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Broken Heart. Part 4.1

Relationships: Bill Skarsgard x Reader

Summary: Your friend -Bill- is getting married. He wants your help. Are you gonna help him or are you gonna confess your feelings?

Warnings: angst

Word Count:2801

A/N: Thanks for the request @mirachowder​ :) Special thanks to @bill-skarsgard-lil-hoe   @fandomimcurrentlyobsessedabout  

Guys, I’m sad AF. I just needed to write something.Hope you like it.

Guys, English isn’t my native language. I know I made mistakes. But my native language is very different than English and the story is full of  mistakes. Please understand.Just Please warn me if I have made any grammar or spelling errors.Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to text and say your opinions. I take requests btw.With love.x


part 2

part 3

     When she realized she couldn’t walk anymore, she looked around. She didn’t know where she was. The moment she saw the news on TV, she dashed out. If she’d looked at the screen a little more or listened to Sara’s worried voice a little more, she would lose her mind. She couldn’t feel anything; she didn’t even know she got hurt. She stumbled back when a woman crashed into her.

“Hey, look at where you going!”

    Y/N began to walk again, careless of her scolding. The knot in her throat was forcing her to not breathe. She continued to walk by the ocean, without minding the hot sand in her shoes. She wanted to run away from everything. She wanted to stay alone, get it all together. She threw her purse over the small boat standing on the edge. The boat was turned upside down and abandoned. When she tried to breathe deeply, she couldn’t. She put her trembling hands to her face. She tried to comb her hair back. Her phone was ringing in the purse, and from the moment she left café, it didn’t stop ringing. She looked at the ocean looked like a blue sheet in front of her. At that moment she realized how far she was from the city center. There was no one around and the sky clouded over. She let the silence take over her entire body and sat on the boat. The boat wasn’t very comfortable, but Y/N was lost in the thoughts enough to ignore it.


“Expecting for a baby.”

“Alida, wait!”

    She felt that everything came to her. Everything came in her mind and made Y/N suffer. She remembered to how Bill caressed her cheek. She remembered his curling lips while laughing; she remembered his green eyes watching her carefully when she told something. She tried to come to herself as if she could forget everything.

“I love you.

"I promise I will fix everything.”  

She tried to forget his lies. She left her body on the boat and closed her eyes. She wanted to remove Bill’s presence from her mind. When he didn’t go in front of her eyes, she dug her long nails into her hands. She didn’t even feel the pain. Her eyes were closed. When the sound of the ocean reached her ears, she allowed the warm wind to lick her skin. She was alone here and felt far away from everything. Running away was what she knew best, wasn’t it?

 "Hey.“ Y/N didn’t know how long she stood there when she heard his voice. She glanced at her brother who was coming next to her. Why did nobody realize that she wanted to be alone? Why didn’t they leave her alone? He approached the woman slowly. Even though she looked at him for a few seconds, she could see how much he was refraining from (Y/N).

"How did you find me?” She asked without changing her posture. She didn’t care the fucking answer.

“I, umm, I had to turn on the GPS on your phone. When you left abruptly; Sara worried about you. She called me, we went looking for you. I went to everywhere you could go and looked for you. ”

“So you hacked my phone to find me?” Her angry voice startled him.

“I had no other choice, I was worry about you.” Her brother left his body near herself and turned his gaze into the ocean. When Y/N realized she couldn’t be alone, she licked her lips and frowned.

“I just want to stay alone, so please get the fuck out of here.” She knew it flew in the face of all her words. In such a bad time they never left each other alone. In every bad time of James, she got his back.

“No.” Y/N could feel her patience running out.

“James, I want to stay on my own.” The voice was harsher than before. Her whole body was burning with anger.

“You know I won’t leave you alone, angel. Tell me what happened? "She didn’t want to tell anything. Because she was aware of how much she was fucked up.

