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3Alpha1Omega - aftercare though. An omega isn't meant to be constantly knotted like that for their whole heat (Kylo loved it though) & the alphas have all done things they wouldn't normally do. As the heat&rut start to failed it's Techie who starts the care. He doesn't know why but he wants to lick Kylo clean again, Kylo makes the sweetest rumbling noises as he's overwhelmed by 3 soft mouths. They bathe together- cold water eases aching muscles but when did they all get these new claim marks?

Can you imagine Matt picking Kylo’s slack and tired body up whilst Techie & Hux prepare the bath? Matt has to cradle Kylo for a few moments and can’t help but place a kiss on top of his head. They ease Kylo down into the bath and wash him, Hux climbing in with him and being as soft as he can with his mate. But two new claim marks are on Kylo’s neck, reddening next to Hux’s, and Hux knows that they’re a pack now.

Alright here we go...

To the people who are saying that 13 Reasons Why is “romanticizing suicide” or that it “portrays suicide as a way of finding peace”…..

Um. Absolutely not? Did we watch the same show?

The E N T I R E show is about the grief, anger, confusion, blame, and suffering that suicide can leave behind. Just because Hannah left tapes saying why she did it, doesn’t mean it gave anybody a sense of peace. The ending was 0.0% peaceful. The show is brutal and honest. This shit HAPPENED at my high school. It’s STILL happening in high school AND COLLEGE. These are very real and everyday struggles people go through, and that’s why it’s so critical to watch.

It is ABSOLUTELY important to talk about suicide because it is an extremely SERIOUS and REAL thing. Just because we are bringing it to light on a Netflix show doesn’t mean that it’s going to become “mainstream” or that the weight of the word “suicide” will become ANY less. No. Bringing this to light means that we can have one more way to help others understand why kids in high school (or even later in life) can feel this way. It means that if someone is considering taking their own life that maybe they will feel less ashamed or embarrassed seeking help and being open and honest about how they’re feeling. That maybe it is worth giving that one extra try. People saying Hannah got a sense of peace after making the tapes…absolutely fucking not? It was just her equivalent of a suicide note, she didn’t want to die. There was no true “moment of peace” when she died. So there was no glorifying the suicide process or making it seem peaceful. And if you watched (I’m not going to ruin it for anyone) you would see that doing what she did didn’t have any sort of positive or settling affect on any of those kids. It tore them up. There are no happy endings to a story like this.


I’m incredibly proud of 13 Reasons Why and I’m even more proud of my friends who were in the show telling this vital story. YES it is extremely triggering because this stuff is real, so please be mindful of that. I’ve had a couple friends and family who had to take a break, but I think it’s so important for everyone to watch at some point in their lives as soon as they’re ready to. ♥️


ah geez cramps are THE WORST!! im so sorry you’re dealin with that rn :c  

but honestly… this is such a cute idea *m* jasper’s got heat cramps and pearl, having been on earth for so long without homeworld help, has figured out a variety of nice ways to soothe them 💕

Okay story time: I’m in a weight lifting class with a bunch of giant football guys with egos at school and I made the teacher play reputation on release day and all of the guys were like “nooo booo don’t play that blah blah” and then legit after only like 2 songs they were all like “katrina what song is this it’s heat?” and they were all loving the new album and now every day they ask to play Taylor while we workout

Anything is possible.

So I’m making this post to talk about the good things that BigHit does in this time of lines and screen time feud. BigHit entertainment is one of the best and least restrictive companies I have come to know. Since BTS are their only artists, the amount of freedom and close knit management they get is amazing.

There is no dungeon that the boys can disappear into, and there is constantly new content for the fans. Sure there are some things that happen that we nor the boys like, but then they are dealt with. Yoongi complained about his scalp, and BigHit relented, allowing him to stay dark for the past couple of comebacks.

They also allow the boys to use expensive equipment write and produce their own music to release as non monetized mixtapes or song covers. They even fully funded the MVs given to both Yoongi and Nams for their mixtapes, and that is something they didn’t have to do.

