they look like fags

my favorite things said by mickey milkovich

“fuck you, fuck you, and especially fuck you”
“what do we look like a couple of fags for sale to you?”
“well this aint macy’s bitch, and you aint window shopping”
“im fucking gay, a big ol’ mo"
“like stab that fat fucking mick who keeps tryna steal my jello!”
“rise and fucking shine, cinderella”
“line up a shot for the Abe Lincoln of mouth whores”
“fuck off”
“you callin’ me gay?”
“christ, close the door, nobody wants to see that mandingo shit!”
“they’re not climbing Everest, they’re climbing dick”
“you come all the way down here to talk about my pubes?”
“those fingers go anywhere near that cock, i'mma break every knuckle in your hand! all fifteen of em’.”
“you wanna chit-chat more or you wanna get on me?”

i love shameless more than i love my family holy shit.

Ask Democrats if Mitt Romney should continue fighting for what he believes in, and the resulting laughter could power a city for a month. Ask Republicans the same thing about Obama, and their dumbfounded looks could only be described as “otherworldly.” See, to the opposition, those people aren’t “fighting for what they believe in.” They are the personification of evil whose only goal is the total destruction of the morally sound.

From the other side, they’re not heroes – they’re zealots, because they refuse to compromise, and compromise is what allows humanity to function. And compromise starts from recognizing that the other guy has the same “True heroes never back down!” bullshit going through his head. Even the fucking Ku Klux Klan believe that what they’re doing is morally correct. So do people who bomb abortion clinics, or protest at military funerals, or scream “God hates fags!” under picket signs that look like they were written in blood and feces. Adolf Fucking Hitler fought to the death for what he believed in, and it redefined our perception of evil.

So if you want to “never stop fighting” for something, how about going on a lifelong crusade to make absolutely sure you’re not the Hitler in this situation?

5 Common Pieces of Advice That Are Almost Always Wrong

Gallavich and their historic moments.

I don’t have any friends who watch shameless which means I have nobody to talk to about last nights episode or anything so, I decided to write out a timeline of my favorite/important Gallavich moments.

Gallavich and some of my favorite historic moments. (A.K.A. All of them)

Season One:
-Mickey and Ian sleep together (for the first time) after fighting. Mickey’s dad finds them in bed but tells them to put clothes on because they look like a “couple of fags.” This is the first look at how homophobic his father is.
-Ian runs to Mickey, upset after Monica comes home. He tells Mickey he doesn’t know where else to go. Mickey agrees to meet him even though you can clearly hear his dad yelling in the background.
Season Two:
-Frank catches Ian and Mickey having sex. Mickey freaks and wants to kill Frank.
-“ What do you think we’re boyfriend and girlfriend? You’re nothing but a warm mouth to me.” Mickey shows that he says hurtful things when he’s afraid/in denial.
-He backs out on killing Frank last minuet and gets himself arrested. He would rather go to jail than risk getting “outed.”
Season Three:
-Mickey finds Ian having sex with a fellow R.O.T.C. student under the school bleachers. He then proceeds to kick the shit out of him until he runs away.
-“Missed ya.” He tells Ian, but quickly turns it into missing being the bottom since he “can’t” bottom in juvie.
-Mickey gets jealous when Ian starts hanging out and sleeping with Jimmy/Steve’s dad.
-First kiss in the moving van.
-Mickey invited Ian over to stay at his house instead of sleeping at the boys home after CPS took Ian and his siblings away from Fiona.
-Mickey’s dad comes home and find Mickey and Ian together having sex. He beats them
-Mickey is raped by Svetlana while Ian watches. Mickey pretends to like it after a while in order to stop his dad from furthering any more beatings.
-Ian finds out Mickey got Svetlana pregnant and that he is (being forced) to marry her.
-“Not everybody can just blurt out how they fucking feel every minuet” -Mickey at his wedding to Ian.
-Ian tells Mickey he’s leaving for the army. Mickey acts like he doesn’t care but chokes out a “don’t.” Ian leaves, Mickey cries. One of the first times we see just how deeply he feels about Ian.
Season Four:
-Mickey goes to find Ian in order to persuade him to go back to his family.
-Mickey saves Ian from going home drugged-out with an old man, carries his passed out body to his house where he cares for him through the night. (The first of many times he will take care of Ian)
-Mickey goes to the club again with Ian, they have their first public kiss (make-out session let’s be real.)
-Mickey states that Ian and him are “together” when asked by one of Ian’s friends.
-Ian asks Mickey if they are a couple or not, Mickey says “of course we are.”
-“Ian, what you and I have makes me free.”
-Mickey comes out to his family.
-Ian’s first major signs of his bipolar disorder becomes noticeable. Mickey says he’s going to take care of him. No “psych wards.”
Season Five:
-Ian cheats on Mickey.
-“I came out for you, you piece of shit.”
-Mickey tells Ian he needs to go to the clinic.
Ian runs off with Yev, Mickey’s son.
-“I’m worried about you. I love you.”
-The hug exchanged before Ian goes into the inpatient facility.
-Mickey referring to himself as Ian’s boyfriend while signing in to visit him.
-Mickey seeing Ian very sedated at the clinic, scaring him away.
-“Sorry I’m late”. Cuddles, the kiss on the forehead.
-Mickey going with Ian to the clinic to get his meds. Ian finds out he’s going to have to deal with his disorder for the rest of his life.
-Mickey stepping up and making Ian take his meds.
-Ian and Mickey fighting because Mickey has gone “soft” on Ian.
-They plan to go on their first date.
-The MP’s (military police) come for Ian. Mickey tries to fight them off. Fails.
-Ian runs off with Monica. She leads him to believe that there’s nothing wrong and to break up with Mickey.
-Mickey runs to Ian when he finds out he’s back home.
-Ian and Mickey break up.
-Mickey gets arrested.
Season Six:
-Svet pays Ian to go visit Mickey in jail.
-Mickey asks Ian to wait for him. Ian obviously lies and tells him he will. He leaves Mickey at the booth alone.
Season Seven:
-Mickey breaks out of prison.
-Ian gets a call from Mickey, skips works to meet up with him.
-Mickey and Ian meet up. Mickey asks Ian to run away with him to Mexico.
-Ian talks to Fiona, confesses he can’t get Mickey out of his head. Is afraid he won’t find the kind of love he had with Mickey again.
-Ian meets up with Mickey. They kiss. Ian tries to tell Mickey that he has a boyfriend but he realized why he’s truly there.
-They spend the night with each other. Ian gives Mickey a goodbye kiss.
-Ian meets Mickey at the docks.
-“Let’s ride.”
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Serena let out a short laugh,
“Funny you don’t look like a mechanic” she said, “well, apart from the fag.”
“Yes, well.” The woman shrugged and grinned slightly. “Thankfully the cars usually still let you fix them even if you don’t look the part.”

