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Okay buckle the fuck up because I’m pissed

Romani people exist okay? We exist, and we experience racism, and prejudice and fucking casual hatred and erasure and constant, never ending microaggressions and if you are a white activist I can almost guarantee you are not fucking helping.

Stop giving the total number of Holocaust victims as six million, it was nearly twice that. Better yet, just stop using the Holocaust as a rhetorical device in general if you’re not Jewish or Romani.

But okay fine you wanna talk about the Holocaust? Lets talk about the fucking Holocaust.

Did you know entire dialects of our language went extinct because everyone who spoke them was killed?

Did you know Romani children were the favorites of the Nazi scientists for experimentation because they were easily bribed with chocolate and toys? Josef Mengele (May he burn in every afterlife) sewed two four-year-old twin children together, back to back. Their names were Guido and Ida and their own mother had to kill them out of mercy.

Non-romani and non-Jewish people need to stop comparing what is happening to the Holocaust because guess what? You don’t understand our fear. You don’t understand how we’re feeling. I watched the fucking president sign an order to ban Muslim people from entering this country and now I cant stop having nightmares about brown triangles and fucking gas chambers.

and you do not know how this feels, you do not understand the visceral cultural memory that exists in ever Jewish and Romani person; I guarantee you do not get it.

In Mississippi you can still fine a Rom for moving to your county. Texas law refer to Prostitutes, Vagabonds and G*psies in the same breath and fines all of them $500 for existing in public. In Pennsylvania it is illegal to even be Romani without a license. A license to exist, a license to be allowed to be alive. And that’s just in the U.S, where I live. Romani children in Europe still go to segregated fucking schools

And I don’t have an Instagram anymore because I was sick of seeing white girls appropriate my culture and call themselves g*psies as if it wasn’t a slur, insisting that they just love my culture so much and yet none of them are willing to defend me against the Nazis who want to finish killing my people

I wonder if my survival will be predicated on how happy I can keep my racist white family. I wonder if they will be the ones who turn me in. I look at every white person around me insisting that we need to give Trump a chance and all can see is their backs turning on me when everything goes to shit.

I cant even go shopping without seeing t-shirt slapped with racial slurs, watching businesses being built atop my people graves, see our suffering reduced to an aesthetic, as if Romani aren’t still forcefully sterilized when they go to the hospital for cold medicine

Are you fucking listening? Do you understand what I’m telling you? I’m not a prop, im not an aesthetic, im not fucking Halloween costume, im a real actual person whose people are suffering I am so fucking sick of leftists and so-called activists who refuse to acknowledge that Romani people even exist, let alone try to, gods forbid, help us.

The only gadje I ever see defend Romani people are Jewish people. And that’s great, Jewish people thank you, but why are the only gadje who care about us getting murdered by Nazis the one’s who are also getting murdered by Nazis?

Stop talking about fucking “peaceful transitions of power” and “don’t fight hate with hate” and “if you punch Nazis you’re just as bad” stop fucking telling Jewish and Romani people they are just as bad as the monsters who fucking slaughtered millions of their people

Fucking hell I don’t even know what the point of this post is im just so fucking done with your shitty activism and your half-assed defenses and your “listen to both sides of the argument even if one side is LITERAL NAZIS” nonsense and your refusal to listen when people call you out on your bullshit im just done

Ex’s and Oh’s

A BTS/Min Yoongi Fanfiction

Summary: When its over, its meant to be over; it should be finished, and you should move on. But when paths continue to cross, and the fires reignite, you’re going to need to prepare yourself to perish in the flames, because you’ll never make it out unscathed.

Type: Angst/Smut

A/N: I was well and truly spoilt by the initial reaction to this series, and i cant thank you all enough for your positive reviews! So without further ado, lets begin…


Chapter 1

He’s not watching you.

He doesn’t care that you’re here.

He broke up with you.


He’s not watching you. He doesn’t care that you’re here. He-


…He sounded exactly the same.

The second you hear that singular word your eyes snap open, your body stuttering in its movements as you struggle to match the beat of the music with the intensity of his eyes burning into you, those same eyes that managed to cause your skin to prickle with heat whenever they were-…they used to be on you.

Words become foreign in your mind as you take in him stood before you, his slim frame, only just bigger than yours, being clothed in a simple black tee and ripped faded black jeans. The tips of his trendy idol haircut – the one you’d always secretly thought was hot when you pushed it back into a quiff- were just about drifting into his vision where his hair had grown again, and the drawn, pale, pallor of his skin off-set the depth of his eyes, making them seem even more endlessly dark than usual. You cant fail to catch the way he chews at the inside of his lips, and coupled with the way his hand was raised before him, clutching his glass of beer tightly and closely to his chest, the actions cause you to frown slightly as you wonder why he seemed so…nervous.

‘I didn’t think I’d see you here-‘

‘What are you doing?’

The question surprises even yourself as you look back at him, watching as he blinks and shifts his gaze away from you for a second before appearing to straighten his shoulders and hold his glass tighter as his eyes fix on yours again. Despite the fact that there were people dancing all around you, a few watching your interaction with the man before you with interest – as well as mild concern- your whole body felt like it was a magnet, the force of which was being pulled toward him, and you were barely able to stop yourself from moving closer to him in the crowded bubble surrounding the two of you as you wait for his answer.

‘I wanted to talk to you.’

His words are intentionally blunt, the stubborn edge they held hinting that they were being provoked by some bigger reason for being. However, even with your eyes continually flickering back and forth between his tightening grip on his glass, and his jaw flexing as he tried not to outwardly show his anxiousness by worrying his lip, you still felt your heart racing faster than it should in your chest as your body burns through the alcohol you’d downed earlier due to registering just how close he was to you in that moment.

You’d missed him.

He broke up with you.