The boys are given the best produced music videos, and are allowed to create cinematic masterpieces with a deepened meaning. They not censored in the types of lyrics that they write, despite how controversial in Korean culture.

Now this may seem trivial to you. All these small things are nothing compared to the injustice that the members face. How dare they give Jungkook all the lines and leave everyone else out in the cold! 2Seok was basically missing this entire comeback!

Ok I hear you, but at the same time, consider the fact that this is the first (and probably the last) time Hoseok gets few *cough cough none cough cough* individual lines in a song. Spring Day was a more vocal based song, so they decided that he should use his vocal talent to back Jungkook rather than add another rap verse. It makes sense to me, and it gives him the opportunity to show his vocal talent on stage if he and Jungkook harmonize live as well.

And then there is Jin. It seems that he always gets the short end of the stick. The amount of individual screen time he got was unfair yes, completely. He is officially a (debatably the) visual of the group, and if anything that should be the place he pops up the most. But at the same time, Not Today was more a dance video, and he and Nams are well, not the best dancers, so they wouldn’t put them in the middle on all the dance shots.

Also look at the I Need U and Run comebacks, the entire story in the music videos clearly revolved around him and his character, something that the fans were quick to point out and appreciate. For those comebacks, he was in the center.

This is still not a justification, but simply a reason for why they might have chosen to edit the video like they did.

Next moving on to his line distribution. He notoriously along with V get the short end of the stick when it comes to lines. And I think it is simply because of the way the industry works.

You know how sometimes Jimin and Jungkook switch lines because Jimin is better at the high notes in the studio, but Jungkook hits them better live? The same thing goes for most line distributions. What voice works the best for the feeling they want to produce? Who can hold the notes the best on stage? Like I said before, Jin is not the best dancer, and their dances are HARD, so most of his time probably goes towards practicing the choreography rather than nailing his vocal stability on stage.

He objectively doesn’t have the best or most stable voice in the group, as often times on live stages he is out of breath by the time his lines do come up, and that is completely understandable. It’s the reason why so many (even the more experienced) artists lip sync to certain performances.

Dancing while singing is hard, and maybe it’s just not for Jin. Maybe, just maybe, he decided himself that his voice was better suited for slower songs with less choreo so that he can really focus on nailing his vocal performance. I mean in the solo he got to produce himself he chose a more soft ballad song rather than a more hard hitting one like Jimin’s because that just suits his voice better, and he knows it.

That’s why he got a lot more lines in “Butterfly” a slower ballad with less complex dancing and softer vocals, right where Jin thrives, but not really the typical image BTS produces musically.

Once again this isn’t a justification, and more a reason why he might get fewer lines. It is true that the line distributions are unfair and I agree with that, but it’s also a question of the industry standards, and the fact that sometimes it might be the best solution to a shitty problem.

I know I’m probably going to get some flack for this one, but it’s just something that needed to be said. Us fans really need to step back and appreciate not only the boys, but the company that helped make them.

Kiss Kiss: A Prompt Collection

So, many of us know that kisses are a nightmare to write. I get a lot of requests for them - have some prompts for hopefully your inspiration and writing delight.

1) Her heart raced as he pressed her against the wall, wrists pinned above her head in an instant. They grinned at each other. “Still not swooning,” she dared. “But by all means if you want to concede that you’re just not that-” 

The kiss came feather-light. A brush of lips. Entirely not the crushing, heated, frantic thing she’d expected. And, maybe, just maybe, her knees turned to jelly a bit.

2) “Don’t you know,” the siren said. “It’s dangerous to kiss someone like me. A siren’s kiss can steal a girl’s heart,”
“We should be fine then,” the girl replied. She leaned in, kissed eager and claiming as if she was the one renowned for dragging lovers into the deep. “Because I think you stole mine already a long time ago.”

3) You didn’t kiss my mouth first. You kissed my fingertips, each one separately, and then the palm of my hand, my wrist, my shoulder and throat. The top of my head, my jaw, my cheek. Finally, you paused right in front of me, and my breath quickened, warm and sugar-spun against your lips.
“May I?” you asked.
“I think I might throttle you if you don’t,” I whispered back.
Unlike the other, fluttering, kisses this one was all heat. 

