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Not the One Part: 3

Summary: The reader has a massive crush on the Winter Soldier but he has eyes for a red headed.

Warnings: ANGST. CUSSING. 

Author’s Note: Thank you all for the love! I just hope y’all will like it.

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It’s been 6 months since Barnes and Romanoff announced their engagement to the team but it’s been 7 months since they told you privately. It’s been 7 months since you lived in the Avengers tower. It’s been 7 months and you haven’t been the same Y/N everyone knows all to well. You moved out from the tower the day they told you about their stupid fucking engagement and you weren’t the only one who thought it was stupid. The whole team knew your love for the soldier and they congratulated them but they couldn’t help the look of disappointment that was painted on each and every one of their faces. 

You were cleaning your kitchen as Kodaline played in the background. You felt the sting on fresh tears seeping their way threw your waterline. You continued to clean while the tears raced down the sides of your face. 

Broken bottles in the hotel lobby
Seems to me like I’m just scared of never feelin’ it again
I know its crazy to believe in silly things
It’s not that easy I remember it now it takes me back to when it all first started
But I only got myself to blame for it and I accept it now
It’s time to let it all go, go out and start again
It’s not that easy But I’ve got high hopes
It takes me back to when we started

“Hi I’m Y/N, I’ll be your new partner.” You were too excited to be teamed up with Bucky Barnes that you were literally jumping up and down with excitement. Bucky chuckled at your child-like personality and flashed you a winning smile as he turned around to face you fully. 

“Hi I’m Bucky, it’s nice to me you.” He had a faint pink tint on his cheeks while your whole face looked like a damn tomato. You looked anywhere but him and mumbled a ‘you too.’ 

That was the first time you met Bucky Barnes. 

High hopes
When you let it go go out and start again
High hopes
When it all comes to an end
But the world keeps spinning around And in my dreams I meet the ghosts of all the people who’ve come and gone
Memories they seem to show up so quick but they leave you far too soon
Naive I was just staring at the barrel of a gun
I do believe it But I’ve got high hopes
It takes me back to when we started

”Y/N! WATCH OUT!” You felt something percolate down your right side and then you felt the rush of the pain at once. You crumpled into the dirt landing on your side and you saw feet treading towards your line of vision. They stopped abruptly in front of your face and you looked at the mysterious man with the heavy footsteps. You didn’t see his face but you did see the barrel of a gun pointed directly in between your eyes. You didn’t cry or beg, you braced for it. 

“NO!” Bucky tackled the man a little too harshly due to the pain of the tackle the pain shot your shoulder. With a quick snap of the neck, the enemy was laying lifeless in the dirt. You applied pressure to the wound on your shoulder and your side. 

“Bucky I-” 

“You’re so stupid Y/N! You could have gotten everyone killed!” You kept your mouth shut the rest of the ride back to the tower. 

That was the first time Bucky made you feel worthless. 

High hopes
When you let it go go out and start again
High hopes
When it all comes to an end
But the world keeps spinning around
But I’ve got high hopes
It takes me back to when we started
High hopes
When you let it go go out and start again
High hopes
When it all comes to an end
But the world keeps spinning around
[x2]Yeah this world keeps spinning
How this world keeps spinning around

You just received the worst news of your life and you are running away from it. Bucky is getting married to someone who was suppose to be your friend. 

“I’m leaving.” You appeared in the lounge area with your luggage in tow and your eyes hallow. The team paused the movie they were watching for movie night. You decided to tell them together rather than rumors spread or someone be missed. Even Barnes and Romanoff were there. 

“Why?” You scoffed at Steve’s acting and threw him a raised eyebrow to which he returned with a sad shrug accompanied by a tearful smile. 

“I’ll visit.” You smiled to the team as they one by one came and hugged you along with a couple of ‘please don’t go’ and ‘I’ll go with you.” You chuckled at Wanda’s stubbornness to not take no for an answer that she was moving with you. She eventually backed down with some of Visions logical reasoning. The team carried your belongs to the truck as the engaged couple came to talk to you. 

“Y/N.. what happened to you?” Natasha’s comment triggered something in you and you began to sob. 

“Yo-you want to kn-know what happened to m-me? YOU HAPPENED TO ME, BOTH OF YOU!” Your crying began to make your body shake with pain and grief. “You were suppose to be my friend Natasha. I really do hope it’s worth it. I really do hope that you both will fall in love with each other at some point because otherwise the years that I will have to endure without you Bucky, will be wasted.” You sniffled as you finally felt some weight being lifted off your shoulders. You didn’t get a response as you began to walk to the elevators. You looked over your shoulder to find a tear slowly falling down his face and Natasha looking disheveled. 


You blinked a few times as you remembered the memories that will scar you for a lifetime. Wiping the tears from your face, you made your way to the living room. You dropped your body onto the couch and reached for your laptop, thinking Tumblr would help your mood. You just logged in when your phone began to ring and at the sound you groaned rather loudly. When Steve’s name came on the screen you pressed accept. 


“Y/N! It’s Bucky, he’s been shot.. he might no-”

“I”M ON MY WAY!!” You were already in your truck when you hear Steve’s panic voice and you sped in the direction of the tower. Not giving Steve a chance to decline you hung up on the Captain. Your eyes began to leak huge tears as you thought about never being able to even hear his voice or see his smile. 

