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I’ll give you something better to suck on

 Prompt: pastel!dan teasing the fuck out of punk!phil by making sure to always be sucking on something,, bonus points for daddy kink -from @zazzhowell

Summary: Dan seems to always have something in his mouth to suck on to tease Phil, but Phil has had enough.

Wordcount: 1k

Genre: Honestly is that even a question like this is a smut blog what do u expect?

Warnings: Umm, smut? Swearing. All that nice stuff.

A/N: Bonus points for daddy kink? Oh i’ll give you daddy kink (sorrynotsorry). Also this is like totally not another highschool au bc i’m trash. Lmao i’ve been writing this for weeks i’m trash i know. (also hi lil shoutout to my frens lmao u know who u r yes it is i u now know my secret shh) also i never proofread these bc i’d cringe too much but just tell me if i have any major mistakes.

There he was again. This time it was a lollipop. A red one, that left a sticky, glistening coating on Dan’s lips. Phil swears he’s doing it on purpose. Every day for the last week, Dan has been sucking on something. Anything. And the way he always look at his boyfriend with those sweet, innocent eyes, as if he was not in the process of sticking something down his throat. And he knew the affect he had on Phil. The way he’s been accidentally brushing his hands over his boyfriend’s crotch or squeezing his thigh when they were sitting down, or quietly moaning with a lollipop in his mouth as he was now. But the worst part is, he hadn’t given Phil any all that week.

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What am I to you? PART 2

Too much alcohol. Too much parties. Too much fucking assholes around him. What is happening to Jooheon? And how can he stop this blind hate towards you? 

GENRE: Angst, little Fluff, little smutthish
TRIGGER WARNING:  + Mentioning of rape +

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“Did you ever fuck her?”

Jooheon tried not to flinch by this question but Alex wasn’t really the shy type and blurted things just out. Jooheon hated this. He hated this guy and his stupid clique. He hated the parties every weekends. But what he hated the most was you.

His anger towards you was so intense, he couldn’t even look in your way. He wanted to scream at you and ask what the fuck was wrong with you, but he didn’t. He was a fucking coward and hated himself the most of all these things.

“Hey! Earth to Jooheon!” Alex waved his hand right in front of Jooheons face.
“You seem distracted… did you think about Y/N?”

Jooheon looked at Alex and was so fucking ready to punch him and break his stupid nose. How dare he talking about you?

“No. I’d never fu… We were best friends. Just friends. Not more.” he mumbled and teared the grass beneath his feet apart.

“Whaaaat? But she’s so freakin hot! How couldn’t you even think about fucking her until she screams and can’t walk anymore?”

Jooheon tried not to think about the picture that Alex implied but he couldn’t stop imagine about you.

But he didn’t wanted to fuck you senseless into the mattress… he wanted to look in to your eyes when he slowly pushed inside of you for the first time. He didn’t wanted you screaming, he wanted that you mewl and whine his name with those perfect apricot lips. And it would hurt a little at first but he would whisper cute nothings into your ear until you relax.
Because he knew you were a virgin. He knew everything about you.

And then, you two would sleep with each other in your arms and everything would be fucking perfect and then he would say…

“Maybe she fucks those hot gut who was with her. What was his name again? Wonho?”
Angie, the blonde girl besides Jooheon said it.
“He’s one of the hottest ulzzangs on the campus. I heard that his abs are like the abs of a greek god…”

Jooheon tried to stay calm after hearing his name. Bad enough that he saw you and Wonho holding hands today in this café, and know he heard all those things that girls loved Wonho for. Fucking batshit.

“She seemed kinda shy. Maybe she’s a virgin.” the other girl said. She had short green hair and Jooheon forgot her name already five minutes after she told him.

“I would fucking teach her blowjobs…” Alex muttered and smirked to himself.

“When’s the party starting today?” Jooheon asked and quickly jumped onto his feet.

“8 pm I guess.” Alex shrugged his shoulders.  

“Ok. I’ll see you then.” Jooheon said and walked away.
Alex was a perv and definitely fucked every girl on the whole campus. Except you.
He was so angry and disgusted in himself. What was wrong with him? He skipped classes, he drank too much, he dreamed over a girl he couldn’t have because he was just her best friend.

“Hey, Jooheon! Wait!”

Jooheon stopped and turned his head. Fuck.

“Jooheonie! Where are you going?” Wonho laughed and put a hand on Jooheons shoulder.

I wish I could destroy his perfect white teeth, maybe then he would lost this annoying smile…

“Just going to the dorm.” he simply answered.

