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Who do you think looks better with long hair, Zen or Viktor?

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Can we appreciate Makkachin for a min please? Okay thank you. 


If we are going to evaluate hair, we must keep in mind a couple of factions 

1) Length 

2) Volume 

3) Split Ends 

4) Overall Appearance 

So lets start with Zen 

1) His hair is a beautiful length. You can see how he really takes care of it. Just look how the strands blend in together. Other peoples hair look like a birds nest, but not Zen. The way he has his far fall evenly to the sides of his place gives it the hot boy messy look. 

2) However, if we imagine Zen with his hair loose, it doesn’t seem like it has that much volume :( Perhaps he has tried volumizing shampoo but it probably damaged his hair instead of helped it. We must also come in fact, Zen forehead isn’t that wide so we can make that excuse for him. 


4) His overall appearance with his hair is unique. However, his hair lacks volume and life. I give it a solid B+ 

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Now, the man, the myth, the legend VICTOR NIKIFOROV 

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1) His hair isn’t as long as Zens but you can easily see his hair is an acceptable length. His hair is properly tamed and the lose strands can hide his wide forehead. 


3) Do you think this drama queen will split ends? Just look how beautiful cut the ends of his hair is. It doesn’t look like straws. It looks like a fucking god. 

4) Victors hair is perfect in every way. It has the perfect length and his hair is even all around unlike Zen’s. He knows how to compliment his features and he simply looks stunning. Solid A+ 

To conclude, 

Victor looked better with long hair.

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#'thank you for greeting them first alexander i'm pretty sure i forgot their names.' #'i have no idea if that was actually right let's hope they think we're drunk.' #'we are drunk.' 'this is true.' #conspiratorial couple laughter and magnus leaning in to kiss alec softly -- this made me smile so damn much. honestly you're wonderful thank you

you’re welcome

honestly the two of them being like this at gatherings is a huge amount of what i think about. casual banter, hilarious comments, both of them being sassy to each other and to the world.

i love thinking about clave events because really that would be where they would shine even if it would be extremely unpleasant. it would be sneering smiles and cutting remarks to anyone who dared say anything about magnus or about their relationship. it would be this united front between the two of them holding the line together against the rocky waters of shitty situations. defending themselves and each other and refusing to take shit from anyone

and more than that just imagining them all decked out, still matching after all of these years, tucked into a corner of the loft at their own party acting like lovestruck kids. magnus’s fingers at the small of alec’s back and alec leaning in to push kisses next to magnus’s ear as he murmurs something low in his throat. both of them with cocktails, gold flakes floating in them and the flickering candle light lighting them up something beautiful, catching on matching rings on their ring fingers.

magnus turns his head and pushes his mouth against alec’s lips, his trimmed beard grazing his skin as he kisses him soft and slow, and alec’s lips part shifting just a little bit closer.

“are you two with us?” luke calls from across the room and magnus just kisses alec a little bit deeper, alec reaching up to motion for them to be left alone. laughter trickles in between the soft music and they’re just in love and enjoying themselves with their friends.

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May I request Mewberty Marco. Everything seems to be under control with him until Marco doesn't go back to normal at the time he should. Humans aren't supposed to go true Mewberty so the effects last a couple of days instead of a couple of hours?

Sure! This was a lot of fun to write! I already did a Marco mewberty fic but I did this one too because it was a lot of fun and I wanted to update and make it better lol. Because the other one wasn’t really the same as this request! I hope you like it! Enjoy!


“It must be from spending so much time in Mewni. I told Star he shouldn’t be eating the food there.” Glosseryk shook his head. Tom looked in awe at Marco. He was floating in the middle of the room with six arms and big red butterfly wings. He had four eyes as well, all glowing and his hair was floating up, like it was made of fire.

“How do I fix him!?” Tom cried. Glosseryk didn’t seem to care, he kept going through his bag of chips and shrugged.

“It’s mewberty, let it run it’s course.” He told the demon. Tom was about to protest when he heard Marco speak in an odd sounding voice.

