they love each other so much i cry

after their first kiss john will start crying and whisper “i love you so much” and sherlock will be crying too but will laugh a little and say “ive always loved you too” and they will cradle each other’s heads close and kiss and kiss and cry and kiss and whisper “i love yous” and “i love you so so much”

reading-is-an-escape  asked:

Lia, have you watch the finale? It hits me like that truck. And my eyes are puffy and red and sore. And I'm glad. I'm happy they made it the way it were. I am one satisfied viewer. Are you satisfied with how it unfold?

OMG.. you know I had to torture myself by watching both episodes again… AND I FUCKI CRIED ALL OVER AGAIN… so my eyes are extra puffy and they hurt soooo much… 

But I’m feeling quite mixed right now since the ending left a bittersweet feeling behind in my heart after all the crying… but what touches me heart the most is how pure and innocent their reunion is despite their obvious longing for each other. And that’s why I love Eun-Tak and Shin’s relationship… their chemistry is sweet and is the “punches your gut” kind of feeling. While GR and Sunny finally had their long due sexy kiss and needed to end on a good happy note after they both punished themselves in their previous life. T.T

So overall, I am quite satisfied with the ending because it’s the kind of ending that leaves you on a good note while allow you to think of how the characters will live their lives afterwards. :)

I’m so proud of everyone in Goblin… My babies are all grown up :’)

ok!!! it’s 11 pm but my sleep cycle was ruined by me waking up too early today, going grocery shopping and getting a bagel sandwich for breakfast, and falling asleep again at 10:30 am and sleeping until 3:30pm, so now i’m gonna make a pot of pasta sauce and cry about how much hemingway and fitzgerald loved each other Sexually and Romantically

things to appreciate this steven bomb

- Blue Diamonds face, hair and voice revealed
- Blue Diamond grieving and crying over Pink Diamond
- Blue Diamond still loving Pink Diamond so much she visits Earth sometimes to grieve at her Palanquin and she visits Pink Diamonds room (i guess) to do the same. And she wants to keep her legacy alive by not destroying the Earth and running her zoo
- Yellow Diamond singing
- Blue & Yellow Pearl singing (and dancing!)
- That interaction between Blue & Yellow Diamond (esp the part where they console each other)
- All those Amethysts and they’re chill af
- That skinny Jasper
- Interracial relationships in the zoo
- That one guy picking Greg for his “choosening” after he realized he can pick whoever he wants
- Ruby & Sapphire holding it together in front of 2 frickin Diamonds
- Ruby & Sapphire fusing RIGHT before an upper class gem (Holly Blue Agate) and a bunch of full grown Homeworld Amethysts
- Pearl fucking DEMOLISHING Holly Blue Agate with that “are you really gonna tell your Diamond you let this happen”

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Victor kissed Yuuri's skate on international television. A kiss on the foot signifies submission, gratitude and devotion so Victor is basically telling the world 'Yes Yuuri Katsuki is the master of my life I’m so grateful for this man and I’ll do anything and EVERYTHING FOR HIM’ and Yuuri's face was like 'well look at what my beautiful boyfriend is doing everyone' and all I can think about is how much these two love each other and it makes me so happy I want to cry

But just look at how lovingly they are looking at each other. Right after Viktor kissed Yuri so unexpectedly. Rather than being super shocked still just moments after the kiss, his face just turns so gentle and his eyes are filled with so much love. Because he returns Viktor’s feelings that he expressed through the kiss. He loves the man he is looking up to so much that he doesn’t care that he just kissed him for the first time in front of everyone, including the press who are filming everything on live international television. 

He loves Viktor, and Viktor loves him back.

And suddenly we looked at each other for the first time in 5 months with tears streaming down her face. It was all too familiar, the feeling of wiping her tears off her face. Her cheeks were always so soft. They were red from the yelling and crying.
‘I loved you so much. I loved you so much’
I didn’t know what to say. It felt strange using it in past tense.
You looked back at me with red eyes, 'I loved you too. I loved you a lot’
But we were toxic. We both said it, I had no room to disagree.
'We were never going to work’
And it hit me that this, this moment was what I had been waiting for since the moment you left me. The tears, the eerie nostalgia, the fact that we looked at each other and said that although we are no longer in love, we can say that yes, we loved each other. And maybe we were right for each other at a time. But we became two people that weren’t meant to be together as we grew.
We loved each other,
but we were never going to work
—  past tense
  • Me: I trust Kubo sensei. We're going to get a happy ending. When Yuri said "let's end this", he obviously meant their coach/student relationship, not their actual relationship. Viktor and Yuri love each other so much, why would they ever want to leave each other? We all need to chill, everything's going to be fine