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Sometimes you just gotta draw your OTP being adorable dorks.  It’s good for the soul.

(GIF quality reduction is not good for the soul.  Ugh that looks terrible, but it was the best I could manage.  I might make a video version so it can actually look the way it’s supposed to.)

Lost Memories. (TylerxReader)

Warning: if you are a sensitive person I would not recommend reading this. Also, *Starts to whisper* this is one of my *cough* bts *cough* writings that I just wrote last night *normal voice* I just changed the names. I also put in some of the my other writings if you recognize some of it that’s why. But I did 100% write this. I was just lazy and wanted to post something. Okay bye~

He was gone. He was really gone. No note, just a camera sitting on the bed next to him.

Start Of Video

The camera moved around as I tried setting it up on a rock. Tyler, was up in a tree branch drinking a bottle of water. The summer sun was going down and the heat was gone.

“Why do you record everything, I will never understand.” Tyler gets down from the tree and stands by me.

“Sometimes you forget the small memories and sometimes you want to get as close as possible to a certain memory. This is why I record, so I won’t forget.” I explain to him and point the camera toward Tyler.

“Ah, so you don’t want to forget me?” He chuckled and winked. “Kidding, but what is there to record? We’re just at a park.”

“There’s always more to everything.”

“Oh Y/n, always so deep.” He pats my head and takes the camera.

“Hello future Y/n, how’s life? All good I hope. In 8 years i’ll be 24 and you’ll be 23. I hope we still talk. Oh, how am I? Do I still look as sexy as ever?” He chuckles and paused for a moment to think. “Are we married? I hope so.”

He looks at me and smiles, as I blush and hide my face in my…well Tyler’s sweater that I was wearing. I playfully hit him and take the camera back.

“Yah, don’t say that. We’re not even a couple”

He takes the camera again and points it towards us. He wraps his hands around my waist as my back faces him. (Like a back hug ya know?)

“Correction, we’re not a couple yet.” He smiles.

“Huh, what do you mean?” I was confused and turned around to look at him.

“I’ve….I’ve liked you. I always have. But I was to scared to say anything. Y/F/n, will you do me the great honor of being my girlfriend?”

“Hmm, I mean….” I pretend to hesitate and get out of his grip.

“Um, i-its okay I’m sor-” His eyes widen and his smile disappears.

“Yah, idiot. I was kidding. Yes, I will be your girlfriend.” I hug him and he hugs back. Letting out a breath of relief.

“Oh, thank god. Don’t worry, I’ll treat you right.”

End of Video. The confession.

“Yah, don’t record me.” Tyler looked away and laughed, showing off his smile.

“You’re so beautiful, I need to treasure this moment.” I chuckle and point the camera back at him.

We were sitting on a rock, watching the sunset fade away. Our feet dangling, due to the lack of height. The gray and orange sunset looked like a painting. Mixing colors of purple and gray.

“You act as if I’m leaving, Y/n. Why? I will always be by your side, love. No matter what.” He paused and hugged me. “I-I love you. I’m in love with you.”

I gasped and hugged him tighter, dropping the camera. The camera fell into the perfect position. Pointing at Tyler and I hugging and the sunset behind us. Our silhouettes, outlined in black.

“I love you too, Tyler.”

The Video Ends. The first ‘I love you.’

“Get the camera angle right, Brendon. You keep shaking.“ Josh said.

“Ugh, I’m trying but you keep telling me what to do when I already know.” Brendon rolls his eyes.

“Can we just start this?” Tyler asked grabbing the mic and getting into position.

“Yea, sure come on.”

*Starts to play the song ‘Tear in my heart’* .

“Happy One year, Y/n. I love you and can’t live without you.” Tyler smiles and blows a kiss to the camera.

“They are literall goals. I want this in life.” Brendon pretends to cry.

“Okay, and we’re done now. Wait, how do you turn this off?” Tyler asks confused. The camera got really close up to his face as he tries to turn it off. “Oh, I got it-”

End of Video

First anniversary

“Hey Y/n, welcome to Tyler vlog. Haha.” The laugh was fake. It was obvious that he was hurting. His skin pale and his face was a little sunken in. “So, we broke up. I-I don’t know if I could take this much longer.”

