they look like little kids!

Some of my favourite things from the Computer Games Facebook Live:

 - Darren wearing his hat in every conceivable position

- Darren trying to hand Chuck the mic REPEATEDLY and Chuck not taking the mic REPEATEDLY

- Darren being able to play multiple songs from the top of his head on the guitar with seconds of warning

- Bowling and Rambling Mike from Highly Illogical

- Darren’s Cockney accent (and saying ‘fucking’ in the cockney accent)

- The fact that TWICE Darren gave away the answer for the Heads Up Game (”Outkast….uhhhhhh …*plays a song by Outkast*”)

- Chuck’s emo singing about the girl graduating 

- “I like how Chuck looks like a rocker and Darren kinda looks like a little kid but I love them both”

- Calling Beyonce on their desert phone

- Darren being unable to stop playing the guitar as they look at the comments

- “I speak Italian like a really smart 4 years old or like a really dumb 14 year old”

- Darren’s excitement about that Justin guy’s birthday

- Their commentary on the video as they watched it on the iPad and tried to show it to us (which was an epic fail because we couldn’t really see it)

- “We might have to yell at it.” “Yeah. HEY! Turn yourself up!” “Be louder.”

- Darren showing us the choreographed dance while sitting on the couch

- Chuck’s inability to dance

Anonymous : How would the dance line and Yoongi react if their crush knew that they liked her and was tired of waiting for them to make their move so one day she just goes up to him and kisses him?

J-Hope/Hoseok : at first he might be like rly taken aback like “wtf did she just do what I thought she did ?” and then he would explode and express his happiness, in the hoseok way, screaming, jumping around, probably hugging her excessively and making her fly around in his arms

Jimin : This fluff would get sooooooo shy, because if he didn’t make a move before was because he was way too timid to do so, so when she would finally kiss him he might turn so red and the eye smile would instantly be seen as well as him giggling adorably. He wouldn’t say anything, he would just look at her and smile/giggle like a little kid

Jungkook : Jungshook ladies and gentlemen, ofc. He would be frozen and would obviously not know what to do, he will just stay there and stare at her. “I- You- Hm…” It would take him a few minutes to finally proceed and understand that it meant that she liked him too, and he would just smile like an idiot, even when she’d be gone, he’d still smile looking at the wall in front of him like “she kissed me, she actually kissed me”

Suga/Yoongi : Forget about the bad boy or the ‘cold hearted’ Yoongz, he would turn into such a marshmallow it’d be adorable, he would try to hide his smile, but will miserably fail, he wouldn’t kiss her back even tho he would loved to, he would just try to play it cool (with still a smile plastered on his face) “So, I guess that means you like me right ?”

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Following this post and a lot of anon back and forth, here’s the alpha crew as a few other of the Voltron characters!

Chanyeol’s cute reaction when the little girl said he’s handsome (cr)

'BTS Dishes About Their US Tour, Songwriting Process, & Onstage Style'

TWIST: What are you most excited about for your return to the US?

BTS: The size of the tour got much bigger than last time we were in the US back in 2015. It’s almost 10-fold this time. 5 arena shows in 3 cities sold out in less than 5 minutes! We’re amazed by the fact fans in the USA are passionate and supportive and we’re super excited to come back to meet them all.

TWIST: What is the most exciting part of touring around the world, and what has been the most challenging so far?

BTS: The most exciting part of touring around the world is that you get the unique opportunity to meet different people from various background. Regardless of their differences, they sing BTS songs in unison and cheer for us, and it is very special experience for all of the band. On the other hand, the most challenging part has been the life on the road, being far away from our family and friends for weeks.

TWIST: Which of your songs are you most looking forward to performing on this part of the tour?

Rap Monster: “Spring Day.” I wrote the main melody for the lead single for the first time and also wrote lyrics.

SUGA: “Spring Day.” I wrote main lyrics based on my personal experience with old friends. It is about my sad memories with him and it makes me sentimental whenever I listen to the song.

Jungkook: “Not Today.” It has the coolest beat of all songs in the album and I personally like the choreography for the song.

J-Hope: “FIRE.” It has always been my favorite and the song has all the essence of BTS can show to the audience on stage.

TWIST: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten in your career?

Rap Monster: “If you’re tied up with not gaining approval from others, you’ll never be able to move forward.”

TWIST: How would you say you and your sound have evolved over the years since first forming the group?

BTS: BTS sound has evolved since our debut in 2013 but has rooted its music in western pop music and hip-hop. We try to adapt all the hottest trends in pop music scene and that’s why fans around the world like it despite the cultural differences. All members listen to different genres of music all the time, from EDM, hip-hop, R&B to hip-house… and we believe BTS is kind of creating a new category of music genre beyond K-Pop.

