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I'm planning on applying for college in Washington state, do you have any tips or advice? Thanks!

If you haven’t written your personal essay yet, I advise writing about something you’re passionate about and giving it a good narrative. A lot of people feel obligated to write about their Most Harrowing Experiences to show “look how much I’ve survived”, even if that doesn’t always illustrate their character and drive. Even a relatively mundane topic written in a unique and interesting way may showcase your individuality and talents better than recounting sad personal trials.

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Once a customer stopped me when I was zoning health and beauty saying she thought I wasn't there that day because I'm actually a cashier but it was slow so they had pulled me. She said that I'm her favorite cashier and gave me coupons for a free bulk box of fish fillets and one for a bag of hamburger patties. They were the sort you get straight from the manufacturer. I was incredibly grateful being a college student working part time and I'll never forget her.

That is so random and awesome. Those manufacturer coupons are so much better than the regular circulated stuff(received a few myself). Being great at your job pays off even in smalls ways. Smiles, raises, or even the random coupon. Retail/fast food isn’t all that shitty if you look for the silver lining. It’s better if you do so that you’re not so immersed in the worst of it. That’s like poisoning yourself to death. Give yourself a lifeline to keep afloat. -Abby

Six Steps Chapter Three

A Byun Baekhyun Playboy & childhood friend AU

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Genre: Angst

Member: Byun Baekhyun

Summary: (of this series) As childhood best friends, you and Baekhyun were and are close in every way possible. Except for the fact you unfortunately have feelings for him and he happens to never look at you that way. What happens when he does?

Summary: (of this chapter) Okay. I love Sangmi too much so she appears in this chapter quite often. Also Baekhyun will be very…confusing this chapter. There’s a reason for that though ;)

{Chapter one} {Chapter two} {Chapter four, coming soon}

“They have Sangmi.” he says.

“Because she could totally replace you as a teacher.”

“She’s a better one than me. Don’t leave yet, please.” he begs.

“What? Hurry, I can’t be late going back to work.”

“Thank you. I appreciate you a lot.” he says sincerely.

“Baekhyun?” you ask.

“Yes, my lady?”

“Do you love me?”

He pauses. “I think you already know the answer.”

You look into his eyes and see the answer. 

He does love you.

But something is holding him back.

You can see it. His struggle with his love for you and his other struggle. What is that other struggle? And why is he struggling with it?

“Hey…” he asks.

“Yes Baekhyun?” 

“I’ll see you at home. I…I have a class to teach.” he says awkwardly, turning around and walking away, leaving you there.

That’s it? He’s just going to leave you there? Why is he suddenly so…distant?

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Top 5 amedot moments?

(I’m gonna try not to include Too Far, simply because I feel like there are so many other precious moments)

5. This scene right here in Log Date where Amethyst admitted to spending tme and putting genuine into her impression of Peridot! That was the cutest thing. 

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4. When Ame giggled over how cute her gf Peridot was being omfg

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3.This cute little scene in Too Short to Ride!

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2. This other scene in Too Short to Ride! I just love how adorable they look here for no reason in particular

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And now for my personal fave:

“Amethyst, Ames, Big A…”

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“You are WAY better than Jasper!”

I loved this scene so much! It goes to show just how much Peridot cares about Amethyst, and was willing to do anything to lift her spirits! That’s precious.

Also, she totally was feeling her muscles

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Can you write about the top 3 / the 3 main things that you love so much about mimo, so much to the point that you dont even know how how they always manage to find their way to your number 1 spot? :))

Y’all better be ready for this. Maybe don’t read this unless you ship Mimo.