"I do not want to tell.” The two siblings sat on the boat silently for five minutes. James wanted to help his sister. Y/N was always an introverted person and he didn’t have to be wise to know that she was having bad times. He remembered how she helped him in every bad moment. She was always there to support James. A few years ago when his wife had miscarriage, he remembered how he was sobbing on his sister’s shoulder. Y/N didn’t say anything, and she let him relieve his feelings. His father had passed away six to seven years ago. He recalled how she took care of funeral. Even though she was miserable, she had everything under control to lighten the load on their mother’s shoulders. After the funeral, James himself heard how she sobbing in her childhood room. That’s what Y/N was like, wanted to help everyone. But she sat silently for hours when she was experiencing something bad. She wouldn’t let anyone approach herself and acted like happy. This time was very different from the others. When he saw her sister, his heart sank. The woman smiled at James and began to play with his son in her arms.

You know what, Y/N? I am your brother. If something bad happened to you, I mean something really bad, you can tell me. I don’t judge you, yell at you. I’ll do anything to make you feel good. “James didn’t even know what he was upset with. Perhaps he was angry that she would take him away from herself. Y/N quickly turned her head to her brother. When James felt her angry gaze, he turned to the woman without hesitation.

"Maybe I don’t want to be happy. Why don’t you think like that? Maybe I need some time! "When she shouted, James was regressed with regret. She lifted her body from the boat and took a few steps toward the ocean. She tightened her arms around her own body.

"Why don’t you leave me the fuck alone and go back to your fucking way?” James leaned forward.

“Why do you all behave like I am desperate? I just need time to figure out! "She turned to her back and gave him an angry look.

"Time isn’t a cure for anything, Y/N. You can’t count on time to believe everything will be all right. "She laughed hysterically and walked quickly to her brother.

"You think you know everything, don’t you! Oh, hello, ” I-am-Doctor-James (Y / L / N)- who-knows-everything.“ But let me tell you, James, everyone’s life isn’t as good as yours, okay? It’s not! "She realized she felt better when she shouted. She wanted to scream all her thoughts, her frustrations.

“Everyone doesn’t have a lover who loves them so much, like yours. Not everyone has a happy life! Your biggest worry is what you cook at evening, but mine is much different! "She knew she was bullshitting, she knew she vented her anger on her brother. She also knew how bad she upset him when she saw him. But she didn’t care about anything; she wanted to think of herself for the first time in her life without worrying about others.

"Y/N, please tell me. What is happening? "When James reached out to the woman and made a move to pull her, Y/N pushed him away without hesitation.

"You don’t fucking understand, do you?!”

“I’m not like you. When I tell my feelings to another person, they aren’t starting to hurt me less. I feel like every cell is dying. I feel like I can’t breathe. Do you see that? "She didn’t even notice that the people passing by on the street stopped watching them as she continued yelling at him with anger.

"My feelings won’t change anything. I won’t feel less dying. I won’t feel any happier, all right?! "She closed the distance between them and put her index finger in the man’s chest.

"So leave me alone!” She reached out and took her purse and left the man alone. Her tears blurred her vision, and she stumbled as she ran. She wiped away her tears and entered an alley. There was no point in where she went. There was no point in how her life would go after that.

     She got out of the car and looked at her mother’s house. She didn’t even remember how she came. She showed to the driver the location, her head resting on the back of the seat. She was dead drunk. When people get drunk, they forget everything, right? Y/N started to remember everything better with every whiskey shot she took. She ordered more alcohol in hopes of forgetting, she chugged quickly than before. When she realized that alcohol didn’t work, she cursed and stepped out of the bar. He was sitting on the patio’s stairs and lifted his head when he saw that she was coming. Y/N smiled hysterically when she remembered that Alexander had expected her like that a while ago. Apparently this was her ‘thing’. She began to walk home feeling guilty because of yelling at James. She was dizzy, feeling nauseous. She felt terrible because she didn’t eat anything and got alcohol. Without worrying about his presence, she began to step out of the stairs. James put out his smoking cigarette and grabbed her wrist.

“Wait, we’ll talk.” Y/N rolled her eyes and took off. Why is he so stupid that he can’t understand anything? She didn’t want to talk. When she tried to pull the hand away, he tightened his grip.

“Y/N, I said I’d talk to you.” She looked at her brother in astonishment when she realized that her brother was spluttering and he was dead drunk, too. The man stood up from where he sat, and stood against his sister without leaving her wrist.

“All I want is to get into my fucking bed and sleep like I’m in coma or something.” She tried to get rid of him. He wetted his lips and closed his eyes.

