they look like the ages of my tails and that cosmo

My 12 Lives

Aries - A whole new world

In Pisces she wept and fell to sleep, a mermaid tail drifting in a sea by her side. All was calm, and then began the storm. A fireball in the sky,
a new season, a new beginning, a hurricane to drop a child inside. From the storm the Aries was born, learning to walk and talk, forgetting the mermaid tail she took 12 lifetimes to sew. She looks for magic behind every corner, always expecting something astonishing and new. Through fierce suppression or taught shame, her spirit becomes poisonous, because she is a wild heart, free and untameable, as young as the spring, as pure as the wind. And she may hold violent secrets, or act of some destructive urge that sings a song of impulse. Instant self gratification is important, consuming the world is important. Everything seems so foreign as if nothing ever existed before she was born. Now she is in a world that seems to have forgotten her, a princess of the night through her last lifetime. Her scarlet aura conducting fires in the horizon, a child chasing shapes in the clouds. Twinkle twinkle little star
now I know who you are

Taurus - Rest and Rectitude

It had all been so loud, so busy, so exhausting. Pushed from one frantic lifetime to the next, the Taurus woke up tired, her body seeming to be entwined with vines, her ears buzzing with the sound of wildlife. She walks through the forest to find hideaways opening just for her
a priestess of the flowers, a mother to the earth, a reflection of pure beauty, an earthy Aphrodite. Her eyes glaze with the glassiness of still waves, her hair matted with herbs, it’s time to rest now, to flourish in a world that suddenly became soft to touch and delicious to taste. She could never truly cherish her surroundings before, life past through her in such a frenzied flash
sometimes there are old anxieties that creep in, reminding her of chaos and carnage, hitting the walls of a palace she has built
founded on integrity, diplomacy, and the laws of nature. She approaches the day with sleep still in her eyes, often relying on caffeine to adjust to human life. If she could flitter through life on natural time, she would sleep for days, and cherish the stillness of night

Gemini ~ Wings of a Butterfly

She cocooned herself into a flower bed last time around, like a chrysalis. The tired Taurus and a breath of fresh air was blown from heaven, the Gemini awoke, a butterfly with a golden helmet on her mind. Energy released in erratic form, the only way was to spiral upwards with the other winged creatures
sending messages through ether, delighted at making sounds, twists and turns with words. Suddenly the mind leaves the body behind, she is a floating balloon
Full of wonderful tales and facts and insights, illuminating the light behind her eyes when her mind is alive. And she can stay awake thinking for days, stimulated by internal conversation. Her responsibilities and plans can vanish,
as if she has completely forgotten. She can find herself in a mess of paperwork and clothes, unable to escape the hold of her mind, deciding with one personality but in conflict with another, split memories of life revealing themselves untimely. And she can be chastised for her scattered mind, often forgetting the most basic of things yet she can keep you captivated for hours under the spell of conversation, whisking words in her mind like a magic maze, every age and time in a myriad of marvellous mental somersaults

Cancer - Timeless Woman

The incessant chatter of Gemini drifted into the back of her mind, turning into long conversations on the beach, the tide washing words with memories. In cancer time, every minute could be a moment, there is the possibility for growth, enlightenment, and meaning in every experience, the pinnacle events of life felt with a reverent glory, to marry, to love, to held, to be held, to be welcomed home, and be kissed as she leaves for the world.
She is not bound indoors, but rather makes a presence and a home out of everything, constructing hideaways in secret fantasies and re illustrated memory. Before it was all about learning and squeezing facts out of life, now it is about withholding life, or giving birth to beautiful life, whether it be her own, a child, or something or someone she cherishes. People are stain glass windows to her lunar sculpted eyes, their feelings moving like colours, their psychic activity enveloping her like a heatwave. And you wonder why she can’t sleep, when its something her spirit so desperately needs. But your worry is her worry, and you give it to her while you fall asleep

Leo ~ Harlequin and Heroine

Wielding light at her command, this was a woman who formerly ruled the Moon. Illuminated from the heart, a golden child of the cosmos
an heiress of the day, almost sick on sunbeads. The whole charade can be in disarray, born into a kingdom of chaos and neglect. Her howl is enough to spin the earth so the sun burns nearer
feeling temperature creep into your chest, and that’s the feeling of her breath. Sun honey, a crown made of maple syrup whipped by stars. Before she had given life, and wept, and provided for. She taught to love and how to feel. And now she is all these sensations in her own side show riel
A cast selected by the heavens. A script written by a royal soul. A child at heart forced to be an actress on a stage, garnering adornment and command, painting an image with colours drenched in soul tie-dye
Tonight she fades away, but she comes to life on stage, or in your eyes, or lying with your heartbeat by her side. She feels music and cinema, she can see a part of herself in every character. Life fades as quick as fame

