they look like two fluffy bunnies

Feel the Beating of Your Heartache Drum

Thanks @toofunnytohear for the idea! <3

Bellarke Soulmates AU where they feel each other’s pain.
And childhood friends because that’s just how I roll.

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When Bellamy is seven, he feels his soulmate for the first time.

Octavia is too busy crying, his mother isn’t there, and he nearly misses it, how his knee starts stinging out of nowhere, light pain that almost feels like a butterfly kiss.

He doesn’t know it then because soulmates are rare and most people are just happy to find someone they can call their own, with or without the universe’s interference.

But Bellamy reads a lot, so much that the old Miss Sinclair told him that he’s going to read his weight in books, and therefore, he knows things. 

He knows about soulmates and how no science could ever explain them and by the time the second wave of pain comes, he is pressing his lips sealed. Even though there are tears in the corners of his eyes, he is happy.

Yes, indeed, Bellamy Blake is a very, very happy child.

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Jungkook’s Bunny Teeth Appreciation Post~


How his marvelous eyesmile show up with them cute bunny teeth

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How cute he gets when gritts them because he is getting too much feels

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How his two front teeth take the spotlight if he never kisses you

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When he looks like a bunny while eating yummy food.

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How he’s always proud of showcasing them

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How his cute front teeth

are showcased perfectly

whenever his lips are parted

Look at how adorable they look side ways <333

How that mole under his lips makes it ten times more adorable >.<

How his upper lip disappears when them bunny teeth show up~

that happiness showcased through them

How perfectly alligned his teeth look even if they’re bunny teeth~

How these teeth make him look like the most innocent bunny ever

How his teeth make him look younger ;)

When his eyes and smile act up together to turn him into  a fluffy bun <3

When he’s talking and they show up slightly~

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When he smiles…

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How they lighten his entire facial structure

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How he tries hiding them under his thin upperlips

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How they still manage to make him look manly

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How they make him look like a  disney character <3

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How he still manages too look sexy with those bunny teeth

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How approachable they make him <3

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Hope you guys enjoyed this little appreciation post <333 Jungkook’s bunny teeth are my weakness tbh >.<

Angel vs. Demon

Summary: You are a demon sent to the surface to collect souls, but the angel, Yixing, proves to make it a bit challenging.
Member: Yixing x Reader (appearances by other members and idols)
Type: Angst/drama/ demon!au/ angel!au
Length: 2,180 Words

So this was supposed to be one scenario, but it is kind of a complicated scenario that may turn into two or three parts. But not a long series, I promise. Just like two parts hopefully. Anyways, hope you enjoy it <3

-Admin Kat

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You stare up at the clear blue sky. You were not used to something so beautiful. The fluffy white clouds danced across the sky like bunnies frolicking in a field. You could almost gag at the sight of it. You took in a deep breath, almost chocking on the purity of the air. The birds that sang above you silenced the moment you looked up into the trees where they resided. Your heart would have stuttered from sorrow if you had one to begin with. However, you did not. No heart. No actual love. Just anxious feelings you interpreted as excitement. After all, this was your chance. Your chance to finally have a little fun. Your chance on the surface.

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“Daddy, no! You messed up my hair!” Y/D/N whined, Harry giggling as he tied her hair into a half braid half bun. 

“What? It looks great, in my opinion.” 

“No, it doesn’t! It looks like I woke up with a bird’s nest on my head.” 

“Bird’s nests can be pretty decorations, if you think about it.” 

“Where’s mummy?”

“Right here, right here.” You yawned as you made your way down the stairs, dressed in a fluffy robe and a pair of bunny slippers. “Could’ve slept in today but you two are the loudest people ever!” 

“Sorry.” The both of them wore matching sheepish smiles as Harry pointed to Y/D/N’s head, shrugging as he did so. 

“I wanted to be a good dad and do my daughter’s hair, but she doesn’t seem to be digging the look.” 

“I don’t think anyone here is digging the look besides you.” You snorted, walking over and untangling Y/D/N’s brown curls. “Yikes, Harry. What did you even do here?” 

“What? She has a lot of hair. Just like me!” Harry grinned, sitting down on a stool and playing with his own hair. 