Tears were streaming down his face and his once beautiful brown eyes were now dull and red.

“I’m sorry, I should have never doubt your love. I should have trusted you. If I was there you wouldn’t have turned to Josh. I should have never accused you of cheating. I’m an idiot, I know. But Y/n, this hurts so much. I feel like I’m going to die because of how much my heart hurts. This is my fault I know. But, I can’t lose you. I just can’t. I can’t live without the touch of you. Just being in your presence is more than I deserve.”

End of Video.

“Yea, you should have been there. I was playing basket ball with Josh and tried passing him the ball but he wasn’t paying attention and nailed him straight in the face.” Tyler laughed.

I chuckled and looked around. The beach was beautiful at night. The moon reflecting on the water. Tyler saw the camera and immediately looked away covering his face.

“Tyler, look at the camera and stop hiding your face. You’re cute~.”

“No~, I look bad.”

“Are you kidding me. You’re Tyler Joseph.” I laugh and start rapping but fail.

“Oh my, baby. You can’t rap.” Tyler laughs and looks at me as I pout.

“Hey, that’s mean.”

“It’s okay, I’ll teach you. But, can we go play in the water?”

He points to the water and looks back at me and grabs my hand.

“Ugh, Fine.” I laugh.

End of Video. Making memories.

“Hey, Y/n. You haven’t used this camera in a long time. So, I decided to take it. Make ya know Tyler vlogs.” He chuckles. He looked tired as if he hasn’t sleep in a while. But, nonetheless he still looked good.

“So, we’re fighting, once again.”

~Flash back to the night of the fight~

“You could have done something about it! Instead you just sat there flirting? Wow.. how low can you get in a Matter of 10 minutes?” I yelled. Tears threatening to spill. I refuse to cry. I blink it back I was brave.

“Wow, I was flirting? What were you doing, just getting ‘Friendly’ with that other guy Y/N? I don’t think so!” He yelled trying to overpower my voice from being heard.

“Listen to me Tyler I was not flirting, I was trying to get him off me for your Information. I have nothing to prove to you because I did nothing wrong. What’s your excuse? Did undressing each other with your eyes not work?” I just wanted to run right now.

“You have to understand my point of view Tyler.” You yelled. “It sure as hell looked like something.”

“Your over reacting Y/n.” Tyler yelled overpowering your voice.

That’s it, you were done yelling. You were tired of yelling day after day with Tyler. You slid down the wall. Hands covering your face, tears leaking out, giving up hope.

“Please. I can’t do this anymore. it’s all too much.” Your voice barley Audible but still loud enough to hear.

“W-what are you talking about?” He stuttered.

“It’s time to give up. On us. Hell, I’ve given up on everything.”

“You can’t be saying this. Y-you can’t b-be. Y/n I love you. F-forever and Always. Remember that?” His eyes turning into something you weren’t familiar with. His head tilted, eyes watering as if he was trying not to cry. Pain, misery and hopelessness was read all by his face.

“Tyler, some things aren’t ment to last for ever…..listen I’m going away….a-and you can’t do anything about it but I …..I will be back maybe in days or years but I will be back…..I promise.”

You said as you walked to your room that you and Tyler had shared and packed your bags. You planned on going to Josh. He probably already saw this coming. You told Josh everything. Down to the smallest detail. No matter how personal.

“Please, please I’m begging you please.” Tyler’s eyes had darkened. They were no longer soft brown but dull and red.

“I’m sorry.” You whispered as you walked out the door with bags in your hand. It was Foggy outside. The air was misty yet cool. Grey clouds flood the dull night sky.

Stars sprinkled around the galaxy. The roads were glistening from the rain that had happened early in the day. It was oddly relaxing. Winter was your favorite season. For most it had been Summer but you always liked the cold for some reason.

Trees were green yet loosing color but still kept it’s beauty. You planned on walking all the way to Josh’s The roads were long but nothing you couldn’t handle.

