they look shit

I once sat next to a contortionist on a really packed rail replacement bus and I’ve never felt a fear like the one I felt as she just… fitted in… somehow. It was this deep, primal discomfort… like… this shouldn’t be happening. The worst bit was that it didn’t look like she was doing anything, it wasn’t like there were limbs wrapped round things or anything… but no human should have been able to fit in the space she was sitting in.

14 year old me’s art, which 14 year old me hated:

17 year old me’s art, which 17 year old me is proud of:

Keep it up aspiring artists no one starts at the top

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are you and bananahut the same person?


jkjk but in all seriousness her and i ask the same question all the time like… technically we are separate human beings, but r we really?? i wonder…. 

stefy is my actual best friend in real life tho and i love her so much that i made this collage to represent our friendship 

here is a larger version of this pic so u can see all the juicy details like that tinder dude’s ass and her hot dad - 

Halloween couples costume tag

So I got tagged by @jungk0oksthighs 💞💞💞

Rules: Upload a picture of you with a filter of your choice, and use the same filter on a photo of your bias! Hashtag your ship name, use emojis to describe your ‘costume’ & tag 5 others!!

So here’s Hyoyeon and my (ugly) face :p

You have been half blessed and half not  #Navyeon I saw neon but yeah


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Gives Albert one homemade browine "I heard that you like browines luckily I made some and you can have one" (no really I did make browneis for my family in rl)

A: “A brownie? Thank you so much for this! I had not had a brownie for such a long time!”

K: D^:< !!!

Protective brother alert–


his dimples… i’m too weak,, he’s actually so beautiful i can’t stop cryin