they look like theyre going to kiss

chensung!skinship headcanons
  • they hold hands so much it’s almost impractical
  • chenle definitely makes the first move
  • he’ll grab jisung’s hand 24/7 and just hold it forever
  • it’s impractical but chenle honestly couldnt care less
  • chenle the type to drag jisung around
  • jisung the type to be dragged around willingly bc it means that chenle will hug him afterwards
  • we’ve all seen chenle throw that tantrum when he couldnt get his rameN AND IT WAS THE CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD
  • everytime he throws a smol tantrum park jisung is there 2 save the day !!!!!!!
  • gives chenle a kiss on the forehead and lets him sit on his lap until chenle becomes less salty
  • jisung has to kiss him every few seconds so chenle doesnt get wound up again
  • chenle acts like he’s still salty when he’s not so jisung keeps him on his lap
  • and jisung knows but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (coughs creds to @flawlessjeno )
  • jisung !!!! wraps !!!!!! his arms !!!!!!!!!!! around chenle when he sits on his lap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bc he’s so tiny and jisung has 2 protect him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • he becomes 2 flustered to think of anything besides jisung (●´ω`●)
  • chenle likes to plop down on jisung’s lap and go on his phone and ignore everyone for 50 years
  • like oop there’s no seat?? nOooooOoOOo PROBLEM I HAVE JISUNG
  • jisung has this overwhelming urge to like protect chenle 24/7 so he always has his arm around him if theyre not holding hands
  • chenle,,,,,,,, just falls,,,,,,,, into jisung’s arms,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and chenle just !!!!!!!!!!!! drowns in him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • chenle is so smol and jisung is so tol,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • chenle has to tippy toe to wrap his arms around jisung’s neck im jS
  • this isnt kinda skinship-y but jisung is vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv protective over chenle
  • and loves likes it when chenle wears his jackets and hoodies and sweaters and clothES IN GENERALLY
  • jisung the type to bury his face in chenle’s neck when chenle’s sitting on his lap
  • ive mentioned this previously but like
  • whenever they have lil sleepovers, chenle just clings onto jisung like a koala bear and jisung just freezes up bc he doesnt know what to do
  • !!! sometimes !!!!!!!! chenle sneaks over to jisung’s room and sleeps with him 
  • and whenever he does, jisung’s usually really sleepy and just out of it
  • and whenever he’s really tired and doesnt fully know what’s going on, he hugs chenle like he’s a lil teddy bear and they just fall asleep like that
  • forehead and cheek kisses !!!!!!
  • kisses on the lip are a rare thing
  • only happens if chenle’s feeling spicy™️️ 
  • jisung the type to squish chenle’s cheeks bc he looks like a lil puffer fish 
  • jisung !!!! the type !!!!! to !!!!!!! hold chenle’s face !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when they kiss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • backhugs from chenle !!!!!!!
  • chenle can barely see over jisung’s shoulder but that is a-ok !
  • chenle likes kissing a pouty jisung
  • pouty jisung only occurs when he gets jealous
  • which is like whenever someone gets 2 close to chenle
  • pouting chensung that makes everyone feel weird bc maknae line is no longer sunshine
  • whenever jisung ignores chenle, chenle throws tantrums to get his attention
  • and sometimes jisung just drags chenle onto his lap without thinking bc he’s so used to it and they just make up because of that
  • but other times jisung has like 1% willpower and continues to ignore chenle
  • which makes chenle cry
  • and then jisung has to hug him and put him on his lap and tell him how much he loves him until chenle stops crying
  • chenle probably sniffles a lil after he stops crying which makES JISUNG STOP BREATHING
  • jisung the type to kiss chenle after every sniffle
  • chenle the type to sniffle just so jisung would kiss him
  • sleepy hugs!!!
  • whenever chenle is tired out of his mind and about to pass out, he’ll drape himself over jisung and jisung will just hug him until he falls asleep
  • and whenever jisung’s tired as fuck, he’ll lean against chenle and chenle will throw his arm around him and just kiss his temple and just aH MY HEART
  • sleepy !!!! k i s s e s !!!!!!!!
  • jisung will give chenle lazy forehead kisses that chenle treasures more than he’d like to admit
  • sleepy hugs consist of jisung burying his face into chenle’s neck and chenle drawing random patterns and shapes on jisung’s back
  • c u d d l i n g
  • cuddling rarely happens bc it’s usually one sided (coughs aka chenle hugging onto jisung like a koala bear like i said earlier)
  • but sometimes jisung just really wants to cuddle his bf and just be able to kiss him and tell him how cute he is every 3 seconds and !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • jisung’s favourite way to kiss chenle is when he wakes up really early accidentally and chenle’s still in his arms
  • and he’s asleep like a lil baby
  • and jisung plays a game called ‘how many times can i kiss chenle’s cheek before he wakes up’
  • i am melting (●´ω`●)
  • chenle the type to melt under any sort of affection ??
  • like jisung will be hugging him and he’d just melt into his arms and just forget the world for a bit and jisung just goes ?????
  • chenle !!! doesnt let go !!!! of hugs after !!!!! jisung lets go !!!!!!!
  • chenle’s entire body just relaxes after jisung hugs him
  • like the first time chenle just melted into jisung, he freaked out 
  • sometimes jisung will be playing like league or overwatch or w/e and chenle will just sneak up to him and plop down on his lap
  • bc then jisung will go “CHENLE I JUST D I E D
  • I GOT D E L E T E D
  • and chenle just finds that so cute so he’ll be like “i had nowhere else to sit (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧”
  • “i dont see any couches idek what ur talking about (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ”
  • and then chenle ends up clinging onto jisung for dear life as he witnesses jisung die multiple times which ends up in jisung throwing a tantrum
  • how the tables have tabled ??
  • “your neck is more comfortable”
  • in all honesty jisung loves chenle more than any video game
  • especially more than fucking league of fucking legends that awful piece of shit game why cant i fucking uninstall it ive been playing this goddamn awful game since season 5 and i still have it on my laptop+desktop and i played it like yesterday and it’s made me want to kermit so many times fuck that game im so fucking angry just typing this
  • chenle is smol enough for jisung to just pick up and run i just hope u know that