An AU where Bernie is a mechanic and Serena has very much been to Stepney (if you catch my drift)

Chapter 3 is up now!

anonymous asked:

did u get called a f*g in the kohls mens pants section? bc i work at a kohls (v likely not the same kohls, but if it is i promise i would have stepped in) and that's fucking shit. i personally got called a dyke once at a wendys by a man with a silver tooth tho so i can relate and say thats shit

yup. there were two teenage/young adult dudes and their mom (?) and one of them looked at me and was like “how come everyone walking around here looks like a fag” and it was 8:30 pm on a sunday night so naturally we were the only ones in that section

#f slur

One of the most satisfying things I’ve done was act like a lesbian couple with one of my friends in front of a anti-gay rights protester (I’ve done this twice, once with an actual protester and once with a lady who was talking shit in a restaurant)

There was a small protest (about 10 people tops) outside a local mall a couple years back and me and a couple of my friends from school went out since it was summer and we had nothing better to do. We came across this protest and saw this crowd of people holding signs. One of the most prominent people was this soccer mom christian lady who had this tight grip on her teenage son’s arm while she held up a sign and yelled things like “god hates fags” and stuff of the sort. Her son looked like he wanted to be anywhere else, and you could see him gritting his teeth and trying to tug away from the lady.

So I turned to one of my friend’s and said “babe can you believe these people?” really loud, and it caught the attention of this lady. Luckily my friend caught on right away and replied with “I know its ridiculous, but don’t get upset,” and kissed me on the cheek and promptly linked her hands with mine. Now we had the lady’s complete attention, and she stopped shouting and was staring at us with an angry expression. We were a little afraid she would do something, but there were enough people milling around that we were relatively safe and this lady couldn’t pull shit. Her son looked hella confused. We kept on talking loudly and insulting them in between affectionate statements while our friends stood a little bit away, trying to control their laughter. This lady’s face progressively got more screwed up and redder until her entire complexion was this purplish pinkish reddish thing (I’ll be honest it scared us a bit). She stormed off with her sign, and her son just stood there, giggling for a bit and then bursting out into full laughter.

Nothing feels better than pissing off a conservative soccer mom.