they made lots of science afterwards

so i have finished year 11 and done my gcses :)
my tips :)

1. don’t stress too much - gcses content is easy to learn and understand mostly, as long as you put some time in and go over weak areas you will be fine !!!!

2. open your ears in class - even if you don’t get round to going over some things in depth, as long as you review what you have learnt in class briefly afterwards you will remember it vaguely

3. don’t even bother with notes - i did make notes for everything but i didn’t really use them, they took up a lot of time but i used my cgp guide instead and flash cards which leads me to…

4. flashcards and summaries are your best mates - as soon as you learn a new topic, go home and make flashcards. making them all in revision period is a waste of time. i made sure all my revision material was made wayyyyy before april. i made sure to summarise topic of science (B5, C4 etc..) onto one a5 piece of paper

5. quiz quiz quiz - my friends and i quizzing each other and just helping each other really got me through. the quick fire questions get you used to thinking quickly for the exam

6. attend the revision sessions - i know it’s long and you rather go home but just go to the sessions. even if you are not writing during them, hearing information again really helps

7. don’t start hardcore revision too early - starting revision in november will not help boo. you will forget everything by may/june. give your self about 2 months depending on how much you don’t know. start at around february half term.

8. languages - if you do a language get on memrise and start learning vocab early because there is a lot.

9. don’t revise for like 10 hours a day - there is no point in revising the whole day. during february it was like an hour and a half a night and like ¾ on weekends. on the run up to exams it was like 6-8 hours on weekends and 2 on weekdays in addition to after school revision everyday

10. take care of yourself - i stopped eating regularly during the gcse period and lost some weight, really bad, just eat. everyone gets really cranky during exam season, don’t take much to heart

11. maths - best way to conquer maths is to practice, there’s no two ways about it
12. work hard - you’re not going to get good grades without working unfortunately. buuuuuuuut have fun too year 11 is full of great memories!!!

(message me if you want me to post some of my english revision material for the new aqa spec)