they made a joke of it too

couldn’t stop doodling jimin last night 🙈

not to start anything but i really hope they told him he’s beautiful bc he deserves it and he’s barefaced and I hope they showered him with compliments about his singing and his humor and his talents and his piano skills and everything about him!!! i hope they laughed at his jokes and told him he’s so funny too :( and i really hope they made him feel comfortable and that he enjoyed himself a lot :(

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I follow someone who went to the @ midnight show live and I wanna ask them how the McElroy Boys looked whenever Chris made a Not Great joke, cause I watched the episode and I noticed that a lot of the time that Chris made a joke that didn't line up with the boys' humor, they didn't show the boys' reactions to it, but they don't have anon on and I'm too nervous to ask. I'm just so curious though cause the times they DID put the camera on the boys during one of those jokes, I could Tell, ya know?

they couldn’t edit away too much because travis was constantly making some good faces at gd everything, but yeah i mean i kinda noticed too and granted that might have been them just wanting to focus on chris makin the jokes (and would have only switched if they reacted good, which they prob didn’t) but the boy did have some tight lips and it was very different from how they lost it at their own jokes (which was, extremely cute and good because every time justin had to hide his face i gained a life) 

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you totally dont have to answer this but i was just wondering what uve thought about nina, i personally view her as a "yaoi fangirl" who fetishizes gay men but i havent seen this brought up anywhere in fire emblem circles and just kinda wanted it to be brought up i guess idk man u dont have to answer at all im kinda bad at writting what ik thinking

Yeah it’s mostly treated as a joke, unfortunately. I do think she was made to be the kind of straight girl who fetishizes gay men even if people can salvage that into somewhat more palatable interpretations of her character. I think what saves Nina from being total scum in gay fans’ eyes is that she has other aspects to her character too. But it’s certainly a big barrier to liking her and it’s very understandable if you don’t like her cuz of that. She’s certainly far from my favorite character


Scott has waited 634 years to make this pun when Jaal finally asks him, ‘what do you do for fun’.

And finally, Jaal has a satisfactory answer, haha.

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Thank god, I felt like I was reading too much into it, but when Chris had them make the airline announcement Griffin seemed ready and willing to just defend millennials and just did that tight mouth thing. Like, there just seemed to be a disconnect sometimes, and while they seemed to have fun, I didn’t want to read too much into it!

yeah no you weren’t reading into it at all, like tbh i went into it knowing that there were gonna be awkward moments just because i watch talking dead and chris is sometimes…not so yeah i’m sure they definitely did enjoy themselves they just didn’t want to play into that comedy (and yes when they announced the millennial thing me and my brother just looked at each other knowing griff was gonna lose it) 

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So for the pip & co college au I just had to say this. Frances : My name is philip and I'm afraid my lovers will leave me for my dad cause they said they like silver foxes HUUUUHH

  1. alex what are u doing w that pencil??? get your life together
  2. richard he’s like 44

boys are so cute?? like when they turn away laughing at a joke you made or how tall and lanky they are or how their eyes light up when they smile???

but also

girls are so cute??? they’re so soft and their hands are so small when they’re cupping your face and their hair smells good??