Virgo - Butterfly Mind

Sunburn punctures through her, a coursing burn shivers, her mind on fire, alive with anxiety and thoughts dancing in intricate design like butterflies. Charring burn down her tummy, more tension inside, stings on their wings, nervous sickness. The Leo spotlight was so loud and chaotic, the audience applause become deafening screeches in her ear, pride longing for the recognition. But the show has ended, and the Virgo has been left behind
only a shadow for company in genius that has lost its mind. The show has ended and the only audience member remaining is the critic, ready to spit his words of venom, turning up the houselights and shining them right on pretend flaws. And the only way to leave was to get down on her knees, to begin repairing herself, to scrub the world clean. The celebration is over, and now she is stuck in her mind, desperately trying to settle a million anxious butterflies

Libra Lightshow

To be a perfect mannequin, oh that was the dream. As a Virgo she sewed threads until her lungs couldn’t exhale. But now she is the dreamer of dreams, the writer of romance novels, and the personification of art. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most loved by all? Libra is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Beauty, sweet Aphrodite, rising from a watery clam into the airy clouds. This is where Libra dwells, painting the sky with her thoughts, dazzling like diamonds in the sun. With a pen feather in her hands she narrates the law of the land, reigning in on righteous justice and morality. Her body moves in harmonious symmetry, graceful, her expression warm and then glacial, for she is a woman born under the air swords, so intellect rules, beauty is in the eye of the beholder
and the mind is the beholder, so sharpen your wit before you challenge her judgement, she may be vague when she enters the story she reads
But she can be a woman scorned to those who threaten her allegiances or breed toxicity, the illusion and the glamor of a hall of mirrors, each face of a flower petal projecting through entrancing display. Daughter of the equinox, blessed with a cherubin face and allure, sorely misunderstood, she is not a flirter but a lover, a woman who finds parts of herself in everyone, parts of herself she longs to love, so she longs to love you, let her love you, it will be the most exquisite thing you ever do

Scorpio - Sea Siren

She plummeted from a jewel high in the sky, the cotton candy of Libra
free falling into the bottom of the ocean. Surrounded by all sorts of strange creatures, sea entities wearing the faces of demons, fighting to survive, born inhaling poisonous water.  And so life seems like a swim upward, but the pressure so harsh, the voices of ghosts are only under the surface, surrounded by hollow mermaids, sailors who have lost their life, between two worlds, the alive and the passed. She learned to love in Libra, but now she is forced to love the darkness, to cherish the beasts in herself  that claw at the inside of her skin, to be an instrument of light infusing with shadow. The sun shining through the cracks, the burn she can feel on her shoulder blades in quiet moments, it seems like sun from the bottom of the ocean, but that is soul, that is her soul, radiating across a hidden treasure island.

Sagittarius - The End and the Beginning of Everything

Waking from what seemed like eternal death, a lifetime of dying over and over as a Scorpio, becoming a phoenix, and now dancing in the dazzling sky, like jade diamonds. Flying over all the lives she has seen, every experience fills her mind with another location, another tropical island filled with mythological secrets and opportunity. She learned the art of psychic activity as a Scorpio, and now she is in tune with cosmic timing, living in a future arranged by vision, light, and prophecy. And yet it can all feel so incomplete, having kissed death and returned to reunite with a godly lover, through wind, trees, snow, and sea. One part of her body longs for the soil of the ground, the taste of real love, the human experience, grand and simple. And yet the spirit source caresses her to elevate higher, leave the lower mind behind and anybody who dwells there, for she must meet God face to face, with no church or temple or orgasm to hide behind. Ah, this is the essence of life. To believe what she has not seen, but to believe she will, so from the sky angels dwell but concealed by her own will. Sometimes she is too scared of her own greatness, she is after all, a hunter, one whose heart is reserved for the highest priestess.

Capricorn - What Becomes of Unfulfilled Dreams

The celebration of Sagittarius was over, the room was dark, and it’s almost like
performing a whole night of making up for the night before, or the life before. The Capricorn shakes on the ledge of the highest cloud, a mere push of
invalidation or discredit enough to send her tumbling roughly onto earthly concrete, the whisper of success in her ear flying kites in the sky. Between two worlds she seems to live, seemingly forced into responsibility from the
moment she took her first breath. Every experience and achievement forced through some sort of harsh institution, a secret life where she is berated
by her own volatile voices, and a life where is must play every role with
infinite ease, displaying qualities beyond human.
Echoes of children’s laughter play like violins in her ear, a harsh reminder of a life she was never permitted to know. A world alone. The rings of Saturn the karma she is forced to bear, undertaking the duty of confronting all the madness and the  pains of the Gods. And you want her to love you? You criticise her for not showing heart? That’s all she has ever shown.