“Deeeeeeeemon~!” He gushed. Om looked up at him oddly before Marco tackled him down in a hug. Marco lifted his hands up and stuck a red heart on Tom’s forehead. “Miiiine.” He said in a very low voice. He then started spinning some sort of web out of his finger tips and trapped Tom against the wall.

“Glosseryk! Help!” Tom cried. But the magic man was on his way back into his book.

“Nothing I can do, mewberty only lasts a few hours. Until then just humor him and don’t let him take any other boys prisoner. It took us weeks to find all the ones Star hid.” Glosseryk rolled his eyes. Tom was about to responded but Marco grabbed his face.

“No one else. Just youuuuu.” He sang. Tom got a nervous look on his face.

“Are you gonna eat me or something?” He asked. Marco giggled and stuck more hearts on Tom’s face.

“Miiiine.” He shook his voice. “Deeeeemon~” Marco said again. Tom looked confused and then Marco moved in, giving him a bunch of kisses on the face. “My demon, my boyfrieeeend!” He giggled. Tom blushed.

“Oh, I think I see what’s happening.” Tom finally saw. Glosseryk rolled his eyes.

“You dated Star, how do you not know what mewberty is?” He asked. “Marco will become obsessed with the things he likes, even more so to the things he’s attracted to.” He proclaimed. “So you’re in for a rough night, kid.” Glosseryk added, before jumping in his book.

Tom looked up at Marco who was flying right in front of him. Tom was wrapped in Marco’s red, heart web and attached to where the ceiling met the wall. “Uh… hi?” Tom smiled. Marco grinned very big and grabbed Tom’s face.

“Deeeeeeeemon~” He sang again. Tom blushed deeper and watched the mewberty human spin more webs and kept throwing Tom smiles.


“What do I do? It’s been days! I thought you said mewberty only lasted a few hours?” Tom asked. Glosseryk nodded, scooping out a handful of pudding.

“Perhaps it affects humans differently. Has he calmed down a bit at least?” Glosseryk asked. “I mean, you no longer look like you’re being held prisoner.” He added. Tom nodded and looked around to try and find the butterfly human.

“Yeah he toned it down but-” Tom was cut off when a red, heart web shot out of nowhere and wrapped up Tom. Marco sprung forward and pulled Tom in for a kiss. When he pulled away Tom looked over at Glosseryk. “I’m still sort of a prisoner.” Tom admitted. Marco giggled at him and Glosseryk narrowed his eyes.

“You like the attention don’t you?” He asked. Tom blushed and got an angry look.

“I’m being doted over by my boyfriend, can’t you let me enjoy this?” Tom demanded. Marco giggled and kept sticking more and more hearts on his face. Tom looked down at him and smiled big. Marco swooped in for a kiss.

“Myyyyyy deeeemon!” Marco sang. “Myyyy Tooommy!” He giggled. Tom smiled big and looked up at the magic man.

“How long is this going to last?” He asked.

“Are you asking because you want it to end… or you want it to continue?” Glosseryk asked. Tom rolled his eyes and looked down at Marco.

“Well I’m worried!” He insisted. Tom then trailed off. “But at the same time… this is really nice.” Tom added.

“Marco will be fine. It will wear off in time. And at the rate I observed you probably have about three more days of Marco acting like a lovestruck fool.” Glosseryk explained. Tom smiled big and went to hug Marco. Marco smiled and when Tom hugged him, he wrapped him up in his webbing and stuck him on the wall.

“Yoooou staaaaay heeeeere!” Marco smiled. He then flew up closer and kissed Tom’s nose. “I want my demon here!” He sang.

“I’m not going anywhere Marco.” Tom laughed. Considering that he was going through an outer-dimension molt, the fact he was trapping him and sort of keeping him a prisoner wasn’t as weird as it could be. The circumstances made it funny, and even a little cute. Tom wasn’t shown much affection at home, the underworld tended to be a cold place. So he didn’t mind this. He actually liked it. It was nice, and he was going to have a lot of fun teasing Marco about it later on. Marco kept sticking hearts on Tom’s head while the demon giggled.

