they love each other very much


I really like that Baekhyun and Kai are proud of each other. Baekhyun talks about what he can learn from Jongin without restraint, and Jongin knows well how Baekhyun hyung is and what Baekhyun hyung can do well (at Cultwo show); when they talk about each other, they look so pretty. Also, Baekhyun we can see how much Baekhyun treasures his dongsaengs especially, whenever I see how Baekhyun cares for Jongin and he finds Jongin as a lovely dongsaeng, I think that Baekhyun looks like a real hyung, he’s a hyung. And, I think Jongin also cares for Baekhyun, treats him sincerely, and worries about him. It’s so good to see both of them like that.

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How do I love this scene? Let me count the ways:

- Garrus actually being worried about his father: I lovelovelove the arc of Garrus’s relationship with his father. The man we hear about in ME3 is very different from the oppressing and stuck up person Garrus talks about in ME1. But I’d wager that it’s really not Papa Vakarian who has changed so much. Instead it shows how much Garrus has grown up and come to see his father in a new light, which in turn has transformed their relationship from exasperated parent / obstinate teenager into two people who apparently respect and trust each other to a significant degree.

I also love the fact that Garrus actually gets to resolve his daddy issues in a positive way, unlike so many other characters in the game (especially looking at you, Miranda and Jacob). And it’s not through something his father does, but through his own growth and his willingness to admit that he might actually be wrong about things sometimes (honestly, I could write a whole post just on their relationship, because it’s really such a great and interesting piece of character development).

- Garrus subtly calling out Shepard’s bullshit: He would never ever have uttered the line about platitudes in ME1, and probably not even in ME2. Of course Garrus trusts and respects Shepard, but by this point she also trusts and respects him - and he knows it. He feels comfortable calling her out, and Shepard just accepts it, because that’s what friends and partners do. (And seriously, our Lady of the Inspiring Pep-Talks could have come up with something better than “I’m sure they’re okay”, don’t you think?)

- Garrus asking about Shepard’s family: Does anyone else do this? The only one I remember is Hackett telling her that her mom is now working on the Crucible, but other than that I don’t remember a single person asking about Shepard’s family (though I might be wrong; please correct me if I’m forgetting someone). So while Shepard spends the three games asking and caring about everyone’s lives and concerns, no one really asks about hers. Except Garrus, who not only cares, but by now also feels close enough to her to ask.

- Shepard being worried about her mom: Look at that panel and tell me you don’t feel the urge to give poor Shep a big hug, I dare you. She looks so sad and worried, and it shows that her mom is apparently really important to her. Which I love, because so often mother-daughter relationships are used as a cheap source of conflict. But here it looks like our heroine actually has a close and positive relationship with her mother, who, from what little we know, also appears to be a pretty cool and admirable person in her own right. So strong and competent female character having a good relationship with her strong and competent mother = Very Good Thing.

But what really gets me about this moment is this:

That is the angle of the shot if you’re not using flycam during the conversation. So Shepard has this very personal moment of sadness and vulnerability and we are not supposed to see it. All you can see in the normal view is a hint of her shaking her head, and that’s it. So who is supposed to see it?

Garrus, that’s who. Because she trusts him so much, she can let down her guard and let him see her as a human being, and she knows that he won’t stop respecting or believing in her. Since we as the player are basically Shepard herself, you could even argue that she is willing to show Garrus a side of her that she herself doesn’t really want to face.

And finally:

- The adorable uncomfortable awkward handwringing: LOOK AT THE ADORABLE AWKWARD UNCOMFORTABLE HANDWRINGING JUST LOOK AT IT *melts into helpless puddle of Garrus-love*

And that is why my heart always and forever belongs to Spacer!Shep <3


He left 7 months ago and has a new partner. I’m still devastated and I can’t get over it. I still cry, practically every day. We were together for years and he’s still my very best friend. I’ve never been more comfortable around someone. We had a powerfully-intense love. Now I know it was too much for him…for us. We were (are) so young, not ready for each other. I wanted to marry him. I’m giving dating a chance, and I’m really, really into someone else, but I know he’ll always be my deepest love. It hurts every day. What kills me is that it feels so unfinished for me…

OKAY, so I just made this blog back in November and I’ve already put it on hiatus THREE times, one of which lasted several months, so I really can’t believe that I have this many people who follow me?? Thank you all so much for putting up with my B.S. on your dash. A super special thank you to those who I RP with who are hella patient and hella talented and all around hella. I love you all to the moon and back and then maybe once more around. This isn’t really in any particular order, tbh, and if you aren’t on here it isn’t anything personal– I just either haven’t been following you very long, or we don’t know each other well. (P.S. the bae’s are bolded.)

