they look pale as hell

What I’m going through shot lipgloss through my veins


is this what the kids call cute 

I just fucking can't with the whitewashing

Today I had an argument with someone who was trying to justify the fact that they frequently whitewashed pictures of bts. Why is that okay? Why do people think its attractive to see the boys looking like ghosts?

They posted a photo where Hoseok looked DEAD because he was so pale. Hoseok is golden as hell, like have you seen that boy? His skin is beautiful, I don’t understand why you’d have to desaturate it so much that he looks like he died and came back.

Same thing with Namjoon. I used to always think to myself “Why does his hair always look so dull?” it shouldn’t look that dull for someone who dyes their hair vibrant colours… But then I saw a picture of him that wasn’t touched by Photoshop. He’s super tan and his hair is SUPER vibrant. But you’d never know because so many of his pictures are made to look pale…

Why say you love them when you can’t even accept their skin colour?

Flat Shopping || Philter

He finally decided to get a flat. He has more than enough money from his dealing to pay the first few months of rent. But he needed a job to keep his money flowing. But he’d worry about that later. He bought a newspaper, scanning the ads a lower monthly rent option jumped out at him. Small, one bedroom and bathroom but he didn’t need much room and it came with a car parking spot, perfect. He got up from his seat on the cafe lawn when his arm bumped into someone making him curse. “Sorry,” he said, not looking at them until the perfect caught his arm. He looked, who the hell was this person? And then he paled. Peter. “Oh,” he whispered. “Sorry I didn’t see you there.”

I hate fansites that whitewash so much (aka like 99.7% of them). Like lmao leave their skin alone? who gave u the right to edit their skin? Ur basically saying u hate the idol the way they are so fuck you and you don’t deserve them? fuck off?

And you even have the audacity to screenshot an actual video posted by the group themself and whitewash the screenshot? Like ??????? I dont wanna hear the “thats their actually skintone” bullshit bc u literally just used proof they are tan and made them look pale as hell?