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Can we get a bit of sexy times with infatuated Cody and stressed out but needy General Kenobi?

Trying not to stare was becoming harder and harder and Cody wished he still had his helmet more then ever but all armor and uniforms had been prohibited, an outfit provided to him by the resident of the humanoids they were negotiating with.

The Republic wanted to build a base one one of their moons but so far they had been resistant, wanting to stay neutral and out of the war.

Yet they were willing to negotiate.

It went a bit above Cody’s pay grade (as if he got pay) but it sounded like they wanted an entrance to the Republic and safety from attacking pirates and now also CIS.

But not with warrior dressed people or uniformed.

So Cody was given a soft deep blue shirt with a darker navy blue vest over and black pants. Happily they’d allowed him to keep his normal boots as long as he didn’t wear the armor plates to it.

But Obi-Wan…

Kark they had given Obi-Wan a dress.

And Cody couldn’t stop stealing glances at his general.

The dress was made of crimson shimmersilk with light golden details, simple in the design with a heart neckline and straps to keep it up since Obi-Wan didn’t have any curvy flesh in the top to keep it up. It pinched at the waist, flaring a bit out in the skirt which gave him the illusion of curves that Cody knew Obi-Wan didn’t have and ended a bit above his knees with an inch split to make walking easier on each side.

Kark they’d even given him a pair of golden heels, pumps Cody thought they were named and Obi-Wan could walk in them as easily as he could in boots.

Now Cody couldn’t say if it was the image of Obi-Wan’s pale skin in the light that was exposed by him wearing said dress, the unusual situation or if Cody had a kink for his General in a dress.

But it was really doing something to his libido and he desperately wished he could get the other man alone.

From the looks his General threw him when he thought no one else was looking, that desire must be leaking out into the Force but Cody wasn’t trying to hide it anyhow as he slid up beside the other man with his arms tucked up behind his back as he stood ramrod in parade.

You may take away the armor but you could never remove the soldier out of the man.

“Interesting choice of attire General.” He noted out loud.

“Our friends here are highly Matriarchal, so I’m dressed appropriately according to their views on leadership for this party. There’s a different set in my room for the actual negotiation.” Obi-Wan hummed, leaning slowly against Cody’s side so their shoulders brushed.

“Another dress?” Cody couldn’t help but question, wishing he could whisk Obi-Wan behind a pillar. Oh Koth it would be so easy like this, just ruck up Obi-Wan’s dress up to his hip and get down on his knees…

“Actually no, a rather nice set with black pants with golden details and a cotton pale yellow shirt with a low v opening. I-It has an obi belt to wrap to keep the shirt closed, also pale yellow.” Obi-Wan licked his lips, glancing about.

Oh that look Cody knew, it was Obi-Wan’s needy look.

Or well quickly becoming his needy look.

Kark just how much desire and lust was Cody projecting to affect the Jedi like that?

He usually had more control…

He was just about to apologize when Obi-Wan took him by the arm and pulled him into a shadowed alcove, the pillars giving illusion of privacy as the Jedi pulled Cody down into a desperate little kiss.

Cody pulled himself out of his stunned temporary frozen state and wrapped his arms tightly around Obi-Wan’s waist, crushing him to his chest as he enjoyed the sensation of only cloth and no armor separating them.

It was nice, the thin clothes allowing their warm bodies to mingle with more ease.

Obi-Wan pulled back after a bit, licking kiss swollen lips. “So is it the dress or…”

“Not sure. I love how it looks on you true, but I can’t tell if its a turn on or just being able to see your pretty skin on display, all your freckles…” Cody whispered, shifting a bit to press tender kisses along the freckles of one shoulder as he ran his hands from the armpit and down to the nipped in waist of the dress. “Or the sensation of silk beneath my hands…” He started to tug the skirt upwards slowly. “Or the idea that I could just lift the skirt to get to your tender places and kneel down t-”

Obi-Wan desperately covered Cody’s mouth with his hand, panting a bit as a little keen escaped him. “Oh Force Cody, not in here. Not right now. Its hard enough to control my reaction with you leaking lust everywhere. I can’t start tenting the skirt.”

