they made each other so happy and their relationship was so equal and balanced and mature

Age gap - Request

(What an original title…)

Requested by anon:  Hey, I was wondering if you would write a Dean/Reader fic, where the Reader is like 10 years younger than Dean? Like she’s mid-20 and he mid-30? And people who meet them don’t think they’re together, especially women who flirt with her boyfriend right in front of her eyes and sometimes even insult her?

Summary: A woman tries to flirt with Dean in front of (Y/N) and doesn’t really believe they are dating, which makes (Y/N) feel really upset about the whole thing. So Dean tries to comfort her and… Fluff. (I suck with summaries, pardon me.)

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word count: 2,248

Warnings: Dean implying dirty things… at the very end…

A/N: First fic of 2017! I loved doing this, age-gapped realtionships are my very fave and oh Lord this request made me so happy…. THANK YOU! I really liked it, and I hope you do too.


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Maybe it was her matureness, or maybe that he was a man-child; maybe it was the many things they had in common, or the ones they differed. Maybe it was a prank made by some naughty cherub that made them fall in love; or even so Chuck’s way of saying “thank you”, but either way they had fallen in love and nothing could interfere between them – not even the age gap.

Yes, there were sixty year old men married to twenty year old girls, as well as forty year old women dating nineteen year olds, but Dean and (Y/N) – as well as everyone around them – felt like the mild ten years gap was massive. She was still in her twenties, and she was vibrant and so full of life it was unbelievably attractive for the already thirty year old Dean, who’s age and life had led him to mature enough to turn into a dad every time (Y/N) did something reckless like the things he used to do.

But they were so happy together…

Of course, there was also that social pressure than got to their nerves. For starters: Her parents. Not only did her dad got all grumpy when he met Dean but also Sam had taken a while to get used to the idea because he too saw her like a child. Less to say, everyone around them couldn’t get in their minds that they were actually dating, and actually in love – not just a sugar daddy with his princess.

“Hey handsome,” a MILF greeted as she sat on the bar stool next to Dean, “how about you drop your daughter at a friend’s house and take me to my place?”

“She’s not my daughter.” Dean replied with a sarcastic smile as (Y/N) gave her a death glare from the opposite side of Dean.

“Niece, granddaughter… Whatever.” The woman rolled her eyes.

“Girlfriend, actually.” Dean snapped and the woman let out a dry laugh.

“Right, you dating this… Kid?” She couldn’t believe it, “Honey, if you didn’t want to say yes you just had to be honest, not lie.”

“She really is my girlfriend, and I would really appreciate it if you went to stalk someone else and let us enjoy our evening.” Dean spoke in the most calm way possible, but (Y/N) – who knew him very well – could tell how pissed off he really was.

“You’re rejecting this” she gestured for Dean to notice her curves, “for a gold digger?”

“Basically, I’m rejecting an old-ass woman who doesn’t know what being taken means.” Dean chuckled cruelly, reaching for (Y/N)’s hand and squeezing it tightly.

“At least I’m a woman.” The stranger barked, “I’m sure behind all that makeup she still has zits.”

“It’s better than being all wrinkly.” (Y/N) beamed, making Dean choke.

The woman gasped loudly, she was offended. “How dare you?”

(Y/N) shrugged her shoulders and the woman left. Both (Y/N) and Dean were used to older women – MILFs – flirting with Dean, as well as them not buying it when he explained (Y/N) was his girlfriend. Why was it so hard to understand? It wasn’t as if ten years was that much. And yes, Dean had a few wrinkles and (Y/N) still had her baby face, but apart from that there wasn’t much difference.

“That was fun.” (Y/N) breathed out sarcastically as she and Dean got in the car.

“It wasn’t that bad.” Dean locked eyes with her, begging for his girlfriend to agree.

“We’ve been through worse.” She granted and Dean smiled, “I just wished they weren’t so cynical and avoided flirting with you right in front of me.”

“To be fair, they think you’re my daughter.” Dean clicked his tongue and sat up straight; putting the key in its place and making Baby come to life with a twist of it.

“To be fair, a decent woman wouldn’t flirt like that with a man in front of his daughter.” (Y/N) insisted.

“To be fair, none of them was decent.” Dean chuckled. He wasn’t as affected by everyone else’s behaviour because he was never insulted. Whether it was because boys the age of (Y/N) were utterly scared of his authoritarian pose or because older men respected when a guy dated someone younger – because they were mature enough to do so – and the ones who didn’t usually got kicked in the ass before they could even approach her.