  1. The clear adoration they have for one another. Mimo are so obviously smitten with one another and it drives me crazy. Have you seen how Mina looks at Momo when she’s not watching, there’s so much love in her eyes it kills me. And in those rare moments that Momo looks at Mina like she’s Momo’s whole fucking world.
  2. Their support for each other. Did you see Momo after Mina’s ISAC performance, she cried and nuzzled her like the biggest fucking cutie. And then during Twice TV4 Mina was only focusing on Momo and made a specific type of food that Momo said she wanted. There have also been countless other times.
  3. How close they are. When Momo wanted a dance partner for Hit the Stage, she went straight for Mina. They know each other so well, and you can tell that even during sixteen they were extremely close. Did you see Mina crying when Momo joined Twice and realised they would debut together. Did you see it, cause I did, and I cried.
You’ll Always Be Beautiful

The finale is here! Dean plans a whole night out for the reader and everything goes great which turns out to be a miracle in the works

Dean and Reader

Part 1 Part 2

              After that night, Dean and I were closer than ever. He kept an eye on me to make sure I wasn’t going back to old ways. Sam had volunteered to help me get healthy in a better way. I got back to my original weight but I was more fit and toned. After a tough morning, I walked into our shared bedroom and found a note with a dress bag and a shoe box.

           I looked over to see a dozen red roses with a note. I smelled the roses and opened the note.

My Love,

           I will show up at your door seven sharp! Be dressed and ready for an evening of romance and sweet talking. I love you so much and I can’t wait for the evening to begin!


           I was really giddy at the prospect of having a date night with the man I loved. It was two in the afternoon already so I decided to pamper myself today with a bubble bath and got myself ready for tonight. I put on my lingerie and looked in the bag to see a beautiful black sequined dress and the heels were black t-strap.

           I noticed I was running short on time so I quickly got dressed, I grabbed my leather jacket when I heard the knock. I was practically vibrating with excitement knowing who was waiting for me. I opened the door to see him in a pair of navy blue jeans and a black button up with the sleeves rolled.

           “Damn baby you look amazing!” I giggled and automatically my face blushed a deep shade of red. “You don’t look so bad yourself” He wrapped an arm around my waist as we walked out. He opened the passenger door for me to get in, he shut it quickly and walked over to the driver’s side.

           I tried to get a hint out of him but he just shook his head and continued to keep his secret. Before I knew we pulled up to a five-star hotel, I was absolutely floored to see he had pulled out all the stops.

           Before I knew it, he had opened the door and helped me out, and wrapped his arm around my waist as we walked into the resort. “Dean this is amazing!” “Only the best for my girl” I could smell the steakhouse as we got closer and my stomach rumbled.

           Dean had given the hostess his name, she led us through the restaurant to a lone table in front of a fireplace. After giving our orders, Dean ordered a couple beers for us and we sat having an easy conversation telling stories of better times.

           After we had finished the amazing meal, we took the elevator up to the top floor heading towards our room. He unlocked the door and led me into the room. The lights were off and there were candles burning all over the room, the next thing I saw were rose petals on the bed with Champaign and strawberries.

           “Dean this is so beautiful” I could feel the tears building in my eyes, I then felt his arms wrap around me, holding me to him. “You deserve it baby” He started kissing my neck and nuzzling into my hair. I moaned at the feel of his lips on my skin. We wanted to wait until I was back into fighting shape, and now was the best time. He walked us over to the bed, sitting on the edge of the bed and pulling me to straddle his lap.

           I could feel his erection through his pants, I started grinding and felt a growl in his chest before I heard it. I felt his hands go up my back and unzip my dress slowly, then pulling it off you to see you in a bralette and lace panty set. I was about to get my heels off when he quietly asked for me to keep them on.    

           We undressed quickly, loving the feel of his skin on mine. We never slept the whole night, it was just perfection. By the time we did fall asleep, we only got a couple hours before we had to check out. He already had some comfy clothes for me in the duffle bag ready to go.

           “This was an amazing night Dean” “You deserve it baby” “As much we were together I wouldn’t be surprised if I get pregnant from last night” He got a genuine smile on his face and kissed me sweetly. “Would that be so bad?” “Why Dean Winchester are you saying you want a family with me?” He reached over and squeezed my hand and that smile with a wink.

