they look so happy :')


I CAN’T BELIEVE HE’S TURNED ONE ALREADYY- bless this beautiful soul for alway cheerin me up thru the yearr ;;;v;;;/ Hav this Gothy attempt to carryin him~!!!

yea.. attempt…



170726 Leeteuk’s Instalive with Eunhae~

♤ Donghae on teuk’s instalive “heechul hyung is also doing instalive so i hope to snatch all the fans here’ xD

♤ Teuk and eunhae are shopping at a convenience store and hyuk is trying to find strawberry milk. 

♤ Hyuk picking out strawberry milk. he was saying that he doesn’t want it if it’s yogurt LOL he only wants milk.

♤ Teuk and Hyuk arguing about which ramyeon is tastier.  

♤ Teuk told hyuk to buy mags and picked a mag with a girl in bikini on the cover. He was like THIS IS YOUR FAVOURITE!!

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I swear, I’ve seen homeless people take better care of dogs than people with stable jobs and lots of money.
I just saw a homeless dude with 4 dogs, all of them clean and with collar, he was carrying some bags and blankets (his home) and collecting recyclables to sell and take care of the dogs.

I usually think people without resources shouldn’t own pets, but to see them adopting stray animals and MAKING the resources to care for their pets. They take homeless dogs and cats and they are a family, they have a home now, a moving loving home.

I’ve seen dogs in worse situations with “rich” people that don’t even bother buying a collar or forget to feed them.

For the conditions of the dogs I could swear his dogs eat before him and he works what he can selling the recyclables to keep his dogs in good health.

I asked him if he could wait a moment, rushed to the nearest dog and bought a 700gr bag of dog food for his dogs, he was so damn happy, he didn’t even ask me for anything for himself.

I bet if he could he would let the dogs go to a better home, I bet he wants what best for them, but he really does his best and he dog’s were so damn happy, it mover me.

Really, I’ll punch in the face anyone that “can’t afford” something for their pets, if these guys can, everyone can.
It’s about love and determination.


26th of July is the birthday of Mick Jagger, the one and only frontman of Rolling Stones! He is the walking legend, the one who brought sex and energy into rock'n'roll and inspired thousands of young people to follow his way. Happy birthday, Mick!


170726 Jimin’s Tweet

이건 막내랑 같이 밥 먹었던 곳에서

This is at the place where I ate with the maknae

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