“To be fair, it’s awfully annoying.” (Y/N) continued.

“To be fair, I love you.” Dean stated, knowing that those three words would calm (Y/N) down.

It was her safe zone, something to grip onto when times get tough. Whenever someone insulted her out of jealousy, or tried to play with her mind claiming that Dean couldn’t really be in love with a kid, or just messing in their relationship, Dean only needed to remind her what was keeping them together – what made them get together in the first place – and that would be the end of it.

He was protective of her, and most times the one to scold her after a hunt in which she did something stupid or dangerous. He would take care of her when she was sick, or dealing with any kind of hormonal issue, as well as cure her when hunts got a little too violent. Dean was the kind of man who works better as a human shield than he does as a boyfriend, but honestly, she couldn’t complain.

She was young, and so dumb in so many things… The lack of experience sometimes got to Dean’s nerves, but she was also open minded and not only would she absorb every last bit of information like a sponge absorbs water, but she would also find different ways of doing things – like the time she hula-hooped her way across a farm full of ghosts – she was a revolutionary, just like any other young woman. Of course, she spent much time on social media and doing “Millennial stuff” but truth was it made Dean feel alive again.

They were so uneven their relationship became equal. They completed each other, and made the other’s life find its balance. It was like with magnets – opposites are attracted to each other. And, when Sam understood that, every resistance he had settled fell down.

(Y/N) had been hunting with them for a while; since she was seventeen, to be specific. Of course, Sam couldn’t help to see her like the teenager they rescued from a fire caused by a wicked witch. Dean had seen her like so for many years until her matureness caught his attention.

Of course, she had the body of a younger woman, but her brain was something different. She was smart, comprehensive, merciful, empathetic and so authentic, it was impossible for Dean not to fall for her. She could be serious in serious times and childish in childish times; her control over herself was something Dean couldn’t even dream of when he was her age.

“Babe, are you okay?” Dean asked. They were parked right in front of the bunker. (Y/N) hadn’t said a single word on their way back home.

“Yup, why?” She lifted an eyebrow, trying to look normal but Dean knew her a lot more than she knew herself.

Her breath was different, and her eyes had that thing that makes Dean’s heart ache. The curve of her lips were trembling lightly and Dean could see her jaw clenched, figuring her teeth were pressed against it other tightly. Her eyes looked sad, no matter how much she tried to look tired, and her back was arched to the front rather than the usual straight position she tried to keep.

“Is it because of that woman?” (Y/N) didn’t have to say anything, the mere mention of that person made her face fall. “Babe, we’ve been through this many times- I love you, and only you, no matter what others say… Let-”

“Let them judge.” (Y/N) finished the sentence, “I know.”

“Then why are you down?” He leaned closer to her, instantly holding her hands in his warm ones.

She breathed in deeply, biting her lower lip as she tried to formulate the correct sentence. “I just…” She sighed, “It really hurts me to see them flirting with you. As in: they are your age, they have quite the same knowledge of life and the experience and… I feel like you could share so many things with them you can’t share with me… Like life during the 80s or something.” She looked down shyly, “Maybe you’d enjoy them better than me. Sometimes I do feel like your daughter, because you scold me and get pissed at me for being so ruthless and- and I don’t know.”

Dean listened carefully to ever single syllable she pronounced. “Babe…”

“No, don’t babe me. You know I’m right.” She looked up at him. His eyes were glossy and his lips were lightly parted; on the other hand, she had tears threatening to spill and her cheeks were blushed. “I thought it wouldn’t be… hard. It would’ve been worse if we had started dating when we met, but even so… I’m still too young, and too dumb and so immature…”

“You’re the smartest girl I know.” Dean stated softly.

“What will happen in the future, Dean?” (Y/N) inquired sadly, “What if we stick together and I start craving a family? What if you feel too old to have kids by then? Or what will happen when I grow up and make my own decisions rather than asking you for advice? What will happen when I grow up? Our whole relationship will change.” (Y/N) cleared her throat, “Right now I have issues everyone my age has, and they feel like the biggest thing in the world… And you help me, because you know they’re not that bad… But when I grow up, when I’m more mature, I won’t need you to give me advice, and…”

“I’m not dating you only because I like being your personal counsellor, (Y/N).” Dean smiled warmly, “You’re too mature… At least most of the times, and even when you grow up-” He let out a shy chuckle, “well, I’m not getting any younger.”