‘About what?’ you ask quickly, forcing the words from you before you got caught up in the thoughts in your mind, timidly looking down at your feet, but the sight of your hand awkwardly clasping at your elbow has you quickly looking back up at him as you square your shoulders, intent on appearing strong in front of him-

-but then you’re met with the intensity of his gaze…

…and his next words.

‘We didn’t get to have one last night, together.’

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Hey there! Since your ask box is open, can I request a series of reactions from the chocobros when their s/o wears their clothes? Thanks! (SFW please!).

A/N: New mod! Hello everyone!

Chocobro’s reaction to their S/O wearing their clothes:


  • He’s easily the second most flustered of the boys. He thinks he can play it off but everyone knows better.
  • You look good in anything you wear but there’s something more appealing when you dress like that.
  • He has a bunch of really dorky fishing shirts that are too big for you but you wear them anyways
  • It has something like ‘I’ve got a bite’ written over it with a Lucian Carp on a line. It’s kinda cute. 
  • “hey noct isn’t it your turn to do laundry today?” Silence. “why are you staring at me like that?”
  • “you know how everyone always says that there’s plenty of fish in the sea? Well, they’re wrong because you’re the best catch I’ve ever made.”
  • He still does the laundry, though.


  • He is the reigning prince of blushing. You’ve seen how it can get so bad that his freckles kinda disappear. 
  • Flustered, stuttering, actively forgetting words, thats all his jam.
  • He’s been pretty busy lately but he finally got a day off and is chilling at his desk, doing some maintenance on his camera and saving the pictures on an external drive. 
  • After changing you grab your phone and walk over to him. After you drape yourself over his shoulders you tell him “hey prom, say cheese!”
  • When you move away from him, he glances over and his mouth drops open. “I-Is that my hoodie?!“ 
  • Its a cute yellow one with a silhouette of a chocobo saying ‘kweh’
  • You cock your head to the side. “Yeah i was kinda cold and it was on the bed so I grabbed it. Why, were you about to go out?” He shakes his head, his face completely red. 
  • “N-No you just…look really good.” He laughs, earning a small blush from you. Smiling back, you hold your phone up.  "Sooo you wouldn’t mind if I take a few more?“ He’s a huge dork so he pulls you into his arms and lap and takes your phone. "More great memories together, right?”


  • Big guy doesn’t get flustered easily, but when he sees something he likes, he’ll do what he can to make it his.
  • So he’s pleasantly surprised when you come out of a shower in his training clothes after a run one day.
  • “Hey there good lookin’, whats the occasion?” You roll your eyes and place a kiss on his cheek. “What, I cant wear your clothes?”
  • “More like you cant wear them if you don’t like me giving you more and more attention. But, since you’re already dressed, how about a quick spar before breakfast?”
  • That earned him a sigh with a smile. “Just dont get distracted by how good I make this outfit look.” “Don’t worry, I can still take you down.”
  • wears a cheeky grin the rest of the day, even if he loses
  • His home screen is actually one of the photos that he’s taken of them in his clothes
  • changes it often, sometimes even just leaving the ones where the clothes are super baggy just to remind him that you’re super adorable and he cant wait to see you?
  • he always wonders how he got so lucky


  • We all know he’s the most difficult to get a rise out of but boy when it happens it’s the best feeling? Like how there’s only a set few people that can really make this man lose his composure, and his S/O is in the top 3.
  • He tends to slip up a little more, and if he’s really distracted he might just stare for a bit.
  • Is up early or even late doing some work for King Regis or even has to deal with some of the Kingslaive paperwork bc lets face it, Ignis is probably the most well put together individual in Insomnia?
  • So you end up wandering into the study with one of his button ups and some ebony for him.
  • He doesn’t notice right away when he takes the mug from your hand, but as he turns to look at you he has to make sure he sets the mug down safely before staring at you quietly.
  • “…? What’s wrong Specs?”
  • “…nothing, you just look more radiant than Shiva right now.”
  • how smooth, amirite?

- Mod Tissa 

so mnet paid nuest members to babysit those babies
  • kang dongho aka papa bear

i really love how trainees are scared of dongho at the beginning (especially daehwi my baby haha) but not anymore.. dongho is actually a pape bear with many kids.. the cutest moment is where dongho said “aigoo~” when the maknaes come to him..  

dont forget about his first son, guanlin.. when your kid is bullied, it is appa’s job to protect his baby.. dont ever mess with dongho’s kids,you will regret it i swear..

if you have any problem and need an extra lesson, just ask dongho.. he is willing to give you 1:1 lesson.. it’s so cute when dongho take his time to help haknyeon with his part.. dongho’s patience when he deals with haknyeon is very admirable..

i dont know if daehwi is consider one of dongho’s babies but i just put him anyway hehehe.. we all know that daehwi is pretty scared of dongho since the beginning but they are ok now.. they even joke about it (bcoz mnet being a jerk, making dongho looks like a bad guy!).. it is cute seeing daehwi being all careful around dongho because he is pretty much still awkward with dongho.. haha.. gudluck daehwi!

  • nation’s leader kim jonghyun

he received the nation’s leader tittle when he is babysitting hyunbin during group evaluation episode.. how he takes all the blame to himself (bless you jonghyun!) he looks so proud to see hyunbin improves from day to day..

from relay cam we can see jonghyun is stitting with maknae woojin.. aww~ jonghyun looks like woojin’s uncle.. hahaha.. i assume daniel and ong are busy (yup im ongnieljin trash, fight me) so they let jonghyun babysits their son.. but jonghyun’s hands already full with nuest’s sons so he looks a little tired… jonghyun fighting!

