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To the people who are saying that 13 Reasons Why is “romanticizing suicide” or that it “portrays suicide as a way of finding peace”…..

Um. Absolutely not? Did we watch the same show?

The E N T I R E show is about the grief, anger, confusion, blame, and suffering that suicide can leave behind. Just because Hannah left tapes saying why she did it, doesn’t mean it gave anybody a sense of peace. The ending was 0.0% peaceful. The show is brutal and honest. This shit HAPPENED at my high school. It’s STILL happening in high school AND COLLEGE. These are very real and everyday struggles people go through, and that’s why it’s so critical to watch.

It is ABSOLUTELY important to talk about suicide because it is an extremely SERIOUS and REAL thing. Just because we are bringing it to light on a Netflix show doesn’t mean that it’s going to become “mainstream” or that the weight of the word “suicide” will become ANY less. No. Bringing this to light means that we can have one more way to help others understand why kids in high school (or even later in life) can feel this way. It means that if someone is considering taking their own life that maybe they will feel less ashamed or embarrassed seeking help and being open and honest about how they’re feeling. That maybe it is worth giving that one extra try. People saying Hannah got a sense of peace after making the tapes…absolutely fucking not? It was just her equivalent of a suicide note, she didn’t want to die. There was no true “moment of peace” when she died. So there was no glorifying the suicide process or making it seem peaceful. And if you watched (I’m not going to ruin it for anyone) you would see that doing what she did didn’t have any sort of positive or settling affect on any of those kids. It tore them up. There are no happy endings to a story like this.


I’m incredibly proud of 13 Reasons Why and I’m even more proud of my friends who were in the show telling this vital story. YES it is extremely triggering because this stuff is real, so please be mindful of that. I’ve had a couple friends and family who had to take a break, but I think it’s so important for everyone to watch at some point in their lives as soon as they’re ready to. ♥️

So I’m making this post to talk about the good things that BigHit does in this time of lines and screen time feud. BigHit entertainment is one of the best and least restrictive companies I have come to know. Since BTS are their only artists, the amount of freedom and close knit management they get is amazing.

There is no dungeon that the boys can disappear into, and there is constantly new content for the fans. Sure there are some things that happen that we nor the boys like, but then they are dealt with. Yoongi complained about his scalp, and BigHit relented, allowing him to stay dark for the past couple of comebacks.

They also allow the boys to use expensive equipment write and produce their own music to release as non monetized mixtapes or song covers. They even fully funded the MVs given to both Yoongi and Nams for their mixtapes, and that is something they didn’t have to do.

The boys are given the best produced music videos, and are allowed to create cinematic masterpieces with a deepened meaning. They not censored in the types of lyrics that they write, despite how controversial in Korean culture.

Now this may seem trivial to you. All these small things are nothing compared to the injustice that the members face. How dare they give Jungkook all the lines and leave everyone else out in the cold! 2Seok was basically missing this entire comeback!

Ok I hear you, but at the same time, consider the fact that this is the first (and probably the last) time Hoseok gets few *cough cough none cough cough* individual lines in a song. Spring Day was a more vocal based song, so they decided that he should use his vocal talent to back Jungkook rather than add another rap verse. It makes sense to me, and it gives him the opportunity to show his vocal talent on stage if he and Jungkook harmonize live as well.

And then there is Jin. It seems that he always gets the short end of the stick. The amount of individual screen time he got was unfair yes, completely. He is officially a (debatably the) visual of the group, and if anything that should be the place he pops up the most. But at the same time, Not Today was more a dance video, and he and Nams are well, not the best dancers, so they wouldn’t put them in the middle on all the dance shots.

Also look at the I Need U and Run comebacks, the entire story in the music videos clearly revolved around him and his character, something that the fans were quick to point out and appreciate. For those comebacks, he was in the center.

This is still not a justification, but simply a reason for why they might have chosen to edit the video like they did.

Next moving on to his line distribution. He notoriously along with V get the short end of the stick when it comes to lines. And I think it is simply because of the way the industry works.