You made it to the tower in less than five minutes and parked your car in the garage then rushed your way to the medical bay. When you got to the medical bay you saw Bucky standing there looking confused and stunned. Your eyebrows furrowed and you walked in further as you examined his stature. Your hair and eyes slowly became a fiery red as you figured Steve lied to you about Bucky’s life being in danger. 

“He did it to get us to talk.” Bucky noticed your rage and began to think it was best to calm you down before you get a hold of Steve.  You had your back turned to the soldier as you tried to calm down for Bucky’s sake and began to slowly turn around and look at him, really look at him. 

“You look like shit.” Your words ran true and you didn’t hold back either. He looked like he just got back from hell. He’s skin is pale and transparent almost, his once blue eyes are now grey and dead, his hair is greasy and messy, his lips were chapped probably from dehydration, his shoulders are slumped and he looks like he hasn’t slept in months. You wrinkled your nose at the man as you thought how sick he must feel. 

At your comment and first words of choice, Bucky threw his head back and clamped a hand over his stomach due to his belching laugh. Your eyes twinkled a little at his smile and the response he gave you. Subconsciously you took a couple steps forward, you wanted to be around him. 

“You too.” You scoffed at his shortness but you laughed through your nose as you found he was right. You turned to look at your reflection on one of the glass windows. Your hair looked like it suffered a hurricane disaster, your eyes were slumped, your skin was paler than usual, your body was slumped over as though gravity was failing and your eyes were red and swollen. You cringed at your appearance in the reflection and tried to fix your hair. 

You sighed and began to walk towards a chair near Bruce’s desk. Bucky studied your every move and you began to grow nervous under his intense stare. You thought about talking but what would you say? So you decided to snoop through Bruce’s desk and you came a across a rubber band ball. You snickered and threw the ball at a wall to your right and watched it bounce off and land in your hands. 

“We should talk Y/N.” You didn’t look his way as he spoke in a gentle manner.

“Talk then.” You began to grow engrossed with the ball and you were about to catch it when a metal hand beat you to it. You rolled your eyes as you stood up and walked towards a table to sit upon. You pushed yourself on the table and looked at Bucky in a waiting stare.

“The team misses you..Y/N please move back in.” You rolled your eyes and stared in a different direction than the handsome man in front of you. 

“No.” Your voice was blunt and held nothing but emptiness. You glanced his way and saw the irritation in his eyes. He obviously didn’t want to do this but you guess Steve made him do it. You rolled your eyes as irritation began to cloud your calm state. You didn’t want to be here unless it was an emergency. This wasn’t an emergency.  

“And why not?” Bucky was getting annoyed with your stubbornness. You whipped your head in his direction in a millisecond. You glared your stone cold eyes at the foolish man before you. 

“Are you seriously asking me that question?” At this point your anger disappeared and was replaced with hurt. Your voice was laced with desolation as you spoke. 

“COME ON Y/N! GET OVER IT, I CHOSE HER! YOU LOST!” Bucky threw his arms in the air and he almost looked pained to say those words. 

“I DIDN’T LOSE BECAUSE YOU NEVER GAVE ME A CHANCE! HOW CAN I LOSE WHEN I WASN’T GIVEN A CHANCE TO COMPETE?!” You had tears dashing down your face and you had abandon your place on the table and now stood before Bucky. You were only two feet away from him as you screamed at his blindness. Bucky seemed at a loss for words so you continued your rant. 

“How can you say you don’t love me when you don’t know the first thing about me? How can you tell me to get over you? I love you Bucky. Do you know what that means? It means I’m going to pretend to love your music even when I want to blow my brains out when I hear Frank Sinatra playing. It means I’m going to always look for your favorite ice cream at the store and if they don’t have it, I’ll find it somewhere in this crowed city because the look on your face when you see it brightens my day. It means I’ll let you think that you killed more bad guys than me on missions because you look so happy when you win. It means I’m going to take all the mean comments and hateful looks because at least you are talking and looking at me. It means I’m going to let you have the last piece of dessert even if it’s my favorite. It means I will hunt down those bastards that did this to you because when I hear you scream at night, the only way I can go back to bed is to go to a HYDRA base and light them on fire. It means that I could listen to you all day about anything and everything. It means that I want you to be happy everyday even if it’s not me and it’s not. It means I will love you forever.” Your voice was gentle and compassionate as you spoke some of the things you love about Bucky. You held eye contact the entire time you confessed your tender feelings. 

Bucky’s lips parted at your confession and gulped a large bubble of air as he took everything you said in. You sighed as you walked to the entrance and leaned on the door. You didn’t want to be here anymore. 

“Steve I will light you on fire if you do not let me go.” Your voice was calm and neutral and that means you were serious about lighting Steve on fire. The door opened with a ‘sorry’ echoing out of the speakers that were installed around the tower. You glanced back at Bucky and began to walk out of the place you use to call home. 


Y/N glanced my way before she finally left the tower. I stood there completely shocked and confused at her confession. I was deep in thought when Steve and Natasha entered the room. Natasha placed a hand on my shoulder that pulled me out of my thoughts and back into reality. Steve stood before me with a sorrow look on his face. He missed Y/N and so did the whole team. Well maybe not Natasha. Wait.