  • hwang minhyun the emperor

yup he is very likable, no wonder those babies really like him.. but this one particular baby *cough* seonho *cough* likes him so damn much and minhyun finds it very tiring… haha.. you can escape from baby’s love! once you become their fav, you cant run away.. you should hug seonho before he sulks even more, minhyun-ah~

so hyunbin also very close with minhyun.. i remember watching their hidden box cam.. the “minhyunbin” thing cracks me up! haha.. apparently minhyun helps jonghyun takes care of hyunbin.. when you had a giant baby to take care of, you need some help from your friend.. i love the idea of giant baby because hyunbin is actually just a kid inside a that tall figure (he is the tallest but his personality is like 5!)

  • choi minki aka minki gaga

we all know how minki can be so extra in just a second.. haha.. i think that’s why the kids likes to surround him and play with him despite him being a hyung.. he likes to play as if he is the same as as them.. and yongjin even write a letter about how minki is an angel and he is thankful to him.. well i do really enjoy their duet together! divas being divas~

and also we heard about the bunny thing.. minki,jihoon and baejin all doing the same bunny pose during 2nd elimination (omg cuties!) we dont really see their interactions but we dont know behind camera.. they maybe pretty close with each other.. they also in the same team (oh little girl) and their personalities really match each other.. and the fact that minki is nuest’s maknae makes me think that he miss playing with friends (yup because other nuest’s members are all grown up and not being playful anymore) so minki makes younger friends so he can be cute with them..

so far they did a very good job… it was tough at first but they manage it somehow. those babies get too attached to them now..

im very happy to see their smiles now compare to first couple episodes.. i wish they can achieve success in the future because nuest is precious! i always forgot that they debut in very young age (im a 95-line too) so maybe they dont have time to play with friends before.. it’s nice to see them being playful again and even take care of their dongsaengs.. they see good examples to other trainees also.. nuest fighting!

(if you know about their other babies, please let me know ok? i might miss it)

*all pictures are from google 😅 credit to owners*

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who is your favorite band/artist? at the moment mine is MIKA

oh my god dude u just sent me into infodump hell mode here we fuckin go

ok so as of now my favorite band would probably be glass animals, because holy shit their stuff is so intricate and complex?? like the overall musical texture is just a+. i can listen to their songs over and over again without getting tired bc like literally every time i hear something new its wonderful

but liKE I FEEL LIKE IM LEAVING OUT SO MANY MORE THAT ARE ALSO MY FAVORITE BANDS/ARTISTS so here are some honorable mentions in no particular order

  • Gorillaz: would die for all of them. the new album literally killed me and then rose me from the dead
  • Nine Inch Nails: great music for going AAAAAAA!! strangely, also good music for crying
  • Panic! At the Disco: Beebop Eureka is the only man ill ever love
  • Bush: Also good AAAAAA! music. strangely powerful though??
  • Radiohead: there was a post that i saw on here once that said something like “radiohead makes music for people who are afraid to ask for ketchup at mcdonalds.” to this day its the truest statement ive ever read
  • Arctic Monkeys: this band always slips back into my life at the weirdest times and i just roll with it 
  • Foster the People: My favorite band in sixth grade. i still love them to death. torches will always be sacred to me
  • The Offspring: from my edgy phase (which im still lowkey in)
  • Nirvana: I was blasting smells like teen spirit while driving past my old middle school and it scared the shit out of the sixth graders. A+ music
  • Weezer: Shout out to the cute girl that got my gay ass to listen to this one
  • Pierce the Veil: And this one too
  • The 1975: Look shes really pretty and wonderful ok dont judge me
  • Two Door Cinema Club: I listened to them because the album cover for tourist history has a cat on it. i have no regrets
  • Grouplove: Good summer vibes. their music always cheers me up
  • Twenty One Pilots: I’m sorry. I’m so sorry I have no excuse for this one
Wedding Series - Part 2 (The Wedding)

Part One

You didn’t think planning a wedding would be this stressful. There were so many ins and outs and details, minor and major, that went into your dream wedding. It also didn’t help that you got very little input from Harry. He handed you his checkbook and told you to “Have at it, love.” Between having to pick a date, choose a location and venue, picking a caterer and sending out invitations (and that was honestly just the beginning), you quickly realized that you could not do this all by yourself. So, you did the only logical thing: hire a wedding planner. Jaclyn was an angel, you quickly learned. With little input from Harry, you both decided that a destination wedding in Greece was perfect, Santorini in May to be exact. After long months of testing food and cake, fittings for dresses and suits and hounding people to reply to your invitations, the week of your big day was finally here. You and your family and everyone who was in the wedding flew in a few days early for the rehearsal dinner. You practiced many times, but you already knew that nothing would come close to the feeling of Harry standing at the end of the isle, waiting to make you his wife. After the rehearsal, you all sat down to a lovey dinner. Everyone was laughing and talking amongst themselves, but you were only talking to Harry.

“Are you nervous?” you asked, looking over at him as he took a sip of wine.

He shook his head, “Not really nervous. I’m more excited. I’ve waited for this for so long and now that its finally here, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. You did a wonderful job planning this wedding, even with the help of a planner. Everything is beautiful and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m the luckiest man in the whole world.”

You smiled at him and kissed his full lips. Everyone at the table let out an “aww” and you rested your head on Harrys shoulder.

“I cant believe these two are finally getting married.” Jeff, Harrys bests man stood up and said. “I feel like they’ve been dating forever!” he said, alluding to the fact that you and Harry had been dating for 6 years. And everyone at the table laughed, as he continued, “but seriously, these two were genuinely made for each other, and there isn’t a more perfect couple out there. Harry and (y/n) make people believe in soulmates and true love again. So here’s to Harry and (y/n) and may they last forever.” Everyone cheered and drank to Jeff’s sweet toast, and you got a little more excited to spend forever with the man you loved most.

