there to explain when you saw everything? did he really think that low of your intelligence?

“Mark let go”

“She said let go”. You turn around to see JB who is now standing behind you like a wall of protection.

“ this is none of your buisness JB. This is between me and her” Mark spoke.

You stood there more shocked then anything. They know each other  and from your guess it wasn’t friendly. The tension was strong in the air.

A small smile curled up on JB face as if what Mark said was amusing. Then his eyes grew even more intense as he held back built up anger. You could see some fear in Mark’s eyes but he stood steady but hesitant. JB took it as a joke. everything was a joke to him and right now mark was the biggest joke of them all.

You looked JB in his eyes,pleading for him to help. You finally understood his warnings. He knew Mark was no good and wanted to protect you. But why you?

“You know what, you can have her. She not even worth it” Mark spit out before letting go of your arm and walking away.

JB was more enraged now more than ever and he clench his jaw line, making it more defined than before. You were sure any minute now steam would be visible coming out of his ears. he balled up his fisted ready to charge after him but you stopped him as you took a step closer to him, blocking him from moving any further. You put your hand to his chest, begging him no. You were too drained of your own energy and you didn’t want anyone more hurt than you were right now.

He looked at you in pain as he watch you began crying wants more. Before you knew it JB pulled you into a bear hug, but this time you did not resist. He held your head to his chest,not caring how soaked it would be from your tears as he caressed your back like a mother would burping a newborn.  

“Y/N, I am so sorry”

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Sometimes I think about how normal people are. That even the most famous people would wear their socks with sandals, maybe even crocs. The fact that so many people in the world love puppies and kitties and soft mornings and nights. There are people who dislike eating mushrooms, others love the taste. That everyone has made mistakes, has lied, and has hurt. The fact that we're all human, so undoubtedly normally human makes things so curious and fine.

!!! these are the kind of things that like to strike you in the middle of the day, like when youre sitting in the train or munching away absently at your lunch. theyre simple, small things that remind me to take a step back and have another look at myself and others, because as it is………..i forget, sometimes, that we are human

Break Down My Walls (Sexual Content)

