they look like mount rushmore

Aaron Tveit - Seven Wonders

You have been with Aaron for so long, and yet you still find yourself asking ‘why me?’. He could have anyone, but he chose you and for you, even after all of these years, it’s hard to believe. Aaron decides that he needs to prove to you just how much you mean to him and he knows exactly what to do in order to show you that you really are his very own seven wonders and his world.

Based on the song Seven Wonders from Catch Me If You Can

Aaron x Fem!Reader

Warning: Fluff!

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its ok, i get excited about them too. i think i can whip a little something up, lol. i also want to say that i have no clue where the ending was going.

“Saying sorry isn’t going to make you feel better, bring them back or let the guilt leave me. But for what it’s worth, I don’t blame you for wanting to kill me.” 

There was a long break of silence, everyone in the room was watching the two only standing men. They were all sitting in the room, trying to get the team back on good terms when he walked in. They knew that this needed to be done but didn’t want to tell the billionaire that the guy that caused him the worst pain years ago was going to make an entrance. 

Tony wouldn’t say he was surprised that they did this, a little blindsided at the time yeah, but not surprised. 

Natasha and Clint already said what they had to say, making it Cap’s turn with words for everyone about his feelings and his regrets. Sam couldn’t look Rhodey in the face but he’s more than sorry, Vison said he didn’t know if he was feeling guilt or sympathy, but the feeling in his chest was deeply horrendous. Wanda said she’s not sorry for anything she’s done but how they went about it all. 

Tony said what he had to say, made a few jokes -com’ on Rogers, I can’t deal with this touchy-feely therapy thing- and then called the group session to an end. 

But then the door opened and he was standing there. Silently hoping he wouldn’t cause them to fight anymore. 

Steve didn’t move but everyone in the room knew was on the edge of his seat because he couldn't do this again, not to either one of them. 

Tony looked at the man that killed his parents. The man that took the one person that understood him like no other, away from him. This was the same man that was unintentionally the reason the Aven- his friends, were forced to take sides and go at each other like lions in a cage. 

“I would have wanted to kill me too,” The metal armed man sighed, but his body was still tense. His shoulders were squared and his eyes too focused, as if someone was going to attack him head on. Like he was expecting it. “Still kind of do.“ 

Tony watch the way the man was trying to hold himself together, clear that he was going to break sooner or later. The weight of everything was still on his conscience, he wasn’t letting himself heal mentally. Tony understood that he was eating at himself, trying to take all the blame. 

“Yeah, I know the feeling.” Tony nodded. His chest hurt, doing that thing where it tightens like he’s about to go into a panic attack. “The whole guilt thing, well actually your whole little speech.”

The man looked down, breathing harsh before he looked back up and Tony almost broke down all his walls because he was looking at someone so broken, destroyed. He looked fine on the outside, but dammit, Tony could see the way his mind was swirling and his thoughts clouding his mind. 

“I don’t blame you, Barnes.” Tony started off, it came as a whisper, softer than he intended. “I did because the video showed my the man that killed my parents. Who beat Howard to a pulp before choking my mom to death. I had to hear her call for help while trying to get the person to stop taking her life away.“ 

Tony eye’s burned, he didn’t even blink the tears back because we’re here to share Tony, Steve said earlier. "Took her life away and mine at the same time. Had me thinking that they died in a car crash,” The laugh he let out was too humorless and broken for anyone to think he was going insane. “like that could take them out." 

Tony look back at Bucky, the man’s face still guarded but something in his eyes changed. "I don’t blame you anymore Barnes because the man that did all that wasn’t you. He had your body, your face but it wasn’t you. My reaction wasn’t my finest hour but I couldn’t get what I saw out my mind. I’m not apologizing for what I did because I did it. I wanted to do it because of what he did to me but I am sorry it was you." 

Bucky went to say something but Tony stopped him again. 

"That guy wasn’t you, just a selfish, ruthless, mind controlled executioner. I blame him, I blame the people that sent him for my parents, I blame the people that brought him to life. But I don’t blame you, not anymore." 

