they love all heat

Dating Cole Sprouse would include...

requested:  MORE COLE SPROUSE PLS could you please do a what dating Cole Sprouse would include… thank u lovely xxxxx

⦁ cuddles
⦁ playing video games
⦁ “NOO, Cole I WON!”
⦁ “No you didn’t!”
⦁ Butt touching
⦁ Late night road trips
⦁ “Are you trying to be tumblr-ish like that?”
⦁ “Not really. Your thigh is just comfortable.”
⦁ A lot of Cole being your chair.
⦁ “Hey, bring your beautiful butt over here missy!”
⦁ People thinking you are “goals”
⦁ Being weird 24/7
⦁ He spoils you, A LOT
⦁ He shows you off, A LOT
⦁ You laughing a lot..
⦁ “Do you guys ever shut up?!?!”
⦁ “Nope!”
⦁ A lot of play fights
⦁ A lot of tickling fights
⦁ Actual fights turn to heated sex
⦁ Loving sex
⦁ Rought sex
⦁ Angry sex
⦁ Singing together
⦁ He being soooooo whipped!
⦁ And Dyl mocking him about it
⦁ Cute dates
⦁ Late night pizza dates
⦁ Staying up all night talking about anything
⦁ Wathing Sponge Bob together
⦁ Reading books while cuddling
⦁ “Should I turn the page baby?”
⦁ “Yes, go ahead…”

I had every intention of updating my story last night but my Simming time was compromised by the fact that Trainspotting was on TV. I love that movie. Here’s a pic from my balcony a few minutes ago as small compensation. Hopefully I will be able to post something tonight (if I don’t get home from work to find my desktop has melted in the heat.) Love youse all!! xxxx

A list of free otome games for iPhone=

Options to purchase in-game currency, other than that they’re free

My Candy Love
The Idol Dormitory
Shall We Date?: Blood in Roses+
Shall We Date?: THE NIFLHEIM+
Shall We Date?: Destiny Ninja+
Shall We Date?: Ninja Assassin+
Shall We Date?: Ninja Love+
Shall We Date?: Scarlet Fate+
Shall We Date?: WizardessHeart+
Shall We Date?: Angel or Devil+
Shall We Date?: Lost Island+
Shall We Date?: Mononoke Kiss+
Shall We Date?: Magic Sword+
Shall We Date?: My Fairy Tales+
Shall We Date?: MySweetPrince+
Royal Midnight Kiss
Office Lover
Sweet Scandal
Sweet Scandal Returns
My Sweet Proposal
Arabian Nights Love Story
My Romantic Three Kingdoms
Love Legend of Sengoku
Contract Marriage
Contract Marriage Plus
Arabian Nights~Desert Heat Love
Seven Hotties, All My Husbands
Bidding for Love
Starstruck Love
Once Upon a Fairy Tale
The Cinderella Contract
Midnight Cinderella
Mistress Contract
It’s our secret - happiness love romance
Animal Boyfriend
2/2 Lover - Angels and Demons
Love Academy
Love! Sushi Rangers
My Forged Wedding: PARTY
Be My Princess: PARTY
Sleepless Cinderella: PARTY
My Forbidden love

and my personal favourite, simply because of its ridiculous name:

Have affairs with 89 different men with karapet (???)

Those are all the free games I could find. There’s probably more…but I left out the visual novel ones that don’t have options and all you do is read the story as it goes on.

If you have any more to add, feel free!


