they look like children but they are actually dead now

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The fact that Hawkmoth is now confirmed as Gabriel actually makes the whole series 10x more awful like this is a grown ass man risking killing children including his own son bc he wants to like capture his dead wife or some shit

Right??? I honestly don’t want to hear any WHISPER from the fandom of Gabe being a good dad after this. Like, I realize in season one his behavior MIGHT have been justifiable. MAYBE you could look at his assholish tendencies and been like “oh he’s mourning. That’s why he’s being distant/unfair towards his son”. Now though? After seeing him DELIBERATELY make the choice to physically attack and emotionally manipulate his own child?

Nah fam. Miss me with that “Gabe is trying his hardest” bullshit. I’m team “Gabe is a fucking abusive villain”.

You Owe Me - Part 2

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 2,231

Summary: The reader has an interview with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Having never seen Supernatural, the interview definitely does not go as planned.

Part 1

“Hi! Welcome to Smashbox Studios. My name is Lauren. How can I help you?” An annoyingly perky redhead asks.

“Hi. My name is Y/N Y/L/N. I’m here for an interview with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki. They’re here for a photo shoot.”

“Oh, yes! Ok, so there’s been a change of plans.” She says smiling. 

Of course.

“The shoot is running a little behind schedule right now. The photographer only has a certain amount of time he’s available today. He needs to make sure they fit everything in. So your interview has been moved.”

 Oh, come on.

“Jared and Jensen both apologize. They will meet you at the Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar in about two hours. The reservation will be under Ackles.” 

She must have sensed you were annoyed because she kept talking. 

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Did Downy ever learn that her youngest married and had children? Did she ever met her grandchildren Della and Donald? And what about Ferguson? I’ve said that Donald and Scrooge look like alike, but that also means he looks like Ferguson who is Scrooge’s father.

Like, father and son arguing whom the children actually resemble, with the silliest arguments possible. Downy just laughs at them.

Also, Downy, Bentina, and Elvira meeting and connecting. They brew and drink tea and exchange the most recent adventure or mess their families got into. (Definitions depend on the situation, the weather, how many family members were hurt, and how many of these hurt are being fussy.) The only of the younger generation allowed to sit as they plot talk is Donald.

I guess that it’s impossible because at least Downy and Ferguson are dead by now, unfortunately.

But on the other hand - ghosts are a thing. And now imagine a big family gathering between our crew, the still living family members on both sides, and the ghosts of said families meeting.

Thankfully, Elvira knows how to deal with ducks with a temper. She can win arguments with Scrooge easily, she’s not going to let his ancestors with their tempers cow her in.


The sequel to “Things Change”.

Monday, 5th June 2017.

Owen rested the lone rose on the grave, running his hands across the engraved marble words. Ken Petumber, 1989-2017. This grave could’ve easily been Derek’s or Amelia’s, he thought as he stood up and walked away. Although Amelia seemed to be digging her own grave at their house, so maybe it wasn’t too late for him to rest a rose on it too.

“I should be home around 5,” Owen mentioned as he moved around the kitchen, determined to not have any awkward silence. Amelia, however, was determined to have just that as she stared at him from her barstool, playing with the bowl of cereal he’d put out for her.

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Charlotte’s Brother is Lucas Theory

I think the dollhouse was very important. The most important room though, was the one Mona claimed was sealed shut like a vault. However, upon Spencer discovering it, the door was left open. Remember how the girls before this had been in the prom room with the masked person? They had planned to escape so there was no way this room could of been found anyway because all of the girls were at the ‘prom.’ 

Now, if this masked person was Charlotte, why would she be wearing a suit? She was finally Charlotte after so long… if she was recreating the prom she was meant to go to, why not turn up as Charlotte with a mask? Or why not just wear the black hoodie? 

And if the vault room belonged to Charlotte, why leave the door wide open? She was smart and even if she wanted the girls to see it - she had no idea that they would run out of that prom so early. 

This started my theory on how I think the dollhouse was built for her brother…

Charlotte stole the ‘A’ game from Mona and discovered Alison was still alive and that Bethany was still missing after they had escaped Radley. Sara and Charlotte became allies in order to find out what happened. They dug up the grave, realizing it was Bethany and that Alison was still alive. They then played their game for a while. I believe Sara was a relative of Bethany, maybe a twin, because that’s the only reason I think she would of helped Charlotte - revenge. But considering now that she’s dead and she genuinely had nothing to do with anything at all, in true Pretty Little Liars fashion, there is no damn reason why. (BUT for those of you like me, who need things to make sense, lets all just pretend its canon.)

I do think that Charlotte knew about Mary. She kinda had to considering she named herself CeCe Drake. She was ‘A’, so there was no way that she wouldn’t have discovered this secret but my guess is, she probably thought she was dead.

It was around late season 3 is when Jason went to Aunt Carol’s house where Mary was looking for her children, she had come to Jessica unaware that Charles was now Charlotte and so believed he was dead. She went on to try and find her other child. (who was actually in Rosewood)

At the end of season 4, Charlotte also ends the game leaving Shana thought as A and ‘goes to France.’ I think that Mary killed Jessica, because lets remember at this point she thought her son was dead. Now that Alison was still alive - she was going to take the chance of her seeing her again away from her. However, things got messy like that night Alison was hit and Charlotte saw everything and wanted nothing to do with Mary. Remember flashbacks can be deceiving, two can keep a secret if one of them is dead. Jessica was dead, Charlotte could say whatever she wanted about that night. Charlotte was probably then told by Mary about her brother. I think that she pretended to go to France, but found Lucas instead. 

She built the dollhouse for Lucas. Here they could be together and live a safe and happy life. She had the vault room to show him everything they could have had, a dream family. 

  • Walkin’ After Midnight plays, that is a song about trying to find someone you love. 
  • The mannequins are literally an older sister and a younger brother, there is also a baby in the cot probably Alison, so I guess she is trying to just show him everything she wanted
  •  The videos playing also show him what he had missed. 

However, Lucas already had a family, he didn’t want to hurt the girls, he wanted Charlotte to get help. Lucas left the door open. He had turned up at the ‘prom’ to try to reveal himself. He left the blocks out because he wanted them to figure it out. But Charlotte didn’t like that and so he probably fled when they were found. 

  • He is the liars age. 
  • He was involved with A things (only when Mona held things over him.)
  • He came back in season 5 (AFTER Charlotte had found him and brought him home.)
  • The birth certificate doesn’t identify a gender of the child claiming there were complications at birth. This could be nothing but does anybody remember what Alison used to call Lucas? Hermie. “He has both parts”
  • Mona also used to call Lucas Shim.

I don’t think he is A.D potential though, he may of pushed Charlotte because, he either didn’t want her to cause anymore harm (since I do think he is on the girls side) or he knows who did do it.

(Note: I am not going to read this again because literally, I end up thinking of something else and I’m gonna pull a Grunwald and explode so lets hope it kind of makes some sense)