they love each other okay

3.9 & 3.10 “Hi Honey” feels

Okay, so here’s the thing – on closer look, I actually do think Bitty is calling to potentially break up with Jack. Don’t panic – I don’t think it will ACTUALLY happen. Here’s my reasoning which somehow turned into a ficlet:

(Under a cut for convenience – it’s not super long, but it’s long enough)

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artistic boys are so cute tho

when they are painting and excitedly show you the new color they mixed and don’t care that some of it got on their fingers because it’s the perfect shade of green

when they are molding clay and scrunch their eyebrows while concentrating on smoothing the sides

when they are sketching and are pressing softly like the paper is your face and they are counting your freckles

boys who are artist are adorable and i wanna date one right now


#BIGBAN9. My pride.

9 years and stronger than ever. This is what the team is made of. 

“Despite how popular an artist is, they tend to last only a few days at the top of charts after releasing songs. But it’s different for BIGBANG. The band has been doing this for whopping 16 days. When it comes to music, the band name does not matter anymore—the song itself relies on the word-of-mouth. BIGBANG broke their own records and is now genuinely recognized for their musical talents.”

I have never once doubted that they’d disband or lose a member over a conflict. They love each other and music too much, and it shows through their achievements. All I can say as a proud VIP is, just how far will this group go?


 SteveBucky + quoting each other


“… And I have to admit, it makes me smile.”

gif request meme anon asked: Captain America + Favorite Friendship → Sam & Bucky


NEW VIDEO: “Disgusting WHAT IS IT?! Challenge” ft. Tanya Burr

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“May I have this dance, my queen?”

Have I mentioned how much I love seeing Jack in prince suit? Plus, I also love it when he looks at her so lovingly. No, scratch that. I love it so much when they both look at each other sooo lovingly.

Jack’s suit is based on this amazing cosplay

Are you going to be okay?
Don't worry about me.

What I can’t stop thinking about now is: what if no one in the Haus ever suspects anything about Jack and Bitty because they all run around in Zimmermann shirts and Zimmermann underwear and put up Zimmermann posters in their rooms. They all tend to go all wide-eyed and excited when they talk about Jack because they LOVE HIM SO MUCH and they are SO PROUD OF HIM and they all use every opportunity to talk about him and brag about him.

And then Bitty and Jack are ready to come out, they have talked about it, Jack’s at Samwell visiting for the occasion. Bitty’s agreed to do the talking.

So they’re all gathered at the Haus and Bitty’s like, *deep breath* “okay y’all, I love Jack!”

Chowder: “Dude, yes, he’s so awesome, isn’t he? Jack, we’re all so proud of you!”

Bitty: “No, I mean … I love him. He loves me too. We love each other.”

Ransom: “Aww yeah, we love you too, we’re such a great happy hockey family!”

Bitty: *facepalm* “Yeah, but Jack is MY BOYFRIEND!”

Holster: *nods excitedly” “I KNOW RIGHT?? MINE TOO!!! MARRY ME JACK!!!”

Until Jack has enough of all the confusion and just grabs Bitty’s face and kisses him right there in front of everyone or something.