"Steve said you would be the hardest one to talk to,” Barnes finally said after Tony gave him a look. And if his voice broke a little at the end of that sentence, well Tony didn’t say anything. “I didn’t think he meant because you would forgive me. He kind of said you were a little stubborn and headstrong." 

"Well,” Tony laughed, voice still a little wet but stronger than before this whole meeting -therapy session, Rogers let it go- started. “He’s one to talk.I’ve been trying to get him to stop from cutting the crust off my bread for years but he won’t let me eat it with the crust." 

The light in Barnes’ eyes caused a smirk to appear on Tony’s face as he heard an exaggerated groaned from the right of him, from Steve. 

"He always did that since his neighbor, Ms. Cleo, passed out while babysitting Steve from choking on her bread crust,” Bucky smiled at his best friend, remembering when Steve all but smacks Bucky’s ham and Turkey out his hand before cutting the ends off. “Said he didn’t want to see anyone dying from such a small thing." 

"You do care!” Tony screeched, looking at the blushing man. “And all this time I thought it was just to piss me off." 

"I care about you well enough Tony.” Steve sounded put out but the boy scout smile was contradicting. 

“You’re too sweet for me Cap,” Tony swooned. “Might have to buy you some flowers and candy." 

Bucky chuckled, causing Tony’s attention back on him, and wow that sound was wonderful. "Just don’t let it be chocolate, he get’s sugar rushes and then has to play for an hour before he crashes." 

"Barnes, if you’re willing to tell me more about our dear friend Rogers and his little tidbits he so kindly left out,” Tony smiled at the ex-assassin and made a show of nodding his head for him to follow the billionaire into the kitchen. Bucky watches the man walk out before following, forgetting all about the people on the couch and in the room. “I think we’re going to be fast friends." 

"He hates his middle name because it make him feel old and he has a birthmark on his right thigh that looks like the outline of Mount Rushmore." 

The sound of Tony’s laugh caused Steve to fall back on the couch with Natasha patronizingly patting his head. "This is going to end badly." 

"For you.” Natasha quipped. “I think this might be a good thing, though, they might end of being friends." 

"Yeah,” Steve answered, knowing that it was going to bite him in the ass later but two important people in his life are getting along. He can deal with that. 

“Rogers! You cried during The Wizard of Oz?” Tony came back in the living room with tears falling down his face from laughing too hard. 

Steve glared at Bucky when he walked behind Tony with a small smile on his face. “Zeke was going through a lot and people was scared of him just because he was a lion but-”

“You actually call the Cowardly Lion–Zeke?” Sam looked at Steve with amusement on his face. “How close were you guys?" 

he had a heart of gold!” Steve ignored Sam and huffed. “Besides, I was a kid.“ 

"You were 18 Stevie.” Bucky butted in. “You wanted to join the army but you cry during Wizard of Oz all the time." 

Yeah, Steve was going to regret this soon or later but for right now he can deal with the two of them talking about him. Because at the end of the day he knows that the Bucky and Tony would fight for him, give their all for him and he would for them. 

Solangelo thingssss

So this is what I managed to cough up for y'all… (It got kind of long and I can’t do the keep reading thing from my phone so sorry for taking up so much space) enjoy! Also, send me more prompts!! :)

Prompt: Will and Nico go south to visit Will’s home.

“Are you sure she’ll like me?”
Will threw his hands in the air, exasperated. “Jeez, Nico it’s just my mom. If she can manage Apollo, I’m sure she’ll love you.”
“But…” Nico squeezed Will’s arm and looked out the car window. “What if she doesn’t like us…being together?”
Will laughed.
Nico’s cheeks flared up and he folded his arms across his chest. “Whatever. Forget I said anything.”
“No, no, it’s not you.” Will grabbed his boyfriend’s hand back. “It’s just that my mother is bisexual. You don’t have to worry about anything like that. She probably even has a girlfriend right now.”
Nico’s eyebrow twitched, and his ears turned pink to match his cheeks. “…o–oh.”