Star opened the front door and pranced in. “Hey guys! I’m back from home! I had a trip to Mew i and I-” She cut off when she saw the house covered in heart webs and Tom was stuck to the wall, being cuddled and kissed by Marco; who had wings and six arms. She stood there for a moment and raised her eyebrows.

“I shouldn’t have let you eat Mewni food.” Star sighed, She looked over at Tom. “Sorry, Tom.” She sighed. Tom giggled as Marco kissed him over and over.

“I don’t mind.” He assured. Star rolled her eyes.

“You guys are gross.” She grumbled, but smiled to herself. “Grossly adorable.” Star giggled. She watched Tom laugh bush while Marco kissed him and covered him with those sticky hearts. She gushed at her cute friends. “Too cute!” Star giggled again.

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I love your thoughtful analysis, always have! This is just so perplexing though. A brother's wedding is a sacred family event for a photo op? Yet preceding behavior of Cait/Sam so coupley (T2 whistle). I think many of us have been in love and know what soulmate love looks like and that's it . Not to mention the mountain of receipts of shared lipstick. I've just so much cognitive dissonance on this one? Bec a wedding, New Year's eve is shared by couple too?

I agree with your Sam Cait analysis, anon.
Holiday traditions are different for everyone, anon, and in this case the New Years thing is actually pretty easy. Cait and Sam have seemed to split the holidays each year, spending one of the two together, and the other with friends. It’s something of a tradition for them it seems. And they alternate which holidays too- having switched it up each year. In 2015 it was Christmas apart and New Years together so this year it was no real surprise to see Sam so much in sync with Cait’s schedule as she (they) kept the holiday with her family in Ireland. And then both doing their own thing for New Years with Cait catching up with her LA gang and Sam doing some high altitude hiking in the Swiss/Italian alps.
The wedding is not any harder to explain. A wedding day is sacrosanct for the bride and groom, true, but hardly so for the rest. I don’t think this would be the first time a friend, or even an acquaintance, or even a blind date has been brought in as a plus one for a bridesmaid, or family member whose attendance at the reception is socially required but who cannot bring her regular partner, or who doesn’t have one. No one wants to be the only “single” sitting at the high table. And from the looks of the pics we got it seems the evening went about as well as many of those “don’t make me sit all alone at the family table wedding dates” go. That is to say, not really very well at all. A posed and awkward pic of them outside the venue and another of a man pretty obviously on his phone whilst a bored looking woman stares at the couples out on the dance floor seem to be the highlights of the evening- and it was over early too- by 10:30 the guy was back at the hotel and tweeting away. Sounds like a pretty typical “wedding date” to me, the kind they make the comedy movies about, anon. And since all the attention is focused on the bride and groom on their big day, one “date” more or less amongst the bridesmaids is not going to cause much of a ruckus- no matter what the purpose of the date really was, either just for picture taking, or otherwise.

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Can you give me a full, personal definition of "fake depth", and your personal comparison between "bad Japanese media" and "good Japanese media"

Fake depth for me would be Kingdom Hearts.

I’ve seen the charts for all of the crazy character relations and the game’s incredibly tangled history of clones and war and magical princesses, and that looks like depth from the outside. So much that it actually gets confusing as to who or what is where and why

But there’s obviously a theme in Kingdom Hearts – Heartless, Nobodies, keys to unlock doors of darkness… these aren’t just cool names for things, or they’re not supposed to be. Things like this typically link together to form an underlying meaning. It’s what separates accidental success from somebody who actually knows what they’re doing, and it’s where real, genuine depth comes from in media.

I linked this on Twitter a couple days ago, but here’s a very good video about the depth found in Cowboy Bebop, and how it utilizes its format as a television show to convey a larger message about these characters that you might not have picked up on at the surface (warning: there are spoilers, which would have mattered to me if I wasn’t spoiled on parts of Bebop years ago).

Kingdom Hearts has had ten games at this point, going on eleven, and though it keeps adding more twists, it’s not really getting any deeper than the surface level suggestions of “these names sound cool and are kind of related to each other.” There’s a lot of potential commentary on the nature of self, of what it means to exist, and the game takes steps in that direction but doesn’t seem to travel very far at all. I have never gotten a sense from any of the Kingdom Hearts games that there is a deeper underlying message like that.