Smirking smugly against the palm of covering his mouth, Cody let his hands slide down over the silky fabric, cupping the others rear and caressing it through the silky texture as he wondered what kind of underwear the other was sporting.

It didn’t feel like the standard and his smirk dropped suddenly as he tried to wrap his mind around whatever silky thing Obi-Wan had been given.

Obi-Wan shuddered in front of him as Cody’s eyes darkened even more and the commander knew that they couldn’t retire soon enough as he pulled the others hand of his mouth. “I’m going to make you hoarse tonight General.” He whispered, his rough tone a promise.

Stifling a moan by biting his lips, Obi-Wan swallowed heavily. “I’m holding you to that Cody.”

Black Cat (Peter Parker x Reader)

Warnings: smut During the day the reader is a shy girl who has a crush on Peter, at night she is a thief called Black Cat.
A/N: So I love Black Cat a lot so I decided to do a story of it. Also sorry for any mistakes and I don’t really know how to write smut so this probably sucks

Peter walked into class and took a seat next to Y/N. She was a shy girl, always blushed when ever Peter talked to her. He found it cute and he had a small crush on her but he was shy just like her so he never said anything about it. The class began and he began to daydream of the event of the previous night. Black Cat. The gorgeous thief that he knew it was bad to have a crush on but just couldn’t help himself. Her tight black suit that made the boy blush just thinks of it. Her smile, her laugh, her everything. She was just so amazing. She was quick witted and a flirt. She took every opportunity to tease Spiderman about something. She got away last night with the a diamond necklace in her hand. She usually won. Mr. Stark gave him so much crap for it too.
Peter was pulled out of his daze when Y/N tapped on his shoulder. “Um Peter we are so post to work on the project.”
“What? Oh right the project…what project?” He asked scratching the back of his head. “The final…” She never looked at him as she spoke. “Oh right.. well how about you come over today and we can work on it.” She blushed, he was inviting her over to his house? “Um okay…”
“Great I’ll see you then.” The bell rang and the two went there separate way.
When she came over they had a great time. She slowly began to open up to him. Soon they had stopped working on the project and was just talking. “Wait why don’t you like cats?” She asked surprised.
“I don’t know I just don’t trust them. Something about them.”
“But they are so cute!” Peter rolled his eyes.
“Nah dogs are way cuter.” They talked hours on end until finally Y/N had to go home. Peter was smiling like a school girl. She was so interesting and adorable. They would have to hang out again to ‘work on the project’ and he was so excited for it.

Later that night Spiderman sat on top of a building looking around for any trouble when he saw a woman in a black suit slip into the museum through a window. “Okay Peter play this cool.” He told himself before swinging off. He looked through the window and there she was. She jumped over the lasers that would pull the alarms. She moved so gracefully. When she finally reached her goal: a blood diamond. The biggest diamond Peter has ever seen. She carefully cut the glass with her nails and took the diamond. He smiled and jumped down so he was standing right behind her. “Well well look at what the cat dragged in.” He said so proud of himself for saying at least one thing cool. She smirked and turned around to face him. “Hi Spidey.” She giggled making him nervous. He used his web shooters to try to take the diamond from her but she was quick. She did a back flip dodging the webs. She put the diamond in a bag attached to her leg and closed it. She came running at him and through a punch. He dodged it and began to fight back. He hated fighting girls so part of him was glad she dodged every single punch he threw at her. She kicked his legs and he fell straight on his back, before he could get up she was sitting on top of him holding him down. “You know you aren’t very good at this.” She taunted.
“That’s no true.” He said struggling and she just laughed. That laugh so familer. She pulled up his back to the base of his nose. “Hey! Stop!” He squealed thinking that she was going to see who he was but instead she began to kiss him. Even more shocking he began to kiss back. He couldn’t help himself. She pulled away, jumped up and ran out of the museum before Spiderman could even figure out what was going on. “Bye Spidey.” She called out and disappeared. Peter bit his lip, he wanted more. “Bye kitty.” His whispered and pulled down his mask.
The next day at school he told Ned all about how he kissed Black Cat. “Dude you got to kiss a hot chick who’s probably older than you! That’s awesome!” Ned shouted. “Keep it down!! And no it’s not awesome I made out with a villain! That’s like rule number one of the things not to do.”
“Oh so it was a make out? Get some Peter!”

