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Perfect (Jimin x reader)

Genre : smut, body worship, slight dom/sub
Plot : When you tried to get intimate, he panicked and flew away. This time you want to know the truth.

Reader POV

Me and Jimin have been dating for four months now, everything was perfect except one thing… everytime i tried to get more intimate with him, he ran away, like literally. Is it me ? It can’t be, he tells me all the time how gorgeous I am and how my body looks so perfect. I know he’s attracted to me, I could feel it multiple times against my leg, or when I brushed it with my hand. I tried everything, waiting for him in sexy lingerie, going out of the shower with only a towel on, leaving the door open when I change, bending down as far as I could to pick up an object, even dancing sexily in the living room. But nothing, he always watched me for a minute and then go with a small smile. What if he’s asexual ? No he would have told me.
I’m getting tired of it, tonight I won’t give him the choice. I texted him saying I really wanted to see him quickly because I had a surprise for him. I knew he can’t resist me when i send a cute selfie so he said yes. I wore a long black silk bathrobe with a black lacy bra and matching thong underneath. I knew it was his favorite.
I finally heard the door unlocking.
- Hey baby, he said with a smile.
- I missed you so much… I whispered, biting my lip.
- So where is my surprise ?
He was so innocent it was actually cute.
- Just follow me.
I lead him to the bedroom while swaying my hips seductively.
- Sit on the bed baby. I said with a confidence I didn’t know I had.
He sat obediently, still looking at me with wide doe eyes. I straddled and began kissing him softly, he seemed surprised at first but responded to my kiss nonetheless. I started licking on his bottom lip demanding entry, he opened his mouth so our tongues could dance together. The kiss got heated, I reached out to take off his sweater but he stopped me.
- Jimin what’s the problem ? Do you not desire me ?
- Y/N it has nothing to do with you I swear…
- Then what is it ? I have the right to know.
He started fidgeting, clearly uncomfortable. I sat next to him and waited for his answer.
- It’s complicated….
- Go ahead Jimin.
He looked at me, his eyes were wet and his lips quivered.
- If’s just… you’re perfect and I’m just me. I don’t have abs anymore, my thighs aren’t as muscular as they used to be and I lost some arms too. Also I’m not that well endowed down there… everytime i look at you I feel like I don’t deserve to touch you. I knew you would be disappointed.
I was speechless, I never imagined he had such thoughts… my Jimin was still so insecure, it made my heart ached. I sat down next to him and took his hands in mine.
- Listen to me Park Jimin. You are beautiful, everything about you is perfect. I don’t care if you don’t have abs, or thighs or whatever. I’m not going to love you less. And i love because of who you are inside. I love how you’re so caring and compassionate, how you always put yourself second. I love how dedicated to your career you are, how much effort you put into everything you start . I love how you always ask how I feel, how you’re always there for me. There’s so much things I love about you, I could write a book.
He was blushing furiously now, trying to hide it with his sweater paws.
- Don’t hide yourself love… let me take care of you okay ?
He slightly nodded his head. I slowly pushed him backwards so that he could lay on the bed.
- See those lips ? They’re gorgeous, so kissable …
I said before biting his lower lip. He moaned softly. I continue licking his lips and sucking on them while sneaking my hand underneath his shirt. His skin was so soft, I could feel him tremble under my touch. I began pinching his nipple, he closed his eyes arching his back. So sensitive.
- The sweater needs to go, I want to see all of you.
- I’m not sure…
- Jimin, trust me okay.
I kissed his jaw, his neck while taking off his sweater. I took the time to look at him.
- You’re so beautiful Jiminie, your skin is so soft and pure. You have no idea how hot you are.
He blushed at my comment, trying to cover his body. I pushed his arms away and continue sucking on his neck leaving purple marks.
- Now everyone will know you’re mine.
I went down to his chest and started sucking on his nipples, making him moan loudly. I continued playing with them, loving how they hardened against my tongue. Now they were all erect and red from my ministrations. I loved how Jimin looked right now, his eyes closed and mouth slightly open, looking so inviting.
I licked his torso and cute tummy, altering between kisses and love bites. All mine.
When I arrived at his waistband I looked at him asking for permission. His eyes but dark filled with lust.
- Yes Y/N do whatever you want, I’m yours. He said breathing heavily.
I took off jeans, leaving him in his white underwear, he looked so innocent like this.