Type: One Shot | Imagine About Ross
Warning: Sexual Content
Word Count:3049
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I was always the good girl in the group, I was always the one that wanted to be responsible because I didn’t want to get into trouble. That also lead to not having many friends because everyone always thought I was just a good two shoes and that I never wanted to have fun. “Want to have fun this weekend?” Someone asked me as I was walking past them. “What kind of fun?” I asked. “Just hanging out and stuff, your always so stuck up” he said. “Im sorry im busy” I said as I walked away. “Yea with school stuff” he said. I went to my class and just sat down waiting for the class to start, there was a new guy in our school. “Hello Im Ross and this is my class” Ross said as he handed the teacher his schedule. “Yea this is the right class, find a seat” the teacher said. “Thank you” Ross said as he walked back to where I was at. “Hello” he said. “Hey” I said as I looked at him. “Whats your name?” He asked. “Sorry Im Alyx” I said. “Well im Ross, its nice to meet you” he said. “You too” I said. “So whats going on this weekend?” he asked. “I don’t know” I said. “Oh ok” he said. “Don’t talk to her, she doesn’t know how to have fun” Brandon said. “Don’t talk about her like that when you don’t even know her” Ross said. “its the truth” Brandon said. “Still that’s no way to talk to a female” Ross said. “Well excuse me I didn’t know you were her boyfriend” Brandon said. “Im not her boyfriend but you don’t talk to a female like that, no matter who it is” Ross said. “Yea yea whatever: Brandon said. “Whatever my ass, you wouldn’t like it if someone talked to your mom like that” Ross said. “Im sorry” Brandon said before walking away to his seat. “Im sorry for his words” Ross said. “Don’t be sorry its not your fault” I said. “Still no one should talk to you like that” He said. “Thank you Ross, that was really sweet” I said. “Its no problem, since they are assholes what about we do something this weekend?” he asked. “We could figure it out” I said. “Ok that sounds good” He said. Through out the whole day we would catch up with each other and I finally agreed to allow him to come to my place. That Saturday we spent the whole day together, just watching movies and laughing at each other. I knew how to have fun but some people never really understood what made me laugh and it just seemed like Ross just got me. “Can I ask you something?” he asked. “Sure” I said as I looked at him. “Why does a pretty girl like yourself shut yourself away from the world?” he asked. “Because no one seems to get me” I said. “Because people never take the time to get to know you” he said. “I guess that is true, but some how you do” I said. “I actually took the time to get to know the quiet shy girl” he said. “Thank you” I said. “No need to thank me” he said. I looked at him right before he lend in and kissed me softly, I placed my hand on his leg as I continued the kiss. It was actually my first kiss and at first I didn’t know what to do but I got the hang out it as I pulled away. “Wow that was amazing” he said. “Really” I asked. “Yea” he said. “That was my first kiss” I said. “No way” he said. “Yea” I said as I looked down. “No its ok” he said as he titled my chin back up. “Im sorry” I said. “No need to be sorry, sometimes being the first is the best” he said with a smile. “Was I any good?” I asked. “Yea you are a natural” he said. “Thank you” I said as I started to blush. “Oh I got you to blush” he said. I turned my face from him but he pulled me closer to him and kissed my lips softly, I wrapped my arms around him as I continued the kiss. “New favorite thing” I said as I pulled away. “Really?” he said as he bit down on his bottom lip. “Yea” I said with a slight giggle. “I should be going, don’t want to get you into trouble” he said. “Ill see you Monday?” I asked. “Of course” he said as he kissed my cheek right before getting up. “I cant wait” I said as I walked with him towards the door. He ended up leaving my place that night, I couldn’t think about anything else just the taste of his lips against mine. Monday came and it was just like any other Monday but I actually got to hang out with Ross witch was the best part of the day. “How are you?” he asked. “Im sorry im busy” I said as I walked away. “Yea with school stuff” he said. I went to my class and just sat down waiting for the class to start, there was a new guy in our school. “Hello Im Ross and this is my class” Ross said as he handed the teacher his schedule. “Yea this is the right class, find a seat” the teacher said. “Thank you” Ross said as he walked back to where I was at. “Hello” he said. “Hey” I said as I looked at him. “Whats your name?” He asked. “Sorry Im Alyx” I said. “Well im Ross, its nice to meet you” he said. “You too” I said. “So whats going on this weekend?” he asked. “I don’t know” I said. “Oh ok” he said. “Don’t talk to her, she doesn’t know how to have fun” Brandon said. “Don’t talk about her like that when you don’t even know her” Ross said. “its the truth” Brandon said. “Still that’s no way to talk to a female” Ross said. “Well excuse me I didn’t know you were her boyfriend” Brandon said. “Im not her boyfriend but you don’t talk to a female like that, no matter who it is” Ross said. “Yea yea whatever: Brandon said. “Whatever my ass, you wouldn’t like it if someone talked to your mom like that” Ross said. “Im sorry” Brandon said before walking away to his seat. “Im sorry for his words” Ross said. “Don’t be sorry its not your fault” I said. “Still no one should talk to you like that” He said. “Thank you Ross, that was really sweet” I said. “Its no problem, since they are assholes what about we do something this weekend?” he asked. “We could figure it out” I said. “Ok that sounds good” He said. Through out the whole day we would catch up with each other and I finally agreed to allow him to come to my place. That Saturday we spent the whole day together, just watching movies and laughing at each other. I knew how to have fun but some people never really understood what made me laugh and it just seemed like Ross just got me. “Can I ask you something?” he asked. “Sure” I said as I looked at him. “Why does a pretty girl like yourself shut yourself away from the world?” he asked. “Because no one seems to get me” I said. “Because people never take the time to get to know you” he said. “I guess that is true, but some how you do” I said. “I actually took the time to get to know the quiet shy girl” he said. “Thank you” I said. “No need to thank me” he said. I looked at him right before he lend in and kissed me softly, I placed my hand on his leg as I continued the kiss. It was actually my first kiss and at first I didn’t know what to do but I got the hang out it as I pulled away. “Wow that was amazing” he said. “Really” I asked. “Yea” he said. “That was my first kiss” I said. “No way” he said. “Yea” I said as I looked down. “No its ok” he said as he titled my chin back up. “Im sorry” I said. “No need to be sorry, sometimes being the first is the best” he said with a smile. “Was I any good?” I asked. “Yea you are a natural” he said. “Thank you” I said as I started to blush. “Oh I got you to blush” he said. I turned my face from him but he pulled me closer to him and kissed my lips softly, I wrapped my arms around him as I continued the kiss. “New favorite thing” I said as I pulled away. “Really?” he said as he bit down on his bottom lip. “Yea” I said with a slight giggle. “I should be going, don’t want to get you into trouble” he said. “Ill see you Monday?” I asked. “Of course” he said as he kissed my cheek right before getting up. “I cant wait” I said as I walked with him towards the door. He ended up leaving my place that night, I couldn’t think about anything else just the taste of his lips against mine. Monday came and it was just like any other Monday but I actually got to hang out with Ross witch was the best part of the day. “How are you?” he asked. “Im good” I said as I looked at him. “Good” he said as he kissed my cheek. “Come over today?” I asked. “Sure we can do our homework together” he said. “Yea” I said with a smile. “See you then” he said as he walked away from me. There was something about him that just made me forget everything and want to go crazy. That day couldn’t go fast enough, I got to eat lunch with him and as soon as the last bell rung we were on our way to my place.