Peter had begun to hangout with Y/N whenever you two could. They became best friends and she started to sit with Ned and him at lunch. His crush for her became stronger and he decided he would finally tell her. During the day he hung out with Y/N but at night it was Black Cat who got all of attention. Crime had generally gone down so it was usually not that bad at night, that is until Black Cat came out and decided to have some fun. This game had been going on for months now, always the same happened. She got what she wanted and Spiderman was was never able to catch her. Peter was not dumb, maybe a little clueless but he began to catch on. She had amazing reflexes and an unforgettable laugh. A laugh he heard so much not just from her but from the woman he was fighting at night. He refused to believe that his sweet Y/N could do anything bad so he pushed the thought aside but it kept eating at him. Peter and Y/N sat in her room talking. She stretched and her crop top went up a little showing a bruise. It was the same spot Spiderman and hit Black Cat last night. Peter raised an eyebrow but didn’t say anything about it. They continued to talk until she had to go grab something. She left the room leaving him alone. He quickly got up and walked to her closet. He knew it was wrong but if she was the thief he wanted to know. He looked through her closet until he found it. Her suit was in a box hidden away by other things. “You know the funny thing about masks is people become their real selves when they put them on.” He jumped when he heard her voice. No response. He was at a loss of words. “What’s wrong Spidey cat got your tongue?” All of a sudden webs shot out and placed her hands above her head, forcing her against the wall. He was going to make her pay for all the times she teased him. Left him wanting more. He began to walk towards her, never looking at her as he does. She gulped it was weird Peter like this, he was always so shy and sweet. When he reached her she was able to see his eyes. Dark with lust. She took a deep breath and waited for him to do something. Finally he began to kiss her as his hands explored her body. She moaned and he took the opportunity to slip his tongue into her mouth. His hands went to the hem of her shirt and slowly began to lift it up. He pulled away and scrunched up at her wrists. He swallowed hard and his hands began to shake. No more confident Peter. “Please.” She begged not carrying of how desperate she sounded. Peter let out a sigh and unclipped her bra. He moved out it out of the way. He placed his knee between her legs and she attempted to grind herself against his leg but his hands held her back to the wall. “Be good kitty.” He was trying so hard to be dominant. He licked his lips and began to kiss from her neck down to her breasts. He took on nipple in his mouth and the other in his hand, massaging it. He squeezed the other nipple in between his fingers. She moaned and her back arched up. He smirked against her nipple and kissed it. He lightly bit down and she gasped. He flicked it with his tongue before putting his whole moth against it again. His other hand worked on unbuttoning her pants he slid them down and she stepped out of them. He let go of her nipple with a pop and began to kiss down her stomach. He reached her panties and smiled. “Cute.” He said playing with the little bow on them. “Peter!” She cried wanting more than what he was giving her. He giggled and pulled down her panties. She spread her legs and Peter looked at her like he saw the gates of heaven. The blush got darker and the smile on his face got wider. He could stay there all day. He began to rub your clint, his thumb doing circles over the tiny nub. She moaned loudly. “Peter… please.” She begged. He loved this moment for once he was in charge. The boy had never done this before so he was still extremely nervous but he could tell by her reactions that he was doing it right. He licked his lips and slipped two fingers into her. He slowly began to move them in a come here motion. Her mouth flew open in a silent moan. He loved the way she looked at this moment. Hair a mess, sweaty skin, her gorgoues lips all plump. He knew he would have to deal with the fact that Y/N was Black Cat but he didn’t want to think about that now. He groaned, his own desire getting worse and worse by the second. He needed release. He pulled away and stood up. She whined at the loss of contact but smirked when Peter began to take off his clothes. He reached for the hem of his shirt and pulled it off him. Y/N rubbed her legs together watching him. He kicked off his shoes and pulled his pants down, stepping out of them. He stopped at his boxers. He was nervous. What if he wasn’t big enough for her? “Peter hurry!” Y/N growled and he took them off. Her eyes grew wide and she licked her lips staring at his hard against his stomach. He took a deep breath trying to get his composure back. He went back to her and ripped the webs from off the wall. She smirked and pushed down on the bed. “My turn Spidey.” She slowly crawled up on him and grinded herself against him. He groaned and let his head fall back. Y/N began to tease him slowly grinding her hips against his. “Y/N Please.” He moaned out. “You’re so cute when you try to be dominant. Face it Pete it just doesn’t work with you.” He growled. She lined him at her entrance and slowly slid down on his shaft. They both moaned out and Peter put his hands on her hips. There was probably going to be marks from his hands the next day.

