they look like serial killers in these photos

Pictures of Dylan Klebold

Dylan Klebold - age 3 

Dylan Klebold and Brooks Brown

Dylan Klebold (far left) in Cub Scouts with Brooks Brown (middle) and friend

Dylan Klebold in Little League

Dylan visits the Denver Courthouse with a friend

The photo of Dylan Klebold that most news channels aired. It was an outdated picture, however; people who knew Dylan said he looked nothing like that yearbook photo before the shootings. He looked more like what you see in the screencaps from his home videos: Turned-around baseball cap, sunglasses, long hair. But at the time it was the only public domain photo the news could get hold of so it’s what ran. It, combined with the outdated photo of Eric Harris, horrified nations of people who had to wonder how two all-American lads like Dylan and Eric could be motivated to do such a thing? 

7th grade 

8th grade 

9th grade

10th grade 

11th grade. His shirt reads: Serial Killer. 

Also 11th grade

Senior pictures

Dylan Klebold, inside and out of his BMW. This footage was taken from one of his home videos and better represents what Dylan looked like during the time of the shootings. 

From a film short Dylan starred in for Columbine High School’s “Rebel News Network”. 

Clips from one of the home videos Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold made for film class. 

Dylan Klebold, Brooks Brown (center), and Zach Heckler (far right) in a film tribute they made honoring their drama teacher. This video was filmed just weeks before the shootings. 

Dylan Klebold attended Columbine High School’s prom with friend Robyn Anderson. Robyn was heard to have boasted to friends shortly before the prom that she managed to talk him into going despite his reluctance to attend. 


~ INFP Anime Characters Part 4 ~

the thought of female Sangwoo looking like a fucking supermodel and being a fucked up serial killer is so damn good because usually in media female serial killers are weird looking or outcasts and I just really like the idea of her primping in the bathroom about to take some instagram photos while there’s muffled screaming coming from her basement 

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One of my hobbies is looking up old panic! photo shoots they're so funny and weird especially the during the era between AFYCSO and pretty.odd

oh same. i especially love the ones just as they were becoming famous when ryro was a giant greaseball, spencer had the haircut of a middle aged woman, and brendon either looked like a serial killer or a nerdy mormon boy

like this one: 

and this one, like, why does spence have a bowling ball?? 

is that a playground ball? yep. why? literally no one knows

could anyone listen to these boys play lying without cringing?

ahh, i love my greasy sons

jeffs dead pics

so…. this has bugged me for years. That picture of jeffrey dahmer after he was beaten in prison, the one where he’s laying down and it says frank eachus publishing on it, that has never looked like jeff to me, ever. that’s fine it doesn’t mean it’s a fake pic it just doesn’t look like him

HOWEVER, every time i see that picture I look up bc that’s always linked and the website doesn’t exist. I looked it up more and a blogspot exists of it, but i’ve looked through the whole thing and there’s nothing but trading cards and none of them serial killer or jeff related. I even looked at an archive of both his blog and his website and the blog doesn’t have an archive and the archive of the website isn’t anything other than a dead end to or

my question is: who the fuck is frank eachus, when did he publish jeffrey dahmers photos, why did he do it when the only other thing he publishes is trading cards, and where are the others? because i’ve never seen them and i feel like they should be out there somewhere.

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Thank you so much for having this blog and just treating this topic with respect. The other day I was looking at Dahmers crime scene photos and what made me sick was that there are blogs that refer to Jeff as their "lil gay boi" with a default of Jeff in a flower crown. That's disgusting. Im not ashamed yo be part of the TCC knowing there's people like you

While I don’t like judging people in the TCC for who they find attractive, I agree that there’s a limit to how much you can express yourself until it becomes distasteful. I personally hate the flower crown edits, the imagines involving killers,  and the weird little pet names people have for serial killers. It really does make everyone in the TCC look like a groupie, whereas I try to stay as far away from groupiedom as possible. 

In a way, I want my blog to prove that not everyone in this community is a fangirl or an edgelord. I’m passionate about educating people on crime and how to avoid victimization, and hopefully that shows in my posts :) 

Four Dead Hookers Part 1

Summary: Reader and Team Free Will are hunting a demon who has a taste for hookers. Reader has to go undercover.