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I've seen J*lecs say that Malec is moving too fast and i'm just like?!?!? they've kissed twice and been on one (1) date

i hate people saying that theyre moving too fast like??? shut up lemme give them a timeline:

1x04: alec and magnus meet, clear, instant attraction
1x05: magnus asks alec on a date, he accepts but ends up chasing after clary
1x06: they have drinks and alec stays at magnus’
1x12: many interactions later, they have their first kiss
2x03: magnus keeps alec alive while he was looking for jace
2x06: they go on their first date and have their second kiss
2x07: they maybe do it (MAYBE)

like since when is this?? a rushed??? relationship?? like its been a week or two, theyve had a date and two (2) kisses. Are these people from the 1950s??? were they supposed to wait until marriage to kiss on de lips??? straight people are allowed to meet and 2 seconds later it cuts to them in bed like what??? is it maybe that people dont like an m/m couple being the main priority or maybe it’s just that magnus isnt white or perhaps its both hmm well never know

au where eskild signs himself and isak up to this baking contest and its stupid bc isak cant bake??? but he cant get out of it now. but a day before the contest eskild gets really sick and isaks like “um does this mean we dont have to go tomorrow” and eskilds like “no, u have to, u need to win” bc the winner gets all these kitchen stuff ,and isaks like “but i cant go alone??” and eskilds like “ask someone then, jonasmaybe?” and isak just snorts but then remembers a guy he met at a party and they exchanged numbers then but never talked after the party but he did mention that he loved to bake so. isak texts him asking if he wants to show off his talent in front of ppl and even texts back a thumbs up emoji and isak tells him about the contest. but theres one little thing eskild forgot to mention,and what isak and even have to find out only when they arrive. “its so nice to have a young couple take part in this, i feel like young ppl nowadays dont care about baking” and isaks fake smile freezes on his face and sees even furrow his eyebrows but then his forehead smooths out and he smiles at the person, “baking is like, my favourite thing to do. couldnt really say the same about my boyfriend though” and puts an arm around isaks shoulders laughing along w the person and isak joins with a painful fake laugh and when theyre behind their stove and counter, putting on their aprons, isaks just repeating, “im going to kill eskild” and evens like “isak, its okay. we dont have to do anything, its about baking” except… theres a person with a camera that comes up to them a few times and asks for a cheek kiss to capture (does it w every other couple) and while evens lips and cheeks are very soft, its getting annoying. especially when in the break theres a kissing contest, the most passionate one wins some new kitchen supply and, “dude, ive been searching for that for months!” and no. isaks not doing it. even can probably find it somewhere else. but then even is waving to the ppl, telling them theyre in and while theyre walking over to them, isak is panicking and he’s whisper shouting at even but even doesnt seem to be paying attention to him andthen theyre there and even is suddenly taking isaks face in his hands and theyre kissing and evens tongue is slipping into isaks mouth and alright, isak likes it, its a pretty great kiss and his shoulders did relax so. and he forgets its a show until even is pulling back and ppl are whistling and his cheeks are burning but evens just grinning really wide and its, beautiful. they win that. and isak finds the rest of the baking part really, different, bc now everytime evens arm touches his or evens leaning over him to check if he’s doing smth right, isak feels his heart speed up and licks his bottom lip on purpose when evens looking and he notices evens eyes following his tongue and forgets what he was going to say and isak loves it. theres a moment when isaks tastes smth and its on the corner of his lips and even kisses it off out of nowhere and jst says, “they were looking” and isak doesnt question it. they dont win the contest but theyre in the top 5 so isak thinks its a pretty good place, considering it was mostly even doing everything alone and almost not finishing in time.and when theyre out of the building isak awkwardly says, “well that was fun” and even smirks, “we should do that more often” and isaks like “baking?” and evens like “i mean that was cool but i meant the kissing part” and isak laughs nervously and before thinking twice about it he says “youd have to take me out on a date first” and even raises an eyebrow and nods, and a day later even does take him out and there is more kissing, more than baking this time, and isak loves that bc while even is really good at baking, he’s even better at kissing and after more days with evens kisses, isak thinks his lips are just as sweet as all the cakes even bakes for him

cominout of my cage and iv e be en doinjust fine gottta gotta be down because i want it all it staarteddd ouut with a kiss how diddd it end u p like this itt was only aa kiss, it wwas only a kiss now i;;m fallinasleep and she;;s caollina cabb whiu le he;;s havina sm okeu and she;;s takina drag now they;;re goeinto bed and my stomach is sick a nd it;s all in my hhhead but she;;;s touchinhis chest now, he takes off her dress now, let me go i just c an;;;t look it s killinme and takincontrol jealousy, turninsaints intoi theo sea swimminthrough sickkk lullabies chokinon your alibis but its just t he priceo i pay des tiny is cal linme open up my eager eyes cause i;m mr brightside ii;;;m cominout of my cage and ive been doinjust fine gggotta gotta be down because i want it all it started out with a kiss how did it end up like this it wa s only a kiss, it was only a kiss now i;;mm fal linasleep andd she;;;s callina cab while he;s havina smoke annd shes takina draog now theyre gointoi be d and my stomach is sick and it;;s all in my head but she;;s touchinhis chest now, hei takes off her dress now, let me go ;ca use i juest can;;;t look its ki llinme and takincontrol jealousy, turninsainnnts into the sea swimminthrough sick lullabies c hokinon your alibi but it;;;s just the price i pay destiny is callinme open up my eager eyes cause i;m mr brightsidde