“But, Dean…” He placed a finger over her lips.

“Let me finish.” He begged, “When it comes to you, none of it matters.”

“But…” Dean lifted and eyebrow and that was enough for her to stay quiet.

“Having a family, with kids and all… I can be sixty years old and still want it as long as it’s with you. I know you may not see it know, but you make me so happy… You’re that missing piece I had searched for, and no matter what anyone says, I’m not giving up on you anytime soon.”

Dean shifted even closer to (Y/N). His breath and hers crashed against each other as his calloused palm cupped her cheeks and his apple green eyes locked with her (Y/E/C) ones. “I’m so in love with you… And not like a puppy love but rather a serious love… A real kind of love.”


“Dean.” He mimicked, “The only one who should be worried is me – Dean. Maybe you’ll grow up and realize you don’t love me anymore, or that I’m not the type of man you want to spend the rest of her life with… And that’s fine as long as I get to enjoy every damn second I have with you by my side.”

“I will never – never ever – stop loving you.” She whispered.

“Then why are we worrying about?” He smiled cheekily at her and it was so contagious her lips ended up curving as well. “I love you, kiddo.”

“I won’t love you anymore if you keep calling me kiddo, old man.” She joked.

“What about baby?”  Dean wiggled his eyebrows, making her giggle.

“Do I get a bottle?” She inquired, following his joke.

“Only if it contains beer.” Dean left a shy peck on her forehead, “But seriously, (Y/N/N)…”

“I know, I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to be sorry.” Dean muttered, “I do get very jealous whenever anyone lays eyes on your flawless ass,” (Y/N) laugh, “and I sure as Hell hate it when other women don’t respect you… But you’re mine, and I’m yours and, I don’t know about you, but that’s more than enough for me.”

(Y/N) nodded. “Let them judge.”

“Let them judge.” Dean repeated the mantra before leaving a soft kiss on her lips.

No matter how many prejudices people had – which were many – (Y/N) and Dean would overcome them. After all, they were all they needed, and as long as they loved each other things would be just fine.


“Okay but do you really feel like… Like my daughter?” Dean furrowed his eyebrows.

“Only when you act like a dad with me.” She replied nonchalantly.

“I won’t act like a dad, then.” Dean breathed out, “Although…”

“Although what?”

“You can call me daddy anytime you want, sweetheart.” Dean winked at her.

“You’re gross.” She furrowed her nose.

“Are you kink-shaming me?” Dean pretended to be offended.

“Only because of the context.” (Y/N) laughed.

“Who’s the gross one then, huh?” Dean wrapped his arms around her.

“You are.” She breathed out. Dean left a warm kiss on her shoulder.

“You can be gross with me…” He whispered seductively.

“Gross.” Dean laughed.

“You love me.”

“That I do.” Dean smiled proudly, leaving yet another kiss on her lips.

“And I love you.”

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1. KakaSaku: why is KakaSaku your otp? Is there any particular tropes, or was there something you find in this ship you can't find in others? Do you believe KakaSaku had an opportunity in the manga for the idea of canon? How would you picture it? Do believe it would be controversial (the age gap)? Side pairings (like NH or ShikaTema)? And how do you deal with Sakura and Sasuke's relationship (brOTP, one night stand, etc.) canon-wise with a KakaSaku endgame? (2)

Hmm, I’ll have to go a little down memory lane for this one. I’ve been in the Naruto fandom for over ten years, ever since I was a little child. As a kid, I initially shipped SasuSaku. I was naive and too wrapped up with the idea of ‘first love is true love’. That continued for many years, in fact, up until the beginning of last year. At this point I have left the fandom and came back to it after many years. You could probably imagine I was happy when I found out they were canon at first… but then post-700 happened.

I was shocked. That’s the worst story one could be given for a pairing they like. It repulsed me. I was forced to take a step back and see Sasuke for what he truly is: a deadbeat dad. A cold husband. A selfish man.

I was forced to reevaluate everything I thought he would be. Sasuke is not prince charming, he’s not a good human, he’s not a sane human. I’m not saying that it’s entirely his fault, I’m not denying the circumstances he was dealt anon, but it doesn’t change that it shaped him into a horrible being. Do I blame him for turning evil/leaving Konoha? No. I don’t. I probably would have done the same.