Aquarius - Bleeding Rainbows

The world was loud and cold when she took her first breath, the lingering
shadow of life as a Capricorn haunting as she shook right to her bones. Tip toeing between clouds she tried to balance the crown on her head
all she had ever known was trying to survive and now she was a mother, a lover, a guardian to every child. When she laughs rainbows from the sky appeared, she is the angel of righteousness, truth, and humanitarianism. But the responsibility is heavy, and the crown becomes straining, alone she dwells, waiting for something to change, for people to change and find their hearts, and soul, and spiritual mind so she can descend and be free, so she can live on her vibrational harmony. As a Capricorn she had already walked the temple with Saturn, and now she had been summoned for another round, and her heart was already tired, and the voices were still so loud. She had achieved so much and yet how could she feel so empty and alone? She felt betrayed by their hatred and love of war and destruction. But there was soul and she could feel it, so
her mind sang with electric impulses of spiritual nectar
a milkshake of elevation for every being. You can sometimes catch her jumping from cloud to cloud, leaving a trail of teal flickering lanterns behind

Pisces - Mermaid Mirror 

After waking from what seemed like eternal sleep, she tumbled quickly,
plunging into deep water, taking a breath, but it wasn’t
water, it was air, it was earth, and she choked. Eleven times this happened, and the 12th time she realised this was life, 11 other spirits dwelling inside. The smell of heaven and everythingness seduced her from the invisible, whispering in her ear to come home, to shut her eyes and leave this world behind. She tried to walk but never really got her balance, the floor always slipping below her, her feet only having the memory of a mermaid tail. Everything can seem directionless and unsafe, like nobody could truly ease the sores in her spirit. She constantly attempts to swim away in oblivion, but a silver cord tugs her back to earth, reminding her of intense spiritual obligation, contracts she wrote with angels and demons. She has divine truths whispered in her ear, she also has lies, the trickster’s bride. As an Aquarius she had lifted humanity, she had raised a global generation of pure heart, she swung her legs off  the clouds, but now she was burned out, longing to fall asleep again, but she needed more energy than anybody to satisfy 11 other spiritual energies. 


outerspacetrashprince  asked:

Spones accidental kisses or like we had to kiss to hide? I need cute spones Dan I need it

Spock rushed down the deserted alleyway and leapt around the overturned garbage can. His bootheel caught on the cobblestone and he fell, hard, hitting his chin as his tricorder flew from his hand and smashed against the ground.

“What was that about Vulcan poise and grace?” McCoy shouted as he grabbed Spock by the back of his shirt and hauled him up.

Spock noted that McCoy was panting quite hard. “You should save your breath for running, Doctor.”

“You’re one to talk. Is the tricorder—”

“Destroyed,” Spock confirmed. “We will not know how close they are.”

“Well let’s not stick around to find out.”

With no way to scan for hostiles, they ran blindly into the night. Distantly, Spock could hear an alarm being raised. He tried to run faster but McCoy lagged behind and so Spock fell back beside him. They dashed through the streets until McCoy was gasping for breath. Spock could have continued, but instead he pulled the two of them into an alleyway.

“Breathe, Doctor.”

“M’fine,” he gasped, breaking into a coughing fit. Spock watched, discomfited, as McCoy coughed. He took a few deep breaths. “Jesus,” he said shakily. “I’ve gotten…soft in my old age.”

“You are not yet forty,” Spock corrected. “Hardly old.” His ears perked up. “Someone is coming,” he hissed.

“What?” McCoy turned and took a step, but a building blocked his way. “Damnit, Spock! Of all the alleyways you could have turned down.”

Footsteps approaching. “Doctor,” Spock warned.

“I can’t believe you think you’re the logical one! Half the time you don’t seem to know your left from your right, but maybe the ears are causing interference.”

“Doctor!” Spock tried again.

“Now we’re going to get caught on some god-forsaken planet, and you’re over there—”

Spock really thought he was just going to grab McCoy’s arm.

McCoy jerked away and Spock grabbed at him again. He could see McCoy’s mouth open to continue the line of their argument despite the fact this was far from the optimal time. Spock grabbed one of McCoy’s arms. Then the other. Then he thought, I must silence McCoy.

Next thing he knew he was swallowing a gasp of surprise.

Spock’s mind was always busy. He could not recall a time when he wasn’t thinking about mathematical computations alongside musical compositions. His mind was usually awash with the minutia of his body as he kept himself tightly control. He focused on imagining starcharts and solving the latest engineering difficulties. He was a busy person with a busy mind.

And for a moment, that stopped.

His world seemed to narrow to one bright speck, and maybe he was still imagining a starchart. A single star, lost in the cosmos, tasting of peaches. He realized McCoy had stopped trying to fight him and so he did the next logical thing: he lifted his hands to curl his thumbs at the line of McCoy’s jaw and held him. Spock tipped his head to one side and McCoy tipped opposite of him and the world beneath them spun a little slower. Each moment was languid, tranquil and Spock could have done this for days. McCoy was fascinating. Nuanced. Subtle. Spock wanted to explore and be explored until–

Suddenly McCoy’s arms were around him. He tugged Spock off balance and then they were against the wall, and things got a whole lot more dramatic. Spock’s ears rang with a rush of blood and excitement as McCoy kissed him at warp 9. One of his hands found McCoy’s waist and he pulled their bodies flush together and McCoy grunted into his mouth, half-laughter.