5 months later

It was almost summer break and I couldnt wait, Ross and I had gotten a lot closer and I was actually his girlfriend. He asked me out to the homecoming and every since then we were together, he was my first boyfriend so at first I was scared. I didnt want to get hurt but I knew if I didnt put myself out there then I wouldnt find love and I wanted to be loved and happy so I actually put myself out there.I was falling for Ross and I couldn’t stop myself, I always found myself thinking about him and some how I didn’t mind. His name scribbled all in my notebooks but still focusing on my school work but damn was it hard. It was the last day of school and I just wanted this year to end well in school years. I wanted to spend time with Ross just him and I alone. “Ready to go babe?” he asked as he placed his arm around my shoulders. “yea im ready” I said as I walked with him. We went back to my place as always and just hung out, watching movies like always and just enjoying spending time together. “Ross can I ask you something?” I asked. “Of course you can” he said. “i know that you have had sex before” I said. “Yes I have” he said. “And I haven’t” I said. “I know that and im not in any rush ok?” he said. “I know that but what if I wanted you to be my first?” I asked. “Well then ill be honored but I want you to be sure and not because you feel like you have to” he said. “I know” I said as I looked at him. “Its all up to you when” he said. “Thank you” I said. “I told you I would wait forever for you” he said with a smile. I leaned in and kissed him softly before making the kiss more intense, moving closer to him. He placed his hands on my hips and pulled me closer to him as he continued the kiss. He started to move his hands from my hips up towards my sides, catching my shirt along his hands as he moved them higher. He removed my shirt and laid me back on the couch, moving over top of me keeping the kiss between us. He moved his lips from mine to my neck trailing them down to my collar bone making me moan. He slide his hands around me, moving his fingers between my skin and my bra strap, unsnapping it in one swift motion before sliding his hands down my stomach to my hips. “Can we go to the bedroom?” I asked. “Whatever you want to do” he said as he picked me up taking me upstairs. He laid me back on the bed and once again moved so that we was over me, his hands on my hips and his lips against my skin. Sliding his tongue against my skin before taking my nipple into his mouth, with gentle sucks before nibbling on it a little bit, still making me moan. He unbutton my pants as I lifted my hips so that he could remove them, he pulled off my shorts and panties off leaving me naked. “Wow” he said. “What?” I asked. “Your beautiful” He said. “Thank you” I said as I started to blush. He moved my legs apart as he laid between them, moving his lips towards my belly button and onto my thigh. Leaving little kisses on my legs as he moved closer and closer to my vagina. He took his finger and ran it up my slit before hitting my clit with his thumb, I couldn’t hold back my moans as he started to add pressure to my clit with his thumb. “Good girl” he said. “That feels weird but good” I said. “Good” he said before kissing my clit lightly. He started to push his finger towards my entrance before pushing it into me, slowly trying to loosen me up so that it would hurt when he put something else in. “Whoa” I said. “Just breath babe” he said as he worked his finger into me slowly. “That kinda hurts” I said. “I know but it will get better” he said as he started to suck my clit. I started to moan as he continued to suck at my clit and working his finger into me, it was a new experience but I was enjoying it. He started to kiss his way back up, meeting my lips with his as he moved between my legs. “are you sure?” he asked. “Yea im sure” I said. He got up and started to get undressed in front of me, allowing his dick to be free. He was already hard and it was the first one that I saw and trust me he wasn’t very small. “Wow” I said. “Like what you see?” he asked with a smirk. “Yea but your big” I said. “I wont hurt you, ill go as slow as you want” he said. “Ok” I said. He got back between my legs and rubbed his tip on to my clit, moving it up and down my slit to get it wet. “Ill be gentle baby” he said as he kissed me softly. “I trust you” I said. He moved his tip towards my entrance and started to add pressure against my entrance, I grabbed his hand as he started to move his hips towards mine. “Breath ok?” he said. “Im trying” I said. “Just relax” he said as he held my hand tight. He held my hips with his free hand as he continued to push inside of me. “Ow” I said as I closed my eyes. “Listen to me ok?” he said as he made me look at him. “What?” I asked. “Im going to push fully and hard for a second to pop your cherry then I wont move until you tell me ok?” he said. “OK” I said. He had me take a deep breath before he pushed himself fully into me, I tried to move my hips but he held them down so it wouldn’t hurt any worse. “Ross” I said. “I know babe it will ease off in a few” he said. He didn’t move as he was inside of me allowing me to adjust to his size. After a few moments I allowed him to move and he thrusted himself slowly and fully into me. The pain went away and it started to feel really good, I started to moan which meant that he picked up the pace with his thrust. “Ross” I moaned out. “Feel good now” he said. “Yes” I said. “Good” he said as he moved his hips towards mine. Soon I was moving my hips towards his as he thrusted fast and hard into me. I ran my hand down his chest as he continued to thrust into me, he started to moan which turned me on even more. “Oh god” I moaned. “Let it go babe” he said. “What?” I asked. “Your going to climax just let it go” he said as he continued to thrust into me. He was hitting my spot with each thrust so it wasn’t very long before I did climax against him and the feeling of me tightening around him made him climax as well. He collapsed on top of me as we were both out of breath, I was still shaking from my climax as it was my first. “That was amazing” I said as I finally caught my breath. “Your a natural” he said as he laid beside me. “Thank you” I said as I looked at him. “I love you” he said. “I love you Ross” I said as I looked into his eyes. He was my first everything but I was glad because he had my heart and I didn’t want to give it to anyone else, he was my first love.