           He pulled me closer as we drove home, ready to love each other with everything we have. “You know sweetheart I’m a pretty good shot, so I wouldn’t be surprised that you were pregnant” “Oh good lord” I giggled and shook my head.

Time Skip        

           Over the last few weeks the boys were busier than ever, I stayed back, just for the simple reason that I was way better at research than both boys combined. Dean and I hadn’t seen much of each other since that night and I had some nausea but nothing like morning sickness. It was past midnight so I decided to head for bed, I was exhausted and needed some sleep.

           I missed Dean terribly, but I also knew that these extreme cases needed the Winchesters. I fell asleep quickly and hoping I would see my love soon.

           As I started to wake up I felt a warm body pressed against my back. I slowly turned to see Dean asleep. I rotated slowly hoping to not wake him up, as soon I was fully turned I saw the most amazing sight. He had stripped down to his birthday suit. I decided to wake him up in a good way.

           He was already hard, so it didn’t take me long to wrap my lips around his head and started sucking. I felt him twitch as I took him deeper enjoying his taste, he started breathing heavily and I heard him swear and release into my mouth.

           He pulled me up to him and started kissing me passionately. “Can I get woken up like that more?” “Of course! A girl needs a good breakfast, right?” He kissed me roughly and pulled me on top of him. Let’s just say we didn’t get out of bed until two in the afternoon.

           We both got a shower and decided to get some lunch, when suddenly I felt very sick to my stomach. I made it just in time to purge the contents of my stomach, which wasn’t much. I leaned my head against the porcelain bowl trying to catch my breath.

           I heard Dean come in and sat next to me pulling me to him and handing me a bottle of water. “I think it’s time to see” He was completely right, so I reached under the sink to grab the multiple pregnancy tests I had bought. I did my business and set the timer on my phone. “I knew I was awesome but man those are fast swimmers.”

           I couldn’t help but smile at him and his dorkiness, that’s what I loved about him. The timer went off, we both stood and walked over to see pink plus signs. “Does that mean…?” “Yes, Dean I’m pregnant”. I looked over to see Dean with a look I had never seen on him before.  He was content, he was beyond ecstatic about expanding our family.

           He dropped to his knees and kissed my stomach, and putting his forehead there. “Dean?” He quickly stood and held me to him, I could feel the tears on my neck, and just held him to me. He kissed me sweetly and dragged me out of the bathroom to the library. “Sammy!”

            He looked up and noticed us standing there, “Hey! What’s going on?” I spoke up before Dean and just simply said “Hi Uncle Moose” It took him a minute to get it into his head and then he shot up and ran over hugging us both. “Really? Oh, my god guys congratulations” We started making arrangements and putting things together.

           I was about eight months when the boys got an urgent call from Garth about a case he was on. “I’m not staying here Dean and that’s final!” “Y/n think clearly will you? You can’t go with us, you’re a couple weeks from having the baby, you need to be safe” I threw my hands up in the air and just waddled out, I could feel the tears building up and I was not putting up with that jackass anymore.

           I went into the garage and saw my pickup and decided to go to the bakery in town to cool off. I knew the owner only because I was there all the time and had cravings for her treats. I sat down and she automatically knew my order. She sat across from me and I told her the situation, she knew about the hunting world because she was raised in the life and was even a friend of Bobby’s.

           “I’m just exhausted and I just don’t want to argue with him anymore. I absolutely do not want him to miss the birth of his first kid. So, why am I the bad guy?” “Put yourself in his shoes, how much has he lost? He just wants you safe” I nodded quickly feeling the tears run down my cheek. The bell on the door rang and I knew it had to be either Sam or Dean. “Y/n, honey, come on” I heard that gruff voice and just shook my head.

           As he sat down by me I felt a pain in my back, wondering if I could have pulled something or maybe they are Braxton hicks. I stood up to walk around and realized my water had broken. “Dean we gotta go now!” “Okay come on honey” He helped me out of the door and I saw Sam sitting in the back seat.