Peter thrusted up and she slowly began to rock her hips back and forth. He flipped them over so he was on top of her and pulled out of her. He slowly pushed himself back in and took a moment to move. She was so tight. “Fuck Peter.. move.” She hissed and he did. He began to move in and out of her in a steady pace. She warped her legs around his waist and brought him closer. They were both a moaning mess and Peter wasn’t going to last much longer. He brought a thumb to her clint and began to run the sensitive bud. She arched her back and scratched down Peter’s back. He almost didn’t want to finish, he just wanted this moment to last longer. The way she screamed out his name was his new favorite sound. He felt the tight knot in his stomach he leaned down and began leave hickeys on her chest. He empties himself in her letting out a loud moan. She spasms around him and cums soon after him. He works Y/N through her orgasm and gently pulls out when she is done. He falls on her and buries his head into her chest. Their heavy breathing being the only sound in the room. Peter lifts up his head and gently places a kiss on her lips. They smile at each other and he looks down. His eyes go wide. “Y/N! Did I hurt you!” He asks getting worried by all the bruises he left. “No silly it felt good.” She giggled and Peter placed his head back on her chest. “Oh.” He said biting his lip. She began to play with his hair as they begun to fall asleep until Peter quickly got up. “Y/N!” “Yes Peter?” “You are Black Cat! How come you never told me?” “How come you never told me you were Spiderman?” She asked raising an eyebrow at him. He goes silent and awkwardly climbs back into bed next to her. He wraps his arm around her and pulls her close. She closes her eyes again. “One more thing..” “What is it?” She asked getting slightly annoyed. “Are you on birth control?”

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“See? It isn’t hard and it works faster that way-” Magnus said with a smile. “And you look gorgous.” 

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College au

As everyone on campus knows, the parking selection is terrible.

Killua freaking hates it when he pulls into a parking lot and thinks he sees a parking space, only to pull up and see a stupid green motorcycle in the space.

He’s mega pissed off!! He can see the motorcycle parking space is empty!! Why would this biker take up a perfectly good car parking space that killua could be using to get to class on time?!?

Every now and again, he’ll see the same green motorcycle in a car parking space and his day gets just a bit more crappy.

(Canary is always telling him to let it go, but Killua thinks that would be an injustice.)

One day, while walking to class, he sees the biker the motorcycle belongs to getting off his bike, in the car parking space.

He stomps over, ready to give the biker a peice of his mind, but his loud complaint dies on his lips when the freaking gorgous biker with spiky, messy hair turns and looks at him with the most stunning honey eyes.

(He tries to find it in him to finish his rant, but his half hearted stuttering got a giggle, a freaking giggle, and a ‘you’re cute.’)

Romantic Confessions With Hank McCoy Would Include ...

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·         Both of you always pining for each other and stealing glances every chance you get

·         Both of you turning beet red when you catch each other’s eye while staring, leading to Alex constantly teasing Hank about his crush and talking loader about it when you enter the room

·         Hank suddenly going beast mode when you enter the room and decking Alex before shuffling past you embarrassed at his current form

·         Jean hearing everything that is in both of your heads, but its only when you tell her one night how you feel about him that she starts to try and convince you to tell him

·         Jean confiding in Scott that the two of you are exhausting as neither of you is anywhere near confessing to the other

