they look so perfect!

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Okay this is super random (and not technically fan fiction) but if yuri on ice was a live action show, who would you want to play the main characters? I know this is random and not related (but technically it's fan fiction-y related) however I'm curious what you think!!

(This is going to be a REALLY long post, sorry hahaha)
I LOVE this question! I’m only going to put actors/models on here, but I do know many skaters who would be amazing as well! (Yuzuru Hanyu, Michael Christian Martinez, Evgeni Plushenko are a few! I could make another list for that if you’d like!) 

Yuuri Katsuki: Kento Yamazaki

(Japanese actor)



So cute!!


Kento Yamazaki + Flowers = 😍

When I watched YOI, this is who I thought of instantly (besides Yuzuru Hanyu, of course!)

Victor Nikiforov: Vasiliy Stepanov 

(Russian Actor)

(I know Kubo said she used John Cameron Mitchell as a visual reference and I think he’d be awesome as Victor, but I also think that this actor would be great as well! And I know what you’re thinking, “Hailey this doesn’t look like Victor!” I KNOW!! Victor is too perfect to be compared to any mere mortal, BUT hear me out! Imagine this man with the platinum hair, swoopy bangs, and straight eyebrows… *dies* 😍)



I’ll just leave this here… 😍


Yuri Plisetsky: Emil Andersson 

(I couldn’t find anyone younger, so just imagine this is an aged-up Yurio haha)

The hair!

Look at that expression! Is this Emil or moody Yurio???

Minako Okukawa: Yukie Nakama

(Japanese actress, singer and former idol)

She’s beautiful!

Christophe Giacometti: Gaspard Ulliel

(French Actor)

The green eyes! The scruff!! I’m in love!!!


Phichit Chulanont: Jirayu La-Ongmanee

(Thai actor)



He needs to be protected at all costs!!! 💙

Mila Babiceva: Natalya Rudakova

(Russian-American actress)

She looks exactly like Mila??? I’m SHOOK

Jean-Jacques Leroy: Brant Daugherty

(American Actor)

The eyebrows… the eyes!

Yuuko Nishigori: Saki Aibu

(Japanese Actress)

So pretty!

Otabek Altin: Sanzhar Madiyev

(Kazakhstani Actor)

Just shave off the ‘stache and he’s Otabek!

Those are my picks, what are yours? Let me know in the replies!

I’m not the type of person to get all pissy because a ship is canon or not.


If eremin doesn’t become canon I may get a little pissy.

Like I don’t wanna be that person that is all like “look at my ship it’s so perfect!”


Look at eremin they are so perfect. okay not perfect (because I don’t really think the whole “perfect person/couple exist) but like really really great for each other. They go together like [insert that blabbering from that one song at the end of Grease].

But really though if they don’t become canon how is Isayama gonna explain why they always look so in love with each other?

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How would the Reaper, Ink, Error, Fresh, SF and UF Sans's react to waking up next to their S/O for the first time?

Reaper Sans

He’s just staring at you, completely amazed at how you’re still alive. Wait, you’re still alive right? He checks your breathing and sighs in relief. Assuming that he’s fully clothed, he just pulls you close and listens to your breathing. 


Ink can’t stop grinning. You look so perfect, so peaceful, that he grabs his notebook and sketches your sleeping form until you wake up. He shows you the picture and it’s a masterpiece. 


He’s wondering how you got close to him in the first place. Error is honestly freaked out because he does not like anyone in his personal space so he moves as far away from you as possible. When you wake up, he lectures you to respect his space. 


Literally, Fresh doesn’t have emotions. He has no reaction. 

Swapfell Sans

Black is smiling and takes a picture to tease you later. But really though, he’s happy that you trust him enough to not attack you in your sleep. He has to get to work, but he lays there for a few more minutes than usual because of how relaxed he is. 

Underfell Sans

Holy shit, Red doesn’t want to move. He’s afraid that he might accidentally wake you up and this moment will be over forever. He watches over you to make sure that you’re comfortable and slowly brings himself closer to you, nuzzling your neck. He soon falls asleep again. 

I was approached by a man claiming he was a “talent scout” looking for “models.” He asked if I have the time to talk for a little bit. I agreed to know more info about what he’s up to. I could already sense the bullshit & already got a bad vibe from him when he approached me. He asked for my age & I said 17. He backed away a little & said:
“WOW I thought you were 13! ‘We’ don’t typically go for thirteen year olds.
I was like: haha then why did you approach me if you don’t go for 13 year olds.
He said: “Because you’re stunning & you look exactly what I’m looking for! I’m a talent scout looking for models & you happen to be just what we’re looking for. You look perfect!” Bla bla bla…
So he gave me his card & I told him I probably won’t be able to take on this opportunity he offered because I work. He asked hmmm where do I work? I told him I work in a law office for a lawyer & I have to go because I’m waiting for a friend who happens to be a good cop. He backed away a little but too late now. He gave me his card. If he ran off he knows it would look suspicious. He told me that I should give him a call so we could go get some coffee or walk around the beach & discuss business.
FIRST OF ALLLL a legit “talent scout” or company would never do that. They would have an office or a license/agency. I looked up his company on google & no there were no results of it. It’s fake. It’s a scam. The only reason why I’m keeping him there is because I don’t want to lose track of him & let him get away. He asked for my name & zodiac sign & said oh you sound like “SUPERSTAR!” Who the fuck says superstar? It’s so unprofessional. Now that’s sketchy.

This is a warning to all the people out there especially my fellow ladies. I’ve heard stories about young girls meeting up with these men & falling for these type of scams. I don’t know this man’s intentions but..just be careful. lol I lied to him about meeting up with a friend. I went to the mall alone.

I think he was following me around in the mall cause I kept seeing him pop up in the same places as I do. He went up to me the second time he popped up & asked where my friends at. I told him that they were inside Forever 21 (where I was walking towards). He let me go. I know this is going to sound really stupid but I rather have him follow me instead of going around trying to lure other girls in.

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@ the anon who wants to write a fic - google is your friend! google everything. if you aren't sure about something, its alright to look it up! i promise you, ninety five percent of my fic writing time is spent looking crap up on google for accuracy. and even so, perfect cultural accuracy is hard to achieve, so don't be afraid to play the fast and loose with things it it's easier that way

thank you for this advice!

🎇 Happy New Year from Draco & Harry 🎇