The night before the wedding, you were a nervous wreck. You were tossing and turning and couldn’t sleep for the life of you. And of course, you were sleeping in a different bed, in a different room, on a different floor than Harry, in attempt to separate you two because in the words of Gemma, “Its horrid luck for the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding. Everyone knows this!”

So before you could even stop yourself, you were grabbing your phone and texting harry.

“Are you awake? I can’t sleep and I need you.”

“What’s wrong love? I’m in room 1205. Come up. Also, dot let Gemma see you. She’ll have our heads.”  

And off you were, grabbing some shoes, your phone, and your own room key, heading up to Harrys room, steering clear of his older sister. Once you got there, Harry immediately opened the door, and you clung to him in a tight hug. His calming voice and reassurance is just what you needed. He closed the door, picking you up carrying and placing you onto the bed. You kicked off your shoes and laid on your side, allowing Harry to spoon you.

“What’s wrong, beautiful? What’s got you so nervous, hum?” harry asked in your hear, kissing the back of your neck.

“I don’t know. What if something doesn’t go right? Or what if it rains? Or what if something happens to my dress or your suit? What if you change your mi-“

He didn’t let you finish before he cut you off, “ok that’s enough. Everything is going to be just fine. It won’t rain, we checked the weather and there’s a 0% chance. If something happens to your dress or my suit, we brought back ups. And I most certainly won’t be changing my mind. You’ve been planning this for months. Its going to be fine, and if not, well, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Now, get some sleep, you’ll need it. Can’t have you falling asleep at the altar, can we?”

You and Harry laughed as you sank further back into his strong chest. It amazed you that he always knew exactly what to say and you fell asleep with sweet dreams of Harry being your husband in less than 24 hours.

You and Harry were both woken up by a hard pounding on the door.

“Harry! Harry open up!” rang the voice of his sister. Harry ripped the covers off himself to go open the door, only to have his sister burst through the door.

“Harry, where is she? Were already behind schedule and I told you, you couldn’t see her until the wedding!”

“Don’t worry Gem I’m here.” You said grabbing your phone and kissing a sleepy Harry on the lips on your way out, “see you soon, baby.”

“Love you. See you soon”

you looked in the mirror at the finished product of yourself. Your white Vera Wang dress fit you perfectly. Your makeup was natural and looked beautiful, and every strand of your hair was perfectly curled.

“Ready?” your mom popped her head in and asked. You nodded your head and she kissed your cheek. “I’m so happy for you my love. Harry is perfect for you. You are going to be very happy with him, I can feel it.”

You and your mom met your dad and our brides maids at the elevator. When you got down to the closed door, you couldn’t believe that Harry was just a few feet away ready to make you his wife. You inked arms with your father and he kissed you on the head and said,

“You’ll always be my little girl. There is no better man to hand you off to than Harry.”

You smiled and your father pushed open the door. Everyone stood as the music began to play, but as soon as you locked eyes with Harry, you were suddenly the only two people in the room. He looked so good in his tux, and as you got closer and closer to him, you could already see his cheeks flush just a little bit. You’d known him long enough to know that that meant he would by crying soon. You got to the bottom of the stairs of the alter, your father placing your hand in Harrys and he helped you up the stairs.

“You look breathtaking, love” Harry whispered you. And he let his eyes roam your body, but not in a sexual way. It was as if he was taking a mental note of what you looked like on this day, so he should store it away in his mind for the rest of his life.

“You look pretty handsome yourself.”

You went through the motions of a wedding, and exchanged vows. And before you knew it, you heard the priest say,

“Do you, Harry Edward Styles take (y/f/n) (y/m/n) (y/l/n) to be your lawfully wedded bride?”

“I do.” He replied in a shaky voice, trying not to let the tears fall, as he slipped the shiny band onto your finger.

“And do you (y/f/n) (y/m/n) (y/l/n) take Harry Edward Styles to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do.” And you slipped the silver band with a sole diamond in the middle on his slender finger.

“It is my pleasure to now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride.”

You and harry turned closer to each other, and he took a step towards you and pulled you closer to him.

You were kissing him before you could even think. It was a sweet kiss. Lips molding perfectly together and tongues running along lips. He was the first to pull away and pull you in for the tightest hug he’d ever given you. He picked you up off the ground and carried you out, closing the door behind you, so that you were all alone. You were both crying now.


“Yes love?”

“We’re married.”

“We’re married.”

im such a flop i finished this a few days ago but forgot to post it but here it is! part 3 should be up soon 

So this little bean was made by a suggestion from @little-noko

During her stream I commented on how I could only make fankids and she wondered what a CraneXChill Kiddo would look like, so I came up with Rune!

He can have varying personalities which makes him hard to describe in detail, not so much as Multiple personality stuff but, he is usually mellow about most things, he also has no filter so if somethings on his mind he blurts it out without rethinking it.

His powers for now are manipulation of rocks and stuff, but he cant necessarily control them it can sometimes happen at random moments and they each vary on how much magic it uses.

He’s partially blind in his right eye but even so his vision isn’t the greatest to begin with. He usually bumps into things but he doesn’t really care.

Art and Rune belong to moi~

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Evak 1

1.  “Come over here and make me.” (thank you💗)

“come over here and make me.”

it shouldnt sound this hot and daring, it shouldnt make isaks breath hitch and his mouth to go dry. but the way even is staring at him from across the room, back against the wall, his smirk paired with dark eyes, isak forgets to breath properly.

its not that the picture of isak sleeping is now out there for anyone to see. its that he was lying on even’s lap and even was the one who took it. who posted it. and who captioned it with good night baby. the words stabbed right into isaks heart, making him crave something he’s been so desperately trying to deny.

he rolls his eyes like its only frustration. “even, seriously.” he dares one step forward without meaning to. “delete it.”

even watches him silently, fidgeting with his phone in his hands. “why?”

and isak knows he sounds unfair, he knows even is thinking about jonas and magnus’ picture of isak sleeping that they’ve posted a couple of weeks ago. but they didnt call him baby. and they dont do things to isaks body and heart, not the way even does.

