they look ugly as usual

This was supposed to be for Bokuaka Week but guess what, I already did day 3 (wings/ fly or photographer/model) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 (v.1) | Day 4 | Day 5 (nsfw) | Day 6 | Day 7

Gonna leave the Bokuaka week idea under the cut cause it got bit long~

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confidence tag✨

i was tagged by a really pretty girl ( @devilester ilysm) !! basically you have to post 4 pictures that make you feel confident so blame vanessa for these pictures of me !!

i tag @phlippingphandom @gorgeous-howell @blushinlester @goddesslester @spiritedawaydjh and anyone else who wants to do it !! seriously,, just say i tagged you you dont have to do it if you dont feel like it or you already did it!!


anonymous asked:

Dude, how is your life so perfect? It really seems like you've got a guardian angel or something.

my ‘guardian angel’ is having been born into a loving, supportive, white middle class family with two parents who adore me and have always given me whatever I needed without a thought

my excellent education is a direct result of the privileges of my upbringing and the cool career opportunities I’ve gotten so far have been because I’ve made great connections at my university so it really all traces back to that same old thing

I’m not better than you or more deserving; in many ways I’m just playing the game of life on easy mode and I’m hyper-aware of that every day. if there was ever a month where I couldn’t pay my rent I wouldn’t feel afraid for a second because I know my parents would happily and easily take care of it and that’s the sole reason I’m able to do all these things

“Offline” (Chap 4)(00Q)

Hey guys, so I hate this chapter? I mean I love it because they are the cutest but I hate it because I rewrote it like four times and I still think it reads awkwardly so you know… say nice things so I attempt Chapter Five because right now I am tempted to throw this whole thing away! 

Anyway– I hope you enjoy the snark!




“Were you ever planning on opening the safe, 007, or are you going to wait until the owner of the house returns and ask him to open it?”

“All this gear you have given me, and not one of them is a bloody safe key?” Bond retorted, equal parts irritated and pleased to hear Qs voice in his ear as it had been strict radio silence for almost ten hours now. “You managed to give me a belt with a rappelling line, and not a safe key.”

“Quit bitching and do it the old fashioned way, Bond. You are so against my tech I thought you’d appreciate the chance to use your hands.”

“In case you’ve forgotten,” Bond grunted. “I already used my hands tonight when I managed to not only break into, but also steal from three different offices so maybe it’s time for you to get up off that pert perfect little arse of yours and do some work.”

Silence on the comms, because did Bond honestly just say that?

Then– “I suppose that’s fair. On your phone, please.”

Bond found the Q-branch specific app and opened it, and then the safe a few minutes later. “Thank you, Q.”

…you are quite welcome, 007.”


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