So we’ve established he’s not a good person. Even if he’s shown to have gone out roaming the world for ‘redemption’.

On the other hand, Sakura may have been a little mean as a kid, but she obviously matured and outgrew that. These are possible character developments. You could go from being mean to someone to being nice to them at that point of your life (12 years old). But you can’t go from wanting to kill someone to wanting to marry them, not only is it terrifying but also… impossible.

So here I kinda realised wow dude, this pair kinda sucks.

I’m an anxious person by nature, also I value security above all. There is no way I would want Sakura to be with someone as emotionally unbalanced and unforgiving as Sasuke. Someone who at some point wanted to get rid of her —tried to get rid of her.

Just a bit before I had that conclusion about SasuSaku I discovered the most awesome beautiful thing ever: KakaSaku.

At first, I was like, oh my god, no, my OTP is SasuSaku. I think they’re cute but… that’s as far as liking them goes. Wrong. I was hooked.

They made so much sense I’m amazed I didn’t notice before but through reading fan fiction I discovered their potential.

Kakashi and Sakura are both dedicated ninja. They both put their teammates first. They balance out each other rather nicely, Kakashi could use someone bright and caring like Sakura to heal his soul. They’re both extremely smart, and equally balanced in power. Neither of them would look down on the other or bash them.

Sakura is strong and dedicated but I feel like sometimes she lacks confidence. Kakashi would lift her up, not break her down like Sasuke seems to do (after he left Konoha so if anyone’s reading this don’t start pulling managa screeshots pointing evidence of 12 year old Sasuke being 'supportive’)

I just like the balance between them, a harmony I can’t seem to find anywhere else. Look at every other ship, each one seems to have a dominant person, be it the woman or the man, which I dislike. Relationship/marriage should be about equality and balance, not dominance.

The manga didn’t nearly have as many KS hints as the anime but what does it matter to me? If Kishi doesn’t know how to pick two people with appropriate personalities for each other, that isn’t my fault. Look at his canon ships and how he portrays them, it’s truly repulsive. NaruHina had so much potential goddamn and he absolutely slaughtered it. He clearly built up for NaruSaku and he also clearly changed his mind around the end. SP then turned Hinata into 'Sakura’ instead of giving her a unique personality. Repulsive I tell you.

I really don’t believe the age gap matter would be a big deal. They’re ninja, they could literally die any day. To them they don’t even think they would live past 40. Why restrain them with silly things like age?

What does age signify anyway? Maturity. Do you really believe a person who’s been killing since they were 12, exposed to every nasty thing in the world would lack in maturity/self
-discovery to be with an older person?

I don’t think it’s the age people might protest against, but rather their previous status of teacher and student but we all know Sakura’s real teacher is Tsunade. Kakashi is simply her team captain.

I don’t understand your question about NH and ShikaTema but if you’re asking my opinion of them, here: both had a lot of potential. One got an okay ending and the other sucked ass.

The amount of damage that was dealt to NH is ridiculous. I could’ve done a better job giving them a more realistic/not forced ending. Kishi seems to forget the concept of 'build up’ when writing romance. It’s like he pulled NaruHina out of his ass. Everything is cliche and gross; Naruto, an absent father. Hinata portrayed as the 'scary’ parent which just doesn’t go with her character (again, they tried to pull a Sakura but it ain’t workin). Hinata sending Boruto, a GENIN, one who cheated during his exams because he couldn’t win without doing so, to fight gods, telling him to 'take care of his dad’. Excuse me but what kind of mother does that? How could she just send her son to fight ninja that managed to capture her husband the freakin Hokage?? I don’t care if he resembles Naruto, no one can believe in their child that blindly, it’s just so damn unrealistic. Besides, everyone now is trying to shove down our throat that Hinata is a 'kickass shinobi’ who is 'better’ than Sakura, so why doesn’t she go fight to get her husband back?

I don’t hate Hinata. I just dislike what’s been done to her character. Just because she’s an average Kunoichi it doesn’t mean she can’t end up with Naruto without being given Sakura’s personality. They’re trying to change her character entirely. It’s gross. They’re trying to make her sound stronger than she actually is.

As for ShikaTema, I don’t have much trouble besides making Temari a stay-at-home wife. That’s not her personality at all.