Intrigued, Spock chased the sound, chased McCoy’s clever tongue now put to much more logical pursuits. McCoy struck back, as he always did, and then spun him around.

Spock hit the wall and McCoy set to work on him again, all incautious teeth and steady hands. Spock had no complaints. Could not even recall why he would have complaints until McCoy accidentally brushed against his bruised jaw and he remembered:



They were being watched.

He stood up straight and McCoy fell off of him like a jacket. Spock stared at their audience and attempted to think of how to explain their actions. His quite logical brain could only wonder where the kisses had gone.

“Captain,” he said finally.

“Mr. Spock.” Jim looked utterly amused.

McCoy glared at him. “Great, you’re here,” he said, not sounding like he found it very ‘great’ at all. “Did you get those peacekeepers off our tail?”

“I did indeed,” Jim said mildly. “Not that you seemed to need my help with your…tail.”

Spock felt like he was being mocked, but he ignored it. “Then perhaps we should make haste to leave this planet.”

Jim leaned against the wall. “We can leave whenever. You two feel free to continue whatever it was you were doing. Don’t mind me.”

McCoy reached over and snatched the communicator from Jim’s belt, ignoring his plaintive “hey.” “McCoy to Enterprise. Three to beam up.”

Scotty acknowledged and the beam caught them. They materialized and McCoy immediately stepped off the pad, throwing the communicator at Jim as he stalked away. Jim still looked amused.

“If you will excuse me, Captain,” Spock said diplomatically.

“Debriefing at 0900,” Jim said. “Until then you two have fun.”

Spock hastened after McCoy.

He found him startling ensigns on deck four. Spock cleared his throat and the rest scattered, leaving one very-cross looking doctor standing in the hallway. “Spock, what do you think you’re doing?”

“Contemplating the emotional reaction your kiss instill in me.”

“You—” McCoy gaped. He shut his mouth with a click. “Did you just say…?”

“Indeed.” Spock glanced around with faux innocence. “I am afraid there are no seedy alleyways available to attempt a repeat performance.”

McCoy looked around as well, relaxing in increments. “No alleys, huh?” he drawled slowly. “Corridor J doesn’t see much use.”

“Indeed it does not.” Spock gestured down the hall. “Shall we?”

McCoy’s eyes glittered. “Just a little repeat,” he hedged.

“For hypothesis-testing,” Spock agreed.

“And then I’ll take a look at that bruise on your chin.”


“All right then,” McCoy said giddily. “Let’s go.”

He grabbed Spock’s hand and tugged him down the hall to corridor J, where things got a little out of hand and they found themselves arriving at the debriefing thirty minutes late with eight more mouth-shaped bruises between them.

In defence of SonTails

I was going to try to post some other stuff on my new blog before I got into this, but recent asshattery towards SonTails shippers - people actively posting their hate to the tag and including SonTails artists/writers in their mentions, verbally attacking them and accusing them of being paedophiles - prompted me to make this post now.

So, here we go.

First up, it is absolutely not cool to accuse people of being paedophiles (and trying to get them reported/run them off Tumblr) simply because you don’t like a fictional pairing that they like. It’s a bottom-of-the-barrel low move, and it belittles the awfulness of actual child sex abuse. Go make an actual difference in the world instead of creating strawmen on Tumblr to stroke your morality boner.

With that out of the way, and even though no one should have to justify their love of a fictional/game character pairing to strangers who are seeking THEM out to harass them, I’m going to put forward some points about the characters in question and my stance on why there is nothing ‘morally’ wrong with shipping Sonic and Tails together.

- SEGA doesn’t consider Tails too young/immature to have romantic interests. In fact, he might even be the ‘main character’ with the most canonical romantic interests throughout the entire franchise. Without looking anything up, here are just a few characters that Tails has either crushed on or shown to have a potential love interest with: Fiona bot/Fiona Fox (Archie), Mina Mongoose (Archie), Cosmo the Seedrian (Sonic X), Zooey (Sonic Boom). In almost every spin-off canon, he’s depicted as being old enough/mature enough to have romantic interests. In most of those canons, none of his friends seem weird about it or give him shit about it, either.

- Tails is not literally an analogue for an equivalent 8-year-old human child. For fuck’s sake. Have you met an actual 8-year-old? No one bats an eyelid about him flying a plane, building complex/dangerous technology, messing with Chaos energy, living by himself in his own house, or risking his life on a daily basis. But depict him holding hands/kissing someone and everyone loses their fucking minds. HAVING SAID THAT, it’s obviously not okay to keep him at 8 years old in a physical relationship, which is why pretty much all (certainly every one I’ve known) SonTails shippers choose to age him up. Nothing much changes with his personality in doing that, because he was never anything like an 8-year-old anyway, but the idea that people like this ship because they see him as a literal 8-year-old and want him to be like a child is such a strawman.