“Then I’ll talk, and you’ll listen to me before you open your fucking mouth.” James seemed to think what he was going to say while cleaning his throat.

“Do you remember the first summer camp we went?” She thought of the stupidity of the question and made a face. Oh my god, how much did her brother drink?

“When we came back, you never left the room. When our parents wanted to talk to you, you fired them from the room. I … I was busy living my own life. I didn’t know what you were feeling. I was too selfish to care about you. One day I came to your room to talk to you. Obviously I got no idea what to say. While I was mumbling there, you stood up from the bed where you sat and hugged me tightly. When your tears wet my shoulder, I feel like shit. Do you remember why you were crying? "She nodded at him and looked at her brother in fragile looks. She felt his grip was loose.

"I fell in love with the camp officer.” James giggled and nodded at the woman.

“Yes, you fell in love with that ugly man and he was ten years older than you. When you found out that his lover was an his assistant, you called our mother. Dad grunted and came to the camp site and took us. "She smiled bitterly into the old memory.

"Y/N, you are a woman so powerful that you fight against all difficulties in your life; there’s only one thing that can ruin you. It’s love. My guts tell me that you are suffering the pangs of love."She took her gaze away from her brother and bit her bottom lip. He held her jaw and forced her to look at himself.

"I asked you to open up to me, and I was big fucker by forcing you. I should have expected you to come to me. When you feel ready, it does not matter when, I will always be with you. I get your back and you get mine, remember? "She freed the tears she held and embraced him with all her longing. Her arms wrapped around his waist and her head rested on his chest. His brother embraced the woman without thinking and started caress her hair on her back.

"Oh dear, oh honey. I can’t stand your crying.”Y/N shut her eyes with her hiccups escaping from her lips. Her brother was right, she had a perfect brother.

"His name’s Bill.” James nodded at her without worrying where they were standing. He pulled back and held his sister by her shoulders. Y/N looked at her brother with bleary-eyes.

“Would you like to tell me inside? I know where thirty-five-year-old whiskey my father hid. ”

Fuck, my head is killing me.” After the though night, Y/N and her brother fell asleep on the couch. Thirty-five years of whiskey and a good conversation brought the two siblings closer. She cried in his arms and felt better. She accepted that she had to leave Bill behind and go on with her life. Especially when Alida is pregnant with Bill’s baby; never, but never two of them will come together. She even smiled when she remembered how Bill got along with the kids. She was happy for Bill, and he would start a small family he always wanted. It wasn’t with Y/N, but she was still willing. “As long as Bill is happy,” She tied back her damp hair because of the warm shower she took and giggled at her brother who was sitting on the seat as if he looked like a junkie.

“You look terrible. Before Harry wakes up and sees you, go take a shower. "James nodded at the woman and left his seat. He came to Y/N. Their mum looked at her two children whipping the dough.

You two, what did you do yesterday? I had to check you out when I found you on the couch. You looked like someone had killed you and left you on the couch. “Y/N popped the sliced ​​kiwi in ​​her mouth and looked at her brother. James grinned at his sister while rubbing his eyes.

"Last night, we both had a heart-to-heart talk.” He turned to his sister and stroked the woman’s cheek.

“You’re feeling better, aren’t you?” She nodded and James headed for the stairs. Harry ran with his toy soldier to his father. James hugged his son tightly and run his hand trough his son’s hair.

Eww dad, you smell disgusting.” James laughed at his son and left a kiss on his wife’s lips.

“Give me fifteen minutes, and your daddy will return perfectly.” Harry giggled and descended from his father’s lap. He ran to his aunt and trampled his tiny arms around her legs.

“Why did you leave us yesterday, and where did you go?” Y/N tried to smile at kiddo and wandered her eyes over Sara and her mother. The two women were curious about the answer.

“I got a couple of things to do. Would you like to cut strawberry for your father’s pancake? "She embraced him and sat him down on the counter.

"But he hates strawberries.” She giggled at her nephew and nodded.

“Yes that’s right. That’s why we’re going to do it. ”

    After an excellent breakfast, everyone at the table was very cheerful. Harry made everyone happy with all the fun facts he knew. When Harry was talking, she saw how her brother was proud. Y/N knew how to cook but she always admired her mother’s cooking skill. She always knew how to make even the slightest taste delicious.