           Dean, of course drove like a mad man to get to the hospital, once we arrived I was quickly ushered back and before I knew it I was pushing. I gave every ounce of energy pushing this little on into the world.

           When I heard the crying, I looked to see the doctor place our daughter on my chest. “Oh my goodness! Hello baby girl” I looked at Dean to just look at us with awe and wonder. He kissed my forehead and just stared at our precious little girl. She was taken to get cleaned up, and he just kept kissing my hand and my forehead. They brought her back to us all wrapped up in a pink blanket and cap.

           Dean had gotten in next to me, holding her against his chest. I snuggled against him and just watched in awe of this miracle. “Welcome to the world Charlotte Grace Winchester”

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Nessian is not unhealthy. The bickering is about Cassian not knowing everything about Nesta and her actions, it's about Nesta not knowing all the facts about Cassian and being scared of fae. Once they know each other better, I doubt their interactions would be the same way as before.

I agree. Those two have so much chemistry they make Manorian look conservative. LOL. And Manorian is everything to me, okay? And LETS BE HONEST, I bet Cassian used to act similarly to Nesta when he was a kid. He was not a nice child. He was just as lonely and angry and scared. He used to challenge kids for their clothes. HELLO, THAT’S SOMETHING NESTA WOULD DO. That takes a level of bravado and arrogance and anger to pull that off and not let anyone see how ashamed and desperate you are. Because ALL THE OTHER KIDS KNOW why he did it. But he acted as if he was the bully kid wearing the other kids shit because he won it fair and square. And inside, we all know he was the exact opposite of that.  


Who am I? I am a girl who loves my island. I’m the girl who loves the sea. It calls me. I am the daughter of the village chief. We are descended from voyagers who found their way across the world, they call me. I’ve delivered us to where we are, I have journeyed farther. I am everything I’ve learned and more, still it calls me…

1. Not all love will be good love but it will all teach you something.

2. Stop overthinking because it’s not suppose to be that hard. If you love someone you tell them and you go from there.

3. Everyone shows their love differently. Just because they don’t show it the same way you do doesn’t mean they don’t care just as much.

4. If someone ever makes you feel unworthy of love, leave them. Get out as quick as you can and never look back. You deserve to be loved by someone who appreciates you without a doubt.

5. Sometimes it’s better just not to say anything. Take an hour and think about it. Some things aren’t worth the fight.

6. Love is a decision you have to make every single day.

7. Don’t compare your love story to someone else’s. All that matters is that everyone is happy together. How you get there is not important.

8. There are going to be lots of people that bring you flowers. Wait for the person who plants a whole garden for you to grow together.

9. Never forget about the little things that make your relationship special.

10. Never stop loving. Even when your heart is breaking, believe in love. Because it is coming, and when it finds you it will be amazing. I promise.
—  10 lessons//20 years
How to Cope with Feelings of Loneliness

1. Understand that loneliness is a feeling, and not necessarily a fact. Sometimes we feel lonely, unwanted or rejected based on wrong beliefs about ourselves and others. Often people and events acts as triggers for our feelings … and then we start to act as if they represent the truth.

2. Fight the urge to withdraw or to isolate yourself. You’ll actually feel better if you some spend time with others (but spend time with people who love you, just for “you”.)

3. Check for making assumptions, or jumping to conclusions, or skewed ways of thinking which make things seem much worse. Then, look for exceptions to balance up the picture. Don’t waste your time and energy on biased, untrue stuff.

4. Related to this, make sure you’re not attacking or putting yourself down. Try and focus on your good points, and things that you do right.

5. Work on being warm and friendly – as often other people are hiding their own feelings of insecurity. Hence, they’ll often be responsive when we are warm and friendly – and then reciprocate by being interested in us.

6. Try and find other people who share some of your interests – as that’s a natural way to form connections, or build bridges.