·         Visiting him in his lab, purely for work purposes of course, and you both manage small conversation before his hand brushes against your when taking some papers from you and you’re both looking into each other’s eyes trying to get up the courage to tell each other how you feel but you chicken out

·         Hank looking back down at his paper work and mumbling something about things to do and you scurrying out the door saying you’ll see him at dinner

·         Him getting the courage to ask you to go for a walk with him, on the premise of discussing some amendment’s to cerebo, after a lot of pestering from Alex and even Jean occasionally

·         Being by a secluded part of the lake and Hank is gathering the courage to tell you he loves you when suddenly Kurt and Peter appear out of nowhere, Kurt greeting both of you and chatting and peter smirking  “Sooooo… whatcha doin??”

·         Hank being fed up of always either chickening out or being interrupted.

·         So he steels himself, pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose (because he is adorable), and marches over to where you are at your desk

·         Gulping down his nerves and wringing his slightly sweaty hands together he gets your attention

·         Stumbling through a confession, you looking at him wide eyed, as he rambles and looks anywhere but you.

·         You stopping him by placing your hands on his lapels and making him look at you.

·         Calming him down by gently stroking his cheek, as he evens out his breath and takes both your hands in his

·         Professing that he hasn’t been able to take his eyes off of you since you set foot in the mansion, that he’s grown extremely fond of working alongside you and has grown to love you, stuttering out the last part afraid of your reaction

·         Telling Hank you love him too with a smile spreading across your face

·         Hank bringing his head down to your level and gently nudging your nose with his

·         Pulling Hank that little bit closer with his tie and looking deep into his gorgous eyes as you bring him in for a kiss you’d waited months for





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Louis is Art

so I felt the need to do a master post of louis f*cking tomlinson because he is pure art and there are probably lots of these out there who are better than mine but I need to do this now

Lets start with his Hands his tiny god damn hands




lets move on to his WRIST

everything about him is so tiny???


HIS ANKLES i know everyone has a weak spot for louis ankles



i know its going to be hard to only focus on his nose when everything else is so beautiful bUT HIS FUCKING NOSE


lets move on to my favorite hair on louis shall we?

1DDay was everything he looked so good









and last but not least his goddamn gorgoues smile

tiny baby my heart is hurting





i need to stop here im crying blood

(i do not own any of these credits to the owners)


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“Babe!” Taehyung hit the door with his fist, “Open up the door!”.
But, you didn’t budge, continuing to resist the urge to cry while bunched up against a corner.

“Y/n! Please open up the door.” Taehyung laid his forehead against the wood, having stopped banging the door because he had been trying to get you to open the door for the past 20 or so minutes.

Sliding himself against the very thing keeping him away from you. He sighed and tried to calm down by breathing and thinking happy thoughts, which had always been recollections of you and him together, laughing or cuddling together.

He heard the door click and immediately sprang to his feet and opened the door. His heart dropped when he saw you standing there. His eyes traced over your shuddering shoulders and sniffling nose before going over your red eyes. The ones that he always loved seeing in the morning or ones that he loved seeing so focused when you were doing anything.

Taehyung cacooned you into his chest. He ran his fingers through your messy hair as he shushed your cries.

“Honey, it’s alright now. I’m here.” He softly whispered into your ears as you let out your tears onto his shoulder.

“Why are you?” You somehow managed out.

Taehyungs’ soul faltered a little bit when you asked such a question. He immediately regret taking you out on a shopping spree today. If only he hadn’t went into that one store, then he wouldn’t have egnited the stupid thought in you that you didn’t look beautiful in anything but baggy, shapeless clothing. Your mind had made you think that you were a flaw when you were only a perfection in his eyes.

Taehyung leaned back a bit, looking into your gorgous face that you called a mistake just because you have acne and problem spots.

“I’m with you because I love you. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” You moved your head to stop him from looking at you but V cupped your cheeks in his hands.

“I think your beautiful and smart and the most closest thing humans have to an ethereal goddess.”

“V, the closest thing I am to humans would be a fat, disgusting hog. I eat too much, my legs are the size of whales, my face is too chubby, I’m 100 times the weight of any girl that would kill to date you, and so on until the end of time.” Your tears dried and you finally looked up at his face to see that his eyes had gone watery and he had been the one to start sniffling.