“It was a very nice breakfast.”Y/N’s mother,-Christa-, was a small but charming woman. She took a sip of orange juice from her glass and smiled at her daughter. When she realized Y/N felt better than a few days earlier, she could breathe deeply. Harry nodded at her aunt’s word as he licked his syrup from his fingers.

"Yeah, can we eat pancakes at dinner, grandma?” Y/N tidied Harry’s hair, sitting next to her. Harry looked at his grandmother with a big smile.

“Let’s eat the next day, even the day after that.” Everyone laughed at his sweetness, and someone knocked at the door. James stood up while eating the bite in his mouth.

“I got this.” Y/N watched her brother curiously. She wondered who was on the door. She could see the door when she bent a little. Her brother opened the door.

“Are you fucking kidding me? What are you doing here?”

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Where was it hinted that England is one of Germanias sons? Can you send the comic?

Oh man lol I’m not sure, there’s just so many facts packed into canon material that I can’t remember it off the top of my head. I also know a lot of random history facts, so I could have accidentally made the assumption. (Oops, headcanon!). 

But, Old English was a West-Germanic language. There were plenty of German invaders/ settlers before the Norman Conquest in the 15th century, so I don’t think it’s impossible. 

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People who say that the Lord of the Ring is cliche kinda misses the point. While their claim is partially true because Tolkien made more than half of the modern fantasy tropes (which aren't bad by itself), he made an effort in creating a fantasy world using his knowlindge in language and mythology, while adding his own flavor and the books were revolutionary in the fantasy genre. But now a lot of people are lazy and only copying Tolkien wihtout understanding him and blaming him for stagnation.

he is to fantasy fiction as Alan Moore is to comics:

he wrote challenging stories in believable universes

that people copied and people missed the point of entirely

a cute study abroad story from my history teacher

so his friend goes to Germany to study abroad for 3 months, right? and she’s studied German in school, but she certainly isn’t fluent, and she never put a ton of effort into it, just a normal amount. And when she gets to Germany, her host family doesn’t speak English. at all. not a word. two adults and four children and none of them are speaking english. it’s absolute hell to get by, she’s constantly gesturing and enunciating and having to speak perfect German (they weren’t very good at understanding her unless it was perfect) and it’s three tiring months of nonstop German action. and on the last day they’re sitting at the dinner table and the father turns to her and says in wonderfully fluent english, “so I’d say your German’s improved quite a bit since you got here.”

I was hoping that Neville would assist me with the first stage of the operation, and I am sure he will perform it admirably.”  - Remus Lupin

as far as i am concerned, this operation-speak was a slip and is canon proof that the marauders used military-speak (operation, stages, point position, code names) when they were mayhem-making.


Blessing your blog with an 8 minute compilation of Yuta speaking his native tongue, Japanese 🇯🇵😇you’re lying to yourself if you don’t find this attractive 

credit goes to creator on youtube😊❤️

Finnish Grammar Gothic

- There are 14, 15 or 16 cases, depending on who you ask. One might be accusative. Accusative may not exist at all. It depends on who you ask. Who do you ask? You don’t know who to ask. You can ask nobody. The accusative case stares at you, accusingly.

- Imperative exists in three persons. Which three persons, you ask. Plural, they reply. Don’t forget the plural imperative. You stare at your textbook. Your textbook stares back at you. The negative active 2. person imperative has ceased to make any sense. Has it ever made sense?

- You’re learning the difference between the short and the long vowels. The short vowels are short. The long ones are twice as long as the short ones. But really, they say, they’re thrice as long as that. Even longer than that. Ä, you say. Ää. Äää. Äääääääääää-
It never stops.

- The verb types are easy, they say. There are only six verb types. Six. Your text book lists only five. What is the sixth verb type? It’s in the next book, your professor says. There is no next book. What is the sixth verb type?

- The vowels come in groups. You don’t know why they’ve come or why they’re in groups. You learn their harmony all the same. You shed a tear when you’ve mastered it. But have you mastered it? The vowel harmony lulls you into a false sense of security. The vowels will strike when you least expect it.

- Consonant gradation.

