they lured men in and would kill them


You were like a siren, luring men to their death. Your job was simple really, you seduced men and tricked them into thinking there was no issue between them and J. Most men were easy enough, give them a drink, show a little skin here and there and convince them to come back to J’s club with you. You knew once you delivered these men J would kill them, but you never stuck around to watch. You were the key piece in Mister J’s game, and you never lost. Tonight however, was presenting itself as a challenge. You circled the man sitting in the leather black chair batting your eyelashes at him as you spoke. “Mister J is growing impatient Nick, he wants his money.” Nick remained calm, and surprisingly so as he spoke. “He doesn’t want my money sweetie, he wants my head. There’s a reason they call you the angel of death.” You bent over resting your hands against the chair on either side of  Nick.  "We both know that if Mister J wanted you dead, you’d be dead already.“ Nick let out a small laugh. "You have a reputation y/n, you collect men and lead them to the slaughter. How does a girl like you end up working jobs like this anyway?” You stood back a serious expression now plastered on your face. “A girl like me has bills to pay, and in this field I have to do very little to get paid a lot of money.” The grin never left his face. “You may be able to fool other men with that sweet smile and sexy charm, but today you go back to Joker empty handed.” You walked toward Nick and snaked your arm around his shoulder. “Aw come on Nick, just come back to the club with me and we can work this all out.” Nick stood up from his seat and proceeded to walk to the door. “It’s a death trap and I’m not walking into it.” And with that he left you alone in the back room. “Fuck.” You whispered to yourself. J was gonna be pissed.

You returned to J’s club without Nick and headed to his office. You knew he would be angry that you didn’t deliver. You had never before returned to the club empty handed and you expected nothing less than to pay the price for it, what that price was however you weren’t sure. You stood outside J’s office preparing for the worst. You took a deep breath and knocked on the door. J’s right hand man Frost greeted you from the other side. “Y/n.” You faked a confident smile and addressed him as you walked past. “Hiya Frostie.” J looked up from his desk with a smile on his face when he heard your voice. “Ah, y/n, have ya got a present for me?” Your smile faltered a bit. “Not exactly Mister J, he uh, um. I couldn’t get him to come back with me. He knows you want him dead J.” J’s smile faded and was replaced by a  look of seriousness. “Are you losing your touch y/n? Perhaps you’re not as valuable as you use to be.” J stood up from his desk. “Please J, I haven’t lost anything, I still have a few tricks up my sleeve and I can get him here.” J walked toward you and your heart began to race. He ran one hand down your shoulder before he spoke. “I suggest you use those tricks then doll, I’d hate to see a pretty little thing like you laying dead in a gutter somewhere.”  You shuttered at the thought. “I’ll bring him to you J I swear.” J’s smile returned. “That’s my girl." 

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J walked back to his desk and pulled out a gun from one of the drawers and held it out to you. "Take this doll, you’re gonna need it.” A look of confusion spread across your face. “U-um why would I need it?” J cocked his head to the side. “You see doll, I’m afraid I’m a bit busy this evening and since you couldn’t deliver to me sooner you’re just gonna have to finish the job yourself.” J tried to put the gun in your hand but you pulled away. “Killing wasn’t part of my contract J.” J grabbed your hand and forced the gun inside of it as he spoke. “And if you read the fine print you would know that you do what I say when I say it.” His grip was tight around your wrist. You shook your head. “I won’t do it.” J grabbed both your shoulders and lowered his voice. “You’ll kill this man or I’ll have Frost kill you.” J released you and began to walk away. You felt yourself becoming angry and couldn’t stop the words as they poured out of your mouth. “I told you from the beginning I won’t kill people!” J turned around and faced you again but remained silent as you continued. “I have always delivered. Do you know the things I’ve had to do to get some of these men to walk to their death freely!? Do you think it’s easy to do what I do!? Easy would be putting a bullet in their brain but I can’t bring myself to do such an awful thing!  You want him dead J? Do it yourself!” You raised the gun that was still in your hand almost involuntarily and pointed it at J. What were you doing, you just went completely bat shit insane on mister J. You expected to be dead in seconds but instead J let out his famous laugh and lunged for you, knocking the gun from your hand. He had you pinned against his desk and your anger turned to fear as J spoke. “My. My. My. Quite a mouth you’ve got.” J’s fingers were firmly wrapped around your throat but caused you no discomfort. “I’ve never seen this side of you before y/n. I like it.” J ran his tongue over his silver teeth and let out a low growl. His hand left your neck and fell on your jaw pulling you into a sloppy kiss. You were shocked at first but J pulled you closer to him and kissed you more deeply. You were breathless, a few minutes ago you were sure this man was going to kill you, but now his soft lips are pressed against yours and you didn’t want it to end. J pulled away wearing a wide grin. “How would you like a promotion doll?”

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Shown above is a picture of prostitute Jerry Howell, victim of serial killer Robert Berdella, who killed 6 men between 1984-1987 in Kansas City, Missouri. Howell, who was a friend of Berdella’s, was drugged, kept in his basement overnight, raped, and eventually asphyxiated. 