ive been feeling v Soft n Gay lately so have some pipeyna being soft gfs

  • reyna wakes up rlly early every morning but ends up lying awake in bed for hours bc she gets distracted by watching how the sunlight makes piper glow
  • (they do spend half of that time making out tho)
  • neither one is an exceptional cook but piper makes killer pancakes nd loves to spoil her gf
  • (when pipers only dressed in reynas hoodie nd her underwear reynas heart just melts at the sight bc thats her gf !!!!! this ethereal being is dating her and is currently making her breakfast in their kitchen !!!!! reyna cant help but hug piper from behind nd plant a kiss on the top of her head ;; ‘what was that for’ ‘for being you’)
  • bc of her past reyna doesnt kno what being a carefree teenager feels like so piper takes her to amusement parks and carnivals every chance they get ;; on school nights when revising gets too much they go to the nearest park nd just sit on the swing sets stargazing 
  • (reynas not a fan of pda but theyre always holding hands)
  • (when pipers at school reyna uses the time to read through cookbooks nd look up recipes online so she can be the one to surprise her gf with nice dinner)
  • when life gets too much piper tends to start angry rants while pacing around the room nd reyna just listens bc piper doesnt need her to say anything she just wants her to be there for her ;; lots of cuddling on the couch follows
  • bc she was alone for so long reyna sometimes forgets that piper is also always there for her that the base of every relationship is mutual understanding nd keeps her emotions bottled up until they explode nd start meaningless fights between them ending in one of them leaving the apartment for the night
  • (neither one sleeps those nights nd reyna comes home with bloodshot eyes nd an apology on her lips which piper kisses away)(it takes her a while but she soon realises she shldnt carry the burden of the whole world on her shoulders nd even if piper may not be able to fix her problems shes there to listen)
  • when piper graduates college they dont get married bc they dont see the point of signing a contract making their relationship legit, feeling its already real enough bc of their love for each other ;; reyna does take pipers last name tho, ridding herself of the last traces of her abusive father

Pick your poison, i guess?

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This ones a little weird... but how would the rfa react to waking up, after a night of drinking, in bed with mc? (In a version of the game where mc stays friends with all of them and doesn't really pick a route,,,) thnx so much!!!

you guys r so cute lolol this isnt weird :3


  • the first thing Yoosung notices when he wakes up is a sharp headache 
  • the second thing is MC
  • when he woke up he was holding MC in his arms, spooning them
  • oh my god
  • is this seriously MC?
  • i mean obviously he knows what MC looks like but he just….has to be sure that this is really whats happening right now
  • as slowly and quietly as humanly possible, Yoosung gets out of bed
  • he goes around to the other side so he can see the face of the person he apparently spent the night with
  • MC confirmed
  • he honestly cant believe it
  • MC is here, in his bed, in his arms
  • all wrapped up in his stupid star sheets
  • (these in blue)
  • he just looks at them for a few seconds, taking it all in
  • he then does the worlds quietest, dorkiest victory dance
  • he spent the night with MC
  • HIM!!!
  • thats when MC shifts in their sleep and he quickly gets back in bed, snuggling up to MC like he never even moved
  • he decides this is something he can definitely get used to!!
  • :3


  • as soon as Zen wakes up he knows he got real Fucked Up™ last night
  • he sits up in bed and stretches and thats when he sees MC
  • “shit. shit shit shit shit shit shit”
  • i am the worst human being on the planet
  • how could i take advantage of them like that
  • God please forgive me
  • why did i do that
  • Jaehee is gonna kill me
  • he stumbles out of bed, waking MC
  • “oh..good morning, Zen”
  • oh my god their sleepy voice is so cute-
  • “i am so sorry, i’ll get you a ride home right away i’ll even treat you to breakfast i swear i did not mean to take advantage of you-”
  • MC is majorly hung over and doesnt have the energy to talk over Zen so they just shush him really loudly
  • “wh…why are you…”
  • “Zen, you didnt take advantage of me, alright? this was my decision as much as it was yours”
  • they flop back down, sprawling out across Zen’s bed
  • “now will you please come back to bed? i dont wanna get up yet”
  • Zen is SHOCKED
  • MC doesnt want to leave, they dont even want breakfast
  • they just want to be with him
  • and after about one (1) single second of contemplation Zen gets right back into bed and snuggles up to MC
  • he is honestly so happy and warm and butterflies in his stomach


  • its MC
  • its really MC
  • shitshitshitshitSHITSHITSHITSHIT
  • she has to take some DEEP breaths to calm herself down
  • MC is probably dehydrated and will be hungry when they wake up and needs a fresh set of clothes and something for the headache they will definitely wake up with
  • but Jaehee is already late for work 
  • she makes a breakfast that would normally be for herself, and leaves it by the bed for MC
  • she brews some coffee that she would normally take to work but leaves it in a thermos for MC instead
  • she also leaves a glass of water and some advil
  • and on a little piece of paper she writes a note
  • “i hope you feel alright when you wake up. please dont forget to eat breakfast and remember that i am only a phone call away”
  • and on her way out the door Jaehee couldnt help but notice how cute MC looks when theyre asleep


  • he has so many mixed emotions
  • i mean, he feels happy but…
  • this is not how this was supposed to happen
  • he was going to court MC and win their heart in the most romantic way
  • not wake up next to them, disheveled
  • no, no this is all wrong
  • but somehow to still feels so right 
  • MC is so warm and soft and gentle and…perfect
  • but he cant wake up with them like this!!! ITS TACKY AND NOT HOW HE PICTURED IT!!!
  • Jumin leaves for work without waking MC but gives them a little kiss on the head before leaving
  • he makes sure that his staff knows to take good care of MC and gets them anything they need
  • he makes someone go out and buy MC a brand new set of clothes
  • and like Jaehee he leaves a note!!!!!!
  • he spends like 20 minutes drafting the perfect note
  • he doesnt want to sound too stiff but he cant sound too clingy either and he’s trying so hard
  • “my deepest apologies for leaving you like this. i hope that you are well taken care of, please call me when you wake up. Driver Kim will make sure you are returned home safety. i hope you had as much fun as i did last night. -Jumin Han”
  • this isnt how Jumin pictured his and MC’s relationship starting but he definitely didnt hate it


