they look so cute in this video

After Goofy’s walks we take a bit of treat and bury it in the blankets. He rustles around and eventually finds it. (A busy dog is a happy dog, yadda yadda yadda.) Here is his moment of discovery after 5-6 minutes of searching. He always looks so weird chewing anything that’s not his dog food.

He thinks it’s real :“) oh boy
And then I thought about how this may happen with the ig accounts and so…and when skam ends…it will be like a reminder of the series…and people will be like oh how cute this gay couple is! Look at this YouTube channel I found! They just made 10 videos and then left without saying nothing?
That’s sad

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Thoughts on Xiumin having a cat???? I DIDN'T KNOW THIS... (I bet if he still remembered his ig password we could have had so many cute cat videos by now)

STRONG feelings. Listen, he’s hiding the pics because once he posts that face and it looks just like one of Luhan’s cats we’ll know for sure that Exo-M is still together and adopting cats from the same litter and SM isn’t letting this happen that’s why we’re getting all of this Exo dog propaganda. Also, remember when Exo were all arguing about whose dog is best and JD was like 👀👀👀some MEMBERS have CATS too 👀 so anyway he’s also got a cat and Exo-M still have hangs and circle around one cat making excited sounds because it rolled over and they’ve got phones out taking pics and then they eat pints of ice cream. Anyway it sounds really nice that Min is always with his cat it’s probably 150 adorable and what I’m getting at is LEAK PICTURES OF EXO’S CATS


Hi there! I’m Allie! I’m 20, and I live in the U.S., specifically Alabama.

I’m interested in a variety of things, but some of my main interests include cute things, anime, art/design, video games, the horror industry, animals, etc. 

I would love to find someone who’s also interested in art so we can swap doodles, but it’s fine if you aren’t! 

If you’re interested, you can send me an ask at or you can DM me on instagram. Username: alleloh (o˘◡˘o)

People I saw at the DM concert

- A man who kinda looked like young Dave
- A lady from Israel with cool dreadlocks
- Men who dressed up as Dave from the music video of Enjoy the silence
- An austrian man everyone thought was working at the show when in fact he actually used his device to track frequencies so he could hear what’s going on inside the venue
- A cute girl whoiwastooafraidtotalkto
- My ex-english teacher
- A dude with black lipstick and eyeliner with his two kiddos
- A lady who was like a G.I Joe sHE HAD A 6 PACK