“Nat did you know Y/N is in love with me?” I took a step away from her touch and her presence. 

“Well I mean, yeah.” She chuckled and tried to take hold of my hand but I pulled it back before her skin came into contact with me.

What?” Steve and I said in unison. I was flabbergasted at her confession. Y/N was her friend. 

“Why didn’t you tell me!?” She looked bewildered by my harsh tone towards her.

“I wanted you to myself. Plus we are perfect together.” She spoke in a duh manner that made me give her a ‘what the fuck’ look. 

“We are done.” At my words, she began to become fearful. Her face wore a frightened mask and she began to cry fake tears in hopes I would take her back. 

Steve stood beside me the whole time and didn’t say a word as the scene unfolded. He padded me on the back as Natasha finally left with a huff, seeing she wasn’t getting her way. 

“What now?” Steve stood in front of me as he asked about the game plan now. 

“I need time to figure things out.” My voice was small at how foolish I felt but luckily Steve just patted my shoulder and left with a spring in his step. 

I sighed as my feet carried me to my room to figure out what the fuck I’m going to do now. I rubbed my face as I thought about Y/N’s confession to me. I began to get a thought. 

“F.R.I.D.A.Y. would you show me all the footage of Y/N we have?” I sat on my couch in my living space that Stark had arranged for all of us. 

“Yes Mr. Barnes.” I hummed as my TV came on and the first thing I see is Y/N. 

I sat back on the couch and made myself comfortable because this was going to take a very long time. 

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Small Bump- Steve Rogers (Walking Out Pt. 2)

Part 2 to Walking Out. The first part was so well received! Thank you so much for all your feedback and comments, they mean the world to me! I hope you enjoy this, let me know. xx

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1.2k

Request: 1,7 with Steve // Can I get 20 and 25 with Steve rogers please

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Two weeks ago, you walked out the door of your shared apartment, leaving Steve behind as you mindlessly drove around New York for 2 hours, wiping away tears and trying to stifle your pained sobs. It didn’t help your vision in the traffic, so you eventually decided to pull over and take some time to get some air.

There was a list of people you could call. You wouldn’t call Natasha, it would be too obvious you would go to her, and you wouldn’t be surprised if Steve had already called her asking if you were with her. You could go to Sam, but he would beat Steve if you told him what happened. So you decided to call Sharon.

The phone rang twice before she picked up, her voice calming you down as she spoke.

“Hey (Y/N), what’s up?” She asked.

“Hey Sharon, I uh- I need a favour if you don’t mind…” You nervously picked your nails as you waited for her reply.

“Of course, anything.” You sighed before you replied.

“I uh- I need somewhere to stay for a while…” You said.

“Of course, are you okay? Do you need me to come pick you up?” You smiled at her kindness and thanked her for the offer, explaining you had the car, and you would be there in about half an hour.

Now you were sitting on her couch, watching some late night tv as you went over the blood work the doctor had given you yesterday, waiting for the knock at the door. Sharon was more than supportive through the entire thing, and you knew that without her, you wouldn’t have been able to do it. Steve had called her everyday, always asking to talk to you, and when she inevitably said no, he asked how you were. She kept him up to date, telling him you were eating well, sleeping enough, and going to the doctor- knowing that he had at least some right to know, and you didn’t mind it.

Steve on the other hand was a wreak. He barely ate or slept, he was busy working on getting you back. He told Sharon everything he was doing, he built a crib, cleaned the house, threw out all the foods you weren’t meant to eat while pregnant, he was determined. If he couldn’t talk to you, he would show you. He was going to make it up to you.

After the first week, you realized you couldn’t stay here forever, you were going to have to talk to Steve soon, find out exactly what your future looked like, and move out from Sharon’s. So after the first week, you asked Sharon to let Steve come over so you could talk.

That’s why you jumped when the doorbell rang and Sharon ran to open it. The whispering coming from the entrance was making you even more nervous than you needed to be.

When he walked through the threshold, you felt the tears start welling up. He looked like hell, eyes bloodshot and puffy, skin pale and his posture slumped. You made room for him on the couch and motioned him to sit down. He followed as you asked and saw you purse your lips as you thought about what you were going to say.

You could cut the tension with a knife, with the gap between you two filled with still air, no one said a word for minutes. But it was Steve who spoke up first.

“(Y/N), I’m so sorry.” He started, running his hands over his face.

You didn’t need to hear him say he was sorry. He wouldn’t be here if he wasn’t.

“I need to know where you stand with this baby.”

He looked taken back for a moment, eyebrows slightly furrowed as he looked over you.

“I thought you would know. I want to be here for you throughout the entire process, I want to show you how much I love you and this baby. I want to be part of our baby’s life. If you’ll- If you’ll have me.” He was almost crying again, his voice breaking and eyes watering.

You on the other hand were letting the tears flow. Hearing Steve say ‘our baby’ made everything seem real. That it was really happening.

Hesitantly, Steve laid a hand on your back, rubbing slow circles as you tried to control your breathing. You leaned into his shoulder, nodding your head as it all sunk in.