TWIST: Do you remember the first song you ever wrote, what it was about, and what inspired you to write it?

Rap Monster: I don’t remember the name of the song, but there was an online community of amateur rappers who gathered together. I downloaded a beat from another amateur beat maker and I wrote a song based off of that. The song didn’t really make much sense, I just wrote it using every hard word I possibly knew. I actually found the song 2 years ago on my computer and listened to it thinking “What is this?” It was a mess.

TWIST: Have you ever written a song in a strange or unusual place? Or been inspired by something totally random?

Rap Monster: So many, I think I wrote a song while I was at the Grand Canyon in 2009. I had a trip to Vegas/Grand Canyon and I think I wrote a song there because I was shocked by the scenery. I definitely don’t remember what it was about though.

TWIST: Who are some artists that you would love to collaborate with?

BTS: There are so many artists we would love to collaborate with, such as Drake, J Cole, Justin Bieber… The list goes on and on.

TWIST: Which other artists/songs are on your personal playlists?

BTS: Drake “Fake Love”, The 1975, Kehlani, Lorde.

TWIST: How would you describe your personal fashion senses?

BTS: It’s mix of gothic and Japanese street wear. My recent favorite brands are WTAPS, Neighborhood and Yoji Yamamoto.

TWIST: And how does your personal style differ from the costumes you wear onstage?

BTS: Onstage clothing for BTS is custom-made to maximize our performance while being matched with the concept of each song.

TWIST: What is it like when fans recognize you on the street/ask for photos? Is it crazy? Surreal? Overwhelming?

Rap Monster: It’s a really nice experience to have somebody who knows me, but sometimes I like to be alone and hang around the city. I think it depends on the situation. There are some situations that I want to not be noticed by others, but people easily notice me. I’ve been told that I’m too unique (my walk and my clothes) and I’m easy to recognize, and I think that’s really nice. If I’m an artist or an idol and nobody knows me that would be sad.

TWIST: Can you share a fun fact about one of your other band members that you don’t think even the most dedicated fans will know?

Rap Monster: Many people think that SUGA is like the Grandfather of the group, but he acts more like a little kid. Jimin is the opposite, he looks like a baby but inside he’s mature and like a Grandfather.

yugyeom’s “shopping!” v-live summary 

  • he bought things for other members
  • he looked like a little lost kid the entire time
  • a woman stopped him and asked if he was an idol because he was so good looking 
  • he wanted to buy a Frozen princess toothbrush for jinyoung
  • he bought BamBam milk with the label that looked the best because “bambam really likes the packaging”
  • he bought cucumber to torture youngjae with 
  • he bought chocolate milk for himself and debated on buying more
  • he screamed when he saw the ice cream
  • he wanted to buy mark a fan but the electronics section was closed
  • he danced to and sang to michael jackson
  • he knocked into a display and got super flustered and embarassed
  • jjp called yugyeom to check up on him
  • he almost forgot to buy toothpaste until he saw the comments and remembered
  • he also bought a wine opener (bc jackson likes wine i think?)
  • every time he found what he was looking for he laughed and
  • he paid for everything on his own as a gift to the rest of got7 💕

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whenever i can’t draw i always default to these losers in a shoujo-manga au.


People always ask me how I got to be an actor. The good news and the bad news is: there is no one way. That I thought I had some sort of leg up on life or my career by bartering my perceived time chip was an illusion. In life, of course, there is no Fast Forward. Fast Forward doesn’t even always work on The Amazing Race. Half the time the team in first place makes it onto the earliest fight to a new city, thinking they’re ahead, and arrives at the next destination only to find it doesn’t open for two more hours. Then the other teams catch up, evening the playing field once more. On The Amazing Race, this might mean you lose a million dollars. But in life, maybe it’s actually… fine? Because who wants to hit Fast Forward anyway? You might miss some of the good parts.

Negan keeps threatening to throw Rick over his shoulder and he needs to just put his money where his mouth is honestly

What if a member of the batfam accidentally discovered where Damian was ticklish and took advantage of it? And Damian turns into an actual two-year-old and does one of those giggle-scream-laughs where he can’t stop, and basically looks five years younger and actually…seems like a little kid?

Bonus points if Tim accidentally discovers it. And he’s kinda hesitant to use it, because he likes his limbs, thank you very much, but…he’s *never* heard Damian sound that happy before. And it’s useful when he needs to get Damian to stop doing something because he’s one of those kids who’s paralyzed when he’s tickled. Yeah, that’s it. That’s definitely why he does it.