“Out of all the genes you took, you had to take the thick hair gene.” You teased Y/D/N, pressing a kiss to the top of her head. “Don’t worry, I’ll fix this mess. I promise you won’t go to school with a bird’s nest on your head.” 


gif isn’t mine!

but tbh??? louis looks so hot in this highsnobiety shoot like how does he go from fluffy baby bunny to powerful & kingly af in two seconds i need answers

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How would Hanzo react if s/o took him shopping to a small farmers market, then to some small shops he might enjoy, then stop at cafe' to bye him his favorite tea??? Just wanted to normal couple things with him???

if you want a scenario of this hit me up cause this felt more like headcanons to me?? so misunderstandings are my thing and i’ll write out a scenario :)) it’s probably just as long though and basically a scripted scenario lol


-you’d ask him to spend a day with you and he would agree to one he has free
-he’s kind of annoyed you won’t tell him where the two of you are going
-when the two of you reach the farmers market he just is very confused
-“What is so special about coming here?”
-“Nothing. That’s the point.”
-it takes some time to coax him into shopping for himself
-leaves with both arms filled with food
-you have to go back home to drop it off, there’s simply too much
-“All you wanted to do was grocery shop?”
-“Lets go somewhere else.”
-You have to gently drag him out of the house by his one sleeve
-you go to a small local pet store
-you go crazy over al the fluffy animals and he finds it adorable
-he finds the one small gecko the store has
-he leaves with it
-it already loves him
-it sits on his shoulder
-it goes with him everywhere that isn’t dangerous from that point forward
-you got a bunny and named it something dumb like Hubert
-the two of you stop by a flower shop
-you talk about what you’d like to plant next year, he helps give you suggestions
-“The blue of these flowers would look good with the pink you picked out.”
-“You have a much better eye than me, Hanzo.”
-he gets excited knowing you wish to stay with him long enough to use the words ‘next year’
-lots of cheek kisses throughout the day
-he absentmindedly holds your hand, unusual for him
-when you get to a cafe he smiles
-“We haven’t been here together in awhile my love.”
-you order his favorite tea and he kisses you in thanks, you remembered what he liked here
-you are too good for him, he thinks
-he lets the gecko take a sip of the tea to be honest
-“We should spend more days like this.”
-“You’re always so busy.”
-“I enjoyed the day, I will make sure to get more time off for you.”
-the sex is really good that night
-it’s insanely good

Part 111: That’s So Adorable!

(Zen and Jumin in the chat room)

[ZEN]: For the last time, no!

[Jumin Han]: Oh? And why so?


(Jaehee Kang has entered the chat room)

(MC has entered the chat room)

[MC]: 0_0 W-what are we missing?

[Jaehee Kang]: Y-yes…what are we missing?

[ZEN]: This bastard won’t leave me alone! For one night, for one second, he kisses me, and won’t let it go!

[Jumin Han]: I think it’s you who won’t let it go. ;)


[MC]: Did…did we come at a bad time?

[Jumin Han]: Not at all…but, because you two are together, maybe you can help.

[Jaehee Kang]: …I don’t like where this is going…

[MC]: Uhm…!! I heard a noise from the cage! Babe, I’m gonna go check it out! I’ll still be in the messenger.

[Jaehee Kang]: 0_0 Y-yes! Please do! If it’s the cage…

[ZEN]: What do you have in a cage?

[Jumin]: Your love for me. You don’t have to hide it from now on. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


[Jaehee Kang]: …this is awkward, even for you two…-_-

[MC]: Awwwww!!! Jaehee!!! You need to come now! They…they’re cuddling!

[Jaehee Kang]: !!!! I’M ON MY WAY, HON!

[ZEN]: o_0 w-who’s cuddling? Seven and Yoosung?

[Jaehee Kang]: N-no! Our bunnies! They were in seperate cages, but we decided to put them with each other from time to time…and…and…(sends picture)

[Jumin Han]: Hmm…they are not Elizabeth 3rd…but ,they are fluffy.

[ZEN]: That’s so adorable, you two! Hey, what are their names? They look awfully like me and Jumin.

[Jaehee Kang]:


[ZEN]: …no…

[MC]: …yes…

[ZEN]: ….no…no no no…why…why are WE named after them?!

[Jumin Han]: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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Heyho, I would like to request Ayato and his s/o going on a date to the zoo and Ayato beeing happy about the tropical fish and bunnys, but beeing all tsundere and trying not to show it, but his s/o notices anyway. (Also I really love your blog :3)

“How lame,” Ayato murmurs, not attempting to hide his distaste for the predicament he’s in.

Somehow – he’s still now sure why he agreed in the first place – his s/o managed to drag him to a zoo. They promised fascinating animals, lots of fun, and some hand holding.

The only thing he’s got going for him is point number three, hands intertwining with his s/o’s.

Other than that, it was all a lie.

They nudge him, “Ayato, it’s not that bad. Besides, I know you’re going to love one of the exhibits. It’s coming up in a bit.” 

While walking along together, Ayato allows his attention to drift in other places. He lazily takes in his surroundings, almost walking into people a few times because of it. 

His eyes finally land on something that manages to catch his interest: fish. 

Stopping suddenly, his s/o furrows their eyebrows at his sudden change in attitude. His countenance is one of amazement; he’s taking in the beauty of the aquatic creatures in front of him. 

“Ayato…?” they mumble, breaking him out of his trance. His cheeks light up at the prospect of how foolish he must of looked just then. Clearing his throat, he mumbles a few incoherent words, and drags them along.

