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It's June 15th!!! Happy Birthday Stanley and Stanford Pines!!!

Happy Birthday to these soft boys <3

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I have one based off Wilfred's gree valentines event: what about if the MC and princes met and fell in love in high school?

8D Can it be like Ouran High School Host Club? /shot

Okay no it can’t. I’m going to address this ask in generalized terms. Why? Because overall, based on what I’m about to explain, there really wouldn’t be any multiple separate instances/trials the MC would have to overcome with her boy.

So, here’s what I’ll address in this ask, since it’s a very broad question and I could easily turn this into an essay:

1) The Princes’ “Stereotypes”

2) How Each Prince Might Meet the MC

3) Trials Each Prince Might Have To Go Through Based On Their Stereotypes and Their Activities.

Sound good? Good.

Oh! Btw, all of the princes are from rich families because that’s how I do things. 8D This then leads to the MC being all like:

xD I will have my Prince Version of OHSHC and no one can stop me.

Also, Zain is the sensei of MC’s class. <3 Why? Because I said so. :D

Here we go!

Kiss Kiss Fall in Love With a High School Prince! /shot

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