“Of course, Steve.” You cried into his shoulder, making him sigh in happiness. Pressing a loving kiss to your temple, he ran his hand over your back before he sighed again, and blinked away the tears.

“You deserve an explanation.” He said.

Shaking your head, you looked up at him and smiled lightly.

“You don’t have to Steve.”

He bit his lip before continuing.

“They showed me I can’t keep anyone, not my mom, not Peggy, not Bucky, and then they mentioned you. I couldn’t deal with the thought of hurting you like that, you’re the only good thing I have left in my life. I thought if I pushed you away, I wouldn’t hurt you. But obviously, it did more harm than good.” His voice broke at the end, making you turn to look at him. Without thinking, you laced your fingers with his, feeling his warm hand encompass your cold one.

“I know you’re scared Steve, but you’re not going to hurt me. You don’t need to push me away, or feel like you can’t trust me. I understand where you’re coming from.”

He had his eyes on you, trailing across your face and down to your hand that was laced with his. He smiled to himself and looked back at you, all the emotion from the past 2 weeks built up in his eyes.

“Can you tell me? The way it’s supposed to be?” He said. You were confused for a second, before you finally understood, smiling widely at him as you let out a breath before speaking.

I’m pregnant.” You said happily.

His face immediately lit up, and happy tears shed from hid eyes. In the heat of the moment, he reached over and laid hid hands on your stomach.

Can I kiss you?” He asked before immediately starting to ramble.

“(Y/N), I’m going to do everything I can- to protect you and this baby… I-I’m never going to leave you, I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure that this baby’s life is comfortable, a-and I’m going to make sure they know they’re l-loved-“

Steve, just shut up and kiss me.” You said, laughing.

He leaned forwards in seconds, placing his lips against yours in a passionate moment, pouring all his feeling out.

You smiled against his lips and looked down as he slowly trailed his hand across your stomach, smiling at the thought of the love of his life carrying his child. Tears forming in his eyes as he tried not to think of the life he would have lived had he let you go, he leaned forward and placed a kiss on your forehead. He couldn’t wait to start life as a father, and made a promise to himself that he would protect both you and your baby, until the day he died.


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ShanceFluffWeek Day 3:Home/Family (Omegaverse)

The bitter rich smell of coffee was what awoken Lance. He blinked blearily, waiting for his sleep ridden vision to clear before he sat up, yawned and stretched.

The coffee tickled his nose again and he smiled as he slipped on his wedding ring. He gazed at it fondly. Remembering his wedding day like it was just yesterday. It was a lovely mix of traditional Japanese with a dash of Cuban elements and Lance pressed a kiss to his ring.

Time to start the day.

Slipping on his glasses and robe he walked to the bathroom and got to work. First his face mask came off. It was hard from being left out overnight but when it came off his face was smooth and radiant. Then came his teeth, then his shower, then his clothes.

Dressed in black yoga pants and a plain white cropped tee he shuffled past two more bedrooms. Peeking his head in a lilac and cream bedroom he saw that his eight year old daughter Tsukuyomi was still asleep. Black hair with a single white patch (courtesy of her father) splayed out on her pillow and thumb tucked securely in her mouth. His heart softened. She looked so much like her father, hell, took after him too.

Pale skin, inky black hair with a white patch, and soft expressive gray eyes. Soft mousy and quit like her father.

He blew her a soft kiss before stopping to the next door. Soft baby blue walls with a smoky gray border. His five year old son’s Viracocha’s room. Or Vira for short. He took after Lance. Soft tan skin, baby blue eyes, and dark chocolate brown hair with a single patch. (Also from their father.)

He was not so surprisingly up. Quietly playing in his favorite toy, Voltron, in bed. He was always up early and always so quiet too. They had to have got that from their father.

“Vira” he whispered, loving the way his sons blue expressive eyes widened happily. “Wanna make breakfast with mama?” He nodded sharply, Hands up in the air demanding he be picked up and Lance huffed a quiet laugh, feet padding softly to his son so he doesn’t wake his daughter.

He sets Vira on his hip and makes a ‘shh’ sound. “We gotta be quiet so we don’t wake Yomi up, Kay?”

He copied Lance. Stubby Little finger coming up to his lips in a 'shh’ motion.



They make waffles.

Two batches because Yomi like her dad prefers blueberries in hers, a Vira prefers chocolate chips like him.

While they wait, Vira plays with their cat Blue and Lance makes himself a cup of coffee. A blush makes it way on his face. There’s a note of the machine. Just a simple one but a cute one none the less and it makes him smile.

“You meme a lot to me. ❤

(P.S. Tell Yomi and Vira to be good little pups)

Love, Shiro/Daddy.”

Lance giggles, earning a curious look from Vira. “Your Daddy is Silly” he tells him. “He says I 'meme’ a lot to him” And Vira, forever a mama’s boy, gets it a giggles right a long with him too.

The timer goes off signalling that the waffles are done. It’s then that Yomi walks in. Bare foot and thumb still in her mouth. “Waffles” she hums, barely audible enough to hear but still just life enough. Lance smacks a wet kiss on get cheek as be slides her a plate of waffles with cut up strawberries. “Yhupp, made your favorite”

Lance loves his pups a lot. They were sweet, and adorable, never fought, or caused any trouble and were just overall the best. They do.n’t even make messes-

A loud “ewwww” snaps him out his thoughts. Yomi is leaned away from the table And Vira, dear sweet Vira is covered from head to toe in sticky syrup. An ecstatic smile on his face. He sighs fondly.