4) I kissed you because I didn’t love you. Everyone always says that a first kiss should be about love, should be special, but it always felt like something I had to check off the list. Why would you want to give your first, clumsy kisses to someone you loved? No, you should learn how to do it before you meet the one you want to give a perfect kiss to.

Somewhere between the first kiss and the thousandth, I fell in love with you.
You kissed me because you didn’t love me.

5) He kissed him in darkness, where the world pared down to the heat of contact, the slide of a hand along his ribs, the words murmured just for the two of them. He memorized every inch of him blind, scared that in the light the force of want and adoration would simply be too strong. In darkness, it would only ever be them and that was more than enough. 

6) He kissed him in sunshine, in moonlight, in the flicker of candles where he could drink up the sight of him. Mouth kiss red, pupils blown, hair mussed by his fingers until he could have been Michelangelo’s David, sculptured lovingly with lips and careful touch. Then he kissed him again - just because he was beautiful.

7) “Can I kiss you?”
They hovered by the edge of the garden, away from the spill of light from the porch. It felt just like the movies, like the moment when these things always happened. Except, it wasn’t her first kiss. Wasn’t even her second, or her hundredth. Might have been the first time someone asked though, all nervous and eager, rather than leaning in because this was just like the movies so why bother asking when the script had already been written?
But he asked. She managed a breathless nod and felt something in her chest ease.

8) “My god, you’re so tense,” she said.You desperately need to get laid.” 
“Are you offering?” the girl replied.
She blinked, startled, laughed. 
The first kiss came like honey, trickling warm through her bones until she melted on the sofa in hazy bliss.

Dating Cole Sprouse would include...

requested:  MORE COLE SPROUSE PLS could you please do a what dating Cole Sprouse would include… thank u lovely xxxxx

⦁ cuddles
⦁ playing video games
⦁ “NOO, Cole I WON!”
⦁ “No you didn’t!”
⦁ Butt touching
⦁ Late night road trips
⦁ “Are you trying to be tumblr-ish like that?”
⦁ “Not really. Your thigh is just comfortable.”
⦁ A lot of Cole being your chair.
⦁ “Hey, bring your beautiful butt over here missy!”
⦁ People thinking you are “goals”
⦁ Being weird 24/7
⦁ He spoils you, A LOT
⦁ He shows you off, A LOT
⦁ You laughing a lot..
⦁ “Do you guys ever shut up?!?!”
⦁ “Nope!”
⦁ A lot of play fights
⦁ A lot of tickling fights
⦁ Actual fights turn to heated sex
⦁ Loving sex
⦁ Rought sex
⦁ Angry sex
⦁ Singing together
⦁ He being soooooo whipped!
⦁ And Dyl mocking him about it
⦁ Cute dates
⦁ Late night pizza dates
⦁ Staying up all night talking about anything
⦁ Wathing Sponge Bob together
⦁ Reading books while cuddling
⦁ “Should I turn the page baby?”
⦁ “Yes, go ahead…”

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Do you have any headcanons about what sex with Azriel would be like? (like the things you write for the sin and pleasure edits)

I tried to do it like the ACOSAP blurbs but it was just turning into an actual fanfic so I just made it into some bullet points so here it is:

  • Azriel like it fast, hard and kinky but sex is never the main event for him, the teasing is just as, if not more, important to him.
  • Listen, he’s the Spymaster, he needs a lot of patience and skill to torture and extract information out of his victims. And he uses the same patience and skill to torture his partners… only in an infinitely more pleasurable way
  • He’s not shy of teasing them in public either: hugging them into his side and rubbing circles into the side of their ribs, hand on thigh, whispering indecent things to them
    “You look incredible in that dress, love but I know you look even better out of that dress. I’m going to devour you when we get home. I’ll make you feel so good, you’ll be screaming all night long.”
  • He’s the type of guy who won’t necessarily stop at running his fingers on the inside of his lovers thighs but to actually push their underwear aside and start teasing them while they’re at dinner all the while having a casual conversation with someone.
  • “If you don’t keep a straight face, I’ll go deeper, love.”
  • As soon as they’re alone Az pounces, all fevered touches and heated kisses, and he wants to touch and feel and taste every inch of his partner
  • The sex isn’t always rough but he always likes to be in control. He likes telling his partners to strip and take a step back and watch (and they’re always more than happy to put on a show for him)
  • Hickeys will always happen. ALWAYS. Neck, collarbones, on the underside of their breasts, above their hipbones or on their inner thighs, Az just loves leaving little love bites on his lovers’
  • He isn’t too loud himself, preferring to groan and whisper dirty things for his lover alone to her but he loves making his partner scream as loud as he can
  • Nothing turns him on more than hearing his lovers moan and it’s his personal challenge to draw sinful sounds out of even the quietest and shyest people.
  • He always wants to hear what his lovers’ fantasies and deepest desires are and then make them come true. And he knows how to find out everyone’s deepest darkest secrets
  • “Az, please…”
    “Say it again, love, you know how much I love it when you beg.”

  • He’s the king of dirty talk though. He LOVES how much it turns his lovers on every. Single. Time.
  • “Can anyone else make you feel this good love, huh? Tell me.”
  • He always watches his partners very intensely during sex and notices every single gasp or twitch which is how he knows exactly what to do to drive them crazy
  • He loves taking his lover from behind, a hand fisted in their hair to make them arch up against him or around their waist to have access to tease them even more
  • He LOVES taking his time. He enjoys teasing his partner and bringing them just to the edge of an orgasm only to stop completely when they’re just about to explode. He will wait a bit, kissing them fervently but not touching them and then start again and do it so many times that his partners are sweating and panting and begging for release
  • And only when he decides they’ve had enough does he take mercy on them and start fucking them in earnest, his hands working them closer to an orgasm as well
  • “Hold it until I say you can cum”
  • “Az, please, I need to…”
  • “I said hold it!”
  • He only gives them permission when he’s close too and they orgasm together in a symphony of moans and screams and groans and heavy breathing
  • Just as he loves taking his time during sex, he loves taking his time with the aftercare afterwards and loves drawing his lovers a hot bath afterwards to clean up together, maybe even give them a massage and then cuddle together before they fall asleep while he murmurs sweet words to them “You are so beautiful, love. You did so well.”
Fuckboy!Peter Parker AU

Fuckboy!Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: The f-bomb is dropped like once, slight angst, heartbreak, maybe terrible writing? (Tell me of there’s more, sorry if I missed any)

A/N: I haven’t written in years and the idea sparked after seeing the idea twice on my dashboard, I forgot who those writers were, but shout out to you! Also, shout out to these amazing writers who inspired me to start writing again: @hufflepuffholland @spidereyhes @rileywrites-93 @underoossss @spideyboys @parkerroos @awkward (there’s probably more, but I’m not good at remembering blogs so I’ll probably come bk and add more :))

Part 2

        She knew she shouldn’t have. She knew she should’ve listened to all of the warnings, but her poor heart fell for the whole act.

       Peter Parker. The name that used to sound like her favorite song. The name that used to make the stars be put to shame because her eyes would sparkle so bright just by hearing those two words. The name that used to make her heart beat so fast and so loud that she could no longer hear anything else. The name that used to represent her whole world.

         The key words: used to

         The name no longer made her eyes sparkle or her heart race, or even bring the tiniest lift of her lips. The name only brought waves of memories…of lies. Every time the name was spoken now, her smile (if she was even smiling anymore) would immediately drop into a frown, her eyes would glaze over, and her whole being would just shut off.

         Who even is this Peter Parker, you ask? The boy used to be the dork that everyone ignored and most girls barely even paid attention to. He wore thick rimmed glasses, spots on his face like every teenager, lanky and scrawny, and a mess of curls on the top of his head. He was the top of all of his classes. Until that one summer passed and he came back, now a sophomore, with a face clear of acne, a chiseled jaw, no more glasses, and rock hard abs. That mop of curls upon his head now styled and he soon lost the nickname ’Penis Parker’. His grades began to drop, but who cares when he got the attention of every girl in school. Of course he took advantage of this…of them.