You know how sometimes Jimin and Jungkook switch lines because Jimin is better at the high notes in the studio, but Jungkook hits them better live? The same thing goes for most line distributions. What voice works the best for the feeling they want to produce? Who can hold the notes the best on stage? Like I said before, Jin is not the best dancer, and their dances are HARD, so most of his time probably goes towards practicing the choreography rather than nailing his vocal stability on stage.

He objectively doesn’t have the best or most stable voice in the group, as often times on live stages he is out of breath by the time his lines do come up, and that is completely understandable. It’s the reason why so many (even the more experienced) artists lip sync to certain performances.

Dancing while singing is hard, and maybe it’s just not for Jin. Maybe, just maybe, he decided himself that his voice was better suited for slower songs with less choreo so that he can really focus on nailing his vocal performance. I mean in the solo he got to produce himself he chose a more soft ballad song rather than a more hard hitting one like Jimin’s because that just suits his voice better, and he knows it.

That’s why he got a lot more lines in “Butterfly” a slower ballad with less complex dancing and softer vocals, right where Jin thrives, but not really the typical image BTS produces musically.

Once again this isn’t a justification, and more a reason why he might get fewer lines. It is true that the line distributions are unfair and I agree with that, but it’s also a question of the industry standards, and the fact that sometimes it might be the best solution to a shitty problem.

I know I’m probably going to get some flack for this one, but it’s just something that needed to be said. Us fans really need to step back and appreciate not only the boys, but the company that helped make them.

Kiss Kiss: A Prompt Collection

So, many of us know that kisses are a nightmare to write. I get a lot of requests for them - have some prompts for hopefully your inspiration and writing delight.

1) Her heart raced as he pressed her against the wall, wrists pinned above her head in an instant. They grinned at each other. “Still not swooning,” she dared. “But by all means if you want to concede that you’re just not that-” 

The kiss came feather-light. A brush of lips. Entirely not the crushing, heated, frantic thing she’d expected. And, maybe, just maybe, her knees turned to jelly a bit.

2) “Don’t you know,” the siren said. “It’s dangerous to kiss someone like me. A siren’s kiss can steal a girl’s heart,”
“We should be fine then,” the girl replied. She leaned in, kissed eager and claiming as if she was the one renowned for dragging lovers into the deep. “Because I think you stole mine already a long time ago.”

3) You didn’t kiss my mouth first. You kissed my fingertips, each one separately, and then the palm of my hand, my wrist, my shoulder and throat. The top of my head, my jaw, my cheek. Finally, you paused right in front of me, and my breath quickened, warm and sugar-spun against your lips.
“May I?” you asked.
“I think I might throttle you if you don’t,” I whispered back.
Unlike the other, fluttering, kisses this one was all heat. 

4) I kissed you because I didn’t love you. Everyone always says that a first kiss should be about love, should be special, but it always felt like something I had to check off the list. Why would you want to give your first, clumsy kisses to someone you loved? No, you should learn how to do it before you meet the one you want to give a perfect kiss to.

Somewhere between the first kiss and the thousandth, I fell in love with you.
You kissed me because you didn’t love me.

5) He kissed him in darkness, where the world pared down to the heat of contact, the slide of a hand along his ribs, the words murmured just for the two of them. He memorized every inch of him blind, scared that in the light the force of want and adoration would simply be too strong. In darkness, it would only ever be them and that was more than enough. 

6) He kissed him in sunshine, in moonlight, in the flicker of candles where he could drink up the sight of him. Mouth kiss red, pupils blown, hair mussed by his fingers until he could have been Michelangelo’s David, sculptured lovingly with lips and careful touch. Then he kissed him again - just because he was beautiful.

7) “Can I kiss you?”
They hovered by the edge of the garden, away from the spill of light from the porch. It felt just like the movies, like the moment when these things always happened. Except, it wasn’t her first kiss. Wasn’t even her second, or her hundredth. Might have been the first time someone asked though, all nervous and eager, rather than leaning in because this was just like the movies so why bother asking when the script had already been written?
But he asked. She managed a breathless nod and felt something in her chest ease.

8) “My god, you’re so tense,” she said.You desperately need to get laid.” 
“Are you offering?” the girl replied.
She blinked, startled, laughed. 
The first kiss came like honey, trickling warm through her bones until she melted on the sofa in hazy bliss.