~End of flash back~

“I guess, I’m….I’m going to say things that I could never tell you in person. I guess someday you’ll stumble upon this and know the truth. It’s funny isn’t it. How life can be so cruel. It gives the most beautiful and precious things and then takes it away.” A tear fell down his cheeks. “I-I love you. But, I feel like..I’m not good enough for you. Fuck, I feel like I’m not good enough for myself.

You deserve better.“

End Of Video. True Feelings.

“Why am I here today? Why do I breath the air I breath? Why am I alive? Simple, because of her. The love of my life. My Princess with a broken crown. My beloved and only. My everything. I’m here because of her. It’s funny how a simple existence can make such a great change in the world.Well, at least to my world.

You didn’t have to do much to make me fall in love so quickly. Hell, all you had to do was breath. Literally, all you had to do was breath because I couldn’t live in a world without her. Oh, how cliché, I know. Looking at you, I only saw perfection. Nothing more, nothing less.

“Y/n, I can’t do this anymore. I can’t. I feel like I’m not myself but a prisoner to my own body. I think it’s time to say goodbye. I-I love you so much. But, I need to go. Please forgive me. But, you need to forget me and live your life. I- I can’t. I love you. Thank you for everything.”

Tyler’s Point of Veiw

I end the video with tears streaming down my face. I can’t be selfish. I need to let her go. I have to, for her own good.

I lay down with pills in my hand and swallow as much as possible. Freeing my self from this world as I am consumed by the darkness.

End of Video.

Your Point of Veiw

This is my fault. This is all my fault and I know it. No one could tell me any different. I cry and fall to the ground hugging my knees. It’s been a couple days and I couldn’t take it anymore. I miss him, I need him. I’m trying to get through but I’m not seeing hope.


What’s this? Numero 6? But trust me this needs to be talked about. I’m a newer fan to K-Pop but NU’EST just snatched me up and went, “You’re our fan now”. And that really is the magic of k-pop and music in general; in one spontaneous swoop I’m instantly a fan–and NU’EST did exactly just that. Kind of like VIXX, I was sure at first that I wasn’t going to be a fan, but never say never. All it takes is that one song to hook you in, and boy did I become hooked. 

NU’EST is really special as an under-appreciated/underrated group that really fell out of radar. Short story: they debuted with a bang and somehow never picked up momentum like other groups that were debuting around the same time (like BTOB, VIXX, EXO, etc). Long story: check out this video. Understanding their story and struggle, makes me believe in them harder. They deserve better and their maximum potential needs to be reached so the world can fall back in love with these 5 talented dorks. I whole-heartedly wish for them to return to their original glory because they deserve it. They’ve shown versatility, perseverance, hard work, and most importantly talent. Bless them.

Bias: Baekho

First of all…just gonna leave this here…

Okay, now that I’ve revealed my thirsty ass, Baekho is a huge part of why I fell in love with Nu’est. The recipe for me to stan a group is as follows: (1) give me that one song that hooks me in and makes me start to listen to other songs, (2) find a song that immediately strikes me as the best thing ever, (3) find my bias. My first exposure to NU’EST was Face (rightfully so) but I wasn’t hooked. It wasn’t until I heard Overcome much later and I was just entranced. Let’s just say Baekho is hot af and is my kind of man. His smile and his laugh are to die for. Oh yeah, and his hair…gurl…one of the big factors of me liking a dude is their hair and his hair is not only the most distinguishing features of his look but also fucking awesome. But then his voice…dear lord…his voice is absolutely glorious…slays me every damn time. A tough guy exterior who’s ultimately seems like a teddy bear underneath, I’m sold. I hope he gets to sing as long as he can ‘cause I love his voice. Baekho is a lot of the man I wish I had in my life lol…

Bias Wrecker: Aron

Here comes to boyfriend type…

Out of the five, he seems like the one who gets the least attention, but hey, that means more Aron to myself ;) . He’s originally from LA and you gotta respect his choice to move to Korea to become the artist he now is and I love hearing him speak english especially when he helps introduces the group. He can rap, although JR is usually the one rapping, and he’s great. He can sing, I love his voice and I squeal and get a little excited whenever I get to hear him sing. He can dance, even though JR steals the spotlight when it comes to his crazy dancing and Ren slays when he does his girl group dancing. Finally, his visual is no joke even against the others how are also handsome af. What his visual appeal to me? Well he’s equal parts cute and sexy (I mean did you see his abs in the Good Bye Bye era…I died). He’s an all-around talented guy and his charm just comes for me and I can’t resist it… It’s a really fine line between my love for both of them because they’re both very much aligned with my kind of guy lol.