  • a rough morning
  • Seven is actually woken up when MC wakes up and sees him
  • “oh my god this cant be happening, this cant be happening”
  • he wakes up and rubs his eyes and then LEAPS OUT OF BED
  • “wait, did we….”
  • MC buries her face in their palms
  • “………….nice”
  • Seven decides to say with a smirk on his face
  • immediately MC grabs every pillow in the vicinity and starts chucking them at Seven
  • he bats them out of the air
  • “hey, hey whats all this hostility?”
  • MC grabs the blanket and suddenly hides under it, mumbling “because youre an idiot”
  • Seven shrugs
  • “thats fair”
  • he starts to leave the room when MC pokes their head out of the covers
  • “where are you going?”
  • “to make us some breakfast”
  • “really…?”
  • “yea. no one should have to wake up next to an idiot like me and not even get some waffles out of it”
  • Seven makes breakfast and even brings MC some water and meds
  • its actually a really pleasant morning and he’s super chill
  • then as soon as MC leaves his house

if you read all that thank you so much and i hope you liked it :3


Gender neutral MC



- she wasn’t even aware that this person was your ex
- her and MC were just at a café and this random person just came up and started talking to MC 
- like Jaehee just thought it was an old friend or something, then they actually started paying attention to Jaehee 
- “Oh hi I’m MC’s ex.”
- “Oh hi I’m MC’s girlfriend” so fuck off and don’t come near my precious MC
- but she sayed nice and smiled at them
- you could see how she was pretending so you made them go away like “wtf i dont even talk to you anyway, okay bye bye let me hang with my gf.”
- Jaehee reminded to you once they were gone that if they ever disturbed you that she was a black belt


- boii 
- boiiiii
- okay so when he met your ex he became so protective over you
- he had his arm around you so tight, he was actually worried he might be hurting you but you seemed to like it
- “Oh me? I’m just a model and actor, no biggie, I’m a bit famous - oh is that one of my fans? yes come here, you want an autograph, of course! So what do you do?”
- he didnt directly tell your ex he was better than them, but im just saying he didnt hide that they were missing out with an amazing MC
- oh MC you’re suddenly so cute all of the sudden and i just have to kiss you 
- he wont hesitate on kissing you in front of your ex, either they leave or watch you kiss and feel awkward, he didnt care
- “well we better go, we have a lunch planned, got reservations that are usually hard to get so im told - but i found it horridly easy”
 “Zen, babe we don’t.”
“shhhhhh go with the flow. Acting skils babe”


- he literally did not give a shit
- he actually found it funny 
- like lol how did this loser ever get a babe like you????
- “ahhhh so this is your ex?”
- oh he knows hes smarter than them
-“I thought you said they werent dumb? lololol”
- “MC’s mine now fyi, don’t touch,”
- cheek kisses okay, so many
- he’ll make fun of your ex but in a way that your ex just has no idea what he’s saying
- hand holding 
- oh babe are you cold all of the sudden??? here take my jacket - what youre not cold? nah you are babe, trust me
- babe take the jacket 
- there you go
- oh looook MC’s wearing my jackeeet
- “lololol nice meeting you”


- lmao
- mate 
- he just looks at them like theyre the dirt beneath his feet
- you took off your scarf becuase it was getting too hot 
- and you forgot that you had worn this scarf because of a hickey Jumin had given you the night before
- oh boy 
- you blushed a bit but Jumin had a smuge ass grin on his face 
- like yes, MCs mine, i gave them that
- if you touch MC i will personally have my bodyguards escort you away and file a lawsuit and restraining order, 
- my MC
- literally 
- okay but he will probably give you the most passionate kiss in front of this person, just to make an extra point that you’re his
- he’ll either be hella jealous or just be like “uh huh okay whatever MC lets go.”


- okay protect him
- he was nervous when he saw him, you had told him about yout ex before but he had never met them
- he holds your hand because of how nervous he is
- “hi I’m Yoosung, nice to meet you!”
- you love me more right MC?
- you kiss his cheek to reassure him
- precious baby 
- he’s just so pure okay???
- he’s really nice and just wants to go home and watch movies with you man


- he contines to hold you hand as your ex introduces themselves, they had bumped into you two at an art gallery 
- he smiles and stays polite 
- he shakes their hadn an everything, but no one can see the death stare behind his glasses
- when your ex leaves he reminds you that he loves you
- “You know i love you right?”
- Literally was not botherd by your ex being around, he may not have liked him but he kept that to himself 
- tbh if he really wanted to do something with your ex he would get Seven to mess with them and put viruses on their computer
- during the conversation with your ex he’ll wrap his arm around yor shoulder and occasionally whisper something in your ear to make you laugh
- please protect him 

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I just say that post you made so now I'm thinking about Philip and lukas getting flustered around each other and im loving it do you think you can do some headcannons or something?

yes!!! im so here for this!!!