Berdella’s MO consisted of luring his victims to his house, where he would then get them drunk or drug them with standard sedatives or animal tranquilizers. Once they were unconscious, the killer would restrain them in his basement from anywhere from a night to several weeks and begin to torture or sodomize them, documenting it all with a camera and a “torture log.” The torture involved electrical shocks, applying bleach onto their eyes, forcing drain cleaner onto their vocal cords, and trying to gouge out their eyes “to see what would happen.” 

Berdella also claimed to inject them with antibiotics to keep them alive longer, saying he was trying to “help” them and referring to them as his “playtoys.” Once the torture was over, Berdella would asphyxiate them with a plastic bag, cut slits in their bodies, drain them of blood in a bathtub, and dismember them with kitchen knives and a chainsaw. He would then proceed to leave their body parts in garbage bags for garbage men to pick up, occasionally keeping some of them as trophies and burying them in his backyard.

Once apprehended, Berdella claimed that he never wanted his victims to die. He explained that he wanted them to be his sex slaves instead. Berdella also believed that he was a moral person who merely made a mistake, and in an attempt to prove that, set up a trust fund for the families of his victims. 


Ate People To Impress His Girlfriend
Alexander Bychkov

Between 2009 and 2012 in Russia, Alexander Bychkov lured old men mainly alcoholics or tramps and would kill them with a hammer or knife. Bychkov who called himself “rambo”, would then dismember and dispose of the body parts in his backed or the cities dump. The liver, heart and muscles he kept to eat. 

After being arrested they found his diary in which he confessed to killing 11 people. It also stated that he only began killing after his girlfriend kicked him out and he wanted to win her back. 

In 2013, Alexander Bychkov was found to suffer from mixed personality disorder but was deemed competent to stand trial. He was found guilty of 9 murders and sentenced to life in prison

Early Life 

Born in 1988 in Russia, both Alexander Bychkov’s parents Irina and Vladmir were alcoholics. As a child Vladmir committed suicide and Alex blamed this on his mothers infidelities. Alex and his brother were forced to work on a vegetable plant from a young age where they were beaten if they didn’t come home with enough money. Alex’s brother was badly beaten after being thrown out of a car and received brain damage, meaning Alex left college to care for him.

Alexander Pichushkin, aka the “Chessboard Killer” was well known along the leafy lanes of Moscow’s Bitsevsky Park. The 33-year-old shop worker would play games of chess with strangers and even invite them for a drink afterwards. When he began killing, Pichushkin lured his victims, who were mostly elderly men, to a secluded area of the park before attacking them with a hammer. Sometimes, he would ask them to join in a toast to his deceased dog- drinking a full glass of vodka next to the graveside before killing them.

This man, is Alexander Yuryevitch Pichushkin (Алекса́ндр Ю́рьевич Пичу́шкин). He was born on 9th April 1974.

This man was the terror that haunted Moscow's’ Bitsa Park. Which he used as a dumping ground for (apparently) 60 people.

As a child Alexander was struck on the forehead by falling backwards off a swing, damaging his frontal cortex. Examiners have found this to be the reason for his actions as it caused poor impulse regulation and a tendency towards aggression. 

Alexanders first murder while as a student in 1992, and admitted to his crimes in 2001. Media has speculated he was motivated to kill by competition with the ‘Rostov Ripper’ Andrei Chikatilo (Андреи Чикатило).

Alexanders choice of victims were primarily old, homeless men with nobody to worry for them, as he found them easy and ‘untraceable’ targets. As no family would come looking for them. He lured them with promise of free vodka, and drank with them. After doing so he would bludgeon them with a hammer multiple times and, with what became his signature, or trademark, pushed a vodka bottle into their gaping wound or eye socket. Sometimes he would go for younger men, children and women but this was a rarity. He claimed while murdering he felt like a god, as he decided whether they would survive or die.

Once caught, Alexander led the officers to the scenes of his crimes in Bitsa Park and demonstrated his acts with eagerness. He was filmed reenacting his acts in detail, of course a regular part of Russian criminal investigation.

Alexander admitted some of his murders were not done in his usual fashion, but were done by throwing his victims into sewers, underneath Bitsa of course. Only one victim survived this ordeal.

His last murder was committed in 2006, being Marina Moskalyova (Марина Москалёва).

His reason for murder, was to have a body for each square on a chess board. He was 4 away from completing his goal.

A few guards came into the Kings court yard. They were dragging a young girl forward. She had been beaten and was bleeding. Wendy had a split lip and her wild curls were laid in an unruly fashion all over. Part of her clothes had been ripped and despite it all, Wendy was beautiful. She was an eligible young maiden of 17. It was no wonder why anyone would want her.

A guard shoved her to the feet of the King, King Peter. “This woman was the cause of much commotion, sire. A few men were trying to hurt her. What they say is she lured in an innocent man and tried to make him bed her. When he wouldn’t she made up stories that he forced himself on her. We knew better than to let them kill her so, your highness, we brought her to make her case to you. ” Wendy looked up at the handsome young king through large eyes,“I swear to you, my King, none of these accusations sre true. Not s single one. If you allow, I would Ike to tell you the truth. ”