Well, maybe not the cleanest but still definitely the cutest.

“Yuck, silly pup you need a bath”


The day goes by quickly. They do everything since its the weekend. Bake cookies, Paint, build forts, and pig out on snacks while they watch Disney movies. Everything. Even play pretend. Lance (the princess) gets captured by the fierce moon dragon (Yomi), while the other Princess Knight( Vira wanted to be a princess and a Knight and who was Lance to try and tell him he can’t be both?) Vira tries to slay the dragon and free him. In the end he wins, the dragon opens a bake shop, Vira saves Lance, and they live in the castle selling home made dragon cookies. (What a plot twist!)

Its sweet and heartwarming and it makes his heart ache in the best way.

Lance loves his family so much. The only thing that could make this day better is when Shiro comes home from work.


They fall asleep in the castle fort. Piled together in a nest of pillows and blankets as Lance let’s his warm vanilla and spiced peach scent wash over his pups.

Once again its not long before he’s awoken by a rich scent enveloping him and his pups. Its warm and rich, dark chocolate and fresh rain. It smells amazing and only gets better when strong arms envelope him and his pups.


“Welcome home, Alpha”

A kiss to the temple.

“Good to be home, sweetheart”


Scribble-Doodle: The First Step

Based on ep 205. Alec, Jace and Izzy - and Izzy’s little problem. TW: drugs (canon).

Alec spends the night with Magnus. And it’s wonderful, amazing, it’s… all that he wished it would be. He’s truly happy!

Until the next morning, when he checks his phone and finds out that Jace tried to call or text him at least 10 times during the night.

“Where the hell are you? Call me! It’s about Izzy…”

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Would you do Galaxy's Otabek scenario thing as a fic?

Sorry that I took so long to write this! This is set after the exhibition skate after the Grand Prix Final.

These last few weeks have been the longest of Yuri’s life; at least that’s how it feels to him. Between the stress of competing, the exhilaration of winning gold, and the drama surrounding his free skate, Yuri is worn out. And it seems like he’s not the only one.

Although Yuri doesn’t know Otabek very well-they only met recently-even he can tell that something seems off about the older skater. Otabek’s performances have been amazing, yes, but he had been far more worn out afterwards than a skater in peak shape should have been. And Yuri can’t help but notice the way Otabek squints against the too-bright lights of the ice rink and the way he barely touches his food when they go out to eat together. Still, he doesn’t do anything; it’s hard to know what to do when their friendship is so tentative and new.

It all comes to a head when Yuri suggests that they go sightseeing. It’s one of their last few days in Spain before they both return to their respective home countries, and Yuri wants to make the most of it by seeing as much as Barcelona as he can. Otabek agrees immediately when Yuri brings it up. “Great! See you tomorrow then!” Yuri says, departing with a grin on his face. He completely misses the way Otabek seems to sag with exhaustion as soon as he turns away.

The next morning dawns bright and early, and Yuri gets ready in a hurry, excited to go see the sights of the city. He didn’t have too many opportunities to go sightseeing before the final, since he was too busy practicing. But after he’s been waiting in the lobby for twenty minutes, Otabek still hasn’t showed.

He frowns and shoots his friend a text; there’s no response. Another fifteen minutes pass with Yuri getting more and more impatient by the second, before he finally decides to just go see just what is taking Otabek so long.

Yuri has been to Otabek’s hotel room before. It’s on the second floor, so it doesn’t take long for Yuri to make his way up the stairs and arrive at Otabek’s door. He knocks sharply, shifting his weight impatiently-no response. “Open up!” he calls. Just what on earth is Otabek doing?

Finally, Yuri hears footsteps slowly making their way towards the door. There’s a click as Otabek unlocks the door, then the door opens slowly.

Yuri opens his mouth to yell at his friend, but stops short when he sees Otabek. For lack of a better phrase, Otabek looks like hell; he’s pale and sweaty, hair plastered to his forehead and a high flush on his cheeks. It looks like his hands are shaking-no, his whole body is shaking.

“What’s wrong with you?” Yuri demands, taken aback by how sick Otabek looks.

“Sorry I couldn’t make it,” Otabek croaks. “I think I’m-” He cuts himself off with a belch and claps a hand over his mouth before dashing to the bathroom. Yuri follows tentatively, wincing and swallowing in sympathy at the sound of retching that follows.

When Otabek finally stands up, wiping his mouth with a clammy hand and groaning, Yuri folds his arms over his chest. “Yeah, I don’t think that you’re going to be up for sightseeing today.”

Otabek starts to protest, but Yuri ignores him. “We should probably get you some water, and check your temperature and …” he trails off, flushing. “Sorry, I’m not used to taking care of people.”

“You’re doing fine, Yura,” Otabek reassures him.

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Are you up for writing some season 7 fluff? Because I know I could use some of that in my life. A first "date" perhaps?

I… I tried, my friend. 


It was cancer.