AU where everything’s the same, except Leo is constantly eating a bag of Doritos. 

Dating Cole Sprouse would include...

requested:  MORE COLE SPROUSE PLS could you please do a what dating Cole Sprouse would include… thank u lovely xxxxx

⦁ cuddles
⦁ playing video games
⦁ “NOO, Cole I WON!”
⦁ “No you didn’t!”
⦁ Butt touching
⦁ Late night road trips
⦁ “Are you trying to be tumblr-ish like that?”
⦁ “Not really. Your thigh is just comfortable.”
⦁ A lot of Cole being your chair.
⦁ “Hey, bring your beautiful butt over here missy!”
⦁ People thinking you are “goals”
⦁ Being weird 24/7
⦁ He spoils you, A LOT
⦁ He shows you off, A LOT
⦁ You laughing a lot..
⦁ “Do you guys ever shut up?!?!”
⦁ “Nope!”
⦁ A lot of play fights
⦁ A lot of tickling fights
⦁ Actual fights turn to heated sex
⦁ Loving sex
⦁ Rought sex
⦁ Angry sex
⦁ Singing together
⦁ He being soooooo whipped!
⦁ And Dyl mocking him about it
⦁ Cute dates
⦁ Late night pizza dates
⦁ Staying up all night talking about anything
⦁ Wathing Sponge Bob together
⦁ Reading books while cuddling
⦁ “Should I turn the page baby?”
⦁ “Yes, go ahead…”

ok but neil josten struggling with the two sides of himself

neil trying not to forget the scarred, tough, cold version of himself that survived a violent home and years on the run, the version himself that was all kill or be killed mentality and a smile only drawn out by death

neil recognizing the importance of that part of himself and wondering if his soft moments with andrew and the easy smiles around his newfound family are real, questioning himself as he lay awake at night, wondering if this is really him or just another façade to survive

neil being brought back from these doubts by matt’s laugh, by dan’s fierce hugs, by allison’s sharp attention, by renee’s steady presence, aaron’s glares that have lost all their heat, nicky’s genuine love for life and others, and finally andrew’s heavy gaze, his hand on the back of neil’s neck, andrew’s everything

Game On

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Request: I see that your requests are open! Huzzah! Could you do a deanxreader where the reader loves spicy food and has a really high tolerance. And has the caveat that any man who wants to date her has to attempt a hot wing challenge (like the really spicy wings and you have a time limit to eat them without drink or cooking agent) the problem? Dean has very low spice tolerance, but wants to try anyway. Fluff and/or smut. I trust thy artistic vision because you’re stuff is amazeballs. :3

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,100ish

Warnings: language, implied smut

A/N: Hope you enjoy!…

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AUTHOR’S NOTE; Thank you for the request lovely! I swear I just posted something about this earlier. How he can climb literal mountains, vigorously hike trails and terrains but his back is killing him on tour like….Sir Leto, what are you doing to yourself?

Your arms folded across your chest as you listened to him speak and you couldn’t help the distant feeling of unease that resonated through your abdomen. You had visited Jared often to tend to the muscles and aches in his back especially when he decided to go on tour with the band. He often explained that when the band went on tour and did shows, they always made it their mission to give the fans everything they had  including blood, sweat and tears. 

“If we can’t give them all of it, then we wont do it. Period.” He finished while placing his hand out and allowing his band mates to put theirs on top of his. It seemed to be a pre-show ritual of some sort, but your eyes rolled. You understood the idea of putting passion into everything you did, but his need for your expertise was becoming more and more frequent to the point where even you started to worry. 

You were surprised when you saw them all walk towards the exit of the bus and he suddenly stopped to hang back. You pulled your satchel over your shoulder before moving that way yourself and he blocked your path. 

“Hey….” He spoke simply.

“Yep.” You answered quickly. 

“I just wanted to say thanks for being available for most of the tour.” His grateful words were genuine but for some reason you felt like there was more. 

“But….?” You question.

“I think I’m good tonight. If you want to get some rest or go get something to eat with the rest of the crew, you can.” His eyes leveled with your and he nodded. 