Same goes for Sakura. She’s a kickass medic. Put her as head medic at the hospital not a woman dusting shelves.

If KakaSaku were to be endgame, I believe that would happen with Sakura spending time with Kakashi and discovering what being with real men is like. I believe she’d fall in love with Kakashi. Maybe even cheat on Sasuke, as unpleasant as the concept is (although I don’t blame her if she does), get a divorce, grab her daughter and leave. She’d marry Kakashi, because he’d give a shit about her child, he’d help care for if, he’d love and protect her. He’d be there for her. Basically, Kakashi would know how to be a good and respectful partner.

I apologise if jumping from answering something to the other is confusing. Thanks for the question!

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Hey I came across Philip Normans book and as I'm not familiar with him I was wondering what was wrong with him as a lot of people seem to dislike him

short answer:

pictured here is philip norman writing anything ever.

long answer:

i honestly don’t know where to even start, dear anon. it would be easier for me to list what isn’t wrong with philip norman. i can’t tell you what people as a whole dislike about him, but i can tell what i dislike about him. my immediate kneejerk reaction to your question was this poem of norman referencing paul published in the sunday times in the early 70s:

O deified Scouse, with unmusical spouse
For the clichés and cloy you unload,
To an anodyne tune may they bury you soon
In the middlemost midst of the road.

to paraphrase a comment i read on heydullblog a while ago: nothing like a biographer hoping for the speedy death of one of his (later) subjects. 

it exemplifies my problem with norman: he’s made a living out of holding a grudge for the pettiest reasons. he envied paul, not only because he was “good-looking” (and boy, does he veer off into paragraphes about paul’s “doe-eyes”, “angelic” “delicate features” only “saved” from girlishness by his “five-o’clock-shadow”) but also for his “mounting riches” and his dating of “a classy young actress”. his envy turned into outright dislike for paul. norman saw paul’s failed relationship with jane as his “public sense of duty” weakening; he blamed paul for the end of the beatles, felt that he had turned into a “self-satisfied lightweight” and you can almost feel his satisfied glee whenever he feels that paul’s life veers of its “perfectly polished-rails”.    

i’ve read a few books by norman – most recently paul mccartney: the life – and excerpts of others, and each time i’ve come to the same conclusion: norman comes across as a very peculiar mix of a self-importantance, jealousy and nastiness. much like other authors of his caliber – sounes comes to mind – he seems to have been motivated by these emotions that had left him embittered enough to write books, rampant with confirmation bias, one-sided accounts, mistakes, snipes, digs and disproven or outdated anecdotes, hardly offering any new insights. yet i don’t want to dictate how you think about norman, so i present to you some pearls of wisdom by our dearest of beatles biographers to make up your own mind about how much he’s on the mark – or how far off:

“Barrow later discovered that when they’d signed their management contract, Paul had told Brian that if the Beatles didn’t work out, he was determined to become a star on his own.”

‘[And] unlike John (and Brian), Paul did not seem to have any half-concealed demons to deal with.’

“Over the next six years, Barrow would realise that the inexhaustible geniality Paul showed the world was not always replicated in private.”

“[…] Frieda Kelly[…]” (throughout the entire book, I might add)

“With the Beatles brought a radical change of image, illustrating the vastly altered demographic of those who were now with them. On the Please Please Me album cover, four cheery, unabashedly working-class lads had grinned down a stairwell at EMI’s Manchester Square headquarters, with Paul’s good looks barely noticeable. Now they were shown as solemn, polo-necked faces half in shadow against a plain black background, less like pop musicians than a quartet of Parisian art students. It was an ambience which suited none of them better than Paul, that one-time art student manqué.”

[1968/1969] “John had always been recognised as an uncontrollable maverick, but being a Paul fan involved a strong feeling of proprietorship. Like so many tut-tutting aunts, the gate pickets now observed the change from his former dandified, fastidious self; the bushy black beard, the perceptible weight-gain, the baggy tweed overcoat he seemed to wear all the time. To the fans, it signified how ‘she’ [Linda] had got her hooks into him; what it actually signified was that he was happy.”

[1968/1969] His [Paul’s] personal life thus replenished and stabilised, he now turned his attention to replenishing and stabilising the Beatles after their ordeal with the White Album.”

“Knowing now just how much McCartney meant to Paul–and feeling a twinge of compassion for one who’d never before invited such an emotion–Ringo talked the others into reinstating its 17 April release.”

