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Preference 1: You're His Tutor

Luke: You were surprised when Luke approached you one day, asking for help in algebra. You weren’t the top of the class or anything, but you weren’t struggling either - like Luke was, apparently. He was timid when asking, keeping his eyes downcast and his hands deep in his pockets as he asked, “Hey, uh, you seem to doing good in this class so, ah, do you think you could help me?” There was a faint blush that reddened his cheeks and his neck, and his eyes would skip from the ground to your face every few seconds as he asked. You agreed to help him, of course, because why not? There’d be no harm in that. So, with a faint smile on your lips, you agreed to help him. The next day, when you met him in the library to review that day’s lesson, it turned out Luke really didn’t need help. “I just wanted an excuse to talk to you, that’s all.” And, once more, the blush appeared on his cheeks and neck.

Calum: History was pretty easy for you. You were able to memorize the dates and important figures and link the major events together in a cause-and-effect way. While studying in the library one afternoon, you looked up as the chair across from you scuffed the carpet as it was pulled back. One of you classmates, Calum, sat in it and laid his books out in front of him. He gave you a smile and then opened the book in front of him. Over the next few days the same pattern continued, except every now and then he’d ask you a question or ask if he answered a question correctly. After about two weeks of this, you two became friends, and you also ended up tutoring Calum and helping him pass History with a low B.

Ashton: It was your senior year of high school and had one open period. Your teacher suggested you become a tutor; you could pick what you wanted to teach, it was an easy A, and it counted towards college. There were no other good classes to take, so you signed up to be a tutor. As you waited at your little table, you watched as those who needed tutoring slowly walked in and found their tutor. “Ah, are you (y/n)?” You looked up, seeing a boy with slightly messy, kind of curly sandy brown hair with one hand holding his books and the other on the top of the chair. “Yeah, that’s me,” you said, nervously shifting in your seat as the boy, who introduced himself as Ashton, sat down. “So I’m kind of doing shit in English…” Ashton said, hanging you a page of what he was studying. “How can you be failing English?” You asked in a lightly joking tone, though you took the sheet and looked it over. “I don’t like writing, ok!” He said, following it with a laugh as he leaned forward on the table with his forearms. “Well then maybe we can change that,” you counter with a raised eyebrow, copying Ashton’s position as he handed him his sheet back.

Michael: Sitting in economics, you frowned down at the textbook trying to understand what it was talking about. You jerked a bit when a note rolled over the pages you were reading. Using the person in front of you as a shield, you opened the note. Think you could possibly reteach me everything from the past month? -M You looked over your shoulder, seeing Michael give you a sheepish smile. You two talked once or twice, mainly when you were assigned to work together. Shaking your head you quickly wrote Maybe if you weren’t writing notes all the time you’d understand. and tossed the note back as the teacher stared at a book on her desk. You heard Michael scoff behind you and, in a few seconds, had a messy response written under yours. Please I’m desperate. Tutor me. You turned to looked at Michael, mouthing ‘fine’ and letting out a quiet laugh as a highly relieved look appeared on his face.