- Speaking of which, aging up in order to pair characters off romantically has happened in at least one canon! In Mobius: 25 Years Later, Tails had married Mina and had two kids, implying they must have… gasp… had sex. But the Archie writers are totally paedos for imagining that someone who was once a kid might one day have a romantic partner… right??

- The outrage is so disproportional to the content on the tags. Most SonTails fanworks are just pure fluff. Honestly, a lot of the stuff tagged as SonTails is literally stuff that happens in the games/shows/comics anyway. Hand-holding, hugs, watching the sunset together, smiling at each other, head fur ruffles, sleeping side-by-side… all of those things have happened in one official canon or another. If you’re offended by pictures/stories where Sonic and Tails are being ridiculous and fluffy with each other, then you probably should avoid all media with them in, too. Fluff stuff gets as much hate as hardcore stuff just because of the implication of it being romantic, which is really sad. Shippers and non-shippers alike should be able to enjoy pictures of Sonic and Tails being cute together, but instead it divides them, and that’s too bad.

- The idea of two people who are such close friends and eventually fall in love is really sweet and relatable. It’s not creepy, and it can be really comforting. I have always been a sucker for best-friends-become-lovers romantic arcs. That is what drew me to the ship. And in most Sonic canons, Sonic and Tails are undeniably the best of friends. They are extremely close. Does that mean they have to be a romantic item? Of course not. No one is forcing anyone to take it to that end. It’s not canon. But for young people still figuring themselves out, it’s just such a warm fuzzy fluffy ship to identify with. Having someone like that in your life - a best friend, someone you feel safe with, who you can tease and rile up but also trust with your life, who knows you better than anyone else, and you just have so much fun hanging out with them - relationship GOALS, man.

- Nonsensical/unrealistic canon ages aside, age gaps really aren’t a big deal as you get older. Seriously. 7 years between two people is not a generational chasm, especially once you’re an adult. (Worth also noting that Tails has been 11, 12 and even 40-something, canonically! I’m sure that people who see it as a paedophilic ship would still see it that way, even with Tails the same canon age as Amy - which is interesting). The younger person in a couple doesn’t remain a perpetual child just because they are younger. That’s some patronizing shit right there.

- Finally, and most importantly, shipping Sonic and Tails together doesn’t hurt anyone. No one has to justify loving two characters and thinking that they work well together romantically and have the potential to fall in love as they grow older. If your mind goes to paedophilia when you see SonTails fanworks, even when the artist/writer has made it clear that there are no minors involved, that’s all you, friend. You’re the one thinking of it that way, not the artist/writer.

Btw, you are not hurting paedophiles when you attack artists/writers. I hate to pull out this card, but two can play the victimized game… You’re hurting young LGBT people who relate to/with the characters, depressed/anxious people who draw comfort from the thought of a best friends ship, people struggling to make a living on their art, and just Sonic fans in general - we are a divided enough community already without this hateful slanderous behaviour.

If you’re thinking of potentially trying to ruin someone’s life by labelling them a paedophile for liking SonTails, you need to take a good long look at your life choices. Think about what’s actually important in the fight against child abuse/exploitation. Volunteer at a crisis helpline, donate to a shelter, demand laws that prevent child trafficking and abusive ‘troubled teen’ therapies. Your energies are far more productive elsewhere.

And to everyone posting awesome SonTails art, fic and headcanons/rambles… please don’t stop. The SonTails tag needs more love. I love it all so much, and I’ve got your back :) Sorry for TL;DRing in this tag.



Before I start, I will just like to tell you that this story is somewhat inspired from the classic show Friends. It will revolve around the life of 8 friends with different personalities and how their lives intervene around each other. I will try to make it a rom-com only with a bit of drama of course.

And so here are the main character’s:

Natsu Dragoneel: Age-23

Lucy Heartfila: Age-23

Gray Fullbuster: Age- 24

Juvia Lockser: Age-22

Jellal Fernandes: Age-25

Erza Scarlet: Age- 23

Sting Eucliffe : Age-23

Yukino Agria: Age-23

Parings included: Nalu, Gruvia, Jerza, Stingyu


“I will like Irish coffee with some extra whipped vanilla cream on top.”

The light blue haired girl ordered politely as the waiter nodded and went off to fetch her coffee. She sighed and wiped off her head as she slumped on the dusky red couch.

“Hey Yukino! I knew I will find you here.”

Her sweet slumber was shattered by the loud masculine voice as she slightly rose from the couch and rolled her eyes on seeing her friend Natsu. Well duh, no surprise that he was free at 11:34 am in the morning.