In the same week, Stella’s first collection for Chloé was shown in Paris with the help of her ‘mates’ Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Yasmin Le Bon. Paul and Linda were both seated beside the catwalk: he [Paul] in the novel position of applauding someone else, she still with close-cropped hair, the result of prolonged chemotherapy, which gave her face a new gentleness and repose.

The order of [Linda’s] service was as meticulously planned and arranged as a McCartney album tracklist.

However, when the Beatles made the Decca tape, Best had still been with them, so was due a share of royalties from ten tracks used on the Anthology. The first he knew about it was a phone call from the one who’d been so keen to get rid of him [Paul] –the first time they’d spoken since it happened.

all of the above quotes – and keep in mind: these are just a select few that i had at hand from a book that spans around 800 pages of much the same quality of writing – are from paul mccartney: the life, published in 2016(!!!). while norman proclaims to have had a change of heart over the years from his previous assessment of paul in shout!, which he in the very same breath during promotion claims wasn’t really anti-paul:

…it rings hollow. to the point of where i’m not the only one wondering about how much he truly means his words, and how much of it is simply trying to save face in light of his waning monopole on being an authority when it comes to beatles history. he still heavily relies on the same old tired clichés: paul the master manipulator of all around him lacking heart and substance, paul the ambitious starlet ready to sacrifice everything and everyone, determined to make it big, paul the stingy boss of wings, paul the borderline abusive husband to linda’s dichotomy of easy american groupie vs fraught shy housewife trying to escape her domineering husband by way of her career as a photographer and writer. some of them may perhaps contain a kernel of truth, but norman seemingly lacks the ability to acknowledge nuances and the willingness to dig deeper, search for other viewpoints, or consider context. 

he still uses every other opportunity to get his digs in no matter how macabre it may be in the light of events he’s referencing as evidenced by his description of linda’s funeral procession; he, at times, solely relies on people with questionable motives like peter cox for entire chapters without questioning a thing they are saying, or letting the reader hear other voices to provide a more balanced view; he lacks the insight into his subjects as portrayed by his claim that paul’s weight gain and drastic change of looks from ‘68 to ‘70 was brought on by being “happy” with linda or his equally outrageous claim of ringo never having felt a “twinge” of “empathy” for one of his closest friends; paul and john’s relationship is reduced to a rivalry that even to john’s last breath was defined by one-upping each other. although, is it perhaps no wonder considering that paul mccartney: the life seems to be mostly a copy/paste job of his previous books (here a part of shout!, here a part of his john biography).

the less said about shout!, published in the early 80s, the better. suffice it to say that during its promotion, norman titulated john as “three-quarters of the beatles”. yes. i repeat: the less said, the better. it’s only sad that this book helped shape entire generations of authors that would buy into norman’s narrative and perpetuate it decades later.

yet my excerpt of philip norman’s books simply don’t do the man’s tastelessness and scope of grudge-holding justice. for your reading consideration i present you philip norman’s letter to paul from 2005 as well as his obituary for george harrison and his complete dismissal of ringo from an interview in 1987.

to not let this already too long post end on such a note, i feel obliged to throw in this quote by mark lewisohn, who was partly motivated by norman’s… skill, to research the topic on his own:

Mark Lewisohn: “I came to meet Philip Norman. He wanted to meet someone who was a kind of studious Beatles fan, if you like. And when we met it became clear that there were certain areas of the story he was unclear of. There were certain areas that were cloudy. And I said I would research them for him. I was 21 and he said, yes, that would nice. So I still had a job, but in my weekends and evenings I did this research for him. I was so intrigued by the findings, that I just carried on after that. I gave him what he wanted and then carried on researching and I haven’t stopped to this day.”

DK: “By the way, what do you think of his book, Shout!? I don’t mean to be putting words into your mouth, but your intent, I think, is to correct a lot of mistakes that have become fact as a result of other people’s biographies of the band. Could you bring that into perspective?”