- There is no accusative, your professor screams at you. It’s genitive! Or partitive! Or plural nominative, but only in the personal pronouns! The accusative does not exist! He is red in the face. Why does the accusative not exist? Do grammatical objects not exist in this language? you ask. (You shouldn’t have asked.) You are met with blank stares.

- In the future you would like to speak Finnish fluently. You make the mistake of saying this aloud. The ground opens beneath your feet and a terrible voice booms: THERE IS NO FUTURE! Silly you, you think. Of course there isn’t. You dutifully note down the three different past tenses.

- Sentence replacements replace sentences, your professor tells you. He does not tell you what the sentences are replaced with. You stare at the list of sentence replacements. There are nine items on the list. One is a quantum sentence replacement. You dare not ask.

- New words are easy to create, they say. So easy. What could possibly go wrong? You decide to create a new word. You have created an abomination.

- You’re conjugating -i nouns. There’s another group of -i nouns conjugated differently. These are very old words, your professor says. There’s another group of -i nouns. These are very old words, she says. Even older words. There’s another group of -i nouns. These are very old words, she says. They are ancient words. Blood and devil words, the past whispers in your ear.

- Some of those 14 or 15 or 16 cases are fossilised, so don’t worry about them, your professor says. Don’t worry at all. But you worry. You must worry.

- You watch a video on facebook. The Most Important Word In Finnish, it’s called. It becomes clear that it is possible to carry entire conversations using only this one word. Your smile stiffens on your face. There is only one word. There has only ever been one word.

In New Zealand, a Translated ‘Moana’ Bolsters an Indigenous Language

AUCKLAND, New Zealand — The families lined up at the theater above a shopping mall here in New Zealand’s biggest city and filed past posters for Stephen King’s “It” and “Captain Underpants” for a film unlike any they had ever seen — the Disney hit “Moana,” translated into the indigenous language of New Zealand.

“Kei te pehea koe?” said the ticket taker, Jane Paul, greeting groups of children with a phrase meaning, “How are you?”

“Are you Maori too?” one girl asked.

About 125,000 of New Zealand’s 4.7 million people speak the Maori language, or “te reo Māori,” as it is widely rendered here. There are concerns that numbers are declining, putting it at risk of dying out. But with one in three Maori people in New Zealand younger than 15, experts said the chance for youth to see a wildly popular movie in their own words could turn the language’s fortunes around after more official efforts faltered.

“The language has got to be made cool and sexy and relevant to young people, and this movie is the perfect way to make that happen,” said Haami Piripi, a former head of the government body charged with promoting te reo Māori as a living language.

Taika Waititi, a New Zealand writer and director who worked on the original English-language version of “Moana,” also approached Disney early on about translating the film, and his sister, Tweedie Waititi, went on to produce the translated version.

The film was screened free at 30 theaters around New Zealand at the end of the annual Maori language week. It did not have English subtitles, but screenings were fully booked within 30 minutes, leading to plans in at least one town for additional showings.

Many of those attending in Manukau, in southern Auckland, said they had never seen a film at the theater entirely in their language before.

…Parents entering the theater said they relished the chance for their children to see themselves and their language reflected on the big screen, in a different kind of story that they hoped would instill pride in being Maori.

Most of the efforts to revitalize the language that have worked so far, he added, have been initiated by protest or court action. But Mr. Piripi said the film “Moana reo Māori” had given him hope there was another way: making the language “cool, relevant and useful” to young Maori.

“There’s no other film in the Maori language that would attract whanau and kids like that,” he said, using the word for families.

The entire process, including translation, recording the voices and mixing the sound, happened over three months.

Katarina Edmonds, a senior lecturer in Maori education at the University of Auckland, and one of three people who translated the film, said the team worked not only to find the exact equivalents of words in the Disney script, but also to remain true to the Maori language and tikanga, or cultural values.

Some moments of the film posed a challenge; Moana raging at the ocean, for example, contravened a Maori cultural rule to never curse or turn one’s back on the sea, so they turned it into a more humorous moment using careful wordplay.

At the same time, Ms. Edmonds said, the translation gave the film a uniquely Maori flavor of humor, while staying true to the spirit of the original script.

Rachel House, a New Zealand actor who voiced the character Gramma Tala in both the English and Maori versions of the film — and who was also the performance director of the Maori production — said she had been blown away by the response to the film, and the 30 theaters that screened it free.

