they look like they're either getting married

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POSSIBLE COVER STORY FOR THE CULLENS: Carlisle and Esme are adults of thirty-something. They couldn't have children, so they adopted Emmett and Alice, later on Edward and Renesmee. Time skip. Emmett met Rosalie, got married to her, she moved in with him. Alice met Jasper, got engaged to him, he moved in. Edward has a girlfriend, Bella, who moved in and they're planning on getting married. Renesmee is the only teen in the household. Jacob? Their neighbor? Possibly?

I like this. 

Not to get too real-life in a frivolous fictional universe, but in Canada, we’ve recently had a problem with families who look good on paper fostering way too many kids and consequently neglecting/abusing them. I can’t help but see shades of that issue in Carlisle and Esme’s cover-story. How is a young doctor who’s either fresh out of med school or fresh out of residency parenting 5 teens, exactly? And there’s the implication that the Cullen kids were adopted when they were older, which hints at a host of behavioural issues. Your cover story is better because a) Carlisle + Esme are older and b) they seemingly adopted the children gradually. 

Jacob is a complication for the Cullens’ cover-story, I agree. He apparently looks 25, so he couldn’t possibly pass for an adoptee. Introducing him as a family friend/neighbour/distant relative might be more plausible. 

I showed my mom that pic of Harry smiling from yesterday (is my wallpaper now), and she said “His arm is full of tattoos, uh?” and I looked at the camera and said “Yeah, he got lots with his boyfriend”, she laughed a bit and say “Really?” and then “Are they still together?” and I said “Yes, of course (always). They’re going to get married soon” and she was like “Ah that’s cute, they’re going to be together forever, aren’t they? They have lots of affinity” and I just set here screaming internally