He’d been mentally preparing himself for what felt like the entire day, ever since Scully had been admitted to the hospital. He’d been scared out in the Oregon woods when he’d found her on the ground, sure, but when she had collapsed yet again in Skinner’s office, his mind had skipped all its usual stages of ‘it’s Scully, she’ll be ok’ and went straight to full-out cancer panic. She was sick again, he was going to lose her again, after everything, after taking so many precautions and coming this far. It had taken them seven goddamn fucking years for him to just to get over himself and finally kiss her, only for this …

He’d almost gone back to Oregon with Skinner. He’d been so close to going, but holding Scully in the hallway outside his office, something inside his brain had snapped. He couldn’t explain the sudden sinking feeling in his gut, but it was a powerful one. He’d had dreams before that had come true, thoughts that had become reality more than once, so it had only taken a second for him to change his mind.

“I won’t let you go alone,” she had told him fiercely as she clung to him.

“You don’t have to,” he’d whispered back. “I’m not going.”

She was more important than any x-file.

He didn’t even know what the fate of their office would be in the future, and quite honestly, he couldn’t bring himself to care very much about it. If he was honest with himself, his dedication to the X-files had been waning probably ever since he’d discovered the truth about his sister. The frustrating bureaucracy of the FBI, the lack of resolutions, the danger, the cover-ups and paranoia … none of it was worth it anymore. And as it became more and more likely that they would be shut down, Mulder knew that now all Scully had to do was ask him, and he’d walk away in an instant. He wouldn’t risk their lives for anything. 

He certainly wouldn’t risk hers.

He tried to not let the cashier notice that his hands were probably shaking as he handed over a five for their water. He’d almost bought flowers on his way back to the hospital, but wasn’t quite ready to resign himself yet. Just wait until you know what’s happening. She’ll be ok. She has to be ok.

The only reason he’d left her side at all was because Scully had practically begged him to. She’d asked him to go home and pack some things for her and what was no doubt turning into another overnight stay. He’d wanted to stubbornly refuse until the doctor came back with her blood test results and had argued, but Scully had looked him in the eye and pleaded. He’d seen it then in her face, the worry and the tension. She had the same fears that he did, and he’d quickly felt like an idiot for refusing her anything. He’d agreed to swing by her apartment and collect the things she’d scribbled down for him on a hospital note pad. The only comforting thought he’d had on his drive was that she’d asked him to go ‘home’, rather than to ‘her apartment ’.

At least any news would be broken by her, and not another faceless doctor.

He braced himself outside the entrance to her room. A deep breath. Maybe two more. Whatever happened, they were going to survive, they had to. Walking inside, he spotted her sitting upright in bed and staring out the window. There was no way he could read her expression.

“Hey. I got what you needed,” He struggled to keep his voice even. He lowered the bag over his shoulder to the floor at the foot of the bed, placing the bottles of water down on the bedside table. There was never a moment she looked less than beautiful, but it was certainly possible to look like beautiful hell. The last time he’d seen her that pale had been …

“Thank you,” she said, softly.

“Did … did you speak to the doctor?” he asked, not really knowing what answer he wanted.

Suddenly and with literally no warning, Scully burst into tears.

“Oh, hell,” he muttered, lurching forward and sitting on the edge of her bed, curling his fingers around the hand that wasn’t attached to the IV drip. Scully sobbed uncontrollably, hiding her face with her free hand as he gently stroked the edge of her hair back, fingers definitely trembling now. “What is it?” he asked, desperately. “Please, please say it’s not–”

She shook her head frantically.

Scully,” he pressed.

“I’m sorry,” she gasped through her tears. “I’m sorry, I – I didn’t mean to – I just–”

She sniffed loudly, slowly trying to pull herself together. It took him a long time to realise that behind her hand and the choked weeping, he thought Scully was … wait, was she laughing?

That was it. The cancer was at such a stage that it was already affecting her brain.

But she was tugging on his hand, dragging him closer, towards her, and her lips were suddenly pressed against his. He felt tears raining on his cheeks and her fingers clench around his, but she was euphoric, smiling through her kiss. “Mulder,” he whispered against him. “Oh my god, Mulder …”

His body betrayed him as he twisted his hand in her hair, breathing her in, but he needed to know.

“Scully, what–” He pulled back gently. “What in the hell is going on?”

“I’m pregnant,” she cried. “That’s why – oh my god, Mulder, I’m pregnant.”

He rather thought if there was ever a time for the world to crash around his ears, this would be it.

He stared at her cry in front of him, his brain jumping from how to why to shit to damn, I love her in rapid fire succession. So many months of torture, so many months of hormone treatment and periods and disappointment, that they had eventually given up on the dream. What she was saying didn’t make sense, but it had to be true from the look on her face. And if it was true …

That was about when he started crying too.

“Mulder,” she laughed at him.

“Shit, I’m sorry. I–” He didn’t know what to say. Perhaps there wasn’t really anything that could be said. Instead of struggling for words, he leaned and stifled his own tears into her shoulder. If anyone walked in at this moment, they would no doubt be witnessing an utter mess, but he couldn’t have cared less. She gripped the back of his shirt and he wrapped his arms around her as tightly as he could, disbelieving and yet still feeling himself grin. 