Ah I didn’t mean to make people worry like that. I’ll try to at least reblog something, I was just literally gone from tumblr pretty much for a month or so. When I get like that I don’t talk to anyone so it’s hard to post. ;;;


I’m going to save this comment for my whole life, lol I’m so glad you like the way I write omegaverse! I’m so picky on it hardly anyone will go as far as me, which is fine, but I worry sometimes others won’t be able to handle my extreme. Like even though I try to warn for it by labeling it traditional omegaverse they still won’t know what they are getting into when reading my stuff since omegaverse has become more popular, but I think people forget to really add the D/s dynamic it was intended to have. ANYWAY imma stop or I will ramble like always lol

I tried to wipe away the cold around your heart, just like the sun melts the frost on the leaves early in the morning.
But like the sun in spring, my heat wasn’t enough to melt these icy brick walls that you built.
—  I really tried to be enough
I miss your body heat, and your arms wrapped around me, and the sound of your heart beat in my ear.
—  10:14 pm, April 2nd, 2016.
So this is gunna be a rant

Do you guys know what I hate so much? People’s attitudes towards animators and author s who are trying to get by on 3 FREAKING HOURS of sleep. Like, if the person who creates an animation asks you to NOT post it anywhere, THEN DON’T FREAKING POST IT!

(I’m talking about Hyperventilation right here and if you don’t know it, good luck watching episodes 1-3 and then skipping episode 4 because SOMEONE reported it on YouTube).

There’s this one commenter (not on YouTube) who spread bad (AND FALSE) rumors about the author by saying (and I quote):
“The author is a b*tchy drama queen and childish as hell. She threatens her subscribers and fan (who even paid for her content) all the freaking time.” LIKE WHEN DID SHE THREATEN ANYONE?! I need some proof to believe that. And not only that, when the author said that they would be uploading the content only in Korea, the commenter said,
“She is so dumb to think nobody gonna upload her content only because she release this for Korea? lol.” LIKE BRO! STOP. Adding “lol” to the end of the sentence does not make this matter any better. If the she says to not repost it, THEN DON’T! If you’re going to try and tell people false information, STOOOOOOP.

Some fans told her to remove the video (unkindly, might I add) on some websites and one reply was like, “She’s taking a nap, I swear. So she’s not able to take it down right now.” And when the author, herself, asked the websites to take the video down, the commenters just made fun of her and mocked her by asking “Oh, how was your nap?” When she told the repliers to stop, one of them replied with “If you want us to stop, then take it down. If you’re not going to do that, then you have no say on what we say on this chat.” UM. SHE’S THE FREAKING AUTHOR OF THIS ANIMATION. THEY HAVE EVERY SAY IN THE MATTER.
(Some people freaking downloaded the video and said “oh don’t worry, I’ll repost the video since I downloaded it before it got deleted.” Jeez. The amount of respect some foreign fans have.)

The reason why Hyperventilation “ended” at episode 6 (even though they wanted to make it longer) was because of all the mental stress some of her so-called “fans” gave her. So she’s just like “Fuck it, I’m done.” I’m really disappointed too. Hyperventilation could have been such a great animated series. But I’ll respect the author’s decision and be happy with what episodes she has uploaded.

I’m so scared. 

I’m scared of you. I’m scared of me. I’m scared of us. I’m scared of feelings. And I’m scared of relationships. 

I’m also scared of loving you. And giving you the power to destroy me. I’m scared that I’ll end up in a thousand pieces. 

But I’m also scared of losing you. I’m scared of suddenly not having you in my life anymore. I’m scared that you will not love me like I will love you, or the other way around. I’m scared that one day we will fall in love with someone else. 

I’m scared because I don’t want to love you just a bit. Either I will love you with all of my heat, or I will not love you at all. 

Most of all I’m scared, because I know it’s too late for me not to love you. 

And that’s why I’m so damn scared. 

I never let social media get me down, ever. I see too many wonderful things on there, and it’s crazy, but there’s one thing that did annoy me. Someone said that the way I say my partners name, doesn’t make them sound manly. What? I have an Australian accent! I say it how I say it! Our R’s sound like ah, so Bonner, sounds like Bonnah, but who cares! He has a crazy southern accent, but oh everything he says is attractive, but it’s not okay. Oh, and just about every pro on Dancing with the Stars has an accent, but two of my lovely ladies. So why am I getting all the heat?! Ugh.

la la la

This probably the cutest hc i’ve ever received. I love this so muchhh!