TOP 5 Songs:

1. Overcome

2016 was a fucking good year man. I have: Promise (I’ll Be) from 2PM, 1 of 1 and Tell Me What to Do from SHINee, The Eye from INFINITE, Dynamite and Fantasy from VIXX, Ribbon from B2ST/HIGHLIGHT, and now add to that list for me Overcome (and later on Love Paint and Look) from NU’EST. This is everything dammit. This is the song that made me fall in love with NU’EST and made me believe in them hard.

Each member’s voice is highlighted well and the variety among the voices works extremely well together: Baekho covering a strong and powerful lower sound, JR’s rapping covering a gruff lower sound as well, Aron and Ren offer two distinct voices that serve as bridge to Minhyun’s smooth and higher vocals. And let me tell you, I love both Baekho and Aron’s vocals in particular. The music it self switches between three tones: the intense sexy synth of the chorus, the light jazzy beats for the verse, and the softer mellow piano for the ending. This song flew under my radar, but I’m glad I found it because it is some guuud shit right here.

Now for the video/choreography/visuals: sexy af. Knights? Bitch yes. I have Princes for 2PM and now Knights for Nu’est, I’m freaking set. And boy does a knight fit Baekho well (I mean he can wield a sword too lol); I picture Aron more as a prince charming type (considering his outfit in the video), but hell a knight works too. But this hair on Baekho is everything and the subtle blue pushes it beyond perfection. Oh, and that coat on Baekho just….ugh he looks so fucking good. Ren looks fabulous as af with that hair; I personally don’t like androgynous looks, but after getting to know Ren, he pulls it off so well and whether or not he wants that hair (or whether or not you like it) he werks it and deserves major props because his visual is no joke. Minhyun is seducing you with that open shirt and blonde hair and then to top it all of his voice is angelic. JR looks handsome af especially with that greyish-silver hair. The body rolls in the choreography though, talk about icing on the cake. 

NU’EST gave us: sexy choreography, powerful vocals, smooth sound, perfect visuals. The only thing I can criticize is that the video could of been amped up a whole lot further. BUT, Overcome checks off everything I could want from a group. This is a strong comeback that didn’t get the recognition it deserved.

2. Hello?

A ballad? What? Yeah, I don’t really prefer ballad-y types of songs, but this is something special. A complete 180 from what they debuted with, but the composition and performance is just so memorable. What sold me is that move with the tie (what can I say, I like a well dressed man).

The song is very mellow but there’s something about it that just mesmerizing to me. While the style of NU’EST changed for this release, the formula was still there. The song itself is just composed beautifully, everything is smooth and there is enough variety to help keep us entranced and intrigued. Where Minhyun’s sweet voice is the foundation for the typical ballad sound, Baekho provides a contrast that helps add a layer to the vocals of the song. While I find Aron’s raps for the song cheesy, his singing parts make me smile. Ren’s voice especially in that bridge at the end is refreshing to listen too. JR’s rap provides an enormous contrast to the song but at the same time blends so well and I find it extremely pleasant to listen too. This song shows the versatility of NU’EST more than anything and while I prefer their more poppy and upbeat songs, this is a surprise favorite of mine.

3. Love Paint/Look (A Starlight Night)

2016 slayed. Year of Masterpieces. And what do you, NU’EST releases art with Love Paint. The song itself didn’t appeal to me instantly, however it won me over very quickly. Lemme just say that Baekho’s voice in Love Paint is heavenly and I couldn’t resist. The video is extremely aesthetic and nice, but I wish it showed off more of the choreography instead. Everything about this comeback seemed more relaxed especially with the visuals (Baekho’s hair is simply down but that purple though ;) ). Also JR’s rap is really nice with essentially two parts: first mellow and then becomes more fun and active.