“I see… Well, to be honest I wanted to talk to you. See, you hang out a lot with Alex and his clique lately, and we’re just worried about you.”

Jooheon tried so hard to hate Wonho, but he couldn’t. Wonho was always a good friend to him…

“Especially Y/N is worried, you know.”

There it was again. All this blind hate towards you… Why did Wonho knew how you feel? Did you run into his arms and told him every fucking detail in your life? When did this start? When did you rather go to Wonho instead of him? And when the freakin fucking fuck did you started to call Wonho ‘Oppa’?! You never called Jooheon 'Oppa’, but he was older too!

“Aw c'mon… why don’t you all go and fuck yourself?” he mumbled and then just walked away. Wonho still stood there, slowly shaking his head.

The party was too loud, too full and too annoying. Fraternity party’s where the worst…

“Hey, what about we’re looking for a private room?” Angie asked after Jooheon sat beside her on the big sofa. Ugh. No thanks. He didn’t wanted another woman…  

“Maybe later…” he mumbled.

“Awww, c'mon Jooheonie!” she mewled and Alex began to laugh.  

“Yeah, go and fuck Angie. She’s a good sucker. Right, Angie?” he winked after Angie showed him the middle finger.

Jooheon closed his eyes and just listened to the music. Sort of electro mixed with Skrillex and a few high pitched screams.

“Well, well, well… Look who found the way inside of the lions den. The little shy kitten.”

Jooheon opened his eyes and couldn’t believe what he saw: You, standing in the door and looking around.
You looked just perfect in every way for him. A cute black dress and your wonderful long hair felt over your shoulders.

“Jooheonie! I’m drunk an horny! Why won’t you play with me?” Angie whispered into his ear and before he could even move away, she kissed him.
He tasted the alcohol on her lips and her perfume who was way too intense.

“Hey Kitten. We are here! Come sit with us…”

Jooheon pushed the girl lightly away and looked at you. He saw Alex patten his lap and saw your disgusted face and couldn’t be more relieved. Of course you wouldn’t do such a thing.
Then your eyes met and he wanted to slap himself. You looked so fucking sad and worried, he just wanted to held you in his arms.

“No thanks, I just wanted to look for Jooheon.”
your cute voice was music to his ears. How could you sound so innocent and pure?

“Oh, look Jooheon. You’re mommy is here again.” Angie scoffed and the other ones started to laugh.

“What do you want here?” his voice sounded harsher that he thought.
But what we’re you actually doing here? Here in this shithole full of pervs and criminals?

“I… I j-just…” you began but your voice died.

This happened to you since the first grade of middle school after Mrs. Wandler had called you out in front of the whole class.  
A few days later Jooheon mixed laxative into her coffee, because when he saw you there standing, stuttering and completely nervous, he fell in love with you. Since this day you were his very first priority.

“Where’s Wonho?” he asked but regretted it at the same second. Tears started to form in your eyes and then you just turned around.

“Forget it.”

And then you were gone… He hated himself so much. Why was he such an idiot towards you? He needed to apologise. Very fast or he would lose you forever.

“I’m going.” he sat and stood up.

“No! Where?” Angie seemed disappointed but he couldn’t care less.

He looked around for Alex but he was gone. Strange… Wasn’t he there a few minutes back then?
Doesn’t matter. He needed to go to your dorm and talk to you.


What the…? Was this your voice? Was he dreaming? He shook his head and claimed the loud music for this delusion.


Ok, no. This was definitive NOT imagination. This was your voice. Loud enough to hear all over this shitty music. Jooheon looked around but all he saw where drunk people who puked on the carpet or fucked against a wall. Fucking circus.
Then his look fell onto the door next to the stairs and pressed his ear against it.
And then he heard it.

You cried.

“Please don’t…”

Meanwhile you were a crying mess and tried to push this guy away from you but he held your hands over your head and kissed your neck.

“Are you a virgin? Just virgins are whining that much…” he laughed and you could have puked right there.
“But don’t worry Kitten, I’m gonna make you feel so good… you will beg for more and my dick.”

“Stop! Please stop! I don’t want this!” the tears ran down your cheeks but he just laughed and moved down over your body.

You felt his hands roaming over your stomach after he pushed your dress up. This was a nightmare. Your parents always told you to never go at this party’s. You knew it!
And now you were lying here, half naked and being raped in less than 5 minutes.

Just as his mouth arrived your panties, the door flew open with a loud Bang.
You saw Jooheon standing there and looked into his eyes when you saw something different into his gaze.

He snapped.