“because its me sleeping.” he says anyway.

even raises an eyebrow and he opens his mouth to say something, but then he closes it, pressing his lips together tight, his gaze falling to the floor.

isak hates when even averts his eyes from his defeated. he wants even to look at him, he wants him to see him, to see right through him.

there’s silence and isak is growing impatient, he wants to be done with this, he wants to stop having to look at even like this, like he’s the one with the aching heart.

so he does what he shouldnt, long steps to the other end of the room, heart racing like its telling him to stop, but like its whispering: go on. isak has never been good at doing what anyone told him to do, so he listens to the faint voice instead.

even looks up from under his eyelashes, quickly slipping his phone into his pocket before isak could reach him and he straigthens his body. isak goes to grab the phone, even only making it easier, but then there’s a hand around his forearm stopping him. its tight at first, his fingers leaving white marks on isaks skin that only lasts for a second. isak wishes they lasted longer. evens hold is gentle then, and isaks arm falls beside him. even holds on.

“just. delete it.” isak is staring at the outline of the phone.

he looks up just enough to see evens teeth biting down on his bottom lip and he looks back down quickly, swallowing hard.

then without warning, even turns them around, isaks back hitting the wall and his eyes grow wide, gaze glued to evens chest. he’s not sure he’s breathing and his knees are weak, his mouth falling open.

“why?” even asks again and isak has to think for a minute what he’s asking about. evens scent is making his head dizzy.

“because its me sleeping.” isak repeats, his voice weak, cracking in the middle.

it isnt loud, but evens word is strong enough to ring in isaks ears. “bullshit.”

isaks chest falls and he lets himself feel evens fingers burning around his arm. they arent standing that close yet even takes a step back and isak hopes he doesnt let go.

there’s a sigh, and then, “alright. i’ll delete it.”

isak looks up into his eyes for the first time since he’s walked over to even, and he suddenly doesnt want him to remove it. he secretly wishes he kept fighting and make isak lose, so that isak couldve looked at the post at night, wondering what it felt like. what being with even felt like.

and its like even reads him.

“if you still want me to?”

he looks down at evens collarbones and nods once, firmly, then looks back up. even shakes his head with a bitter laugh, and isak finds it hard to breathe again, his eyebrows furrowed.

“i dont understand it.” evens shoulders drop, “why others can post a picture of you like that and i cant.”

isak swallows. “its different.”

“different how?” evens voice is softer and his eyes are searching isaks face.

“you called me baby.”

“is that..” even places his weight on one leg, “do you not want me to call you that?”

“thats the thing, i do.” isak nearly lets out a sob, “but not the way you mean it.”

isak feels evens fingers press against his skin on his arm, “how do i mean it?”

it takes a few seconds, isaks mouth opening and closing two times, but then he sighs. “as a friend.”

even takes one step closer, “thats where you’re wrong, isak.”

isak frowns, his eyes jumping across evens face, looking for something, anything, he’s not sure. then his forehead smooths, his jaw clenches and his breathing becomes quick, his stomach in pleasant knots. they’re staring at each other in silence and isaks brain finally catches up, which, oh.

he brings his other arm up to evens chest, hooking his finger in the collar of his shirt, evens skin on fire against his cold fingers. evens grip on his arm loosens, then his hand makes its way down to isaks, folding it into a fist and burrying it inside his own palm. he looks down at evens lips,

“say it.”

there’s a smile on evens face, his free hand coming up to rest against isaks cheek, thumb pulling on his skin in a caress,


Seventeen reaction to you playing with their hair


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Thinks its really fuckin cute and does not hesitate to tilt his head a lil further into your hands so you have better access. Smiles lovingly up at you. 


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Another to lean back into your hand, but less because its cute and more because damn that feels good. Closes his eyes and just enjoys the feeling of your perfect hands dragging through his hair and your pretty nails scratching against his scalp. Probably does yours too once you’re done.


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Smiles affectionately at you. “That feels good.” Gently rubs your waist or thigh as he continues what he’s doing. 


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I see him two ways. He either loves it a lil too much and gets a bit turned on, or doesn’t really like it. Either way tho he’s just gonna let u do your thing bc if thats what makes you happy hes fine.


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Immediately perks up because he loves when you touch him. He doesn’t care how you touch him, he just loves your touch. If you scratch lightly at his scalp he probably lets out a little moan, but otherwise he just sits there happily. 


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Doesn’t really react at all. He just looks at you and smiles to acknowledge he likes what you’re doing but then looks back to his phone and keeps reading the article that had his attention before. He secretly really likes when you play with his hair though. When he’s done reading his article, he’d probably turn his phone off and let himself doze off under your touch. But he ONLY likes it when you’re alone and he doesn’t have to go somewhere after, because he hates having to fix his hair. 


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Completely soft for you. The second your fingers thread through his hair he’s putty in your hands. With how hard he works, he gets very stressed, and the feeling of you- someone he trusts and loves- massaging his scalp eases all tension in his body. He likes when you do it late at night, when you’re alone cuddling, and when you visit him in the studio.


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Screaming inside (contemplating screaming outside as well) as he turns to wink at you. Flirty but so smiley and cute that u cant really tell he’s being flirty in the first place till he turns to surprise you with a quick peck right on the lips. 


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Surprised at first but he really likes it and probably starts laying his head in your lap on occasion for you to play with his hair. “What are you doing baby” “Wait- i didn’t say stop.” 


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“huh? Oh, cute.” lowkey really soft for it but acts causal even though his ears are turning red. 


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looks up at you and wonders if he should say something but decides to just be cute and grabs one of your hands and presses a kiss to the back of it before getting back to what he was doing because he’s soft n youre cute.