“Glad t’know you’re not a slave driver……I think I might just take you up on that though.” You answered. Truth be told, you always had a good time with everyone, but the idea of a hot bath and being left alone for their nearly 4 hour show intrigued you more than anything else. You couldn’t stop the smile that spread across your face at the idea, but you tried to control it because you didn’t want him to get the idea that you didn’t like being around. 

“Try to contain your excitement.” He chuckled out. You pulled up your hand for a high five, but he hugged you instead. Everyone was a hugger, and even though you weren’t really into it, you hugged back. 

“Knock em dead.” You encouraged. You skipped down the stairs of the busses exit door happily but paused when he called for you.

“What are you going to do, anyways. You got a date or something?” He questioned and his curiosity was genuine. 

“Yeah with a real bath tub.” You admitted. There was a hotel just up the street with oval bathtubs, like the ones made for a queen. You couldn’t miss out on it. You weren’t surprised when he shrugged in response, but you made sure to move fast before he changed his mind. The thing about Jared that you learned quickly was that if you didn’t act fast, you’d regret it. When he was nice, he was nice, but when he wasn’t, you’d better prepare yourself. A perfectionist at best, and a control freak at worst. You never truly minded it because you were nearly the same way except less controlled and more solution / goal oriented. 

“Be back by 12, that’s when we should be heading back.” He ordered. 

“Sure thing Daddy-O!” You yelled back throwing up the peace sign behind you as you walked away without turning to look at him. You were mildly aware of his sexual kinks, but they held no interest to you. You had seen enough pieces of him to overlook most of his intimate parts, plus he was never one to really hide them either. He was the direct definition of shameless. 

You could tell when the show started because you picked a hotel close to the concert and the booming of the music resonated through the floors of your hotel room. It as like you hadn’t left work at all. The time passed slowly and you were eternally grateful for this fact because you found yourself doing a lot more than you had originally panned. 

You went to a restaurant to eat real food. With Jared being a vegitarian you usually found yourself snacking on whatever he had in an effort to keep a low profile, but the time had finally come for you to really eat. You ordered spaghetti, you admired the view, you listened to the music and even decided to go for a job. It was literally the perfect night and there was only one thing left to do; bathe. 

Your clothes peeled away from your body reluctantly and the sweat that clung to your skin only made it even more difficult to get undressed. The sound of Halsey blasted in the distance from your phone and the echo of it off the bathroom walls nearly made you fall in love with her all over again. 

You slipped into the heat slowly not wanting to get burned and sighed a breath of relief as you found yourself submerged. The bubbles surrounded you in a cascade of cloudy goodness as you felt your aches melt away. The deep curve in the base of the tub only gave you more room to sink as you thought of nothing but peaceful places. 

You nearly jumped from your skin when you heard Halsey’s voice cease and the sound of your phone ring and buzz against the countertop. It couldn’t have been 12 already? Cinderella hadn’t even begun to truly enjoy her porcelain prince just yet. You did the unthinkable at first, and ignored it, allowing it to go to voicemail because you knew it couldn’t have been Jared. He was a stickler about time and when he said 12 he meant 12. However, when it rang again you knew all too well that if you didn’t answer this time he would surely kill you. 

Your frame leaned over the side of the tub elegantly and gripped the phone in your hand. It was the young conquistador himself. Your eyes grazed the time and it was only 11. An entire hour early?

The facetime feature was lit up but you declined it. In declining you called back normally. 

“You seriously declined my call?” He asked. The slight outrage in his voice was clear.

“I’m…..not decent. When I said I had a date with a tub, I was being literal.” you explained. 

“I need you. I need you to come back now. Where are you?” His voice was panicked and you were slightly confused. 

“I’m ….in a bathtub Mr. Leto.” You answered in an attempt to be professional. 

“We’re coming that way, which one is it. Is it the Driskill?” He questioned. 

“….Yeah, I……I mean I can come to you J it’s no problem.” You answered, but he answered before you could truly finish your suggestion. 

“No, i’m already half way there. What room?” He questioned. 

“217.” You answered. 

“Yeah.” He answered before immediately hanging up. You looked down at the ended call on your phone and swore. 