A friend said something here that is maybe a little relevant:

The prevailing message I get from the circles I run in about the Kingdom Hearts games I have not played (75% of them, to be fair) is that “this series is kind of trashy but I love it anyway for fanboy/fangirl reasons.” Outside of simply untwisting the pretzel, nobody I know or respect has mounted a deep thematic analysis of Kingdom Hearts.

That’s “fake depth” to me: the suggestion of something bigger lurking below the surface, but in reality, it’s just the desire to look and sound cooler than you really are. That’s how I’d describe Kingdom Hearts, and that’s how I’d describe Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Instead of “saying something with nothing,” it’s the other way around: saying nothing with something.

a note from kaitlyn

hello, lovely people. i just wanted to say that amidst all this crazy drama, i am so thankful to every one of you who has either liked, reblogged, or commented on APWOA. i really didn’t expect it to start off so well and i’m honored that you all like it so much. i also wanted to thank everyone who has followed me since this morning. i went from ~50 to 84 today. i have no words to express how thankful i am for your love and support.

a couple of shout-outs, just for the sake of it:

@kalendraashtar for the signal boost and kind words, you are such a sweet soul! also @gotham-ruaidh , i look up to both of you so much and the fact that i’ve been able to talk to you and hear your thoughts has been extremely overwhelming to me. i feel like i’m living in a dream.

@internallydeceased for being my fellow teen and also just being overall amazing, thank you for being your kind self. 

and, of course, everyone reading this. i truly have no words to express my feelings right now. i am full of joy.

ALSO, while it’s on my mind: 

APWOA takes place during the 1910′s, right before World War ONE (I). a couple of people said it was WWII, so i wanted to clarify that. i hadn’t read anything from that time period yet, and really wanted to delve in and explore it. 

all in all, i am so full of love and thanks tonight, despite the bit of drama. thank you all so so so much, from the bottom of my heart. 💕


i know it’s kind of a meme in the fandom that viktor thought making A SCENE and greeting yuuri naked in japan but i think that was completely unintentional? which makes it even funnier imo?

allow me to explain

i don’t know exactly how long after yuuri’s video went viral that this scene happens, but it’s safe to say that at least a couple of days passed? perhaps a week or a bit more, even though the anime makes it look like it’s on the next day?

so he’s been avoiding the media for days, keeping his phone off so absolutely nobody’s going to be able to reach him until people forget about this madness 

which means he’s also entirely clueless about the rumors of viktor being his coach

and it makes it so much funnier because we know yuuri’s dad doesn’t know jack shit about figure skating, and viktor doesn’t know how to speak japanese AND IT WAS PROBABLY TOSHIYA WHO FIRST TALKED TO VIKTOR WHEN HE ARRIVED AT YU-TOPIA?


so what has happened was probably something like “i have no idea what you’re saying mr. foreign-dude but you’re probably here for our famous onsen so yes make yourself comfortable” which viktor, tired as fuck from his travel (a long ass flight from st. petersburg to tokyo, probably? plus the train from tokyo to hasetsu?) GLADLY ACCEPTS

hell yeah i’m going to enjoy the fuck out of his hot spring

since yuuri is nowhere to be seen why not take some time to relax after a long travel, am i right

it’s not like viktor would understand if yuuri’s parents were to say “oh yes yuuri is holed up in his bedroom but he’ll come out eventually” so as viktor is pretty sure he found the right place and that yuuri is there he’ll just wait and have a nice soak meanwhile


well, this was not how i had planned this to go but here you are?


in viktor’s mind, yuuri is this extroverted, outgoing party animal he got to know at the banquet and was absolutely mesmerized by, so he probably thinks yuuri’s going to be alright with this extra introduction? also knowing yuuri lives and probably worked at the onsen for a while viktor maybe just assumes he’s probably unfazed by nudity?

oh viktor, little did you know

it just gets funnier the more you look into it

Yuri on Ice fandom dilemma
  • Before ep 1: this looks like a neat anime but it's just going to be more sports with fujoshi-bait sprinkled in.
  • Before ep 7: Yūri and Viktor have a really cute relationship that breaks many stereotypes but unfortunately they're not going to be explicitly confirmed to be a couple.
  • Before ep 9: it's canon and we all rejoice but they're still going to keep plausible deniability of these two being together romantically, in order to avoid too much controversy.
  • Before ep 10: we're so glad to see more people accept them as a couple but let's be real, the "round and gold thing" is going to be the GPF medal, not an actual ring.
  • After ep 10: fuck it, just tell us the date of the wedding and how many kids and dogs y'all are planning on having.