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because there are so many of you here and I haven’t been a very cooperative roleplayer (what’s writing, even?) and I have no idea what you’re doin’ hanging around. because I appreciate ya’ll so very, very much and despite being overwhelmed at times, this blog is my happy place. and you are my happy people. and ooc, I have fallen in love with this community. the writers, the themers, the I-don’t-know-if-I’m-an-rp-blog-or-a-fan-blogers – all of you. we’ve all fallen in love, too, with these stupid fictional characters who aren’t at all stupid, whether they are of our own creation or of someone else’s, and we all understand each other on a level that many people outside of this website do not. and that means something to me. you all mean something to me, okay? so before I get this party started, let me just say: please don’t ever stop being amazing, remember to take care of yourselves, and keep on keepin’ on. 


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personal update

okay so I know a lot of you have been with me through my whole relationship with John and have given me lots of encouragement.  So I’m making this post to say that John and I broke up.  We love each other very much but that’s what was best for us.  If you’re pursing an LDR don’t let this be discouraging to you, the distance is not the reason that we broke up.  I’m still always here for LDR or any kind of relationship advice, as I know many of you have sent me messages asking for help in the past.  Thank you all for your support i love each and every one of you <3

Gisla was literally my favorite character in season 3 of Vikings.

She’s a badass princess who rallied her soldiers to fight to the death against the pagans trying to invade her city,  gave the women weapons to protect themselves, consitently turned down the old creeper how wanted to marry her, and does everything that her dad (Emporer Charles) is too chicken shit to do (which is like, everything).

As much as I ship them together, I also understand her ripping Rollo a new one in the end of the season finale. I mean, his people had invaded her city, killed her people, and stole more of their gold like the night before. I do hope she does grow to love him as they get to know each other, and that she reconsiders the marraige offer, but it’s most likely gonna be a very gradual thing.

I was happy to see another strong female character introduced to the show, especially since they put Lagertha on the back burner all season (which is a damn shame because she’s such a good character). However most people seem to mistake Gisla’s strength and bravery for bitchiness.

And may I just say that anyone who thinks that my precious cinnamon roll is a bitch is invited to fight me in the back of a Uhaul truck going 100 mph.

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LDR: don't do it. Yours too young. Live up your youth while you can

I’m not going to miss out on something good just because I’m young, that’s immature thinking. Age is a number and if we’ll both willing to put in the effort I know it can work. I’m not going to mess around and do whatever just because I’m young. I’m lucky to have found someone I love so much while I’m young. A lot of people don’t get that opportunity, and I’m very thankful. I’m going to pursue that whether we live near each other or far away. I just want encouragement not someone to tell me he won’t be worth it, because I know he is. I know it’s hard, I know it’ll be a lot of pressure but I want to do that because I know he’s worth it.

Best thing to do while Skyping elf-of-lorien:

Step 1: chat away for a while
Step 2: at one point stare directly at the camera while wearing an expression that says you love her so much
Step 3: ????
Step 4: profit!*

*that is, watch as she rolls around all embarrassed-like and hides her face behind anything that easily comes to hand

And then fall even deeper in love with her and wish that the day you can visit each other in person can happen very soon…

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currently worried about mikey bc he looks very skinny lately. I just hope he's eating right, getting enough sleep and not stressin too much. love ur blog heaps too xx.

does he?? I think he seems like his normal chipper self hahaha, he’s always been a lean kid!! I’m sure he’s fine, but that’s nice of you to be worried about him. :-)

please take a second to appreciate the way that louis looks at harry here

thank you, carry on

Confession: As much as I loved Morrigan in Origins, I found her to be very patronising in Inquisition, especially to a Dalish Mage. She acts like she alone knows the secrets of Elvhen legend. I like to imagine my Inquisitor and Solas just rolling their eyes at each other whenever she starts jabbering on at the Temple of Mythal, and having secret gossipy sessions back at Skyhold.


father and son who love each other very much discuss low carb diets - more vines

like ten years from now probably
  • a child:where do babies come from
  • their parent:well when two people love each other very much one of them gives up their physical form and their gem transfers to the child along with the powers and abilities it grants
  • a child:
  • their parent:
  • a child:
  • their parent:wait no

gif request meme: faleronofkingsreach asked for
   ↳ Scorpion + favourite platonic relationship  =  Paige x Sylvester