“Dammit Jared. I can’t even take a fucking bath, really? I say i’m naked and you don’t even give a shit. I’d hate to see the day i’m on fucking fire or dying.” You grumbled while scrambling from the bath tub and rolling into a near by towel.  “You’ll never have a relationship, god forbid.” you continue hustling to your room and throwing your fresh clothes on your body. The sound of the draining tub was nothing compared to the loud banging on your door. 

You had just pieced together your shirt when you slid to the door to be greeted by a nearly slumped over Jared Leto. His lower half was slightly damp, and his body leaned mostly on Shannon as he stood in the door way. A deep breath rippled through you and hot air escaped your lips while your free hand fell to your side. Your eyes leveled with his and you narrowed yours.

“What. The fuck. Did you do?” You questioned. Most people didn’t understand that a massager’s work was like a painting on an empty canvas. They attempt to perform art and turn pain into a masterpiece of relief when complete, but when someone cancels out that work in a SINGLE night, it invokes a sense of rage. 

“Everything.” Shannon spoke matching your facial expression perfectly while glancing down at his younger brother. You opened the door wider to allow them entry only to mentally kick yourself at the idea of really thinking you’d have a night off. You should’ve known better. Jared wasn’t exactly a man with a plan. 

“Just lay him on the floor, right there.” You answer, pointing to an empty spot on the floor in front of the bed. Shannon let him down softly but the sound of Jared’s groaned announced his discomfort with the idea. You closed the door behind you and pulled your oversized shirt up on your shoulders.

“Not the bed?” He questioned. You tilted your head to the side in disagreement. 

“You’ve been here less than 5 minutes and you’re already trying to weasel your way into my bed? I’m shocked at you Sir.” You answered with artificial outrage while Shannon laughed. 

“Should he be on the bed?” Shannon questioned now serious. 

“No, he needs something flat and hard to straighten him out.” You nearly chuckled when Shannon’s eyes locked with yours and he smirked. 

“You know what I mean.” You shook your head while letting your smile fade. You knew that if Jared was in pain he wouldn’t indulge in the joke. 

“Lay face down on the floor and just …..don’t move anymore.” 

“Yeah, she likes em to lye still.” Shannon joked while rolling Jared’s body over slightly as if to help. Jared groaned a groan of annoyance, but Shannon laughed anyways. Shannon wasn’t afraid of timing nor was he intimidated in the slightest by his brother’s warnings. He would get in his pun, regardless of how anyone felt about it especially if it was a good one. 

“Be honest now….how bad does it hurt?” You question finally lowering yourself to your knees next to him. He only groaned and sighed. Your eyes lowered to his legs and you couldn’t stop yourself from touching them. 

“Did you put yourself in ice water?” You question and the sound of annoyance slipped through your tone before you could catch it. He was your boss and respect was a necessary ingredient in your relationship, but once more, you wouldn’t tolerate him taring himself apart. Shannon’s face looked away from yours confirming that it was indeed true and you were anything but pleased. 

“I told you that trick wouldn’t work again, you actually have to go through days of healing before that actually helps. You could make it worse.” You urged. His hand waved in your direction and you frowned. 

“Don’t you shoo me.” You ordered flicking at his ear with your fingers. 

“OW!” He answered finally turning to look at you.

“You mean to tell me that you can climb literal mountains, vigorously hike trails in the middle of no where and skillfully rock climb for days, but you can’t perform without nearly destroying yourself? One of these days I swear, you’ll listen when I advise you to do something.” You shrugged. His eyes narrowed and you inched to your right slightly while pressing your lips together.

“You mad?” You question sarcastically. He spoke your name with agitation and you rolled your eyes. 

“Just….be still.” You requested before going to work on the center of his back back. 

“Is, this where most of your pain is?” You questioned while pressing down on a slight lump. He groaned in response and you smiled. 

“You’ve got a knot J. Were you spinning on stage again?” You questioned and he groaned again. You shook your head before standing up and straddling his body. Resting your knees on each side of him, you placed your hands firmly on his back.

“This is going to hurt, you’ve bruised some muscles and thanks to your arctic bath in the middle of the parking lot, you’ve tensed them up when you should’ve been relaxing them. Now you have a lump.” You answered. 

