they love their vulcan

Star Trek Discovery Lethe

This episode is awesome. Finally some more Sarek! If he, as a Vulcan would swear as any other human being, before the extremist of logic blows himself up, he would probably say: Shit. And you know what, deep down I think he thought it. 

And in this episode Spock is mentioned and Amanda is shown to us. Also I love the Vulcan they created in this show. 

If this Star Trek was only about Vulcans I’d watch it gladly. That kind of show would be - fascinating :)

Discovery Thoughts 1.06
  • Tyler is also leaning toward being a cupcake
  • A Vulcan suicide bomber is just weird
  • The fucking Disco shirts LOL
  • Michael’s FACE when Tilly calls her her mentor!
  • Weird-ass long distance mindmeld is uncomfortable
  • “Now that’s my kind of crazy”
  • “Sarek-vision”
  • “An uncharted superhighway connecting all of consciousness and life”
  • “Like a psychic hit of speed.” “I was thinking an adrenaline shot, but okay.”
  • Stamets is suddenly awesome
  • “Are you really that crazy?” *eyebrow* “Good to know.”
  • “She’s smart. And I could use the moral support.” I don’t ship it (yet) but damn they’re cute
  • Sudden weird Lorca/Tyler/Burnham thoughts and that’s awkward
  • Why is there a Vulcan named Tyrell? That’s not a Vulcan name
  • I’m torn about this admiral chick. On the one hand, she’s super cute. On the other, she looks like my neighbor.
  • Sarek’s an ass. Legit the only thing I like about him is his relationship with Amanda (in TOS, not DSC)
  • I’m not feelin’ this Amanda
  • Nearly spit my tea at Spock being called Sarek’s experiment
  • The green blood looks like paint, not blood
  • “Much as it would displease my Vulcan mentor, I’m feeling a lot of emotions right now.”
  • Michael calling Sarek “father”!!!
  • I feel like Lorca is gonna run off and do something dumb (esp since his reply to the admiral saying they’d discuss how he steps down was to quote “may fortune favor the bold”)
  • I might end up shipping Michael and Tyler…
  • Plz don’t kill the admiral, plz don’t kill the admiral…
  • Well fuckshit

here is a really short comic that is sort of continuation of hot rebel spock that no one asked for

SpockFact #96

Like all people who spend a great deal of time together, the crew of the Enterprise soon saw themselves picking up traits and phrases from one another. While it was indeed odd to see Scotty bounce like Bones or hear Sulu casually insert Russia into conversations, perhaps the most disturbing was witnessing Spock refer to a member of the crew with a very southern “darlin’.”

My hopes for Michael Burnham were soooo high and I’m tentatively gonna say that Sonequa Martin-Green is going to totally blow me away with this series.

Michael’s like, got the best of both worlds, as far as I’m concerned, she’s clearly got all the mental capabilities of Vulcans, has a bunch of their good and useful qualities - even some of the quirks that I personally find really cute and endearing in Vulcans.

But she’s obviously not trying to be Vulcan, she’s clearly letting herself be a child of both worlds? Her psychological soul searching seems to be like - the opposite end of the spectrum from Spock’s? 

I’m super excited at the prospect of lots of Sarek is Discovery, but also…a bit… concerned??

Idk how to explain it, but I feel like I worry they will make him out to be this great guy whose a pretty supportive Cool Dad and just kind of conveniently forget that he’s also the type of father who disowned Spock for like 18 years essentially for not going to his Alma Mater for college