Too bad, that she too have joined his club of unemployment now.

“Natsu! How did you know I was fired?”

She asked him once he was settled besides her on the couch as he grinned cheekily and said.

“Well..ahem, I have a date tonight and I needed your opinion as which restaurant have best Spanish food. As you know, she is a Spanish model. So..I called at your workplace, since your cellphone was switched off and that guy told me. So I figured you will be here.”

He shrugged casually as he got comfortable on his seat. Yukino chuckled weakly as it never failed to surprise her how her friend can speak that much without a break.

“So what happened exactly?”

Natsu asked while taking a bite from the chocolate chip cookies lying on the table. Apparently he didn’t care enough that is was a leftover. Yukino rolled her eyes as she was all too familiar with his habit. When it came to food, he would eat just about anything.

She cleared her throat as she turned to face him and said.

“Well You remember how I told you me and this other cook Stacy never got along.”

“Oh ya, that hot brunette with boob job.”

Yukino gave him a dirty look as Natsu prompted her to continue.

“Well so guess what, she have been sleeping with the restaurant manager as I walked into them doing it right on the kitchen rack. So..well as it is the policy that You Can’t have Sex with your co-worker or your hired chefs of course, He fired me, lest I told anyone.”

She finished with a scowl as Natsu gave her a sympathic look.

“Aww come here, you cute little bunny!”

He engulfed her in a hug as he patted her head comfortingly.

“Natsu, What did I tell you about calling me by that name?”

Yukino muttered as Natsu let her go and pouted.

“Well you don’t say anything when your sister calls you that.”

She huffed in disbelief at her friend’s immaturity.


Gray Fullbuster flashed his charming lady-killer smile at the blonde while she narrowed her eyes at him and looked away.

He was currently sitting in the local train from Magnolia to Crocus and he have been trying to catch attention of the particularly attractive lady sitting besides him but all in vain. This was the first time a girl rejected his advances and he was starting to feel low.

He was already regretting not taking his Porsche. Gray was the son of well known scientist Silver Fullbuster and he was a researcher himself. He was quite popular in city so it was really strange that she didn’t recognise him.

He cleared his throat to get the attention of the girl as she knitted her eyebrows in irritation and turned towards him.


She shot out bitterly as he smirked.

“Well, I am Gray Fullbuster. I hope you might recognise me…from..”

“Those fashion magazines, Cosmos, A Playboy, Womanizer, Self-centered cocky bastard. Yes, I do.”

She replied smartly and turned her attention back to her book while Gary was clearly taken aback by her attitude.

So..she wants to play it that way. Fine.

“Do you talk to all attractive men this rudely or Are you a lesbian?”

She gritted her teeth as she once again faced him while the train halted, indicating it has reached its destination.

“I don’t find you clearly that attractive and secondly, I would prefer being a lesbian than hit on by an arrogant jerk like you.”

She sweetly replied before getting up and off the train as Gary remained glued to his seat.

‘Fiery girl huh…he liked the challenge..’

He was in the city for next two days for a conference. It won’t be that hard to find that girl as he have his resources. Atleast he learned her name when he peeked into her ticket.

Lucy Heartfilia.



Juvia Lockser was not used to simply sleeping with the people she barely knew. But she sure made an exception this time. She leaned on her elbows and looked at her companion who was snoring and she had a sudden urge to pinch his cheeks as he appeared really innocent that time.

She placed a gentle kiss on his cheek and got up as she picked her scattered clothes from the ground.

She heard a rustling sound just in time as she was dressed fully.

“Leaving huh..?”

She turned around just to find him sitting lazily and rubbing his eyes as he yawned. Juvia almost drooled at his muscular abs and strong shoulders but gained her composure once she find out he was staring right back at her.

She cleared her throat as she avoided his eyes and spoke.

“We had a great time last night. But I broke up with my boyfriend last month So I am not looking for a relation right now. It was just a heat of moment thing. I hope you understand Mr…uhh..”


He finished for her as she laughed nervously.

“Ohh…Yes that’s right. I mean I didn’t forget your name or anything…”

“It’s all right. You don’t have to give an explanation for everything.”

He assured her as he flipped his hairs and pulled over his pants and shirt.

She smiled and nodded as he walked towards her and extended his hand.

“It was nice meeting you Ms. Juvia.”

She politely shook it as she grinned.

“You too Sting, and I am very thankful that you were so understanding. Its just…when I broke up with Bora, I..”

Juiva started to sob as Sting scratched his neck and offered her his hand.

“Well why don’t we head out and have some hamburger and coke huh..As friends?”

Juvia meekly agreed as she wiped off her eyes and followed him outside.


"Yes Natsu I will. Why don’t you give the phone back to Yukino?”

Erza groaned as she pleaded her cousin . There was some shuffling and some cursing and shouting before she finally heard her best friend.