“I’ve been on a very slow journey with the language for years, and now I feel like I can sit back and really enjoy the film, and experience the learning tool that it represents,” she said.

In Manukau, most families left the theater beaming. Many said they were eager to buy a DVD of the film, which is expected sometime in the next few months.

Desiree Tipene, 30, said that having grown up with immersion schooling, she was determined to give her children a similar experience — for a sense of identity and spiritual connection. She described “Moana” as a “funny and beautiful” way for her four children to connect with their culture.

“I just enjoy our language being spoken,” she said.

If you guys haven’t noticed, Kubo-sensei is preparing for her trip to Mexico 

She even changed her Twitter profile picture into her OC wearing a sombrero hat along with a mustache.

She’s also practicing her spanish 

Buenos Noches-Good Night

Muchas Gracias-Thank you very much

Quiero comer “Pozole” en Guadalajara. “Pozole” es rojo, blanco, verde …? Elegiré verde “Pozole”-I want to eat Pozole in Guadalajara. Pozole is red, white, green…? I’ll choose green Pozole.

No soy linda-I’m not cute

i Hola! Mucho gusto ¿Cómo está? Un poco cansado- Hi! Nice to meet you, How are you, A little tired

No hablo español bien- I don’t speak spanish well

Mi equipaje no ha salido- My luggage hasn’t left yet (?)

Thinking about it, Cinco de Mayo [5th of May] is coming up soon!!!

another list of untranslatable words ☕️

fernweh - german: longing for far-off places; feeling homesick for a place you have never been to
siping - filipino: the tender act of lying beside someone
wabi-sabi (侘寂) - japanese: concept in traditional Japanese aesthetics, world view centered on the acceptance of the natural cycle of growth and decay
gökotta - swedish: waking up early in the morning to go out to hear the birds sing
aware (哀れ) - japanese: from the phrase “mono no aware” which translates to “a sensitivity to ephemera”; the impermanence of moments of transcendent beauty
kyōiku mama (教育ママ) - japanese: a stereotyped figure in modern Japanese society portrayed as a mother who pushes her children into academic achievements
muditā - sanskrit: the pleasure that comes from delighting in other people’s well-being and happiness
torschlusspanik - german: literally “gate-closing panic”; refers to the fear of diminishing opportunities as one ages
ichigo ichie (一期一会) - japanese: idiom that describes a cultural concept of treasuring gatherings with people; a reminder to cherish moments and meetings with people because they can never be replicated; each moment is always once in a lifetime
saudade - portuguese: the bittersweet feeling of longing for or missing something or someone that you love and which or who is lost
dapjeongneo (답정너) - korean: when somebody has already decided the answer they want to hear after asking a question and are waiting for you to say that exact answer
aranyhíd - hungarian: literally “golden bridge”; defined as the glistening reflection of the sun on the ocean
jìng huā shuǐ yuè (鏡花水月) - chinese: literally means “Mirror Flower, Water Moon”; a visible entity that cannot be touched or grasped, like a flower reflected in a mirror or the moon reflected on the water’s surface
yoko meshi (横飯) - japanese: literal meaning “a meal eaten sideways”; used to describe the stress of speaking a foreign language
uitwaaien - dutch: literally to walk with the wind; the act of walking outside in the fresh air to clear one’s head
sprezzatura - italian: to make whatever one does or says appear to be effortless, studied carelessness; form of defensive irony
(h)onne (本音) - japanese: more common with tatemae (建前); the contrast between a person’s true feelings and desires that are often kept hidden, except with one’s closest friends (本音) and the socially acceptable behavior and opinions one displays in public (建前)
guanxi (关系) - chinese: a central idea in the Chinese business society; the ways of getting things done by doing favours - “once a favour is done, an unspoken obligation exists, [so] people often try to refuse gifts, because, sooner or later, they may have to repay the debt”
meraki (μεράκι) - greek: doing something with passion, absolute devotion and attention, with soul and love; when you put something of yourself into what you’re doing
pena ajena - (mexican) spanish: the embarrassment you feel because of the actions of others or someone else’s humiliation; second-hand embarrassment

list no.1