they love touching niall

Petition for this fucking management that every year takes advantage of some sweet cute puppies in order to promote their stupid stunt and make it look more real.

And then? What happens next?

Please stop. Those puppies need a real lovely family. All puppies need it.


Niall,” Harry beckons him over with just a twitch of his fingers, Niall going easily, “how’s it look?”

Niall tilts his head, watches the tattoo artist work for a moment, STYLAN appearing in small block letters on Harry’s skin.

“Sick, Hazza,” he says, watching it take shape, feeling stupid that Harry getting another dumbfuck tattoo is making their whole tour seem more real somehow. For a fleeting second he wants one, too, wants something to commemorate what started as a lark and turned into an actual, full-fledged success. 

I’m so excited for Stylan 2k18 that I already prepared what i’m going to wear when they finally go on tour. I’m kidding. I printed Harry’s STYLAN tattoo on a sweater, because his tattoo is my favorite detail from the fic(But the print came out bigger that I expected; I imagined it smaller and a little closer to the heart than this).

I asked them about the font, the scale of the tattoo and if its actually okay to make this happen. So thank you so much to miss-bennie​ and irishmizzy​ for being so cool about this. And of course, for sharing Way, No Way with us.