“You fucking asshole!” he yelled and his fist flew into the other guys face.
“I’m going to fucking murder you! You piece of shit!”

You just sat there a few seconds but then you suddenly awaken from your trance and saw what happened:

Jooheon leaning over the other guy, beating him again and again till blood ran all over his face and Jooheons hands.

“Jooheon! Stop!” you screamed but he didn’t listen. He just bashed the other guys head again and again.

“Jooheon! Please! You’re going to kill him!” you tried to push him away and finally he registered you and catched his breath.


“I’m here. I’m here.” you whispered and hugged him as thight as you could.

“What the fuck happened…” he asked and tears started to run over his cheeks.

The walk back to the dorms was quiet. Nobody talked. Nobody didn’t knew what to say. It was only when they stood at your door of your dorm.

“Do you want to come inside and talk?” you asked softly and Jooheon only nodded.

You two sat on your bed, a cup of hot coffee in their hands and kept silent.

“Y/N, what happened before… I… I’m sorry…”

“It’s okay.”

“Did he hurt you?”


“Did he… touched you?”

You didn’t know what to say. It was so damn close…

“I’m fine.”

Jooheon stood up and walked up and down in the small bedroom.
“Don’t lie to me. Tell me what he did… You must talk about this, Y/N.”

Jooheon leaned down and looked you dead serious in to the eyes.

“Jooheonie… I’m fine.” you spoke softly again. “Thanks to you…”

“I’m such an idiot…” he sighed and leaned into your neck.

“No. You saved me.” you whispered and ran your fingers trough his hair.

And then Jooheon looked up. Just a few inches away from you before he pressed his lips against yours.
You two fell behind in your bed and he softly kissed you and caressed your cheek.

“Jooheon…” you whimpered when you felt his fingers against your stomach. You needed him. You needed him to erase all those horrible memories from before.

“What?” he asked and looked straight into your eyes.

“I… I ned y-you…” you managed to say.

“After all this? Y/N, are you sure?” You found concern in his beautiful face.

“Yes… please.”

He quietly hummed against your neck and peppered it with small kisses.
“I’m not sleeping with you tonight…”


“Sh-Sh…” he pressed a finger against your lips. “This should be something special. But I’m going to make you feel good. I promise you, Baby.”

After managing to put your dress down, you were laying down again and watched what he was doing.
Jooheons eyes never lost your eyes and moved lower till he moved your panties slowly aside.

You felt his single finger against your womanhood and moaned softly.

“Does that feel good, Baby?” he asked and you nodded.


He slid your panties down and carefully spread your legs till they were completely parted and in front of his face.

Jooheon couldn’t believe all this. There you were lying: The girl he loves the most and with every fibre in his body. Legs spread wide and sofly panting.

The first lick against your clit was careful, soft. But after hearing you moaning, he licked again. This time a little harder.

“Oh god…” you moaned and saw him smirking.

“Everything okay?”

“Yes… yes. Please don’t stop… it feels good.”

After hearing your words, Jooheon added a finger in your meanwhile throbbing hole and softly pushed it in and out.

“I’m your first one right?” he asked and you opened your eyes.  
Of course he was! Who else would you ever want? You just wanted to feel all this kind of things with the man you loved.

“Of course…” you said and your fingers waved trough his hair.

After that he added another finger and brought his mouth back to your clit. He was sucking, nibbling and licking against it and you had the feeling to explode. His fingers were in a steady rhythm but the mixture of his fingers and his tongue pushed you over the edge.

“Oh god! Jooheon! Oh fuck…” you moaned out loudly and arched your back to the max.

There it was: the mewling and whimpering of his name in your cute voice. It was like music to his ears and he had to be careful not to come undone into his pants. He wanted to sleep with you, to push you softly into your bed or held you against the wall in the shower… but not today.

Today he just wanted to make you feel good and relaxed. This was his apologise to you…

Jooheon crawled on top of you and looked into your eyes.
“Y/N… I have to tell you something and why I was such a dick the last days…”

“Tell me…”'you whispered.

“I lov-”

“Y/N??? Are you here? Please open the door! I heard what happened!” Wonho basically bashed the door.  

Jooheon looked into your eyes and you saw as your sweet and caring friend disappeared and turned  into this cold ice statue again.

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So Yurio and OTABEK are the only ones who tied their bracelets around their ankles OF COURSE THEY DID THEY ARE EDGELORDS but look at my Victuuri here so innocent and happy you keep those bracelets on your wrist like the smol sinnamon rolls you are

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Can I have a Taehyung tongue appreciation post?? Pls?