Word Count: 2.1K

Warnings: Language 

“I think I found us a case.” Sam told the group. “So get this, over the past month, four prostitutes have been slaughtered in a town in Missouri.”
“Ahh…Not to be disrespectful but prostitutes get killed all the time. How is this not just another serial killer?” you asked, “We should just let the police handle it.”
Sam flipped his computer around and showed you a crime scene photo. “This looks demonic, (Y/N).” The photo was gruesome, the girl’s neck was slit and there were weird markings on her body. She kind of looked like you, the two of you could have been friends, and gone out for drinks after work. Sam knew how to pull on your heart strings, that bastard. “They all look like this.” Sam continued.
Dean saw your face, you knew Sam was right. “It’s settled then. Wheels up in twenty. Cas, you wanna join us?” Dean questioned.
“I would like to help out in any way I can.” Cas responded.

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yoonjin moments compilation post #runera

so as the run promotion era ended, i really want to make a post for anything yoonjin that has happened because whoa.. i kinda surprise because apparently there’s quite a lot or maybe it’s because i got to talk and have an intense discussion about yoonjin with a bunch of lovely little shits from @yoonjin-network so we got to catch a lot of their moments recently–not to mention our I.F.L.M.M.B.L.D.T.F.Y. session. if anyone wondering, it stands for “I Fucking Losing My Mind But Let’s Do This Fuck Yeah!” where we usually do an impromptu yoonjin scenario because these little shits just can’t hold theirself sometimes *sigh*

so i dedicate this post for you guys. just to summarize what’s just happened in the spare of 2 months. we can’t let the moment be forgotten.

this post contained a lot of photos and gifs so I put this under the cut

^that^ is me after finishing this post btw


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When detective Bob Keppel was investigating Ted Bundy’s “Ted Killings”, he was struggling so much to find Bundy that, at one point, he was convinced his suspect was already in prison. One man, who had already been in prison for several similar murders, was shocked upon hearing the details of Bundy’s crimes. He vomited at the crime scene photos and told the young detective: “Look, man. I kill people. But I don’t kill people like… that.”

Ain’t No God Where We’re From, Darling

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“You want to release a group of the world’s worst criminals, complete with weapons, and try to get them to work for us.” Idly, Shiro wonders if he’d accidentally ingested a hallucinogen earlier in the day. It wouldn’t be the first time.

“No,” Allura’s voice is disturbingly calm. “I want to temporarily let out a group of incarcerated people I think could be useful for us, under heavy supervision.”

Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender

Relationships: Shiro/Lance, Lance & Hunk & Pidge

Characters: Shiro, Allura, Keith, Lance, Coran, mentions of Hunk & Pidge

Written for Shance Week. Day 2: Hero/Villain. Suicide Squad-esque Serial Killers AU.

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I started work on a similar series of illustrations during my time in undergrad but was really unhappy with the way the figures looked like cutouts– they didn’t make sense in the space. There were some real big time hot-shot bad guys in that first series that I will be revisiting in the future. There’s something so bizarre about seeing these terrible monsters with cute critters, it seems almost as vulgar for some reason as a crime scene photo might.

These aren’t celebrations of these men’s actions at all, a dumb way of giving a quick one image exploration of the heinous acts that they did– in each of them are hidden images telling the man’s story along with fun quotes and other easter eggs.

Stay tuned for more once life becomes a little less hectic.

“I’m a box car and a jugger wang.”

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Totally agree with your viewpoint on Darren doing the ACS role and was against it from the beginning for various reasons. Darren imo was not in a place where he could take on such a heavy and dark role considering. Saw the counter point on Johnny Depp doing many such roles and that it's JUST A ROLE. If all roles are JUST roles that you shed easily once the filming is over, let's not forget Heath Ledger as the joker - which made him take his own life in the end, as he lived the role 24/7.

Ok, I think you misunderstood me. I am happy that D is playing such a serious and powerful role - he will be noticed, praised, and appreciated as the talented actor that he is. My issue is flailing over the photos coming out of him dressed as AC. I flail over D every day, but not in that get up, not looking like the spitting image of a serial killer. I love him, support him, am proud of him, but just cannot get mooney eyed over him in character as AC. I have no issues with anyone who does, that’s fine, this is just me.

That being said, I’m very excited about this movie (despite RM being attached to it) and think this could be a defining moment in Darren’s career.