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giggles? idk. just cute n shy but he seems like the type to like his hair played with. 


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Blushy and cute. Insists on playing with your hair when you’re done just to be sweet.

im sorry its short and shit weird but i am sick and vv tired but i felt bad or not posting anything recently so i thought i’d just throw something out there lmao. 

we’ve seen yoongi cry the first time when he announced about wanting to be with armys for 10+ years. then we see him cry the second time when he found the seats of where his parents sat, whereas he bowed, and stayed down for so long to cry. and today, we see him cry again because hard work with his brothers paid off well. 

yoongi may appear stone cold or expressionless at times, but he’s such a dorky goofy turtle ball of life. people tend to forget he’s the down low sunshine of bangtan that we tend to pick him on about quickly whenever he’s being cute with them. he takes such great care of each member without trying to look like it, and flusters in low-key mode whenever he is praised for it.

and to be frank, i’ve never seen him glow so much than he has after his perfectionist self released his hard working mixtape, and received his fluffy wonderful love, min holly. it’s as though he has found love and is falling deeply with it. 

from today onwards, i cant wait to hear more from Genius Min. 

Thank You (connor murphy x reader)

Word Count : 418 (its short i know)

Warnings:None bb just MAjor Fluff 

BTW: send me requests loves

You steadied your breathing as you clung onto Connor’s back .You had called him at 3 in the morning, due to night terrors.

You had had been holding onto each other since he stepped foot into your room.

  You two were now laying in your bed. He ran his fingers through your hair, knowing that was something that would calm you down, and it was also highly therapeutic for him. You took a deep breath, and he did the same.
‘This is nice’ you thought.

Only Connor knows about your nightmares.
Only Connor knows that you like to have you hair messed with.
Only Connor knows this part of you.

He pulled you from his chest to look at you, you had stopped crying, but your eyes were still puffy.
His face was neutral and relaxed, but his eyes were filled with utter love.

The moonlight did wonders for his eyes, they sparkled in the night like your own personal galaxy. Just for you and nobody else.
His lips opened.

“ I cant believe I was so lucky to have found a girl as beautiful as you”
You two hadn’t even spoken to each other all night so his voice was groggy but not any less serious, he continued.

“ you have made my life so much better, you are 'the one ’ for me. I cant even begin to imagine a world without you , and I just want to thank you for saving my life.”

You hadn’t even realized you were crying until he wiped away a tear.

“ I never knew that I could possibly love someone as much as I love you right now.”

You gave a small smile and dove into his face, giving a deep and passionate kiss, neither of you had ever been kissed like that before. You pulled away.

“I hope this night never ends.” You mumbled into his chest.

He squeezed you tight and kissed the top of your head.  

You matched his breathing and listened to his steady heartbeat.

This was the side of both of you that nobody else got to see, this was your secret.
Even with all of our friends, he was usually always on edge.

You were each other’s anchors.

whenever either of you sensed the other was tense

you would respond with the intertwining of you hands or simply holding each other would immediately set you both at ease.
Nobody else had the same effect with either of you.

And you couldn’t have wished for anything else.

Fasten your seat belts everybody because I’m about to take y’all on a ride.

First of all look what our son is watching. IT”S FOUR IN THE MORNING AND THIS IS WHAT HE IS WATCHING. OUR SON.

And then he just whips out some random eggs and toast in the middle of some rocks? What even is this boy??

Then Ben really wants to go to the park so they take him but Josh WILL NOT GET OUT OF HIS SWIMSUIT (But also look at his him posing. Work it Joshy-boy. Work that pink swimsuit. You’re flame. You are fierce. You are the only B student in this household.

Okay this one is hard to see because he stopped before I could zoom in…


But hey. Look at the cute trio of boys.

And Sky doing push-ups instead of homework. No wonder he is a C student.

Okay. Fast-forwarding to the next day…

Ben got up at 6 AM to grill hamburgers? So at this point my sister and I are laughing. Like, Ben, what are you doing? You’re ridiculous.


LoOk At ThiS

Jeremy was very tense all day. Cant blame him.

So now it’s evening and everyone is tense and Ben is sad and keeps calling the sadness hotline so we took them to the park.


SO like any self respecting mother…I made them fight.

Cue Josh running away while other Josh chases after him.

Needless to say we had to leave the park.

no fucking wonder baekhyun was talking about this repackage before ‘the war’ had even been released. he’s the fcking center, not to mention it looks like its going to be a sort of comic book/video game kind of concept. baekhyun’s two favorite things; attention and video games. I CANT WAIT THIS GONNA BE SO AMAZING

Reconsider || Morgana Pendragon Imagine

A/N: ‘Would you perhaps consider doing a Morgana oneshot with prompt one from list one. Maybe the two are on opposite sides but still into one another its just that reader doesn’t like how Morgana has given into dark magic. I don’t know, you may not even feel like it but regardless have a wonderful day!’ I don’t know when it takes place really, apart from when Morgana’s bad, so wherever in the series you think it fits. Also, don’t think this is what you were after but its what ended up appearing. Sorry x

Prompt: I have you shoved against the wall but now I cant stop looking at your mouth

Warnings: Kinda angsty I think


“I miss her.” You confessed to Merlin, watching as his eyes hardened and he shook his head, disbelieving.

“She betrayed us, again and again Y/N. The Morgana you miss no longer exists.” He went to walk away but you grabbed his arm and you felt your lip curl, your grip tightening as your anger boiled.

“Maybe you’re forgetting who made her that way. Even if not completely, it was partly your fault. So, don’t speak with so much disgust next time because you are so much worse. You ignored me when I tried to help her, and I hope you feel that burden for the rest of your life.”


