they look so fit


Am I still thinking about that one AU? Yes, definitely


There is a moment

where you say to yourself

“Oh there you are

I’ve been looking for you f o r e v e r


Lapis redesign because I dislike her canon one. Specifically because of the fact she doesn’t really have any shapes that really DEFINE her, like Garnet = Squares, Amethyst = Circles, Peridot = Triangles ect, I associated her with a water drop shape cause…. y’know w a t e r.

Also got rid of the horrid neon blue colors and gave her speckles of yellow, like the ACTUAL LAPIS LAZULI GEM HAS. Why didn’t she have any sort of yellow incorporated into her design in the first place.


have some vintage lesbian swing dancing

Promotional Trailer for The Raven Cycle as a Netflix Original Series