so basically

  • neither boy is ever gonna admit when theyre flustered. theyre young adults, about to go off into the world, they will not turn to butterflies and feelings because someone-aka their boyfriend-is adorable
  • but then philip has these things he does. especially the lip thing. he presses his lips together when he’s thinking, and it turns lukas to mush. he doesnt know why. but philip does it and all of a sudden his stomach is turning inside out.
  • god forbid philip try and speak to him. if he does, lukas is so star struck he kinda just gapes back at philip. like oh my god my boyfriend is so fuckin adorable i dont know what to do
  • he loves philips mouth. i mean, obviously he loves his whole face, but he loves his lips. he likes to run his thumb across them and take them between his teeth. 
  • this makes philip freak. the minute lukas’ teeth close around his bottom lip he feels like a child again, nervous, about to have his first kiss. he basically melts in lukas’ hands, and lukas knows it. 
  • theres a lot of back and forth, each knowing what sets the other off, and trying to look innocent as they do it.
  • the things lukas does that makes the butterflies in philips stomach go into a frenzy: dip his fingers beneath Philips shirt and run them across his hip when theyre kissing. tip his head back when he laughs. bite his lip. tap a pencil against his lip when hes focusing (philip just sits there watching him like are you frickin kidding me dude)
  • really, though, its philip that causes the problems. hes the one that hums tunelessly, the one who presses his lips together, the one that hooks his fingers through lukas’ belt loops, the one that tips his head against Lukas’ shoulder when hes tired
  • all control lukas has just. goes away. when philip does any of that.
  • hes no longer a suave almost-man who knows how to handle himself. hes just a 13 year old boy with a crush, and hes so flustered and nervous his cheeks go pink.
  • philip loves when they do that. he really loves it. 
  • lukas tries to hide it, but philip always sees, because philip is always paying attention.
  • each has the ability to turn the other to mush. and they wield that power with a strong hand. 
  • translation: both boys are a flustered mess around each other 85% of the time. 
  • nah lets be real 99% of the time

Happy Richonne Anniversary ❤️❤️ I remember the whole reason I started watching the show was because I was on tumblr and saw Rick and Michonne gifs from season 4 and I was SHOOK!! I was just like “omg these idiots look so in love and cute bye I’m watching idc if they’re not together” and I binged watch the whole 4 seasons and was able to watch the season 5 premiere live. First of all, best decision ever because now I’m obsessed and I’ve met Steven Yeun, Michael Cudlitz, Josh, Sonequa, and so many others & like who would have thought. So I was then like well even if I don’t get this otp, at least I found such a great show. Then season 5 was filled with Richonne goodness like omg I LOVED it! Then we get to season 6 and I see Jessie and y'all know I was upset LMFAOO Rick was acting a fool and I had to deal with it weekly🙄🙄.. then we get to No Way Out and y'all know I’m already giddy as shit cause I read spoilers about a certain blonde getting the chop chop and the whole family being wiped out (I know evil, but fuck it) and I saw Michonne wild out and help her husband and just desperately trying to get to him and kissing Carl 😩😩❤️ and I was just gone!!! Then she’s carrying Judith while Rick is preachin to Carl about the new world, lmao I was like okay what is this fuckery if they don’t get together then I’m going to riot cause look at this fucking family!!! SO YALL KNOW WHEN THE NEXT WORLD CAME OUT AND THEY STARTED OUT WITH GRIMES FAM 2.0 I was like BITCH IF THE SPOILERS ARE TRU IM JUMPING OUT DA WINDOW!!!! And then rick was home and Michonne kicked his arm and they were looking at Judith, talking about their day, giving her mints & I was like NAWWWWWWWWW then their hands touch and I’m screaming and they’re looking at each other and I’m screaming and they’re getting closer and IM SCREAMING AND THEYRE KISSING AND RICKS IN IT, MICHONNES IN IT , BITCH IM IN IT AND IM STILL SCREAMING.. THEN I see a naked Rick and a naked Michonne and Rick gripping on that ass and bro…. IM SCREAMING!!!! Then they get up naked ready to fuck someone’s life up (mine mostly) and that’s when I knew my soul had been sold to Gimple.. so all I want to say is shout out to Andy for fucking with Richonne since the longest & being the king of our ship and for going all out in his scenes (can’t wait to see him in 7x12 (; ) and for being the sexiest guy out here & shoutout to Danai for being beautiful and amazing in her scenes as well and just amazing and beautiful in general. Shoutout to Andy’s mom for calling out the show and saying if they had any political balls they would put those two together 😩😭❤️ and just shoutout to the most amazing and talented fandom out there!!! I love y'all, even though I wasn’t here from the very beginning, it felt like I was because of how nice y'all are❤️❤️❤️❤️ so thank you for excepting me into this hell hole and making my life a complete mess🆘 here’s to more Richonne goodness everybody 🍾🍾

Backstage Kisses (VIXX’s Ken scenario)

Request: love your vixx writing!! ken scenario where you kiss him on the cheeks in front of his members but theyre like playfully disgusted so you go on for a full kiss on his lips?

hfaajbug thank you!!!! btw, can you guys tell that I love Kenhjumma? lol

Originally posted by hongbins-wife

“Oh my god, Jaehwan, you were amazing!” you exclaim as you run up to him after his performance. He grinns back at you and puts his arms around your waist as you embrace each other. He mumbles a thank you into the top of your head before kissing it and releasing you just enough to take a look at your smiling face. As he realises that you’re attempting to reach up high enough to kiss him, he leans back a little and laughs as you pout.

“You sure you wanna kiss me when I’m all sweaty?” He says and you nod, feeling stubborn. He keeps on grinning as he leans down slightly to allow you to peck his cheek. It didn’t take too long for the other members to find the two of you though, and when they did, they had no mercy.

“Oh, hyung! How can you do that in front of our innocent maknae! Shame on you!” Hongbin exclaims in laughter as Sanghyuk covers his eyes and groans as if he was in pain, making you giggle.

“Yah! Can’t a couple be left alone around here!?” Jaehwan shouts in his kenhjumma voice before ducking down to give you an eskimo kiss, making you laugh as the others started groaning even more. Before your boyfriend could go back to his regular height though you gave him a quick peck on the lips. The next thing you heard was Jaehwan whining as Hakyeon had pulled him off of you, saying how they had to prepare for their next stage performance.