          He gained the reputation of playboy, or in harsher terms: fuckboy. He just had to have every girl, but of course there are those who didn’t want anything to do with the dude. They were smart not to fall for all of his games, the cheeky winks, and the meaningless compliments.

         He slept with every girl that would play his game. He got every girl that was so willing and so eager to have him. But that gets boring soon enough. So he went for one of the girls that didn’t fall so easily. He went for one of the girls who kept their heart guarded by a steel wall and that girl was none other than (y/n)(y/l/n).

         Every pick up line, every compliment, and every move that he used before was used on her. She never fell for it though. He would constantly ask her on dates to just be constantly rejected. He was frustrated, but he enjoyed the challenge. It meant he could play his game a little longer. He noticed his old tricks weren’t working so he threw out everything he used before and became a romantic that only she would fall for.

         How did he know she would fall for it? Because he asked every guy, every girl, and every resource he could to know what would make her fall hard. He learnt her schedule, her favorite places, her favorite books, and anything and everything to get her to fall. And…it worked. She got tired of the constant asking and part of her was starting to like him, so she gave him what he wanted, a chance. Big mistake.

          Their first date was at her favorite café that was also a bookshop.

         "Oh my gosh, I love this place! Pete, how did you know?“ She looked up at the boy with a beautiful smile.

         "The café was basically screaming ’(y/n)’” he chuckled.

          The date was a success to say the least. She spoke of her favorite books and learned a bit about him. Well at least the basic information about him, nothing too deep so she wouldn’t have something against him after he finished playing his game.

          After a couple of dates, she noticed that she was falling…hard. Peter noticed this and he was so happy. Not because he felt anything for her, no, but because the harder she fell, the more fun it was to play his game then break her heart.

         The next date they went on, Peter took her to a hill to look at the stars, remembering that was on her list of ‘perfect dates’. He had her right where he wanted her, so he said the three words that he’s said countless times to make her completely fall for him.

         As they were laying down in the grass,  (y/n) was cuddled up to Peter and staring up the star filled sky. “(y/n)?”


         "I love you”

         (Y/n) felt her heart stop and all of the heat rushed to her face. She pushed herself up and looked down at the boy she had fallen so hard for. “I…I love you too” Her cheeks were tinted pink and Peter couldn’t help, but admit she looked beautiful.

         That’s where her first kiss was, with Peter Parker on top of a hill under the stars.

         Peter waited a week after that date and pulled (y/n) along by a string. Then the next week they were in school, (y/n)’s smile disappeared.

         As she walked into school, she stopped walking to her locker the minute her eyes laid on Peter. There he was, making out with a girl that he pushed up against the lockers. It was as if the world slowed down as (y/n) dropped everything in her hands and ran up to him.

         "Pete…?“ Her voice barely above a whisper, he didn’t hear her. So she tried again. “Peter. Benjamin. Parker.”

         He detached his lips from the girl and put a knowing smirk there instead. He turned and looked down at (y/n). “Do you need something (y/n)?” The girl glared at (y/n) for stopping Peter from doing what he was doing.

         (Y/n) stared at him with tears threatening to leave her eyes. She should have expected this, she didn’t know why she thought he changed from being with her. She didn’t want to give him the satisfaction. So she looked him in the eyes, took a deep breath and said “Thank you for all of the memories.” And with that she turned on her heels, picked up her stuff and went to her locker.

         She spent weeks…months, trying to get over the curly haired boy. She smiled less, her usual bounce in her step disappeared, and her eyes didn’t shine anymore. She distracted herself in her studies and would join all the clubs she could to keep herself busy. She would avoid any halls Peter was in. In class, she would only look at the board or her class work. She would plaster on a fake smile around Peter and his friends so he wouldn’t know she was hurting.

        When she was left with her thoughts, she would ask herself ‘why are you so stupid?’, ‘why did you think you could change him?’, or ‘why aren’t I good enough?’. She thought of how every touch, every word, every date, every look, and every 'I love you’ was planned and was all a lie. She couldn’t forget how he was her first date, first boyfriend, first kiss, and first 'I love you’. She rebuilt the wall around her heart except it was ten times stronger. She never would forget the heart break that Peter Parker put her through.

