they made fun of tumblr

All right yalls break time is over (it was a nice and much needed break) have a space whale thing I did last week.

tearsofahime  asked:

RE: FUTABA AND YUSUKE MAKING FURSONAS TOGETHER-- Imagine Morgana shows up and is like "What's a fursona?" And Futaba and Yusuke are too unsure of what to do and then the game just... (insert IASIP title card saying: "Morgana Makes a Gijinka")

I finally made some cacti stuff and it was fun : D

but first, some music


bias moodboard: kim namjoon

thank you @jacksoons​ for tagging me! i don’t know many people on here, so i’m going to tag my mutuals to show my appreciation for following me, don’t feel like you need to do it though: @vitaminjin​ / @lilacnamjoon​ / @artychim​ / @yoongiart​ / @gayminyoongi​ / anyone who wants to do it!


i watched the final of the get down yesterday and now im rewatching the whole show from the start bc thats how i Cope

here are some crying kids

Thomas “Dread” Bernhard, Number 24 Shortstop

Some pre-war Dread doing what he does best


Ain’t Fun Anymore

We Don’t Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth vs. Ain’t It Fun by Paramore.