As you watched him get dragged away, you couldn’t help but notice Taekwoon next to you who was grinning at the sight of the troublemaker. As he saw your glance he quickly composed himself before bowing towards you and dragging a laughing Hongbin and Hyuk with him as they left for their changing rooms as Wonshik walked by as well, waving towards you.
Oh well, the kisses were worth it.

the what? a gay? 

-kiibos body is really hard and not very comfortable but ouma insists on sleeping with him anyway (”youre so uncomfortable!” “then why not use a pillow instead?” “because..i dont want to…”)
-ouma makes kiibo play video games. he really likes animal crossing. he is a very good mayor (ouma names his town like “dickbutt” or something)
-the microwave beeps n kiibos like “who said that”. he can speak to electronic appliances (not really) 
-they go on a double date w kaede and maki at like a friendlies or something and they spend like 20 minutes trying to figure out what they want to eat
-when kiibo isnt home ouma sleeps with a big stuffed animal he got him 
-kiibo is a cat person, ouma is a dog person
-kiibo kinda has to be like a mom to ouma sometimes n take care of him bc he forgets to take care of himself (like making sure he eats and brushes his hair)
-”hes my kiibo and you cant have him” extremely protective ouma. somebody else talks to kiibo n hes like the knife emoji
-”hey kiibo whats that” *kisses him when he looks away*
-ouma is autistic n has bpd n whenever he gets upset kiibo is the Only one who can calm him down n when he does calm down they cuddle and ouma tells kiibo to not let go of him n stay with him n they kiss n stuf…gay…
-Theyre Gay Boyfriends

the whole thing with sherlock getting so physically close to kitty it looks like theyre going to kiss and he just says youre disgusting and i hate you. ACTUALLY he says “you REPEL me”, repel meaning the exact opposite of “attract” and a weird way to phrase something. uh huh. wow. anyway… gay meta

selina is back with more evak/snowbaz parallels

(also known as selina the skam obsessed fangirl is bringing some skam material on her snowbaz blog)

• the actors and their attributes !!!! henrik holm looks like baz in the morning, when he slicks his hair back (he also has that widows peak, nbd) if we dye henrik’s hair black, we’re good to go. the height difference is so perfect between them too henrik is taller than tarjei could you have a better pairing ??

• have you seen tarjei sandvik moe ??? oh my goodness his freckles and curls make the similarities so uncanny (his eyes though theyre not blue blue shh)

• their chemistry has already been shown on skam. come on guys, lets take their underwater kiss scene and lets put fire instead of water. chapter 61, sorted.

• (i’m willing to film the show/movie in norweigan)

• henrik already has experience being a snarky sarcastic cinnamon bun, let’s make him play mr. pitch?

• (this whole post is an almost evak au hc)

• henrik already has those lil sharp canines he’s born for this role (also henrik in all black, and just in the watford uniform??)

• isak valtersen isn’t good w words, simon snow isn’t good with words.

and most importantly,

• i wrote a script. a bloody script for the first season of Carry On, five episodes, forty minutes long. i’ve sold my soul to this.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any headcanons about first few months of dating Rucas?

  • lots of sneaking around & late night visits + trying to hide from Cory
  • lucas just wants a little alone time with his girl but everyone is always around so one day he finally gets there before the rest of the gang and he locks the bay window so they cant get in haha
  • hand holding galore like it gets to the point where it just happens absent mindedly and they end up feeling weird if theyre not touching/holding the other person
  • movie marathons
  • soft kisses
  • late night phone conversations that go into the morning
  • exploring the city together
  • love letters and notes
  • mixed tapes its cheesy but friar has it bad
  • riley wearing his clothes (plaid shirts, hoodies, tshirts to bed) but he doesnt remember ever leaving those at her house ? he secretly thinks they look better on her anyway
  • supporting each other at sports/competitions
  • running and giving each other really huge hugs where one (usually riley) is inevitably lifted off the ground when they see each other for the first time in a while. 
  • snuggles

fictionisthebetterreality  asked:

Heyy I love love love all of your stories, so per your requests being open I have this really vague idea about like Akaashi having this thing where he paints his nails and maybe like the colours correspond to his moods and the other 3 know he's really mad when they're fire engine red or sad when theyre black or happy when theyre bright pink, and idk like they start doing it too or something like I said vague idk where I was going with it so take it as you want :)


 Kuroo lifts Akaashi’s hand, and studies it. He looks across his slender wrist, and up his pale fingers. They’re very long, and curve into nicely kept nails. The nails are the perfect length- not too long, or too short, and are painted flawlessly. 

Kuroo hums, “Yellow today?”

“I was happy.” Akaashi says plainly.

Kuroo grins, and presses a kiss to the palm of his hand. “Oh? What a rare occurrence.”