“Baby.” Taehyung said before pushing you gently against the floor. “Taehyung, I’m not in the mood right now.” You whined a bit but stopped when he looked at you, “I don’t plan on fucking you tonight. Just don’t say a word and listen.”

He kissed you fuly on the lips before placing one on each cheek, “Y/n, there is no such thing as your face being too chubby, because the more cubby it is, the more cuter you get.”

His moved onto your jawline and down to your collarbone, remembering the time you said you were too fat because you can’t see it as much as a models’, he kissed along it, never letting his eyes stray from yours.

“I love your collarbone, even if you can’t see it because it would bother me if I could see it. I’d think you aren’t eating enough or you aren’t happy.”

Taehyung lifted up your sweatshirt and your hands moved to cover your stomach, but; he grabbed them and wrapped them around his neck.

“Don’t hide my most favourite part of you, please?” V lifted up the shirt so it could stop right below your bra.

“Do you want to know why it’s my most favourite part of you? Because when we get married in the future -and we will- it’ll hold our children. Healthy baby girl or boy but hopefully, both.” Taehyung said in between pecks on your abdomen, “Right here.” Letting his hand unlatch itself from yours, he lightly rubbed the spot he kissed.

“And I don’t care if you eat too much. It means your healthy and I’m taking good care of you.”

Throughout this whole time, you didn’t say a word. You just listened to his words as if they were a lifeline.

You watched as he took off your sweatpants and maveled at your legs for a second before hooking one over his shoulder, your hands were long gone from his neck.

You let his hands roam about the leg that was hooked up, “As for your legs, you may not think so but, I think they’re sexy. They somehow always manage to feel smooth, even if you have leg hair. And how they wrap around my waist in such a fluid motion is beautiful. Just like you.”

His lips took the place of his hands and kissed down as his tongue dragged along.

“You’re beautiful, Y/n. Please, please, please don’t forget that.”

You nodded hesitantly and a smile broke onto his face. “Thank you. Now, there’s a movie that is waiting to be watched in the living room.”

You simpered and stood up, no longer feeling sad. Taehyung took your hand and the both of you walked down the stairs into the living room, but you stopped mid-way.

“Jagi?” You said, V looked back on you, “Yeah?”

“Remember when you said you didn’t plan on, you know, doing that tonight?”

A smirk appeared on his face and he walked up the stairs so he could be closer. Tucking a piece of loose hair behind your ear, he looked at you with a different set of eyes.

“Yes, why?”

“Is there a possibility that we could change that?”

“Always.” And with that, he pushed you against the rail.

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Imgaine being sick, you are having the flu and high fever since one week. Your head aches, your ears hurt, you can barely hear and you had to cancle every single date. You couldn’t go to school and now you are way behind your learning schedule. Also you would have had your first date ever with the cute guy you met in the laboratory last week, Sherlock! He has so dreamy blueish eyes, curls you’d die for and when he smiles he looks like a fallen angle. Since you can’t go you wrote him a text message, apoligizing that you are not able to make it, but he didn’t answer. So on the one hand you are worried he might not have gotten your text, but on the other hand you think he might have read it but was just too angry to answer. Either way it is not good and gives you a really bad stomach feeling. Suddelny someone knocks at your door. “Hello? Are you there?”, a deep, celloy voice goes through the wood. “Come in, the door is open!”, you croak, wondering if that could be… “Sherlock?!” “Well, who did you expect? It is obviously me, after you heard my voice!”, he winks and sits down next to your bed. “But.. what are you doing here?”, trying to look accaptable you goe through your hair. Sherlock takes your hand: “I wanted to check if you are okay. And I can see that you are not. You are having aches and also you are in a terrible mood. But I know what will make you feel better!”. The gorgous man stands up, looks at you with a death-serious face, and runs his fingers through his hair. You can’t do other then laugh, even though it looks dang sexy it is just the idea that a man stands in front of you and tries to cheer you up with his hair. After that it is a very nice day, you laugh, Sherlock talks a lot and in the end you will know he is the ONE!