they look so happy aww


Aww.. Baek looks so happy to be on stage with Yesungie :)

Most dedicated ELF; Park Chanyeol.

RyeoSoo :)

Awww.. Kris and Suho look so happy


Xiumin and Sungmin XD Too cute!!

Sehun being adored by Donghae

Suho living every ELFs DREAM

The two cuties again

Chen, I want to be in your position,or Kyu, I wouldn’t mind either XD

Tao dancing with Heenim, they are both too fab!

Baek doesn’t seem to mind xD

Suho, Kyu-biased

Kris, finding excuses to be near his bias

Tao got a bit emotional when SJ won xD

Kris went to a SJ concert xD

Baek happily being dragged away by Hae

Every ELFS wish is to get a selca with a member

And to not have to share that selca with any one elsexD

Then Tao wanted his chance (Poor Sungmin)

What a bonus, they even got Donghae in it!

Donghae Stan

Whispers “I like you more than Tao does” LOL XD

Can i just squeal for a moment <3

Lay is a Donghae biased too xD

I have loved looking over these again, EXO really love Super Junior and that is why I love both of the groups. TBH, groups that love Super Junior are always groups I start to love because if they love Super Junior then they must be really awesome!! xD


[Evgenia Medvedeva SP 2017 Russian Nationals]



She looked so happy aww ;w;)/ The queen of YOI fandom!!!

You know what?

I was so happy when i saw this scene. Just look at Heiji, like aww, he’s so cute. And it would be amazing if he really solved the case this time and not Conan.

I mean, Conan, I love you, but please, let my Heiji shine this time

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oh my dog! that was such a cute! aww ansy looks so happy, my face hurts from my smiling soo much dawwwww (๑>◡<๑)

Asy is A+ on Adorkable scale, yep! Plus he’s very expressive; it was absolute joy to figure out just the right thing for every panel! :D