they look sorta the same


Me: *draws a male character*
Me: he looks like i girl i C AN T DRAW G UYS
My brain: thats!! Because!! You gave him!! Female body language!! And keys!!
Me: well how do i fix th-
My brain: S P R E A D T H E L E G S


Fun fact: I had actually coloured this gif before putting an orange layer over it.


then & now

        ❝      hmm  —  ?   this is your    SEAT   ?      ❞     did he really    FUCK UP     the goddamn seatings on the    FIRST DAY    here  ?     jean pulls out the paper he drew before he    ENTERED    the class   :    the number that states where he’s sitting  —   14   —   and frowns  .  he can see the other guy’s holding the    SAME    digits ,  and feels a throb of headache  lightly    TAPPING    the back of his skull  .  jean swiftly nods though , and stands  .       ❝       it’s fine  .  you can    HAVE  IT   .     ❞  / &. @goedheid !

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Thunder Breastar and Geed

Here we can sorta compare the Zoffy x belial and Ultraman x belial fusion.

Although zoffy and Ultraman looks virtually the same, the fusion sorta sets them apart with Thunder Breastar being more buff in contrast to Primitive’s relatively lean physique.

Also noteworthy is that Primitive has blades on his arm similar to Thunder Stream while thunder Breastar dosent have.

In addition, primitive lacks the claws that the rest of the fusions which includes belial as a substituent have.

Does the above 2 considerations have something to do with both fusions having a different ‘host form’(Orb and Geed)? Or a design screwup? We’ll have to see geed’s original form(assuming he has one) to draw anymore logical conclusions.


So here’s the story of the Arrow suit and how it changed to the Green Arrow suit. Snap style. Okay. We’re aiming the show from Arrow to Green Arrow and try to really show a difference in the personality. So they say to me, “How do we make it different?”. I saw the first sketch and I’m like “Uhh… I don’t know. It sorta looks the same. We need to think differently here. Why don’t we change the mask? Why don’t we change the color? Why don’t we add more black? Why don’t we, uhh, take the hood away? Change the bow? We could make it sleeveless? WAIT A SECOND! DID YOU SAY SLEEVELESS?” and that in good fun is how the Green Arrow suit came to be and how I came to be with very cold arms.


Jon, Arya, Sansa and Bran on The Game Of Thrones Season 7 EW magazine.

This photoshoot is truly beautiful, they all look so good together and I adore seeing them in modern settings.

I love all their costumes. Sansa’s outfit looks similar to when she was in The Vale with Littlefinger especially with that chain attached to that circle but a winter version and a coat very similar to the one her mother wore, this is also the best I’ve seen her wig from all the S7 footage so far. Bran (actually got some spotlight finally yay) looks quite similar as he did in S1, the buckles he has on the shirt are pretty such the same as S1, I gotta say the loose collar however makes him sorta look like a Vatican priest lol. Jon looks basically the same as he did last season except for that armour plating around his upper chest with the cool twin Direwolves poor guy barely ever gets a costume change. Arya looks incredible, she is wearing brown padded leather just like Ned wore, she also is wearing her hair like Ned as well a half up hairstyle, like father like daughter and that is giving me massive feels 😭😭😭 Arya has a more practical cloak that will allow her to move around easier with her sword, she’s definitely had a lot of different styles but this is definitely my favourite.

I’ve noticed in all the pictures of Bran, he is leaning or sitting I don’t think they wanted it to be too obvious that Jon has two younger siblings aka Sansa and Bran both taller than him lol