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YugBam Headcanon Dump


  • bambam waking up at the ass crack of dawn one day because his bf senses were tingling and he finds yugyeom sitting up in his bed shaking and almost crying and hes just “gyeom??” in a tired lil voice and yugyeom practically apparates across the room so he can gather bambam in his arms and bury his face in the smaller boy’s hair and neither of them say anything because bambam just knows, but from that day on whenever yugyeom has nightmares he always ends up sleeping in bambam’s bed, no questions asked
  • bambam not being able to sleep and crawling into yugyeoms bed at 3 am to be greeted by a momentarily confused yugyeom but then yugyeom pulling the smaller 97 liner into his broad ass chest and bambam miraculously falling asleep within the next ten minutes because maybe he just needed a lil warmth or somebody to cuddle with i am
  • bambam staying up late and eating cereal at like 1 am and yugyeom not being able to sleep so he goes into the kitchen to find bambam literally eating all of their breakfast foods and he just stares for a second and then sighs and sits down next to him and is all “can you hand me a bowl?” and thats how jinyoung finds the two of them the next morning - empty cereal bowls pushed to the middle of the table with the boys laying their heads down on it, one of yugyeoms hands at the small of bambams back 
  • yugyeom just sitting on the couch or on the ground after practice or anywhere, just sitting, and bambam literally sitting down in his lap because “its the best seat in the house” - yugyeom gets so used to it that wrapping his arms around bambams waist becomes an involuntary motion whenever this happens
  • bambam not being able to reach the stuff they keep at the very top of their cabinets and yugyeom giggling behind his hand a few feet away until bambam turns around to glare at him and yugyeom just smiles really big and gets it down for him 
  • bambam getting pissed about something and ranting on and on about it in front of all of got7 and eventually yugyeom wraps his arms around him from behind and carries him out of the room
  • yugyeom staying in the practice rooms really late, way later than even JB to practice his dancing and just randomly freestyling stuff and way after the others have gone to sleep bambam always finds himself back at the practice room with food
  • yugyeom hijacking bambams twitter at one point and just posting a bunch of pictures of them together in rapid succession
  • yugyeom’s phone lockscreen and wallpaper being a picture of a bambam selfie with yugyeom kissing his cheek and bambam’s being a yugyeom selfie with bambam kissing his cheek
  • yugyeom falling asleep in weird ass places like at the dinner table or on the couch while watching the news or even while leaning against the wall and bambam always putting his jacket over yugyeom’s broad shoulders as well as he can or pulling a half awake yugyeom to bed and tucking him in and pressing a kiss to his forehead and yugyeom pulling bambam into bed with him
  • bambam having a ridiculous amount of gifs of yugyeom dancing saved to his phone
  • yugyeom always having an arm around the other boy’s shoulder or waist or even just pinkies linked together it doesnt matter he just always has to be touching bambam
  • s o m u c h f o r e h e a d k i s s i n g because yugyeom doesnt always like leaning down so far and bambam likes how it feels to have yugyeoms large frame engulfing his more petite one and resting his head on the maknae’s chest while yugyeom presses kisses into his hair
  • bambam running his hands through yugyeom’s hair whenever he can, esp in the mornings right after they’ve both woken up because thats when its the softest and silkiest
  • yugyeom stealing bambam’s phone and taking like ten million selfies on it in various lighting and bambam going back and deleting most of them but keeping his favorites saved
  • whenever they’re apart (its very rare, though) theyre facetiming or skyping like 90% of that time and, ofc, screenshotting whenever their SO looks dumb
  • taking care of each other when they’re drunk
  • yugyeom burrowing his face into bambam’s neck whenever he can because for some reason bambam is always always always warm
  • bambam loving nothing more than the feeling of yugyeom’s arms around him, their legs intertwined, and them facing each other and just talking and giggling about anything and everything in hushed whispers
  • always getting interrupted by the other members when doing anything like play fighting?? one of the other five will come in, throw a condom at them, and say something about safe sex. going out for a date??? somebody will show up because “oh i just saw you guys through the window while walking CoCo, is that tea?”
  • waking up and going to sleep together, always, and always saying “i love you” before going to sleep to each other

jlakjdkfljsdklfj i just love yugbam fml

they’re the kind of ship where you can imagine them going in for the kiss and then one of them is like

 “Just so you know, I could kick your ass any day,” 

and the other replies 

“We both know that’s not true,”

Suprise!-Dylan O’brien

I woke up around 9 am and Dylan had already left for the day at comic con. He doesn’t know I was here, I had planned it with Jeff since Dyl had barely saw us in 4 months because of press tours and what not. Not even anybody on the cast- my best friends also as I used to be on teen wolf, it’s where Dyl and I had met actually. We had been dating since the very beginning. I left in the May of 2013 after we had finished filming 3b, It wasn’t aired until a year later… I thought void Stiles was really hot, one thing led to another and I was pregnant. 

My baby boy Noah was born at 6 and a half months, he had some issues at the beginning but he’s healthy and happy now. He’s about 1 and a half now (set in comic con 2016, ooooh future!). 

I eventually roll out of bed and go into his room. He wanted his own bed because he’s a big boy… I see he’s already awake but only just, laying down under the covers all snuggly with squinted eyes = ADORABLE. I giggle and go to pick him up. “Ready to see daddy?” I ask in a baby voice, he immediately perks up and nods his head cheering. I laugh and kiss his cheek laying him back down and going over to his little suitcase- he also wanted his own suitcase, his spiderman suitcase. I pick out his clothes and turn around to see him sitting there waiting patiently, he’s such a good child it’s strange, Dylan and I act more like children than him. I smile and he grins back. I hold up his clothes and he nods shuffling off the bed and running to me. I start undressing him and redressing him in his new clothes. When he’s done I grin at how cute he looks. 

 (Instead of the beany he has a little mets cap on)

Then take him into the ‘living room’ area and put the TV on, it just so happens that it’s a teen wolf interview. He claps his hands. I retreat to the bedroom to get dressed and do my makeup etc. 

 We are about to leave when my phone starts ringing. 

 "Hello" I say cheerfully, switching out the lights in the bathroom and turning the TV off. 

 "Hey, it’s me, are you ready to come now? a little bit earlier, the cars waiting anyway but If you are would you be an angel and pick us up some coffees? the one here tastes disgusting…“ Jeff trails off. I smile and laugh. I can hear him laugh too. 

"who are you talking to?” I hear Holland interrupt in the background. 

 "the producers, just finalizing some things…“ he stutters. 

 "is she gone?” i ask. 

 "yeah" he mumbles. 