Look (A Starlight Night) on the other hand instantly won me over. It feels very jazzy and there a subtle retro vibe going on that’s really nice. While the video is just a simple choreography video, you get to see some nice footwork from the boys. Imagine if they had some kind of starlight backdrop behind them…oh my god it would so beautiful. The only thing I will say, is that I don’t like Baekho’s hairstyle (because I don’t care for that look in particular on any guy). However, yet again, Baekho’s vocals just slay me. 

Canvas and even Q is are both cleverly done albums by NU’EST and deserve a lot of love. NU’EST worked really hard and released some really good music that needs some love.

4. Sleep Talking

Poppy. Colorful. Fun. Sexy. NU’EST returned to their original sound but gave up the angsty look from something more typical pop (and my kind of pop lol). I mean, this is classic k-pop no? Baekho looks mighty fine in fabulous pink hair and looking sexy in his tank top or sleeveless tiger jacket. Minhyun is wearing that green shirt with a stupid cut out in the back giving his fans some skin. Ren is still slaying you with his blond hair. Aron and JR look like the stylists vomited all the patterns over them lol. The dancing is catchy, fun, and has a hint of sexy (see gif). The mood of the song is upbeat and fun and is infectiously happy. And I’m always for music that naturally puts a smile on your face.

5. Face/Action

The song that started it all. Now don’t hurt me, but I actually don’t like this song. BUT I don’t have to love this song to appreciate how good it actually is. There is a reason this debut was so successful and legendary. Let’s check off the list: solid choreography, obligatory dub-step dance break, powerful vocals from Baekho (his vocals strong from debut like gurl…) and Minhyun, catchy beat and sound, strong visuals, and add to that a relatable and appealing concept. If this is what we had to begin with, imagine how much more they still have to offer. STAN TALENT. STAN NU’EST.

These boys comeback not too long afterwards to give you another does of legendary. It’s the same formula as before, but it’s more of my taste (minus the dubstep dance break which feels random but you know, it was a thing). While, NU’EST didn’t keep their initial gritty concept, they showed off many sides to them that I think deserves some merit. Finally,  One thing I’d like to point out is this

bless you Baekho…bless you…

Honorable Mention:

Good Bye Bye

This is the culmination of everything they’ve done before. Let’s mash together the softer side of Hello with the formula of Action/Face (with a dub-step breakdown that I don’t care much for–the vocals during that part though are everything) and add a touch of sexy like Sleep Talking. NU’EST’s visual game stepped up really hard with this song: Aron really came for me this time (have you seen his abs I mean…c’mon…it’s just deadly), Minhyun looks handsome af, Ren is serving you masculine and abs (Ren fans must of been slayed so hard lol), JR in blonde…dear god, and Baekho’s relaxed orange hair is refreshing. The vocals from each member are much stronger (and in just about two years). Minhyun’s vocals really got to shine here. In general they showed off an extremely strong comeback. So please…let’s love NU’EST! ;)

Let’s try some kuroken youtube au too.

There were some things Kuroo Tetsurou prided himself on. His good looks, his charm, his  ability to cook – not only edible, but good meals…He was a man of many talents, one would say.

Kuroo Tetsurou, however, was not very good at hiding his feelings.

This could be told by the various amounts of people in the comments sections of his videos pointing out, for the millionth time, that he was absolutely, 100%, hella queer for his best friend, roommate, and fellow youtuber Kozume Kenma.

-Oh my god he’s so gay.

-Omf Kuro just fickin date him already ugh.

-This is so gay wtf are kuroo and ken-chan dating???

-Does anyone else see th e waY KUROO LOO KS AT KENMA

“Kuroo, what’s wrong?” The source of all his problems asks from his spot on the couch. He must have heard Kuroo groan.

“Nothing, just going through some comments.”

“Ah,” Kenma says, and that’s that.