“Now count to 3.” You began counting with him but stopped at two to begin. You knew full well that if you waited for 3, he’d tense up and just make it worse. The groan that left his body nearly moved even you, and he jerked slightly as if he were going to throw you off. 

“Breathe in.” You advised. Shannon’s eyes flickered to you and you looked around the room.

“Get a sock out of my bag, get me some rice and put it in a microwave or something.” You requested.

“What’s that for?” He questioned.

“Quickest way to make a heating pad….” you answered as if this was common knowledge. Being a girl with killer cramps came in handy when you knew your relief products. He moved quickly leaving the room. 

“J, this is going to hurt but I need you to relax. Squeeze my knew if it gets to be too much.” You requested watching him move his arm from above his head to rest at his side. He was much taller than you, so his access to your leg was simple since you towered over him at that point. 

Your work began and the intensity of the pressure in his back worried you. How long had he been walking around with this pain? 

It didn’t take long to soothe it out, but with the general shock to his muscles he would need that heating pad soon. The firm grip on your knee informed you that you were getting too caught up in your work and you immediately stopped. He moaned, and repeated it again as if the pain was still there. 

“Ow, J. Are you still in pain?” You questioned looking down at his back. 

“Just a little, towards the shoulders.” You figured. 

“Sounds right. I worked the knot up your body, all you need now is the heat and some rest.” you answered continuing your assault on his shoulders. 

“Better?” You questioned and he answered with another moan. I’ll take that as a yeah. 

Shannon’s frame slid through the door elegantly with all the ingredients that you asked him for, and he wasted no time placing it in the microwave to warm it up.

“You kids behaving yourselves?” He questioned. 

“I dunno, he’s been moaning for a while now so I guess i’m doing something right unless he’s been faking it. My heart would be shattered.” You respond locking eyes with Shannon once more and he smirked. It was always easy to provoke a reaction from Shannon when he was in a good mood, but there were times it was like pulling teeth. 

The sound of the microwave woke the room and you moved to stand up from your position only to have Jared’s hand tense around your knee. 

“What’s wrong?” You ask. His eyes opened and locked with yours. It was an intense stare but it was obvious what it meant. He was such a baby, and the look was enough to make you lower yourself once more and continue. 

It felt like you had been working on his back for over an hour, but you were pleased to find him asleep. 

“J?” You called to him softly only for him to snore. A giggle erupted from you and your mouth gaped open as you turned to Shannon who was crouched comfortably in a chair near the window texting. He suppressed a laugh and looked back down at his phone while shaking his head slightly. Little was known to you about Shannon’s personal life, but you were sure he was conversing with a woman. 

“Help me get him on the bed? Then we’ll put ice at the top of his shoulders and heat at the base of his back. He should wake up tomorrow feeling a lot better.” Shannon rested his phone on the chair and moved over to help you. It didn’t take you guys long to get him on the bed, when asleep he was nimble. 

After getting him there, you placed the bags of ice behind his shoulders and the hot compress against the base of his back. You leaned in close to put the ice near the base of his neck as well, just incase. You pushed a piece of your hair behind your ear in an attempt to keep it out of his face only to have him smile. It was a half hearted smile as if he were dreaming something nice. 

“……Berries.” he whispered incoherently and you smiled. Oh what a fat ass. you thought to yourself. You wrinkled your eyebrows and sniffed your hair and the shirt clinging to your skin only to smell the fragrance of your body soap. 

“I’ll take that as a thank you.” You whispered with a chuckle. 

“Thanks.: Shannon said simply.

“You wanna sniff me too? I’ll even let ya do it for free…..” You joked only for him to smile. 

“You guys take this room, I’ll get the one next door.” You urged only for Shannon to shrug. 

“I just booked it for you. Just pick up the card and you’re good.”

“Thanks.” You answered. 

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Esselley-senpai, I was wondering if you have any kagehina fic recommendations? But I'm not talking about all time classics, I mean ongoing fics that may go unnoticed. Do you have a fav author that I should check out? Mine is you, of course!!