Swan Queen (B4)

I haven’t drawn these two in forever! I missed drawing Regina’s hair SO MUCH. This is for @magicsophicorn from the expression/couples memes I reblogged on my personal account. 

Thanks for your submissions!

He caught her and never let her go again

Merry Christmas!! <3


It aint officially award season until sekai show up looking like if they expect to take home ‘Best Couple’. 


Wiishu’s new video with Jack was the best thing ever! I’m so happy :3 I just had to screenshot them <3

This is what I named the folder :3





But seriously though, they seem so happy together which is lovely to see and it makes me happy! <3

And when I heard “we should record more together” I was like AHHHHHHH YESSSSSS! :D I can’t wait to see more of them :3

Wonderful things in YOI ep 10

-Victor and Chris’s fabulous almost nude pool photoshoot
-The fact that Yuuri’s gotten so much more comfortable in his relationship with Victor that he’s just like “Victor take me sightseeing NOW” and looks at him extra cutely like he knows he’s gonna get what he wants
-Yuuri and Victor basically going on a little sightseeing date around Barcelona
-Otabek SWOOPING IN ON HIS MOTORBIKE to save Yurio from his fangirls
-Yurio and Otabek being weird grumpy buddies because they apparently hate everyone else
-Yuuri buying Victor couple rings and then coming up with the flimsiest fucking excuse ever like “It’s not a couple thing it’s just…a good luck charm!! I couldn’t think of anything else it just popped into my head no deeper meaning definitely not madly in love with you no sir!”
-The fact that Yuuri and Victor were both like trembling and tearing up when they exchanged their “good luck rings”
-Phichit seeing the rings and automatically assuming that Victuuri got married like everyone was expecting it already (but tbh half the skaters probably have been rooting for Victuuri since the banquet where Yuuri got smashed)
-Victor taking the couple rings thing up a notch by casually making them engagement rings ok then Victor
-Guanghong and Leo are trying to watch the Grand Prix live stream together my heart
-Yeorgi has a date I’m so happy for him!!!!! Maybe he’ll stop doing interpretive skating about murdering his ex now!

Ok this is probably my very favorite part of the episode.
-Drunk Yuuri shamelessly begging his long time idol to move to Japan and become his coach and Victor looking at this sloppy drunk boy clinging to him and looking like he’s just had a fucking religious revelation.

who’s copying now?

yuuri: stop copying me

yurio: stop copying me

yuuri: i’m being serious

yurio: i’m being serious

yuuri [smirking]: victor’s my dad

yurio: victor’s my dad

yurio: wait, no! fuck

victor [looking at both]: you bet i am

yuuri [blushing]: wait, no! fuck

yurio [smirking]: who’s copying now?

Hetalia Characters as stuff People say to me at Work

America: “So like is this produce American grown?”

Canada: “So I was looking at your maple syrup and you don’t seem to have any just regular maple syrup?!? It’s all the fake maple flavored crap!”

Germany: “I’m German and like cabbage…don’t judge me.”

Prussia: “What do you mean there’s an alcohol limit?! If I want 20 cases of beer I want 20 cases of beer!” (The state I live in has laws on how much alcohol you can buy in one transaction.)

France: “So beautiful what do I have to say for a date and maybe a couple dollars off?”

Russia: “Consumerism is just a plot by the government to control us all!”

Sweden: “I have a date tonight and just what flowers should I get? I’m sorry I’m just really nervous!”

China: “Its been so long since I’ve come to the store without children! I’ve forgotten how nice it is!”

Finland: “Do you have anymore eggnog in the back? I grabbed all I saw out but I still need like 6 more.”