It was later that night, you, Merlin and Arthur all curled in a cave with barely enough room for two people, let alone three. When the sound of two sets of snores reached your ears, you stood and stretched, a satisfying pop echoing before you walked from within the hollow, your thoughts unable to help you sleep.

You could barely see a thing, moonlight dimly lighting your surroundings as you breathed in the fresh air of the woods. You were calm, until a flickering orange that was eerily familiar made your body freeze as a very familiar figure came into view, fire at her feet.

“I heard you missed me?” She teased, watching in amusement as your head rose, glaring.

“I miss the old you, Morgana. I was in love with her. Who you are now is simply an empty shell of the person you used to be. And since when are you keeping tabs on me?” You snorted the end sentence, swallowing the lump forming in your throat as her eyebrow rose and you felt the heat work up your cheeks, her flames diminishing as she walked towards you.

“Actually, I’m pretty sure you’re still in love with me. After all this isn’t the first time you’ve stuck up for me. Or called me late in a night. This time, I showed up on my own.” She walked to directly in front of you, the air coming from both your mouths mingling.

“I am. But your choice in dark magic will always be an issue Morgana. I don’t support Merlin, or Arthur after everything but I can not stand beside you either.”

“Then why I am I here?” She swallowed, and your chest tightened as you recognised a telltale slight quiver in her bottom lip. This disappeared as she blinked, her brows furrowing and scowling in a challenge.

“I don’t know.”

She growled and grabbed the front of your shirt, twisting you to push your back against the rock wall of the cave which Merlin and Arthur slept, you gasped and she grimaced. You waited for the heat of fire or the snap of your neck but it didn’t come and instead your eyes met the cold ones in front of you. They flicked down and back up and she scoffed, shaking her head.

“I have you shoved against the wall but now I cant stop looking at your mouth.”

You smiled softly, reaching a tentative hand to wrap around her neck.

“Please. Consider just leaving it all. For me?”

Instead of an answer, all you got was a bruising crash of her lips against yours

Worth it ( evan hansenxreader)

requested: YEa  @sunshinesips​ “I have a request! Ben platt x reader who is a dancer OR reader who is a struggling actress (fluff and/or smut like up to you go for your life :))) ) “

warnings: TERRIBLE WRITING, super fluffyy tho,implied smut, super short im sorry babe, also i cant title things either soo ye

WC:like 723 like i said super short

A/N: alright so this is kinda bad, but THANK YOU FOR REQUESTING IT NONETHELESS!’

This definitely wasn’t Evan’s scene.

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Wedding Speech - Joe Sugg Imagine

A/N - Hi can you do a Joe one where it’s the reader and his wedding and the buttercreams do a really embarrassing speech for them x If you don’t want to or can’t that’s fine ❤

“I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride” My smile grew even bigger as I felt Joes lips on mine. Hearing everyone around cheering and clapping, I felt the tears building in my eyes. I finally married my best friend. 

Walking down the aisle hand in hand with my now husband smiling and waving to all our friends and family. My feelings right now wouldn’t process. I am literally over the moon with happiness. All I could hear were people cheering “Yes Sugg” “Go On My Boy” and a few faint cries. I still cannot believe this is my wedding day. The wedding day I have been planning since a little girl. I was now living it out. Everyone else was gathered into another room with champagne, me and Joe were guided around the building for photos. We had photos on the stairs, in arch ways, in the gardens, and in front of the country side view. We were then joined by the bridesmaids who happened to be my sister and Zoe, the groomsmen Caspar, Josh, Oli, Jack, Conor, Mikey and our parents. Lastly We had photos with the whole group and I stood there being grateful to be surrounded by the people i love most. 

While everyone moved to the reception room to take their seats, me and Joe waited back a bit giving everyone time to settle. 

“I cannot believe we did it” Joe turned to look at me with a beaming smile. 

“I’m still in shock, I’m generally so happy” I smiled back taking his hand in mine. 

“After 6 years of being together and 8 years of friendship I can officially call you a Sugg” 

“I finally fit in the Sugg family!” I cheered laughing. 

“You’ve always been classed as a Sugg babe” 

“But now we have it in writing”

“This is the happiest ive ever been, even though we’ve been in a relationship for so long, our next adventures start now”

“Our honeymoon, new house, new projects. Im so excited”

“Same love, it’s going to be something to treasure” 

“I love you” 

“I love you too”

“Are you two ready to go in?” The staff member asked. We glanced to each other and nodded. We followed the member of staff and waited behind the doors until we were told to go any further. 

“Can i have your attention” The staff member started. “We’re all there to celebrate the newly weds, so please put your hands together for Mr and Mrs Sugg!” We walked in and everyone was on their feet, cheering. Glad we got someone to film this day, I can look back and remember this moment for a life time. We took our seats in front of everyone while they all settled down and allowed us to get comfy. After all the food was served and drinks were topped up Zoe got out her seat to walk in front of the table with a microphone in her hand. 

“Hope you all are having a good time!” A few yeah’s and whistles flew around the room. “To kick off this evening, we are now going to move onto the speeches” Zoe turned to smirk at us both while i groaned and Joe nervous laughing knowing how embarrassing this was going to be. We watched as Josh took to the stage first also smirking as Zoe handed him the mic. 

Joe placed hand on my leg and lent in close. “You know this is going to be interesting” 

“I’m dreading it” I laughed turning to face Josh and linking my hand with Joes.

“I get the pleasure of starting this off. I remember meeting you Joe for the first time then i didn’t leave your apartment for months. I basically followed you and Caspar round like a lost dog. You used to get grumpy when i finished your milk or i didn’t wash up after myself. I can clearly say you haven’t changed. You’ve been a good friend buddy you’ve helped me through a lot of shit and i’m grateful to have a friend like you. I’m glad you found a girl like Y/N, she’s kept you in place but at the same time you’re still the Sugg i first met. Y/N you have a lot of work now that your married, he’s going to become even more lazy. You’re a talent women and you’ve been there to listen when i needed someone to. You’re like my sister and I wish you both the best for the future. Ill be round soon so you can cook me food” I’m glad Josh went first because he wouldn’t embarrass us. He’s the nice one out them all. 