“ok, I’m ready to go anyway, luckily for you. I know all your orders so I’ll be there in about 15- 20 minutes ok. Ill text you when I’m there so I don’t get lost and you can come and get me.” he groans. “I’m getting coffee for you Mr! Your lucky I love you” I mumble and he laughs through the phone. We hang up shortly after and we leave the hotel room. We get in the lift and when we reach the bottom i pick Noah up so I don’t lose him in the crowd of fangirls. I realise quickly that they’ll probably tell Dylan over social media so I sneak out the back. I tell the driver to head towards starbucks, I get everbodies orders having to have my bodyguard help me carry them back to the car while Noah walks quietly beside me eating his muffin and drinking his fruit shoot. We get back in the car balancing the drinks and head to the convention, I text Jeff when were close and stay in the car until he comes to get us. When he does I give him a hug and Noah jumps out of the car and runs into his arms. 

 "Uncle Jeff I got a hat, just like daddys!“ he says referring to his mets cap and pointing to it. Jeff smiles at him and picks him up. 

 "really? well you can show daddy in a little while, I know he’s excited to see you, are you excited to see him?” he says to him poking his stomach. He giggles and nods snuggling into his neck. I love how close he is with the whole cast, it’s adorable and Jeff thinks so to when he silently 'awwhs’ at him. I hand Jeff a tray of coffees and carry the others myself. 

We walk inside and go into their dressing room leaving the coffees. Jeff tells me they will be back from their last interview soon so we should go and try to find our seats. So we do much to the dismay of Noah. He crosses his arms and stomps his foot. 

 "I want to see daddy!“ he yells. 

 "I know baby, we’re going to see daddy now! were going to watch him!” I say excitedly. He smiles and runs into my arms. I sigh exasperatedly. I leave the room and go to find our seats. They’re in the front row, but slightly off to the side so they don’t notice straight away. I feel nervous to see Dylan after not seeing him for so long… I’ve missed him so much. 

 We take our seats and all the fans swarm us making Noah cling to my chest crying. They back off as soon as they realise. 

 "Dylan doesn’t know we’re here! Can you act normal until he notices please? to keep it a suprise?“ I shout to get there attention everybody cheers and nods. 

We sit back down and they all act normal until the cast start coming out then they go crazy. We’re half way through the panel and nobody has looked over other than Jeff. He smiles at us every now and then. I’m smiling from ear to ear when i feel a small tug at my sleeve. I look down at Noah. "When can we see daddy, mummy?” he whispers with tears in his eyes starting to get impatient. I sigh and look at Jeff, luckily he is staring at us concerned. I run my finger down my face signalling that Noah is crying and Jeff pouts his lip. I nod at him and he waits until the question is over before he starts speaking through the mic. 

“Since none of you are particularly observant today I’m going to have to point it out, Dylan. Y/n and Noah have been sitting here the entire time.” He says looking at Dylan. Quickly the entire cast are looking around frantically for me. I stand up, picking up Noah too. Dylan’s eyes meet mine and we both smile. He jumps out of his chair almost falling over. I go over to the side of the stage walking up the steps. Noah wriggles out of my arms so i set him on the floor before he falls. He instantly sets off for Dylan who is kneeling down on the floor with his arms open. Noah flies into his arms and he holds him close. The fans go wild, screaming and some even crying at the moment. I walk slowly to him and when I reach him he pulls me into a hug also, burying his head in my neck and squashing our infant. I feel his tears on my neck and i can also feel some of my own slipping out. We pull away and he strokes my face leaving a peck on my forehead. Were not big fans of PDA in front of the fans. 

 When we finally retreat from each other I’m scooped up in someones arms and spun around. When they put me down I stumble a little bit, I look up and it’s Tyler. I smile leaning up to kiss him on the cheek. He’s like my brother. I go to see the rest of the cast quickly. I’m about to get Noah and return to our seats when I’m pulled down on a seat at the end of the table by Jeff. Noah stays clinging to Dylan but he doesn’t seem to mind. 

 "Sorry guys!“ I say to the fans they all shake theyre heads and shout things like 'that was adorable’ 'we love you’ and 'please come back to teen wolf’ is one i heard. I grin at Jeff and he smiles cheekily back. 

 "You want her back on the show?” he says through the mic. They all cheer. He laughs. “that’s good to hear cause she’s coming back for season 6” even the cast gasp because it’s news to them too. 

We finish the panel and go backstage to the dressing room. I’m immediately bombarded by hugs and questions. We lounge around for a while chatting when Noah comes over to me suddenly and tugs on my sleeve again. I stop talking for a minute to look down at him. 

 "yeah baby?“ I say wiping his face clean from the donut he just ate. 

"can i show daddy my hat?” he says leaving everyone confused. I gasp and reach into my bag to retrieve it, at the panel when he buried his face in my chest it kept falling off so I took it off him and put it in my bag. I give it to him and he runs over to Dylan to show him. Suddenly Dylan is in hysterical laughs, he looks at me and i grin. He puts it on him. 

 "turn around so everyone can see buddy" he whispers patting his stomach. He does so and everyone starts laughing. 

 "you can definitely tell that’s your son" Holland points out. Dylan grins and Noah is already grinning, in the exact same way. I smile looking at them and around at my friends feeling how lucky I am. 

 All of a sudden Dylan shoots out of his seat and over to me, I furrow my eyebrows as he pulls me up. 

 "we couldn’t do it before because of the fans. I missed you so goddamn much" He breathes pulling my lips to him. Everyone starts hollering and cheering so I smile. 

 "ew" i hear and a small figure trying to push us apart. We pull away and see it was Noah who smacked Dylan on the leg. we look down to him and he has his arms crossed looking angrily at Dylan. 

 "Mummy’s kisses are for me, daddy, not you!“ he yells. Dylan laughs and picks him up. We have a family hug. 

 "I love you” He whispers into my ear.

 "I love you too, we missed you so much!“ I whisper back.