Mark Lewisohn: “Well, when I was less mature, I did want to correct other people’s errors. Errors always offended me, particularly when they resulted from laziness. And I had always wanted to correct other people’s errors. But I’ve grown up, a bit, since then, and with these three books I’m writing, I’m not interested in correcting anything. I’m just telling the story from the beginning. I am starting fresh. And along the way, I am debunking myths right, left and centre. But I am not pointing out what they are, because it is not relevant. Shout!, when it came out in 1981, just after John Lennon was murdered, was the second Beatles biography, with the first being the Hunter Davies biography which came out in ‘68. And it was reckoned by a lot of people to be better than the Hunter Davies book. And because I am in it, and because I was young, and because I was blinded to it, I thought it was a great book. And a lot of people do. It is so stylishly written, and all of that. But the older I’ve got, the more I see where I can no longer agree with my original opinion. Well, Philip Norman came up to me at a recent event and said he professed himself unhappy with some of the things I’ve been saying about his book, so I need to be delicate here. But I do think that it is out of date. It left scope for the job to be done again. That book has had 30 years in the sunshine, but it is in no way the definitive book. I am hoping to write the definitive book that is a lot more comprehensive and is also much more deeply rooted in research.“

mark lewisohn: beatles researcher extraordinaire and classy thrower of shade.

A Familiar Detail

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This is a direct sequel to Something Familiar, and probably does not stand on its own very well. It is also @miraculousfluffmonth‘s Aug 17 prompt, AU.

School was on spring break and Marinette was finally recovering from a rough bout of influenza.  Now that she was well enough to do some sewing, her first project was an outfit for Chat, who’d just had another growth spurt.  His new life and diet were agreeing with him pretty spectacularly, and he’d started picking up more mature modeling jobs at Gabriel’s request.

He’d paged through her designs and picked a shirt and pants.  It took a little time to map out the pattern, size it for him, and take him to pick out a fabric.  She had the cut pieces spread out over her floor, her pincushion strapped to her left hand.  She knelt over the organized mayhem and chatted with her familiar.  He watched, in cat form, from the high platform of his tower.

“I may not be able to finish it today, but you should be able to wear it tomorrow,” she explained as she lay one piece over another and ran a line of pins down the edge.  He was well accustomed to the process by now, having spent the last six months with her, but she had made a commitment to appreciate him, and letting him know what she was doing was part of that.  It had become routine at this point, and comfortable for both of them.

It’s so nice of you to do this.  His voice in her head was soothing, though she could feel his excitement.   I love wearing things you made just for me .

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"Supernatural" Season 9 Recap: "Sharp Teeth"

After the emotional roller coaster of “First Born,” which was stuffed to the gills with mythological ramifications and fascinating character interplay, this week’s “Sharp Teeth” lacked bite. 

If you’re a fan of standalone Monster of the Week stories, the hour was solid – if a little pedestrian, given how many episodes we’ve seen dealing with whether a monster is good or bad – but it was both frustrating and heartbreaking to see Sam and Dean so emotionally removed from each other. Contrary to how it sounds, that’s not a criticism of Adam Glass’ writing; I think it’s entirely necessary for Sam and Dean to air their grievances and acknowledge that they’re no longer on the same page, but it’s certainly no fun to watch. Even Garth being his reliably adorkable self wasn’t enough to lift the oppressive cloud of tension that was hanging over our brothers for most of the hour. 

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I’ve never been worried about Stelena not being endgame or together again because of something Caroline said back in S3 or S4 and it was “Being a vampire isn’t suppose to change you, its just suppose to enhance who you already are”, if you paid attention to S4 we saw at the beginning Elena totally and completely in love with Stefan, there was no doubt about who she wanted to spend her life with they even had that deleted scene saying ‘we’re in this together forever’.

Then you fast forward to 4x07 and she’s a completely different person, her reactions to Stefan are off and she’s showing more affection to Damon to where we find out she’s been sired to him thus separating her emotions about Stefan to the back burner. Things with Damon go so fast she sleeps with him, tells him that she loves him about 3 episodes in and tells Stefan that while she does love him she’s no longer 'in love’ with him anymore even though just 5 episodes before she was unconditionally in love with him. Elena goes through a number of changes during S4 with being sired, then Damon taking away her humanity, and when she ultimately gets it back you can tell she’s a different person, this isn’t the same Elena we knew S1-3 and that’s shown in her choice of Damon at the end of S4.