Not before taking one last glance at the fish, though.

It’s been a few minutes, neither of them saying anything. Ayato’s looking anywhere he can, to avoid making eye contact with his s/o. What he doesn’t know is that they think he was acting utterly adorable earlier.

He begins to think the air is clearing up now, and that he’ll have the confidence to pretend that didn’t just happen. Life was looking up for Ayato. There was no way he’d embarrass himself two times in one day–

“Holy shit.” 

Fluff. Tons of it. The fluff was moving, in contrast to his body, that appears to still. His jaw drops, eyes widen, and breathing halts. 


His s/o laughs and pokes his cheek, the grin on their face not going unnoticed. 

“I told you you’d like it here.”

He was in for it, wasn’t he?

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okay but, in the TOS timeline, Chekov was apparently in charge of security and tactical and now all i can imagine is kelvin timeline Pavel with his big puppy dog eyes and curly blond hair body slamming a klingon or firing a phaser rifle i cant help but LMAO! TOS Chekov is full of sass and rage and def would kick my butt, AOS Chekov is a precious Cinnamon roll who can apparently kick my ass and still be a cute little russian bby wtf

Kotie, thank you for gracing my inbox with this Pavel love, goodness. Pavelito is something else. I don’t know what prompted this but I love it!

I love in Beyond he’s all sort of authoritative when they apprehend the alien and he’s all “Put the phaser down. Please.” LIKE THAT PLEASE IS THE MOST CUTEST THING EVER.

I think the only time AOS!Chekov would be sassy as get out is if he was really on his nerve/wits end or really annoyed. He’d just let it all out and salty and damn does he dish it out but it would be so good. And everyone would look at him like “HUH? WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?”

However, these two are still big flirts that know how to shmooze the women. Seriously.

i give up

Once upon a time, Darth Stitch was wandering around the Internets minding her own business when these two yahoos happened to her:

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Between Bucky’s obsession with Steve’s delectable Ass


…. and Steve generally being hopeless over Bucky’s Murder Strut a.k.a. the Patented Barnes Swagger™….

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…. I didn’t stand a chance, right?


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Look, I swear I didn’t mean to have my heart stolen by a sweet pie-making Southern belle and his ridiculous Québecois professional hockey player boyfriend but there’s no way I can resist Bitty’s pies or Jack flailing around in French or Québécois (apparently there’s a difference, I had to use my Wiki-fu).

Also, Señor Bunny:

(credit to @omgcheckplease and the omgcheckplease wiki)



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I give up. 

(…. so basically Diefenbaker has decided he’s lickable.  Outstanding work, my fluffly floofy boo.  Also, I distinctly feel that Diefenbaker was trying to set an example for his Human, e.g. “GO LICK HIM, BEN.  HUMANS LIKE THAT SORT OF THING.”)

Also, I think Ray Vecchio is also an awesome dude:

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See, Fluffy Puppy agrees with me!

Just a random thought, but can you imagine how amazed Noiz must have been when he was able to feel just how FLUFFY a bunny felt? Being able to ACTUALLY FEEL just how soft their fur was. He must have rubbed the bunny against his cheek, nose, face in general, and just held onto it for who knows how long. And Aoba just can’t help but find it adorable and give off a chuckle or two at how child-like Noiz must have looked holding and mumbling things to the lil fluff bun.

This Is It [Luke Imagine: Alternative Ending]

Read part one to understand - you can also read the original ending [if you like]

Months passed, she sat in the lounge room with her laptop propped on her lap.

She smiled sadly as she looked at the photos of the young couple in love standing in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Only moments later there was a knock on the door. She put her laptop aside, slipping on her fluffy bunny slippers.

She shuffled to the door, opening it slowly only to reveal two men in uniform.


“This is she.” She said, with confusion written all over her face.

“Your fiancé is Luke Hemmings right?”

She nodded, “Yes.”

The two men stepped aside to reveal a tall figure.

She looked up to be greeted by his beautiful blue eyes.

Tears filled her eyes as her lips curved into a smile “Luke? Is that you?”

He nodded, grinning “Yes, it’s me baby.”

The two police officers walked down the driveway giving Luke a nod.

She whispered softly “I can’t believe you’re here.”

He joked “Well, are you going to let me in? Or am I going to have to sleep outside tonight?”

She giggled, it’s been a while since she’s felt this happy.

She stepped aside, letting him in.

He placed his suitcase on the floor; he opened his arms enveloping her in a hug.

He breathed in her scent, stroking her now long silky hair “Is that my cologne I smell?”

She smiled as her head rested on his shoulder “Hm maybe.”

“I love you so much.” He whispered, holding her body tightly “I’m so sorry I was gone for so long.”

She played with the ends of his blonde hair “I love you too; you’re here now so it’s okay.”

“God I’ve missed you so much.” He muttered, 

“I’ve missed you too  Lu.” She whispered softly.