they look like her omg those gorgeous eyes

“The next day at the hour of sunset Aragorn walked alone in the woods… And suddenly … he saw a maiden walking on a greensward among the white stems of the birches; and he halted amazed, thinking that he had strayed into a dream, or else that he had received the gift of the Elf-minstrels, who can make the things of which they sing appear before the eyes of those that listen.
“For Aragorn had been singing a part of the Lay of Lúthien which tells of the meeting of Lúthien and Beren in the forest of Neldoreth. And behold! there Lúthien walked before his eyes in Rivendell, clad in a mantle of silver and blue, fair as the twilight in Elven-home; her dark hair strayed in a sudden wind, and her brows were bound with gems like stars.”

reinbowcat96  asked:

Despite the shoddy animation in Sailor Moon Crystal, would you say it's still worth watching?

MMmmmmmm. Depends on the person really. In terms of story, Sailor Moon is still a good and entertaining show. None of my complaints have ever really been about the story or characterization. But if you can’t stand the visuals and poor production quality then maybe it’s not for you.

I personally will still watch it, even if each and every single frame pains me on an artistic level. If only because I love Sailor Moon and want to see where it will go till the very end.

It hurts me even more just KNOWING that their budget was through the roof and this is the end result. Other studios have been on tighter deadlines and with lesser budgets that have done more phenomenal work so it blows my mind how Sailor Moon ended up the way it did. I’m not ignorant to the fact that most animation will have a few kinks in it. I went to school for it. I work in the industry. I know what it takes and the work that goes into it. But the sheer number in episode 2—literally every single scene had something to cringe at—is hard for me to overlook. No one is ever on model for very long. No wonder they use CG models so much. Their animators can’t seem to draw anything consistently or seem to know where eyes go. (And even then, their CG models and shading is…. eeeeehhhhh not the best.) Also, walk cycles (for human and animals) are impossible apparently (both in CG and in 2D. I’m looking at you, Luna and awkward Senshi power walk in the music video).

Remember, each shot had to go through multiple levels of approval…And I WORK for a big corporate Japanese company so I KNOW how much they love their extreme channels of approvals …who’s running this show?! The poor production quality and overuse of unnecessary CG (OMG please do not get me started on Sailor Mercury’s scrubbing bubbles, gel-like disaster of CG water use in her transformation. Geez, just draw your fucking water, cuz remember when you did that? yeah, it was gorgeous who decided they wanted the Gel water? Is it because it was sparklier?) leaves me scratching my head especially on such a high profile title like Sailor Moon.

It literally blows my mind. On a side note the Youma and background characters look fantastic. Like… someone gave those side characters way more love than you know, THE MAIN CHARACTERS. Background images and eye catch art is also gorgeous. But then… they’re static so… hard to screw those up.

Maybe it’ll be one of those things where the studio will fix all of it’s hiccups for the bluray release like they so often do for anime. BUT at the rate this is going they’d have to remake all of Sailor Moon. Again.

But overall, I can’t make that decision for you. Just watch it and decide for yourself. For now, I will endure. *sob*