It tells a lot of things about the shift in Elena’s character with this choice because whereas in S1-S3 she was selfless, humble, quick to be there for her friends and family, and fearless by S5 she’s selfish, self-centered, not so much there for her friends and family, and co-dependent to Damon. She’s quick to let Jeremy stay with Damon even though we know in the past he’s been malicious to him and that doesn’t change, Matt in S4 lets Elena know that which is another indication of her changing. She’s always been very protective of Jeremy and throughout S5 doesn’t show the same concern as she once did in earlier seasons. There’s a scene in S5 where Caroline tells Elena to help save Jesse from being killed and Elena other than helping her best friend she kills Jesse anyway which prompts Caroline to tell her “the Elena i knew would’ve wanted to save him”, another point to the change in Elena’s character. That’s not a coincidence, the writers want you to know this for a reason.

 Qetsiyah points out that DE is co-dependent to each other which isn’t healthy at all, the Elena in the past cared about Damon and had feelings for him but she also knew the kind of man he was. This Elena we’ve seen post S4 also knows the kind of man Damon is but she chooses to be oblivious to this, their whole summer she was blind to the fact that he was killing generations of families, he cruelly killed Katherine right in front of her and while she did look at him in horror she didn’t do anything to stop him, she let the fact that he killed Aaron go and accepted him back, she doesn’t know he basically killed Jeremy again as well, and Stefan without his memory told Elena that she’d listen to anything Damon told her proving Qetsiyah right. Its been said that Delena’s relationship is “consuming”, and while DErs think this is romantic its not at all in reality is horrifying. When you consume something, you use something up until it wastes away, the official definition is to destroy or expend by use; use up so if that’s your example of an 'epic’ relationship then you can keep it.

When i heard that during the finale Elena hardly showed emotion towards Stefan’s death or Bonnie’s that didn’t surprise me because she’s become such a different person it made sense that she looked like a dumbass crying about Damon’s death more and even blew herself up to be with him she’s deluded herself into being “in love” with him and that’s the sad part. I’ve never believed their “love” its been forced to the point that they need to stay the hell away from each other. Damon and Elena did nothing, but be toxic and selfish together that showed them as pathetic which is the way they were probably meant to be written. There’s a reason why Stelena was so loved by everyone on this show, together they were a united team, had unconditional love, treated each other equally, Stefan genuinely cared for her friends and family, and had the upmost respect for each other no matter what occurred between them. Delena started out as forbidden and had their chemistry moments but when S4 that changed and was abusive. Damon never respected Elena’s friends and family seeing as how he terrorized them, nearly every woman on this show was abused by him, and he sucks as a brother, and doesn’t give Elena hardly the respect she deserves. He’s a coward who hides behind manpain and good looks which in my opinion makes him so ugly. With Stefan, Elena was the person we all recognize but with Damon she is now someone we don’t recognize which brings me back to Caroline’s quote.

Elena went through a drastic change, her transition to a vampire wasn’t smooth and ended up not enhancing who she once was but turning her into another person; the worst version of herself. She even told Stefan in 4x04 that she was “becoming someone she didn’t want to be”, and then 3 episodes later her fear became true. S4 and 5 displayed the destruction of Elena’s character she wasn’t painted as the heroine anymore and now its hinted that she may be human again which sets the balance of her character back. She’s going to realize what’s happened to her, they wouldn’t even say the word “change” about her if they weren’t going to address it and when she does i believe she’ll work on being the girl we once recognized who valued her morals and cared about her friends and family selflessly, she’ll realize while she does have love for Damon he isn’t what she needs in her life, she wasn’t herself with him. She will also realize just what this change did to Stefan. I hate saying Elena 'fell out of love’ with Stefan because the way that it happened didn’t seem authentic seeing as how the sire bond was to blame for that, i’d say her love for him got pushed back its there but because of circumstances isn’t shown. For those saying ’we’ll never see stelena again’ or they’re 'over’, remember this a love triangle she is going back to Stefan eventually. 

I don’t place blame on her alone, but a lot of the events that have taken place from S4 to 5 have nearly destroyed him and Stelena’s relationship. They’re not ruined, just damaged and its going to take a long time to build up that relationship again. There’s the possibility of Steroline, and if that happens it will be a catalyst for Elena to step up even more to get Stefan back. I want Stefan to be happy and the only person who i know will do that for him is Elena, there will never be another girl for him. They’ll never be what they once was, and that’s okay because nothing can touch the beauty of S1-3 Stelena. When they reunite they’ll be more mature, and more epic as a couple because of everything they’ve overcome. This show was established with them and is their story it was going to evolve back to them again. I don’t hate Elena, just the person she’s become but i have faith she’ll be the girl we knew again.