Nico couldn’t believe the superfluous amount of corn he had seen so far. The obnoxious plant was everywhere, and triggered bad memories and woeful flashbacks from a dark encounter with a certain god of farming. To that day, he was still finding corn silk in new places.
“Hey, Nico, were you planning on helping me or were you just gonna watch the corn grow all day?” The son of Hades turned at the sound of Will’s strained voice to see him struggling with their bags. He had successfully managed to get them out of the trunk and to the gravel just before Nico’s zombie chauffeur, Jules-Albert, had raced off like he was on his way to the Indie 500.
“Sorry,” Nico apologized and took his bag from Will’s shoulder. “This place just looks so much like the Fields of Asphodel. Except minus the miserable souls and with corn everywhere instead of empty fields of grain and dead grass.”
“Well, as nice as it is to stand around and observe our wonderful Underworld-y landscape, the house is just up this hill.”
It was nearly dusk, and the sun cast a golden glow across the fields of corn. It was just the southern stereotype Nico had expected, but it was beautiful, and definitely nicer to look at than the Fields of Asphodel.
Will looked absolutely radiant. The glow from the setting sun was rivaled by the shine of his hair. He was beaming, literally. There seemed to be a slight shimmer where the light of the sun gathered around his body, creating a silhouette of sunshine, which Nico thought was pretty hot. In fact, it wasn’t just hot; it was beautiful, and Nico found himself disappointed that neither of them had a free hand. He loved holding Will’s hand more than he was willing to admit. Will’s hands were a lot bigger than Nico’s, but all of Will was bigger than all of Nico in general, and that was good, because Nico loved how Will could just completely engulf him in a hug or hold him to his chest like he was a cat.
When they reached the top of the hill, the house came into view, and Nico tried to hide the surprise in his voice when he asked, “only one person lives in this house?” It was three stories tall and painted a fading off-white. Some of the paint was peeling by the edges and the windows–which, by the way, were huge–and the porch, adorned with a wicker rocking chair and three matching Adirondack chairs, reminded Nico of the Big House back at Camp Half-Blood.
“Well,” Will answered, “most of the houses around here are so big because way back in the olden days, before even you were born, Mr.1940’s kid, the families who lived here were huge, and they all worked on the farm year round. This house is one of the newer ones; built in ‘87.”
“1887,” Will corrected.
Nico’s eyes widened but he quickly brushed off his surprise. “No wonder it looks like it could collapse any second,” he mumbled. “Are you positive this is safe?”
“Nico, I lived here for 10 years, and the worst that ever happened was a shutter falling on my foot. It’s fine,” Will said, rolling his eyes and smiling at his boyfriend.
Nico grumbled and narrowed his eyes at the nefarious-looking blue shutters, but continued down the dusty road.
Suddenly, a shrill–but not shrieking–voice interrupted the rhythmic sound of sneakers treading on gravel. Nico’s head perked up at the sudden intrusion of volume. He panicked at first when he realized that the lady on the porch waving them down like she was trying to signal an S.O.S must have been Will’s mother. He stepped back so that he was slightly behind Will, and peeked around his shoulder. The first thing Nico noticed was that she looked nothing like Will, except for a spray of freckles around her nose. Her short auburn hair was tied back into a ponytail at the nape of her neck, and her hazel eyes reminded Nico of Persephone’s. She wore a green t-shirt and blue jeans that were rolled up around her ankles. Her feet were bare, and she had on her head a worn yellow baseball cap with a black bear stitched on the front.
“Mom!” Will ran ahead of Nico and leapt up the steps to the porch and into his mother’s arms.
“Oh, I’m so happy to see you! Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?”
Nico immediately caught wind of the accent on her words, and suddenly the nearly unnoticeable bits he heard occasionally in Will’s dialect made sense.
“No phones for demigods, Mom,” Will informed her. “I’ve missed you so much.” He finally pulled out of his mother’s embrace and looked back to where Nico was awkwardly watching the reunion.
“Who’s this? Bring back a special someone looking for my blessing?” Will’s mother elbowed her son in the ribs with a jokingly raised eyebrow. Will’s entire face flushed. “Mom!” He complained. “Please be nice to him. This is Nico; he’s my boyfriend. I thought it would be nice to bring him along.”
Nico stood still and nodded in their general direction, hoping introductions would be over soon so he could go to bed. He wasn’t really a fan of meeting new people.
“Ah, so you have managed to snag one. He’s cute,” Ms. Solace nudged Will’s ribs again.
“Well what are you standing all the way over there for, Nico? Come up here so I can really meet you.” She smiled brightly at him, and Nico sighed, trudging across the remainder of the path and up the porch steps.
“Nico is a son of Hades, Mom; he’s not really a social butterfly like you.”
“Oh yes, the God of death, right?”
Nico looked at the hanging pot of azaleas and folded his hands behind his back. “Well, actually, Thanatos is the god of death. Hades is the god of the underworld. It’s a common misconception,” he corrected.
“Oh, is that so? I don’t think I’ve heard about Thanatos before. See, I never really knew much about any sort of mythology..”
As Ms. Solace began the tale of how she met Apollo, she opened the screen door and led the two boys inside. Every room that Nico saw was a different color, and the living room that they were seated in was a maroon, and there were framed photographs lining the walls.
“And then I said, 'no way I’m getting in that thing! It looks like it was built before Mount Rushmore!’ And he snapped his fingers, and suddenly it was the sports car I had always dreamed of!”
“I really hate to interrupt the story I’ve heard at least 13 times before, Mom,” Will cut in, “but Nico and I are both very tired, and I think it’s about time for us to head upstairs.”
“Oh, I’m so sorry, I completely forgot you two have been traveling all day! Please, go on up and unpack; I have so much planning to do for tomorrow!” And with that, Will’s mother vanished into another room.