Maybe I should just tell him… “Hey, Kenma?” Wait, no, I’d better not. If I fuck up, things will be awkward, and I can’t make things awkward, he’s my roommate for fucks sake. “…You want to just order pizza tonight? I don’t feel like cooking.”


“Can I call Bo and Akaashi over? We can have a movie night.”



Kuroo stands in a hurry, and rushes to his bedroom to grab his cellphone.

He dials Bokuto first, inviting his other best friend over, and orders the pizza. He doesn’t bother with asking Kenma what he wanted, he already knows. With a sigh, Kuroo enters the living room again to see Kenma’s moved. Now, instead of lying lazily against the front of the couch with his laptop against bent knees, he’s sitting curled up on the couch in Kuroo’s blankets he’d left alone when he went to order pizza, playing on his ds.

“Took you long enough…” Kenma mumbles when Kuroo falls onto the couch. “I’m cold.”

“Ha, sorry, Bo wanted to talk forever again…” Kenma falls onto his lap, and hums.

“How’d the video turn out, anyways? I haven’t gotten around to watching it yet.”

“Great!” Kuroo says, smiling. “Great– everyone liked it. Everyone liked you.”

“As they should,” Kenma huffs, “I’m on your channel enough, they should at least be used to me.”

- Omg just d8 alreadY

- Kuroo if you don’t aSK HIM OUT


Kenma looks up from his game, and frowns. “Kuroo–”

“We’re here!” The apartment door flies open, and Bokuto strides in, followed more calmly by Akaashi. 

“Pardon the intrusion,” He mumbles when he enters the living room and sits gingerly in a chair nearby. “And sorry about him; I told him you two might like it if he knocked, but…”

“Kuroo and Kenma don’t have anything to hide from me!” Bokuto says, and Kuroo turns to where his voice is coming from. 

“Oi! Quit eating all our food! Pizza’s on its way.”

“Oh, what kind what kind?”

“Meat lovers for us, plain cheese for our boring roommates,” Kuroo points a look in Akaashi’s direction since he can’t look at both Kenma and Akaashi at the same time, and Kenma sticks his tongue out at him from his spot on his lap. It strikingly occurs to Kuroo how tempted he was to say “our boring boyfriends,” but he shakes it off and sticks his tongue out right back. 

- - - 

“We’ll see you guys next week when we come over to film!”


“I’ll miss you bro!” 

“I’ll miss you too, bye,”

“You don’t even sound the tiniest bit sad!”

“Because I’m not.”


“Bye.” The door slams shut in Bokuto’s face, only to be opened a second later, an “I love you,” tossed out to pouting lips, and then it’s slammed shut again. Kuroo walks back into the living room and collapses on the couch, where Kenma was sleeping soundly. He sighs softly, and pulls out his phone, snapping a picture of himself making a contemplative face, Kenma sleeping clearly in the background. He captions it “To move him or not to move him” and sends it to his snapchat story without even thinking. then he snaps a picture of just him sleeping, saves it to his phone, and closes the app. 

Kenma shifts in his spot, and makes a cute noise Kuroo knows Kenma would blush at having known he’s made it, and Kuroo feels his heartbeat pick up. He was just too cute. Hesitantly, Kuroo slides his arms under Kenma, and lifts him up gingerly, careful not to jostle him. When he – somehow – gets Kenma’s bedroom door open and finds his way to his bed in the darkness, he’s relieved. He can go back to his room and wallow in his gay thoughts alone

However, his plan is ruined by Kenma grabbing onto his shirt and tugging him down with him onto the bed. “Stay with me…”

And then Kuroo remembers they watched a scary movie tonight, and that Kenma can’t sleep alone after watching scary movies. He fell asleep in the middle of it, he can’t possibly be scared, Kuroo thinks, but crawls into bed anyways, allowing Kenma to curl up next to him. 

With a sigh, he pulls out his phone and looks at his notifications. A whole bunch of people have already screenshotted the photo he’d put up, and it was on twitter with directs to him, all amounting to, seemingly, one thing: 

-@ kurooohoho: What is this??? Why is this so cute???

