they made me feel important

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I realised I was "over" him when our memories made me smile rather than cry, the idea of talking to him no longer made me feel nauseous but instead hopeful. I think positivity is so important after a heartbreak.

It’s over when you’re no longer in pain, when you’re no longer resentful. It’s over when you can smile about the memories but not want them back.

Also before the gf finale when I started writing fic, I had done basically no creative writing except occasional poetry for … seven years? So part of this is that I’m remembering how to write, and re-learning how my brain handles strories, and getting back into something I love that I stopped doing because I was so busy and anxious and self-deprecating.

It’s been good in a lot of ways. For one, I think if I’d known what Fisherman’s Knot was going to turn out to be when I started writing it, I would have been too scared to try. But I didn’t know, and so I did it.

Story-telling is magic. It’s the kind of magic that’s hard work and it hurts to pull it off and sometimes a spell goes wrong or doesn’t work at all, but it’s magic all the same. So thank you to everyone who’s helped me to remember that and made me feel like the stories I have to tell are important.

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She makes me so happy, she knows how to brighten my darkest days and I feel at home in her arms. She loved me when I couldn't love myself and she's made me feel important, I'm in love

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Hi! Do you mind tagging any toxic fma posts? :( I'm sorry! I know the post defended Riza and it's awesome, but I'd rather avoid hate in any form in the fma fandom. Sorry for the bother!!!

ahhh sure thing, love!
I’ll tag as “w: character discussion” so you can go ahead and blacklist anything you don’t want to see. <3

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Hi Takao! Words cannot describe how much I admired you and your team!!! I find it funny to realize that you became beyblade champions at what? 12? 13 years old? So I'd like to know how do you deal with life after being literally a child star?

Takao: First of all, thanks for your support! It meant and still means a lot to me and, I’m sure, to all the others! We love all our fans and personally, I’m glad to see you guys are still so full of enthusiasm for me and for us!!
Takao: Second…

Takao: To me? The fame, the glory, all the people around me, calling my name, knowing me?
Takao: It was awesome.
Takao: I loved being at the centre of attention, with people recognizing me and stopping me for photos and signatures. It made me feel important, it made me feel loved. And all of this coming because of my biggest passion, beyblade? Of course I would jump into it!
Takao: Since beyblade has never become a professional sport, there wasn’t a lot of money and business involved, especially around the bladers. So, except for the fame, which I could handle pretty well and gladly, it never was that much of a problem. Except for… five years ago.
Takao: Moreover, when I was around with my family, one of my father’s colleagues told me something that… changed the way I look at things.

Takao: He told me that me wanting and enjoying all those eyes on me was a result of the lack of affection I had in my family. With my mother dying when I was little, my brother and father being away and my grandpa being strict with my education, fame and fans were a way to have that love I couldn’t have in my childhood.
Takao: So basically, I loved those eyes on me as a result of not having the ones I needed and wanted. So… yeah.

Takao: …. that…. got pretty deep, didn’t it?
Takao: Uhm… next questions!

Tonight’s episode

made me feel like I wasn’t “alone at sea.” It made me feel a bit more empowered. Its super important to me. God bless this episode.

If u want further discussion you chat @ me.

important update?;;

Ok so after you made me feel better, I got some.. not very nice news. 

1) I won’t be here tomorrow and maybe on sunday. I will be back on sunday thoand I’ll try to get some stuff finally done.

2) I won’t be here from tuesday to thursday, because I have one of who-knows-how-many eye surgery. It’s nothing big but I need to rest for at least two days. I had this surgey done three times but it’s been years ago and you know how unstable I am and how hard it’s gonna be, so please keep your fingers crossed :(

lately I’ve been realizing the problem w most of my relationships is that nobody has ever really made me feel special or important 2 them. like w most people I feel like I’m always down 2 be there for them but I don’t really get it back. idk how to feel about it

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Ok I see why Blake and Miranda lasted this long but I really don't understand Gwen. The last ND album Push and Shove (2012) was all about him cheating and hurting her and stuff I honestly don't see why she wouldn't leave him. Honestly almost all her music is foreshadowing. Anyways I see a lot of similarities between Gwen and Miranda's song writing they're both so honest and I'm a fan of both. But seriously geez lookup lyrics to Undone and you'll see what I mean.

I don’t know man… But it seems like Gwen was pretty miserable for a while. I get wanting to keep your family together though. But when it comes at the cost of your confidence and self worth, that’s when the lines become blurred… Maybe I’m just too independent to stay with somebody that made me feel that way. But, it seems like family is very important to her so…

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the person I am in love with is the most amazing girl I have ever met. she listens to everything I have to say no matter how crazy it may sound and supports me though everything. I genuinely believe she is the love of my life I don't know where I would be without this girl she has been with me through thick and thin, no matter what I deal with she has been there and made me feel safe and okay again. she is honestly the most important thing in my life and I plan on asking her to marry me.

this is so cute I’m dyinggggg. I’m so happy for you 💞

anonymously tell me about the person you love

How my 16th begin

Well lets just say I had to let go of someone I really loved with all my heart for 7 months he made me the happiest but guess what greatest of all the loves are to be let go of :)

Dear you, if you ever come across this just remember you are still very important to me, for months you made me feel so happy that I sometimes had the thoughts “how can life be so beautiful all at once” that no matter how much I thanked God It wouldn’t be enough. But now I have let you go and this is just for your sake. Be happiest. I will always love you same, and if you ever want to come back, home will always be welcoming. I love you :)