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he’s looking so innocent here but we all know that he’s anything but innocent 

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I miss her too// Jughead Jones

The only reason Y/N knew that Jughead’s mom and sister had left was because Jug’s mother had left her a message saying that she no longer needed to babysit Jellybean. She went over to ask what had happened, but didn’t even leave her car when she saw Jughead slam the door on his dad’s disheveled face. He had a bag with him and he didn’t even look around him as he trotted down the streets.

It had been months. Y/N never stopped believing that Jughead had been staying with Archie Andrews, not that she talked with either one. She worried that he was suffering. She was suffering from having lost her sweet Jellybean, but it didn’t even come close to Jughead.

So every Friday afternoon, after school ended, she sat on the swings at the abandoned old kids park near the reserve and the Blossom’s house, and thought about everything. This had been hers and Jelly’s spot, and now it was empty and sad and lonely and hers. Hers alone.

That was until one day it wasn’t. One day she got there, dressed lazily with her headphones blaring songs that made her cry, and when she looked at the swings, Jughead was sitting there. To say she was surprised was a mild understatement. She stared at him and he stared back. His nostrils flared in annoyance and Y/N instantly knew that whatever was going to go down was nothing Jellybean would have approved of.

Regardless, Y/N was committed to her cause. She took her headphones off and strutted to the swings, sitting on the available one. She faced the darkening sky and breathed deeply, suffering from anticipation as to what Jughead would say next.

“What are you doing here?” He said, looking at Y/N in mild discomfort. He’d never had a full conversation with her, but he’d heard too much from his sister. Jellybean never stopped talking about Y/N, the babysitter.

Jughead had opposed to the existence of a babysitter from the start. He enjoyed spending time with Jellybean and had just as much free time as Y/N did. But his mother had insisted. She too was smitten.

“I come here every week. The real question here is why are you here?”

“Well let me see, Jason Blossom is dead, Miss Grundy just disappeared and I’m suffering from a particular case of writer’s block.” He complained, facing the same palette of oranges and she did.

“As if you cared about all of that.” Y/N scoffed. Nobody spoke after that. It was just silence. To her it was comfortable, her mind wondered to the sweet past and the horrifying future. For him it was awkward. He’d come here to see if he could find some sort of divine inspiration from the vague memories of his sister in this park. But now he was stuck with a girl he’d never really cared about and only now truly acknowledged.

“I miss her too.”

Jughead suddenly turned to the girl that had leaned her head to the chain of the swing, away from him.

“She’s missing you, too.” He let out after a while. It wasn’t a lie. Last they’d spoken on the phone she’d buried him in questions about her that he couldn’t really answer. Riverdale had been busy lately.

Now was Y/N’s turn to be surprised. She straightened herself up and looked Jughead Jones in the eye. “How is she? Where is she?” She couldn’t help herself truly. She really did miss Jellybean.

“She’s alright. She wants to go by ‘JB’ now, thinks it’s cooler.” He smiled at the sunset, averting his eyes at her curious innocence. She looked so vulnerable here.

A light chuckle came from next to him. “That’s Jellybean, alright.” Y/N said.

After a second of awkward silence, Y/N voiced her concerns for his wellbeing. “Are you still staying with Archie?” Indeed, she hadn’t been exactly worried with where he was staying. She hadn’t been worried about it at all, but he seemed too broken. He was here, after all. And in her eyes, this was where lost and broken souls went to heal by themselves.


“Yeah. I mean, you’re not staying at home right?”

“Yeah, no. It’s fine.” He said, but it was too late. Y/N found it pretty easy to deduce that there was no Jughead under the Andrews’ household at night.

“Jughead.” She called his attention. “Where are you really staying?”

Jughead sighed and looked away again. The obvious answer was lying, but it was something of a relief to talk about what was happening to an almost stranger.

“Currently, at the school.”

Sitting up, Y/N almost choked “what? Jughead you can’t be serious!”

“Well, I’m not joking.” He said, regretting his decision to tell her. Of course she would freak out.

“Dude, I have an extra bed, you can stay over if you want.”

“No, Y/N, it’s okay. I think it’s time to go back home.”

Y/N frowned in worry. She looked at the ground and rethought her words. “If ever you need a place to stay, my house has a great view of the reserve and the spare room has a window on the ceiling, so.”

Now was Jughead’s turn to chuckle. He looked at the ground and then sideways at her face.




“For what?”

“For talking to me. For caring even though we’re strangers.” Y/N smiled at that.

“You’re the last bit of Jellybean I have.” She said, smiling at him, feeling more comfortable by the second.

“Funny, I could say the same thing about you.”

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