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Aside from my “fic rec” tag (which I add to fairly regularly), here are some series/writers I’ve been wanting to rec! (I don’t tend to read WIPs, sorry T.T) 

Countdown series by @byesweetheart [rating: G - E] 
A literal must read for KageHina characterization and UNLIMITED SWEETNESS! If you want KageHina cuteness and happiness and some of the best kisses ever, you should check these stories out. Ava also pays so much attention to their character quirks and motivations, and I love reading knowing a lot of thought has gone into the things they’re saying and doing, even in the more, shall we say, heated moments. All her fics are lovely, so in the eventuality that you manage to tear yourself away from Countdown, give the others a go!

Kageyama friendships series by aosav [rating: G - T]
Aosav is one of the most hilarious, wonderful storytellers I’ve had the pleasure to read in awhile. They write Kageyama (and really, everyone) in a way I only wish I could achieve! Their Kageyama friendships series is so delightful. It’s got a very gentle overarching story, but each work is mainly standalone, focusing on Tobio breaking through on communication with individual members of Karasuno. Each fic is heartfelt and deeply satisfying. I actually highly recommend checking out all of their fics, I’ve been devouring them all regardless of pairing/plot/subject matter. Their chapter works are also a lot of fun.

Parisienne Walkways series by @someone-stole-my-shoes [rating: M - E]
I know everyone knows Laura’s fic Routine, BUT, if you’ve read that, and haven’t read the Parisienne Walkways series, what are you doing with your life?! This fic is funny, sweet, warm… but also comes with a heaping helping of intense slow burn, bonding, and sexual discovery at its best, with a very eager, needy Hinata, and one of the hottest (but sweetest) Kageyamas I’ve ever read! Basically, Tobio is a quiet, reclusive figure skater and (surprise!) a sex god – Hinata is fucked. (Literally. Many times.) 

You know, some famous guy once said: “To Travel is better than to arrive."And I was like, "What?” Because I used to think that there was only one path to take to where you want to be in life. But, if you choose that one path, it doesn’t mean you have to abandon all the other ones.I realize it actually what happens along the way that counts; the stumbles, the falls, and the friendships. It’s the journey and not the destination. You just gotta, I guess, trust that the future is gonna work itself out like it’s supposed to.
—  Moose in Step Up 3
A list of free otome games for iPhone=

Options to purchase in-game currency, other than that they’re free

My Candy Love
The Idol Dormitory
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Royal Midnight Kiss
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Sweet Scandal Returns
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Arabian Nights Love Story
My Romantic Three Kingdoms
Love Legend of Sengoku
Contract Marriage
Contract Marriage Plus
Arabian Nights~Desert Heat Love
Seven Hotties, All My Husbands
Bidding for Love
Starstruck Love
Once Upon a Fairy Tale
The Cinderella Contract
Midnight Cinderella
Mistress Contract
It’s our secret - happiness love romance
Animal Boyfriend
2/2 Lover - Angels and Demons
Love Academy
Love! Sushi Rangers
My Forged Wedding: PARTY
Be My Princess: PARTY
Sleepless Cinderella: PARTY
My Forbidden love

and my personal favourite, simply because of its ridiculous name:

Have affairs with 89 different men with karapet (???)

Those are all the free games I could find. There’s probably more…but I left out the visual novel ones that don’t have options and all you do is read the story as it goes on.

If you have any more to add, feel free!

I had every intention of updating my story last night but my Simming time was compromised by the fact that Trainspotting was on TV. I love that movie. Here’s a pic from my balcony a few minutes ago as small compensation. Hopefully I will be able to post something tonight (if I don’t get home from work to find my desktop has melted in the heat.) Love youse all!! xxxx

miglet  asked:

Hey Jeff, what does your Oscars prediction card look like?

best picture: back to the future 3

best graphics, technical: speed racer

best graphics, artistic: fletch lives

best actor: ricardo montalban for star trek

best actress: bridget fonda for point of no return

best best boy: herbie “the love bug” stevensenson

best heat: the one about bank robberies

best all-anal scene: t.t. boy and laura crawft in butt invaders 6

best soundtrack: butt invaders 6

animal of the year: lil pedro from the sandlot 3