they look shit

lil cock flapping his wings

Caleb and Adam go to a party. It’s a nice party. The food is good. The people are chill. Then Caleb eats like three fucking pot brownies by accident. Getting snacks for your giant, high, empathic boyfriend is not the worst way to spend a night. (ao3)

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anonymous asked:

you look just like the girl from the movie hating Allison Ashley !!

I literally don’t lmao when will people stop saying I look like [white woman with brown hair]? I have BPD and it gives me such an identity crisis when people say I look like someone else, it’s my biggest pet peeve. I know you probably meant this in a funny / kind way but I honestly find it triggering to a certain extent. It’s also funny that I keep being compared to people I don’t like / find unattractive.


i was tagged by @imchangki @wonholypeach @hyungnu & @imshownus to do the #beautifulmonbebe challenge. (you’re all so beautiful pls)

i really dont know how wonho can look so much like art but there we go

i’m gonna tag - @messtalia @lunadoyle18 @bunnywonho @messyandstressed (how did i accidentally unfollow wtf sjsks) @monstaexo & any one else that wants to do this.


I was tagged by my babababy @tranquies and @btsjojo (ahah sorry im just now doing this) so here u go ♡

I’ll tag my lovelies: @jaehwans-thighs , @taetaes-elephant , @hakyeon-go-go , @hongpeenus , & anyone else who wants to show me their beautiful face! ☆