It’d been one hell of a year, but she wasn’t dying, she was just pregnant, and that felt like the best reason he thought he’d ever had to cry in his whole life. 

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Stupid Smart Dog - Erik Durm

He was terrified, being in that dog park only holding that blue leash and no dog, he was terrified. He was pale, but in that moment it was like he was even worse. He was imagining his death coming slowly, and probably painfully. 

Who looses a dog in a dog park? Well in his opinion there were a lot of dogs and the one he was with was small, still a baby, but still he shouldn’t have lost the dog. And it wasn’t his dog, it was his girlfriend’s. So that make it even worse. He knew that Y/N loved that dog very much, he had given her the dog on their aniversary, so yeah he also loved that dog, but she loved it more. So he was terrified. He was scared as hell. 

He was looking really pale because his phone rang, it was his girlfriend. She would probably want to know how was he doing walking little Duque, a german shepherd. He wanted to tell her everything was going perfect, but he couldn’t lie to her, not when the lie was about her dog. He however could lie to her, like when he broke her favorite BVB Dortmund cup, that her best friend gave her when she found out the both of them were dating, he blamed it on the dog, he was a baby so he liked to play, so it was easy for him to blame the dog, she could kill him if she found out it was him, not on porpuse of course, but still. And even then he felt guilty so he had to give her another cup. 

After 3 very long hours and still no dog he had to answer her, he had to talk to her. He had to tell her that he lost her baby, maybe she would not speak to him for a week, or a month, would she break up with him? He hoped not. He grabbed his phone and pray that everything would go right.

  - Hey babe. - he said trying to sound that he was having fun.
  - How is everything going? Is Duque behaving?
  - Yeah, he is an amazing dog, he is very cute playing with other dogs.
  - Erik are you alright? - she asked knowing something was wrong.
  - I love you, you know that? I really really love you. I mean I even imagine myself in a year or two asking you to marry me, so you know that I love you?
   - Oh god what have you done?
   - I lost Duque. It was not my fault, I let him go from his leash, and then Felix called me, and when I looked up I didnt’ saw Duque, so I went looking for him and so far I couldn’t find him, and I am so sorry.
   - I know…
   - I will continue looking… wait what?
   - Duque showed up hours ago, that was why I was calling you. - she says holding her laughter.
   - I hate that dog. - he says and sighs relived. Well the park was really closed from her house, stupid smart dog - I am on my way home.
   - Don’t forget to bring ice cream, I am pretty sure you are going to need it, after all you were outsmarted by a dog. 

He hangs up the call and starts laughing alone. He looks around the park and shakes his head. Maybe it would be better to answer her call in the first place, and that way he didn’t had to be there for 3 hours looking for a dog that was already home.

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How do you think harry would react if the missus leaves pair of used false lashes around their house? I tend to do that a lot and sometimes I scare the crap out of myself thinking it's a spider

He’d be situated in the bathroom, getting ready for the day, leaving a hungover missus in bed to cope with the nauseous feeling in her belly and the throbbing pain in her head. Standing at the sink of the room, running a hand through his freshly-washed hair with a toothbrush hanging out of the side of his mouth, foam dribbling down his chin and catching at the stubble of his face. And, as he goes to hunch over, to wash his mouth from the foam, he sees the little black things on the vanity, a cough of shock following before he started to choke on air.

“Can’t someone sleep in to get rid of a god damn hangover?” She’d grumble, walking into the bathroom with matted hair and hooded eyes, pale and looking extremely rough, “what the hell are you doing?”

“You,” he’d gasp out, clutching his chest with his hand as he’d laugh softly, “you need to stop leaving these bloody lashes around!”

 “Voice, Harry. Christ,” she’d murmur, pushing two fingers into her temples, “please. My head is pounding.”

“Please. You can’t just leave them on the side,” he’d grumble, “I thought we had an infestation of spiders this morning. You can’t do that. Are you trying to give me a heart attack? You wan’a kill me off for my money?” He’d smirk, as she reached for the lashes and threw them into the bin beneath the sink.

“Happy now? Can I go back to bed?”

“You’re so grumpy when you’re hungover,” he’d frown, grabbing her waist and pulling her back to his chest, “v’got a busy day today. Can I have a kiss?”

“Do I have to? I have disgusting morning breath,” she’d grumble, nudging her face into his shoulder, “pretty sure I threw up this morning, too. Didn’t I?”

“You did,” he’d laugh softly, kissing the back of her head and squeezing her back to his chest, “I’ll call and check in every hour to make sure you’re still alive and now spewing your guts up. I’ll be back home by lunchtime. I’ll bring you back some lunch.” xx

Still Here

I’d been beaten up a bit, but not seriously hurt, and I knew the bruises would be gone in no more than a week, leaving no trace of the incident. Hotch was in the process of cuffing the unsub, and Rossi was talking to the local officers. I stepped out of the building and looked around. JJ and Emily were the first to approach me, a flurry of questions. 

“I’m fine, guys, it’s nothing,” I assured them, hugging them both as Morgan approached us. 

“Hey, girl,” he said, hugging me gently. “You alright?”

I nodded. 

“Yeah, I’m good, Morgan,” I said, and then looked around, noticing the absence of one very important member of the team. 