Next was Mikey. 

“Cor i get to do a speech. I’ve always been the target and now i can target you two. You’ve been good friends to me over the past few years. Despite the bad things Joe has made me do or forced me to do such as having a leaf blower in my face to wearing tight red lacy boxers to trying to light my farts. I’ve even had to eat dry protein powder ruining one of my many black t-shirts. Joe your crazy ideas make you as a person, you’re one heck of a guy and you are very lucky to have Y/N, anyone would be. Y/N thanks for looking after me making sure i have eaten. No wonder i cant shed weight. I look forward to raiding your new sweets draw by the way”

Next was Conor. 

“I would like to thank Y/N for introducing me to Joe, because of you i made a great friend and because of Joe I made even more. Y/N i would like to thank you for staring in so many of my covers and even on my album. I mean i still say i have the better voice but I’m not going to judge. I cannot believe you two are married now, I’ve seen your relationship grow these past years and I look forward to having something like this. You two are literally a perfect match. Joe i dont even know what to say about you. You are one of the most hilarious down-to-earth guys i know. You deserve to be happy. I’m glad it’s Y/N who has to deal with your strange ass. I’m surprised she can handle it. She has to wake up to you farting, coming home drunk but then again thinking about it you are both as crazy as each other. I remember coming round once and you both swapped clothes pretending to be each other. That was a weird sight. I wish you both the world of happiness you both deserve it” 

Next was Jack. 

“Suggy got married! To a gorgeous girl also i should have started youtube sooner maybe i could of snatched her. Im joking im joking. Seeing how happy you two are together makes me want this but it also makes me sick but in a good way. You are both good friends to me i couldn’t ask for better people in my life. Well sometimes i could replace Joe after what he’s made me do. Clamping my hand, sticking sellotape to our heads and ripping it out our hair and daring me to run down the street naked. I hope you enjoy people licking your ears Y/N because Joe will be doing that a lot when he’s drunk. trust me. I remember Joe telling us he was going to propose and how nervous he was. You should of heard the other plans he had. They weren’t as romantic. Y/N thank you for appearing in my videos to give me more views. Thanks for the many shout outs too. Like i said, you’re a beautiful women inside and out i know how happy Joe makes you. You’re both weird and I’m glad i know you. Hears to the future”

Next was Oli. 

“Mr Joe Sugg? The Joe i know is actually married now! It feels so weird saying that. I’ve known you for so long and you haven’t changed one bit in a good way though! You both have helped me through a lot over the years with projects, videos, and life in general. I do appreciate it. Joe you are an absolute nutter. Seriously. I couldn’t ask for a better friend what friend would draw penis’ on your body or do jump scares every time we meet or would make me stay up will ridiculous times in the morning to set up pranks. I mean what friend would have a cardboard cut out of me? You better move that into your new home. I’ll always be watching then. Your relationship is probably the strongest i know. You’re both so open and that can be taken in different ways. I’ve seen them both naked. It was a few strange moments. Some moments i wish i could take back because i can still see them imagines in my head to this day. I also remember when i turned up at your apartment Joe was wearing this horse costume and Y/N was dressed like a cowgirl. I didn’t want to ask what went on. They said it was for a video but i dont believe that. I dont like to think what goes on in their minds. Moving on, Y/N you are one in a million you’ve been that one friend i can always rely on even if i’m in a bad mood you put up with me and i can speak on behalf of the other guys as well. You have so much patience and i respect you for that. You have a wonderful mind and a heart of gold. You are both lucky to have each other and im glad to call you both my best friends” 

Lastly, Caspar. 

 “I would like to start off with thanking Y/N for breaking my heart, you killed jaspar. I’m joking jaspar will always be round. I have known you both since we all started Youtube together. Remember our gang when we first started? The 3 of us, Zoe, Alfie, Tanya, Jim, Marcus, Niomi and Louise. Then it grew bigger. But look at the two of you now, i know you both never expected to get this far in life. I respect the both of you because you don’t take the famous title seriously, you just see yourselves as normal human beings doing something you love. It’s been amazing watching you both grow and seeing the success you’ve achieved. I couldn’t have wished it on better people. Joe, You are one or the bestest friend i could ask for. You are also one of the craziest dudes i know. Very spontaneous also. I could stand here all day and tell all our stories but i don’t want to bore you. Thank you for being my travelling buddy over the years. I’ve had some of the best memories with you such as doing Hit The Road. What an experience that was ay?  and for everyone’s information i am still the best pizza maker here. Im not thankful for the pranks though. Filing my room with cups of water, setting many alarms, posters of my face all over the walls, filling the room with balloons then Oli popping out with a clown outside and the best one turning my apartment into a slip and slide. I’m also not going to miss seeing you naked when i walk into your room. I am defiantly not going to miss hearing you and Y/N have sex either. You loud buggers. The amount of times i’ve walked in on you both, i still do it today it’s like a curse! Y/N, i still remember meeting you for the first time. You were so shy and timid and now, now i cannot get you to shut up. You are like a boy only when it comes to burping though. Ive seen you when you only had a few thousand subscribers and now you are the top female Youtuber in the UK. I am so proud of your achievements. You seriously deserve it. If i ever needed cheering up i knew you were and still are the person to text or call. You are a positive soul. You and Joe have always been perfect for each other. You are literally the same person. I hope you both the best as a married couple. I love you both.” 

I continued to wipe away the tears which were flowing from my eyes. I couldn’t of asked for better friends or a better husband.