“Yukino! I was hoping you could lend me your red halter top for tonight… You see I have a date with this hot Physics teacher I told you about…you will…Thank you sweetie.”

She pumped her hands victoriously as she hung up the phone.

Erza Scarlet was English teacher in the high school. She was quite intelligent and was also doing her PHD for getting a lecturer job in University.

She have known Yukino through her cousin Natsu as they went to high school together. She first met her when she came to his house for vacation. Both the girls hit it off really well and since then she, Yukino, Natsu and Gray were best friends.

Gray was Natsu’s neighbour and his best friend. Although they both used to fight day and night, but they clearly cared about each other.



Jellal Fernandes was not usually seen outside the kindergarten, but it have become his habit since last three months. Ever since his…


He smiled as he saw his four year old daughter Wendy running towards him on her tiny foot. Her bag swayed on her shoulders as she ran with a toothy grin.

Wendy was his world. His everything. He have just enrolled her in the school as she turned four a while back. People were always surprised to find that he was a Dad at such a young age. He haven’t planned her. But he can’t complain either. She was his and Ultear’s daughter. His girlfriend in college. Ultear have passed away after she gave birth to Wendy. He was in depression for a long time but he realised that he needed to be there for their daughter. Ur, Ultear’s mom was quite helpful and took good care of her granddaughter when he wasn’t around.

Jellal was a well known doctor in the city. Both he and Ultear were doing their medical when she died.

Jellal picked his little girl up as she placed a sloppy kiss on his cheek and he trotted back towards his car.


I made Gray womaniser here..I always liked the idea of him being one. I put the Sting and Yukino pairing as I really like their pairing. I also made Yukino and Natsu good friends since I liked the way he cared about her during GMG arc..Erza and Natsu both have similar kind of hairs so I made them

And with Sting and Juvia, don’t worry they won’t be a pairing. They all are adults here and are certainly not virgins so sex won’t be a big deal here.


Michael After Midnight: Guardians of the Galaxy

So as you may well know, I loved Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. I can safely say it’s my favorite movie ever made… or one of them, anyway. While I do think it is marginally better, there is a marginally there, and I gotta be honest, I still love part one just as much in its own way. Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the coolest, freshest, and most out-there superhero comic book movies of the past decade, and a stylish change of pace for the sometimes very formulaic MCU.

But who could have guessed that? The MCU was known for taking the less famous heroes in its roster (Since they didn’t have Spider-Man, the X-Men, or the Fantastic Four to work with) and turn them into juggernaut blockbusters, but did anyone really guess that they could take a bunch of characters as obscure as the Guardians and make a quality film with them? And that’s not the only reason this movie was a gamble; this movie was almost totally detached from the rest of the MCU and its overarching plot, with the appearances of Thanos and the Collector (both of whom only appear in a single scene, though the Collector also pops up in a post-credits stinger) being the only connection to other movies, and even then, both characters were relegated to stingers to foreshadow future movies anyway! And then you have to throw in the fact that the movie is directed and written by a guy who directed cult movies and the horrendous Movie 43, the fact that one character is a talking tree, the fact another character is a talking raccoon who uses guns, and the fact the MCU is locked out of using characters like the Skrulls, Galactus, and the Silver Surfer… you can kinda see why this was a risky move on their part.

But oh boy, did it ever pay off. Rave reviews, audience love, and people hyped for more… it’s safe to say that Guardians is one of the best films in the entire MCU, and it really set itself up as a nearly impossible act to follow, which is all the more impressive seeing as it came after Captain America: The Winter Soldier, ANOTHER very tough act to follow. So, now that we have all this context, why are Peter Quill and his rambling gang of space jerks so endearing and enjoyable? Well, here’s the story:

Peter Quill was a young Earth boy taken in by the alien Yondu and his band of Ravagers on the eve of his mother’s death by brain tumor. Decades later, Peter is all grown up and calling himself Star-Lord, and is now about space pirating. Unfortunately for him, the latest trinket he stole (and left Yondu out of the loop on) is something that the Mad Titan himself, Thanos, is looking for. Thanos sends his daughter Gamora out to retrieve it, and at the same time, bounty hunters Rocket and Groot decide to take Quill in for the price on his head. All of them fight and end up in prison, where they meet Drax the Destroyer, a man who desires vengeance against Ronan the Accuser, a fanatical Kree renegade who serves Thanos. These unlikely allies decide to team up to escape the prison they’re trapped in and head off to sell the object for massive amounts of cash; however, Ronan is hot on their tails, desiring the object for himself. Can these knuckleheads stop bickering long enough to make some big bucks, or is Ronan going to destroy them all?

Keep reading

Sweet Little Kisses

dedicated to pocky day! i saw lots of fanart and decided to make a lil fanfic :)

pairing: nalu, with mentions of gruvia, jerza, gajevy, and canajane. 

rating: teen

word count: 1065

read on and ao3 

“Luce, what are you mopin’ about?” Natsu asked, and Lucy pushed her head into her hands further. Today just couldn’t get any worse.