“Gods,” Nico sighed, flopping backwards onto Will’s bed. “I thought that would never end. I can’t believe I agreed to this. I must really like you.”
Will laughed, sat down next to Nico, and began playing with his hair. He loved Nico’s hair. It was so soft; so beautiful.
“Have I ever told you how much I love your hair?” Will twisted it around his fingers and Nico looked up at him.
“My hair? What’s so special about it? It’s just hair.”
“But it’s so silky!”
Nico groaned. “Whatever, Will. I’m going to sleep.” He turned over onto his side and curled into the fetal position, waiting for Will to take his position behind him.
“You’re so cute,” Will said, nuzzling his face in Nico’s hair.
The son of Hades rolled his eyes. “You say that a lot. I am not cute.”
“You really are.”
“Ugh, shut up before I flip you off your own bed and make you sleep on the floor,” Nico laughed and closed his eyes.

States that exist and why

pennsylvania - i live here

delaware - i live near here

new jersey - angry governor

new york - honestly what do you expect

massachusetts - weird accent

vermont - shaped like a v

new hampshire - almost looks like ‘new hamster’

rhode island - smoll

maryland - idk. my grandparents live here

virginia - haha virgin

north carolina - honestly ive seen like half my school wearing shirts from the outer banks

south carolina - like north carolina but more south

kentucky - fried chicken

tennessee - country music

georgia - the nicer “southern hospitality” rednecks?

florida - oranges gators and death

mississippi - georgias racist cousin

alabama - mississippi’s equally racist cousin

arkansas - pisses me off because its pronounced arkansaw

missouri - sounds almost exactly like misery which is probably accurate

iowa - elections

ohio - the gateway to midwestern hell

indiana - i always get this mixed up with illinois

michigan - split into two big parts which pisses me off

illinois - probably the only decent part of the midwest

wisconsin - cheese

minnesota - looks like a mini soda can that got crushed

south dakota - mount rushmore. thats it

kansas - the wizard of oz

oklahoma - looks like a pot

texas - hell

new mexico - aliens

colorado - square

idaho - potato

utah - mormons

arizona - more racists

nevada - gambling

california - everything

oregon - liberals

washington - “the state not the capital”

alaska - cold

hawaii - hot

the few rest of them are irrelevant