I could see a patch of pre cum on his boxer, I gave it a lick palming it through the thin layer of cotton. He shuddered.
- More please give me more. He asked in a whine.
- As you wish my baby.
I sled his boxer down his legs and let his member sprang free.
- See, all of you is gorgeous, I love your little cock, so hard for me.
I took it my hand, feeling how hot he was. I passed my thumb on the tip spreading the pre cum around it. He threw his head back, biting his lips.
- Don’t restrain yourself, I want to hear you.
I continued stoking him while kissing his inner thigh.
- Please I want your mouth. He begged.
- What do you mean honey, be precise.
- Put me in your mouth please.
I slowly licked the tip, his breathing started to quicken. I took the head in my mouth, savoring the taste of pre cum. I traced the big vein of his shaft with my tongue, loving the high pitch sounds I get from Jimin. I took him all in my mouth, beginning slow movements bobbing my head up and down. He groaned and whined thrusting his hips forward. I accelerated my pace, while gently grabbing his balls. I could feel his member throb against my tongue, he was going to cum soon. I stopped and stood up, opening my silk bathrobe to reveal the black lacy lingerie. He looked at me his eyes wide open.
- I can’t wait to have you inside me…
I took off my thong and positioned myself on top of him, his member at my entrance. I could feel my pussy adjust to his size slowly taking him whole.
- How do you feel baby ? Do you like the feeling of my walls squeezing your dick ?
- Yes yes I love it Y/N, move please !
I began bouncing up and down on his cock, loving his grunts and moans. I decided to change the position and went on all four, giving him a sexy off the shoulder look.
- Come fuck me Jiminie. I said while biting my lips.
He hesitated a bit before placing himself behind me. I could feel the tip brushed my pussy lips, I was so wet. Finally he entered me. His movements were slow like he was afraid he would break me.
- Come on Jimin, be rough let go I won’t break.
He started fucking me at an erratic pace. I let out a loud moan when he hit my g spot right on.
- You fuck me so good baby, harder please !
- I love you Y/N so much. He said between moans.
I went on my back and opened my legs for him, inviting him to come between them.
In one thrust he was inside, not even waiting for me to adjust anymore. We were both moaning and panting chasing our orgasms.
I could feel his member twitching inside of me, he was close.
- Baby don’t cum until I say you can okay ?
- Yes. I’ll try.
He kept hitting my sweet spot, I could feel my pussy tighten around him, a few more thrusts and I came with a loud moan.
He kept fucking though making me tremble from overstimulation. I knew he was containing himself so me so I went on my knees and took him inside my mouth, I sucked and licked, he looked so fucked out it was beautiful. A few more flicks of my tongue and he came in my mouth. I swallowed every drop of his cum before giving him a sweet kiss.
- See baby, you’re perfect. No need to be shy anymore okay ?
- Okay Y/N thank you. He said with a smile.
We stayed in bed cuddling with each other and fell asleep, his arms around my waist and his head in the crook of my neck.

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I look a lot younger than I am, so I have always attracted younger guys. Now that I'm 30 I have guys in their early 20s coming after me and even though I rarely give in because I'm too lazy, the rare times I have it turned out to be super fun because they tend to be a lot more submissive when they're younger than you. When it comes to relationships it's different because other factors come into play (job, marriage etc), but trust me, you girls shouldn't have a prejudice towards younger guys :)


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How important are looks to you in a relationship?

i think that attraction is important. it’s important to find yourself attracted to your partner, but i also think it’s important to fall in love with more than just their looks because so much more than their looks can contribute to your attraction to them. my girlfriend is sooo pretty, but i think i find her so beautiful because she gives off light, i feel so calm being with her, she’s my best friend, she makes things easy and i can talk to her about anything. you can find someone attractive, but if they don’t have qualities you’re attracted to, you’re really failing yourself.

someone: *draws hunk skinnier in an effort to make him look more attractive*

me: screencapped and emailed to my lawyer. She will have filed charges by tomorrow afternoon. By law We must allow you 48 hours to remove the offending material. If not, you will be charged with defamation of character, libel, and criminal mischief, all misdemeanors. You will face a judge trial.

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