“You wouldn’t understand, Natsu,” Lucy sighed, and Natsu chuckled. He flopped down next to her on a stool at the bar and ordered Lucy a drink. She brightened a little at the action but still had her head in her hands. Mira made the concoction and placed it on the bar, sliding it over to Lucy. Lucy caught it with both hands and sipped the drink with newfound enthusiasm. It was a cosmo, which was Lucy’s favorite.

“Is this about the strawberry covered pocky?” Natsu said, and Lucy harrumphed in annoyance. Of course he had to bring that up! And it wasn’t just about that, either. Today was not the day for his chuckles which only made her like him more.

Her boss had given her a talking to about her lateness even though she had only been late twice in her whole three years there. Customers had been more on edge than usual in the afternoon, which made Lucy grumpy. One even had the gall to call her a fraud for doing something that she was required to do, which was ask to open up a credit card! Lucy’s lunch had spoiled and she did not know, so when she went to grab her food for her break, she was greeted by a terrible taste. And to top it all off, Cana had used the remaining one strawberry pocky stick to play with Mira instead of aiding Lucy’s grumbling stomach. At least Lucy had eaten most of the box before Cana had gotten to it. 

And Lucy may or may not be around her crush today, which added to her nerves. Lucy had known Natsu for ages, but it seemed now that she liked him more than a friend that she didn’t know how to act around him. Flirting may come easy to Lucy, but she treated Natsu like she would anyone else–right up until she noticed that his smile made her heart thump a little faster, or that his shirts he always wore fit snugly on his muscles. The one time he stretched with his arms above his head with a huge grin revealing the smooth v-shaped muscle underneath his abs, Lucy almost fainted.

When today had come, Lucy had come to the realization that most of her friends had coupled up. Levy had found Gajeel, or rather Gajeel had found her. They had met at a library where he stared up her skirt and the tiny woman beat the much taller man into oblivion. There they fell in love, and they were now engaged and Levy was pregnant with twins. Jellal and Erza had been friends for quite a while, but had just recently started dating. And Gray and Juvia, well, they were another story entirely.

But Natsu hadn’t noticed. If he had, he was good at not letting on. The man didn’t care about relationships at all. As much as Lucy tried to flirt with him by twirling her hair and showing him loads of her creamy skin, he acted as he always did: slinging an arm around her shoulders with a grin and wearing that cursed vest of his that drew her eyes to his abs…and south. Lucy didn’t know what to do with herself.

She knew that today was going to be great because no matter what happened, she would take that strawberry treat and play that game until Natsu finally kissed her. But now, that happy ending was nowhere in sight.

“Not just about that, Natsu!” Lucy grumbled, her eyes now tearing up after her sad day. Everything crashed down upon her, and salty tears began to stream down her cheeks.

“Hey! What’s wrong?” Natsu asked, now rubbing her back with rough fingers. Lucy eased into his touch, and he pulled her closer to him. His usual scent of firewood and pine needles was amplified now, and Lucy’s heightened senses were making her aware of his every move. Natsu pulled Lucy into a hug, and she softly cried as he rubbed her back.

But she couldn’t tell him how she really felt. Not now, anyway. In the middle of the guild wasn’t the greatest place to confess one’s love…

“I really like that strawberry pocky, and I had such a bad day. I really wanted you to have a piece of my favorite treat for today, and I wanted to play the game with you!” Lucy said, hoping that Natsu wouldn’t catch the undertones of what she was saying. He was as oblivious as Erza was strong, and he didn’t really pay attention to romantic things.

“Well, I gotta taste it for myself, then!” Natsu said with a bright grin, and Lucy flushed but narrowed her eyes. Where the hell was he going to find another box of strawberry pocky on this day?

“What are you talking abo–” Lucy began, but Natsu’s lips were already on hers. His lips were rough as hers were smooth, and she was amazed to find that he knew what he was doing. His tongue slid inside her mouth and Lucy let out a soft groan. His hands were on her hips, and she wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled him closer. She could tell he liked it when she felt his hands slowly roam down to her ass, and she knew that it was time to pull away. But before she could, he pulled away with a grin.

“Wow! You’re right, Luce. Strawberry pocky really is good!” Natsu chuckled, his eyes glinting a little.

“What–” Lucy started, but was cut off by Natsu grasping her chin in hers. Any words that she had dried in her throat, and she shut her mouth in shock.

Natsu grasped her chin in hers and stared into her eyes with a stunning smile, and Lucy felt her heart beat faster with the intensity that he gave. Natsu wrapped an arm around her hips and pulled her closer to him, pulling her hand onto his chest, and he looked as if he was about to devour her. A pooling was felt in Lucy’s core, and she wondered where this Natsu had been all along.

“In fact,” Natsu said, his voice dripping with seductiveness, “I think I’d like another taste.“