Baby Makes Four - Ch 4

Title: Baby Makes Four

Chapter number/one shot: 3/?

Author: chimaeracabra

Which Tom/character: AU Loki

Genre: Romance/Smut/Fluff

Fic summary: Loki and his wife expect a new child.

Rating: M

Author’s Notes/Warnings: I keep trying to find gifs that I feel could go with this story. I realized it’s not possible. Gosh, this is long…


            Monday arrives and by lunch time, I find myself already extremely stressed out. The only upsides are that the new lens for my camera fits, and I’ll be picking Logan up from school around 5:00. Usually, it’s my best friend, Prudence, who picks him up, because I often stay until six to develop film in the dark room. I know Logan will be happy to see me; he doesn’t even know about the change of plans. I can’t help smiling thinking about my son as I make my way to the bathroom, but I pause when I hear Brittany gossiping with a secretary.

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Minty "You make two lunches every morning and give one of them to me every day" AU

I’ve been loving writing all these minty prompts, thank you so much for them. Hope you guys enjoy!

Miller plopped down, noticing the annoyed looks Bellamy and Clarke were shooting each other as Jasper continued on with some story it was clear the rest of them could not care less about. Monty’s eyes were trained on some novel in front of him, flying across the page as he devoured the words, and Miller was fairly sure it spoke to how boring Jasper’s story must be that even Monty couldn’t be bothered to pay attention.

Thankfully Jasper’s story pewtered to a close, most likely because he could feel Bellamy’s glare burning a hole through his skull, and Miller reached down to his bag and pulled out the lunches. He threw one of the brown bags over to Monty, his eyes snapping away from the page to look curiously at him, and Miller suddenly felt self-conscious as he felt all of his friends’ eyes turn to him.

“Did you make me a lunch?” Monty questioned slowly, like the words felt foreign on his tongue.

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