“Where’s Reid?” I asked. Morgan turned and pointed him out to me, sitting on the bumper of the SUV, his elbows on his knees, his head resting in his hands. 

“Is he okay?” I asked. I felt JJ’s hand on my shoulder and glanced back at her. 

“He’s been a complete wreck,” she told me. “He’s the one who found your bracelet, and he’s been literally worried sick all day.” 

“I’m going to go talk to him,” I said, and JJ nodded as I walked away from them, towards Spencer. My shadow fell over him as he looked up at me. He looked like hell-pale, his eyes rimmed in red, the bags underneath his eyes more pronounced than usual. 

“Hey,” I said, smiling at him. “How come I didn’t get a welcome back hug from you, genius?” He stared at me, and I noticed tears begin to well in his eyes. 

“This isn’t funny, (Y/N)!” he exclaimed angrily. “I’ve been worried sick all day, and you just waltz over here and make a joke?” 

I stared at him, surprised by his outburst. 

“Whoa, okay,” I said, taking a step back. “I’m sorry I bothered you, Reid.” I turned to walk away, feeling confused and a little hurt, but the sound of him drawing in a ragged breath propelled me to turn back and look at him. 

Tears were streaming down his cheeks, and his eyes met mine, full of fear and hurt and total anguish, so expressive that it stopped me in my tracks. 

“Spencer?” I said cautiously. 

“I thought I would never see you again, (Y/N),” he choked. “When I found your bracelet, I thought you were de-” he struggled to say the word, but it came out more as a strangled sob instead, and I could see that he was starting to crumble. I moved forward and took him into my arms. He held tight to me, and I could tell he was trying not to cry. 

“I’m so sorry, Spencer,” I murmured. “I’m so sorry that you had to be the one to find that, and I’m sorry you were scared.” I could feel tears seeping into my shirt where his head was buried into my shoulder. 

“I can’t lose you,” he whispered. 

“Shh,” I soothed, tracing my fingers through his long hair. 

“Spencer, you’re not going to lose me,” I whispered. “I’m here. I’m okay.”

“I’m sorry, (Y/N).”

“For what, Spence?” I asked. 

“Not keeping you safe,” he breathed, and I held him closer, my heart absolutely shattering at his words. 

“Oh, Spencer,” I breathed. “This was not your fault, sweetheart. It wasn’t anybody’s fault, okay? And especially not yours.”

“I love you.” 

‘I love you’? What? We aren’t even dating! Not that I don’t want to be, but I always assumed he didn’t! Now I’m confused. What does this mean for us?

While I was lost in my whirlwind of thoughts, Spencer pulled away, looking crushed. 

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. “I shouldn’t have said that when it’s obvious you don’t feel that way about me. I’m glad you’re alright, (Y/N).” 

I began to panic as he turned away from me. This was not how I imagined our first ‘I love you’ would go!

“No, Spencer, wait!” I cried desperately, reaching for his hand. He turned back to look at me.

“I do feel that way about you,” I said. “I’m sorry, you just caught me by surprise because I always thought…”

“Thought what?” he asked, taking a hesitant step in my direction. 

“That I wasn’t good enough for you,” I admitted. 

“What?” he looked genuinely shocked. 

“No, no, (Y/N), you’re-you’re beautiful and smart and funny and you’re real. You’re amazing. If anything, you’re too good for me.” I laughed. 

“No,” I argued. “I am definitely not too good for you.” He smiled and I reached out, fitting myself perfectly back into his embrace, burying my head against his neck. 

“I love you, Spencer.” 

Whisk Me Away (tres)

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Tumblr has a black and white mentality... Metaphorically and literally lol. You aren't a minority if you have pale skin. You are priveledged if you have pale skin. If you have dark skin, you are to be worshipped and your word is practically law. A friend of mine made a blog just to debate with people on Tumblr... And they pretended to be black. And ONLY used it when people brought the race card in, because they would listen to her otherwise. 1/2

2/2 If you are pale, you have no voice. If you have a penis/are male (but transgender men are okay uwu) you have no voice. What you say doesn’t matter. How grew up doesn’t matter…. I’m sick of it. I really am. I’m an Irish Asian. I’m pale as hell and don’t look super Asian… So guess what!! I’m a privileged white cishet girl (I’m gay and questioning my gender rn) and my opinions don’t matter. I’ve been told to die just because of my skin color…. Sounds familiar… Oh! That’s racism.

Yeah, it’s one of the things I hate most about Tumblr. You literally can’t have a rational conversation with some of these people. And I don’t mean to imply that their opinions are completely stupid (well, some of them are), but rather that they will refuse to listen to any sort of argument/debate you make simply because of your identity (gender/race/sex/orientation).

The best example of this is trying to argue that “racism” doesn’t just mean “institutional racism” and observing the personal attacks that result, because that’s honestly one of the clearest arguments you can make and yet I’ve only managed to convince ONE person (someone I knew from high school) that that was the case.

Okay, I’m all for the randomly appearing your faves world, but like… I also like randomly appearing the world and just being chunked into it and everyone thinks it’s normal. Like you’ve been there and made friends and you just wake up and everyone’s like “are you okay you look pale” and like hell yeah I’m pale A literally fell asleep on my bed and now I’m waking up beside my favorite character like what???