-@ kurooohoho: Omg just date alrdy

-@ kurooohoho: Wtf this is so gay

…That he was absolutely, 100%, hella queer for his best friend, roommate, and fellow youtuber Kozume Kenma.

Kuroo groans and lets his head hit the pillow under him. Kenma instantly nuzzles his head into his neck, making that adorable noise again, and Kuroo tries his best not to die then and there. He’ll be ok. It’s only for the night anyways…

anonymous asked:

The cringe culture is disgusting. I remember seeing like a warriors problematic fan video or something and it brought all these "bad" pictures of warriors obvs drawn by younger fans and they were like "ugh kids like these want to get into art college good luck with a portfolio like this" and that was like the turning point for me to like cut cringe culture out of my life permanently

When I was 8-10 years old I was drawing dragons that looked more like blobs. When I was in middle school I couldn’t draw the left hand eye of cats so I covered them up with things like flowers, leaves, or bramble patches depending on the character. Some digital drawings of mine from 4 months ago make me want to hide my face, and I’m 22. But god, I kept going. If a kid draws an anatomically strange cat with purple eyes and rainbow fur, let them do it. No one is “good” when they start out, or even for a while. A lot of people still probably label my current art as “bad”.

But I’m also learning. I went years without drawing almost anything at all, but here I am still working at it.

If someone is working and learning, then they’re entitled to having their work be praised. I’m so sick of people being cruel to young and/or inexperienced artists. Let them draw. Let them learn. Tell them to keep going.

Delete cringe culture.

veryfeely  asked:

your last reblog!! yes mama!! sometimes people take shit too far and it pisses me off how some people talk about *that Dan* and just ,,, , ugh

dan was just so young. he was dealing with so much shit at the time between his channel gaining more attention, which led to people being invasive about his personal life, and his infamous existential crises. 2012 wasn’t really that bad when you look at things that happened and why they may have happened, things just get twisted a lot. 2012 was good…..i will forever stand by the fact that dan’s best videos came from 2012 and it was a soft year

My Thoughts on Down Music Video

I’m not gonna lie, my pussy was shook and I was vibrating all the way up to my cervix and Fallopian tubes when I saw how good they all looked!

It’s serving some really dope visuals, and the color saturation of the MV is just so appealing. And it really was nicely done: lighting, color, and shit. Like there are a few frames where you can see a mix of colors in one shot (purple on the left, green on the right, red on the lower right) and that’s something I really like.

I wish there could have been more. Like, more location, more movements, more interaction. I wish Gucci was with the girls. I wish there was some sort of plot line. I want this era of 5h music videos to be more than just choreo and beauty shots. I mean, at least MMO and Me and My Girls have some sort of plot lol.

I still love the video coz ugh they look so good. And I like the shaky camera movements especially on Gucci’s part. But I wish the camera has been more playful with the girls. Like, the pool scene could have been a mix of tight close-ups and a random wide shot.

This MV reminded me of (other than The 1975 aesthetics) Nicolas Winding Refn’s Only God Forgives because of the use of those color palettes. Ironically enough, OGF has also been criticized for ONLY being visually-appealing and LACKING IN CONTENT (I beg to disagree tho, I love that movie, but anyway.). And no, I’m not comparing an empty music video to an arthouse film (just the basic use of colors for the entirety of the project, and nothing more).


The thing is, Down MV serves its purpose well just like its song - it’s meant to catch your attention, without any depth. Just like its repetitive chorus, it knows that it’s not that deep but it’s still confident AF that it’ll stay in your heads. MV only reaffirms that concept. It knows it won’t give you anything else other than eye candy, and they’re unapologetically owning the aesthetics like divas.

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Rodaina those gif you reblogged of miracle aligner at flow are just TOO MUCH, i was looking at the video and the way he moves his hips is from another world like he has all this sex appeal and probably doesn't even realise, he's just being dumb and performing he does it while moving like THAT why does he want us dead

Honestly I have so many gifs from Flow, he looks so so good and those jeans ugh look at the way he’s moving those hips he knows exactly what he’s doing