– Dan has been aching all day. His heat started this morning and he was going to try and tell his master phil, but he had been pushing his kitty away and ignoring him. So Dan never got to tell him. He wouldn’t touch himself either because he knew it was against the rules. It was starting to get to be late, and Dan physically hurt now. His cock was fully hard and leaking all over his tummy. He was only wearing a oversized t-shirt and his pastel pink collar. He heard Phil typing away at his computer in the living room, making Dan whine to himself.

– The pain was starting to get worse to the point tears started trickling down his cheeks. Small hiccups and sniffles filled the room. He really needed his master, but he didn’t want to be a burden on whatever he was working on. But he couldn’t handle the ache anymore. He got up and waddled out of his room, he throb between his legs made it hard to walk. His tail laid limp behind him and his ears drifted down. The tears were streaming steadily down his puffy cheeks before walking in. Phil didn’t look up at first, but heard Dan walking in.

– “I’m busy right now Dan, what do you–,” Phil stopped as he looked up at his crying kitten, “Kitten what is wrong? Are you okay?”  Phil’s heart sank as Dan cried. He hated seeing him like that. He was about to stand up and hug his kitty when Dan started fumbling around with the end of his shirt. Dan slowly pulled his shirt up to his collar, letting Phil see his little cock all hard against his stomach, leaking everywhere. Phil suddenly realized why Dan was so needy all of a sudden, “Oh my god Dan! Are you in heat baby? Is that why you’ve been trying to get my attention all day baby? Come here kitten,” Phil motioned for Dan to sit between his legs.

– “Y-Yes master,” Dan hiccuped as he walked over to Phil, He sat between his legs with his back against his chest. Phil pulled off Dan’s t-shirt before massaging little circles on his hips, making Dan whine. Phil peppered kisses on Dan’s neck before speaking, “Why didn’t you tell me you were in heat? I would have helped you, but it’s okay I’m going to take care of you now kitten.” Dan hiccupped and sniffled a couple times before responding, “B-Because you w-were -b-bbusy and k-kept pushing m-me away…” Phil left sloppy kisses and sucked hickies onto Dan’s sensitive, making Dan squirm in his arms.

– “P-Phil, please do s-something! It hurts badly…” Dan whimpered, Phil let one of his hands rub Dan’s tummy softly before sliding it down to Dan’s throbbing cock. Phil ran his fingers over it slowly, watching Dan arch his back slightly. Dan let out choked gasps at the soft little touches. Phil decided to end the teasing, and wrapped a hand around Dan, and started pumping him at a slow pace. Dan mewled and purred, lightly grinded up into Phil’s hand. “You’re so pretty kitty, look at how needy you are. So beautiful…” Phil praised into Dan’s ear. The older boy sped up his hand movements seeing how desperate his kitty was getting.

– “P-Phil I’m c-close! Can I cum please?” Dan squeaked and squirmed, his precum making his dick all slick and easier to jerk. Phil smiled into Dan’s neck and said, “Yes kitty, thank you using your words. You’re such a good kitten Dan.” And with that Dan was cumming all over his own Stomach and Phil’s hand, panting thru it. Phil stroked him all the way until he was shifty around because it was becoming too much. Phil let go of Dan’s softening cock and moved Dan’s chin so he was looking at him, “I love you kitty, please tell me when you are feeling horny or in heat so I can take care of my baby.” Dan nodded and leaned into kiss his master, “I love you master,” while he was kissing him, he felt Phil’s clothed erection thru his pants, “Phil, do you need help with that?” He ran his finger across it. Phil moved his hand and shook his head.

“No darling, tonight is only about you.”

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Saint Seiya The Heated Battle of the Gods | Final scene (Yggdrasil blooms)

This is like we were in the paradise.All the beauty repressed resurface to replace the evil image of Odin for recover the natural harmony of our beloved Earth.This is the legendary tree of the world