AU where everything’s the same, except Leo is constantly eating a bag of Doritos. 

Beleaguer (m)

Originally posted by osyub

Summary: Your annoying neighbor is just way to charming to resist. Imagine your shame when you let him in your pants. Well, not too much shame because the guy sure knows his way around the bedroom.

Pairing: Fuckboi!Hoseok/Reader

Warning: hate-fucking, daddy kink, grinding, overstim, multiple orgasms, slut shaming (like 1 line).

Word Count: 2.329k

A/N: Working on getting 1 fic out per member! They’re all going to be some kind of AU.

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A Beautiful Distraction

Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 616

Warnings: none

A/N: It’s not long or much, but it’s sweet. It’s not even remotely edited. Enjoy. Thanks @feelmyroarrrr for submitting the gif so long ago you probably forgot about it.

Feedback Appreciated 

Tags at the bottom

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You know, some famous guy once said: “To Travel is better than to arrive."And I was like, "What?” Because I used to think that there was only one path to take to where you want to be in life. But, if you choose that one path, it doesn’t mean you have to abandon all the other ones.I realize it actually what happens along the way that counts; the stumbles, the falls, and the friendships. It’s the journey and not the destination. You just gotta, I guess, trust that the future is gonna work itself out like it’s supposed to.
—  Moose in Step Up 3

ok but neil josten struggling with the two sides of himself

neil trying not to forget the scarred, tough, cold version of himself that survived a violent home and years on the run, the version himself that was all kill or be killed mentality and a smile only drawn out by death

neil recognizing the importance of that part of himself and wondering if his soft moments with andrew and the easy smiles around his newfound family are real, questioning himself as he lay awake at night, wondering if this is really him or just another façade to survive

neil being brought back from these doubts by matt’s laugh, by dan’s fierce hugs, by allison’s sharp attention, by renee’s steady presence, aaron’s glares that have lost all their heat, nicky’s genuine love for life and others, and finally andrew’s heavy gaze, his hand on the back of neil’s neck, andrew’s everything

Better This Way (Chapter Five)

The calm before the storm. The sweetness before the angst. God, the feels, THE FEELS!

Loving all the feedback from you guys, it’s all lovely and I love you


Enjoy :)

Peter’s heat started three days later, and other than a short text a few days ago from Wade saying that he took an out of town ‘job’,  he hadn’t heard from the Alpha since their conversation on the roof.

So he told himself not to be too emotional about it, gathered all his supplies and engaged the extra locks on all his doors. Windows were bolted shut and curtains closed. He pulled his favorite toy– a long dildo with a big knot at the base– from his dresser and put it on the end table next to several bottles of water and some protein bars. A waterproof liner over his mattress but under his favorite sheets, and all the blankets tossed into the corner of the room. He’d just sweat through them anyway, and no sense adding to the laundry pile.

Peter kept looking at his phone, kept thinking about calling Wade, or even texting him, because at this point just a message from the Alpha would make him feel better. But eventually he tossed the phone into his closet and threw an arm over his head. It was already almost midnight, nearly pitch black in his room and Peter wished he could just sleep, wished he could just pass out for a few hours to make this part go faster.

Pre-heat–the hours of his body temperature slowly rising, of the ache inside him growing steadily worse, of the arousal that started out as a low buzz and then became something like a scream in his head—

He wished he could just sleep through it.
Or have someone to sit with him through it.
But if Wade wanted to be here he would have been here. He wouldn’t have taken a fucking job somewhere. He would have—

Tap tap tap.

Peter frowned, but chalked the noise up to a mouse or something. This apartment was better than the last place he lived, but still kind of a shit-hole. Mice were to be expected.

Tap tap tap.

No, that was definitely his window.

Peter rolled out of bed, slipped into a pair of shorts and pulled the curtains away from the window, peering out into the dark, grateful for his perfect night vision.

“Oh.” his mouth fell open. “Oh.”

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